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Don’t Throw Me Away (Bend Over Series Book 2) by Brina Brady


Don’t Throw Me Away (Bend Over Series Book 2) by Brina Brady is on sale for 99 cents until 6/28.

May/December/ BDSM-light/ Spanking/ Bad Boy/ Interracial gay romance

Shane O’Rourke screws up. Shane gives up his old habits of stealing, lying, and using drugs, but he isn’t the perfect sub. Shane is determined to be honest, but when he finds himself in a big mess, he would do anything to not disappoint his Dom. He fears losing Julien’s love and care. One mess leads Shane into another. This threatens more than just his contract.

Julien Callier needs to find a way to get Shane under control.

International Links:

BEND OVER #1 by Brina Brady is not on sale.



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