More Than Paradise by Olivia Michaels

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“Where’s the 6 star button when you need it? More Than Paradise is a magnificent romantic suspense… well-written and packed with amazing characters.” – Amazon reviewer
“An exceptionally beautiful and heartfelt story” – Amazon reviewer
“I’ve loved every single book in this series, but this one was absolutely amazing!” – Amazon reviewer
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“We all have one big secret…

Despite his nickname – Psychic – former Navy SEAL Costello doesn’t believe in the paranormal. He relies on his near-photographic memory and keen observation skills to detect the enemy before an attack. So he has no rational explanation for why Watchdog Security’s newest client looks identical to the woman of his literal dreams. A woman he’s never met or seen in real life but who stirs his passion like no other.

…and one big lie.”

Jordan Summers is world-renowned for creating beauty wherever she goes. Her identity as a spoiled heiress is as carefully cultivated as the high-profile gardens and installations she creates. Little do her clients suspect the tight control her family wields over her life…and the reasons why. When Jordan sees her chance at freedom, she seeks the help of Watchdog Security to protect her.

From the moment Jordan meets Costello’s gaze, she wonders why he looks at her as if she might disappear and that her disappearance would shatter him. Costello awakens a deep longing within her. He’s the only man who can save her life, if not her heart and soul.

Whether Jordan’s an angel from paradise or just a figment of Costello’s vivid dreams, she certainly feels real in his arms. Real enough to protect from the shadowy figure who haunts those same dreams. With the help of his teammates and the faithful guard dogs of Watchdog Security, Costello must save Jordan and keep his sweet dreams from turning into a living nightmare.

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