CRIMSON CROWN by Autumn Key is coming June 24! 


Free in KU


I’ve got blood on my hands, a long past, and a lot of secrets.
I came to London to escape, and make up for lost time with my little Beast.
I’ve kept my distance for her protection, as well as my own.
But I’m not prepared for the woman she’s turned into.
It’s as if I’ve been waiting my entire existence for this version of her.
She’s clever, but that smart mouth of hers is going to get her in trouble.
We just have to remember our roles in this relationship
But hell, she’d tempt a holy man and bring him to his knees.
Despite all my sins, I almost think she could redeem me.
If I’m not careful, she’s going to want me to share immortality with her.
Forever comes at a cost, and I refuse to allow her to pay that price.


It’s been three years, but I know better than to hope he’s back to stay.
Angel and I have been together most of my life.
But he’s never really been there for me, spending most of his time living in the States.
He doesn’t realize his absence isn’t good for either of us.
We’re always going to need one another.
The more he denies it, the more wretched we’re going to become.
But something’s wrong. He’s different.
I care too much about him to let him suffer alone.
He tells me he’s a bad man, no good for me…that I should be careful.
But I see what he doesn’t—what’s bad for both of us, is not being together.

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