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When I Came Home

When I Came Home 
Solar Series Book 2 
Self Published 
160 Pages


During the summer of 2072, the British Army deployed two teams to Afghanistan to rescue and bring home four scientists. IED explosions rip apart the mission, at the entry to the old Bagram Airfield.

Indi Hyde, ex-Sergeant of the British Army’s elite special forces team SF2/SAS lives as a double amputee with C-PTSD. Carrying a strong sense of survivor’s guilt, Indi returns to Blue Hyde Horse breeding Ranch to heal. His life has become one long battle of depression and disability, a chance meeting with a couple of Americans changes his outlook on life, can he finally have everything he ever dreamed of and more.

Equine Geneticist Dr Jason (Jase) Wade moved to the United Kingdom in search of the only Stallion that carries the gene that produces colour. The elusive gene is known to be in the Blue Hyde stallion Featherlight.

The stallion’s owner is grumpy and a chance meeting with him turns an eight-year-long search into something more, can Jase convince Indi to take a chance.

Dr Leo Calvert is an autistic equine veterinary specialist. Living on the spectrum hasn’t been easy for Leo, he feels deeply for his best friend Jase, who is obsessed with finding Indi Hyde. Meltdowns are commonplace in their lives. Leo loving Jase isn’t enough, a meeting with Indi Hyde, and Leo loses his heart to both men. Can they be convinced to give this special connection a chance?

Indi’s past comes back in the shape of his ex-Commander, searching for his team. Turning their lives upside down.

When I came home is an MMM Romance.

Triggers are in the front of When I Came Home. They are C-PTSD, depression, and scenes of autistic meltdowns. Each character is helped through their episodes with the help of a lover or friend.


“I found you, I love you, and tonight I claim you as my own. As ours — Indi’s and mine — as the love of my life.” Jase said, his voice strong conviction high. 

“How long have you imagined this night?” Jase asked, convinced it wasn’t only him that had shouted for Leo as his cum hit the shower wall, at home alone.

“So long, Jase, so fucking long.”

Full of passion, Jase was rooted to the floor, not convinced he could move if he wanted to, his gaze raking down Leo’s naked body, and yet it was his eyes he was gazing at. 

“Your mind is what I fell in love with first, your ability to exist in this world feeling all you do. Sensory overload causes your meltdowns — they’re a part of you. Those are what you fear the most. Those are what I hoped for each month, as you let me into your world, to love you. And each time, it became too much. I loved you for your ability to feel more than I could.”

For years, Leo hated that he’d felt things so many people never experienced, how he’d pick up subtle energy shifts. However, these caused meltdowns and depression — it was also these that had contributed to him — becoming the best in his field. 

Leo’s stoicism with many people wasn’t shown with Jase or Indi. They saw him for him beyond what he displayed to the world. Leo’s quiet introspection, the way he moved away from sensory overloads without complaint. The tranquillity, and peace he radiated, was the perfect balance of each of them. Jase and Indi loved and cherished Leo. 

Indi’s C-PTSD had eased in the months they’d been together, convinced it was because of Leo’s ability to feel energy shifts — he noticed anxiety forming with Indi — often before Angel had. 

As Indi had said so many times before, Leo took away the anxiety and quietened his mind. 

A world without each of his men wouldn’t be a world Jase wanted to exist in. 

Warm lips on Jase took him out of his reverie, the moan the want, the energy between them both, high tonight. 

“I can’t, Jase, make love to me — then fuck me.” 

Jase nodded. Lube was placed into his hand, as disconnected as he felt — he felt it all. 

With a deep breath, Jase pulled back, sat back on his knees, assessing the man in front of him. A slow smile graced his lips. 

Loving Jase had been easy. Learning to love himself in the four and a half months he’d been with Jase and Indi had been fun. Only made possible by the man in his arms. 

About the Author 

Author Frances Regan is a new name for F.R. D’Angelo, taking a leap of faith and going back to her roots. Using her own name was a personal decision based on her mental health.

“It didn’t feel like I was my authentic self, using a pen name, and while each person has their own decisions and experiences to use a pen name, it wasn’t working out mentally for me.”

Frances Regan fully enjoys writing for her characters. They are men that make her laugh. They also make her cringe. They are utterly shameless. Making her draw stickmen, then telling her to check with her editor to see if their positions will work. (Shakes head)

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Leather Paddles by Brina Brady


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He’s had it with Doms. Never again…but maybe this one is different?

Twenty-two-year-old Jesse finds himself abandoned by his abusive Dom after four years in an unhappy BDSM relationship. Devastated, he moves in with his best friend, Charlie, and his Dom. He attends college and works in the university library. He doesn’t have time nor plans to look for another Dom.

Master Andrew, the owner of BDSM club Leather Paddles, lost his husband five years ago. Ever since, he plays with different subs and is perfectly happy to leave it with that. He doesn’t want another boy to call his own.

Once Master Andrew meets Jesse, things click for both of them, but Jesse remains skittish about getting involved with anyone. However, Master Andrew comes up with a plan to rein Jesse in his playroom and his heart.

Other people keep interfering, trying to separate the couple. Are Master Andrew and Jesse up to the challenge to move forward to their happily ever after?

Leather Paddles is a stand-alone MM romance featuring an insecure boy and a strict but caring Master. It has BDSM elements and a guaranteed HEA.


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Tutu (Malicious Gods: Egypt) By BL Maxwell


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Tutu (Malicious Gods: Egypt)

BL Maxwell

Series Link:

Kit Nelson was thrown into the world of demons and cults as a child. He’s learned to depend on no one, and to do all he can to keep himself safe from dark forces. If he wants to survive, he can’t trust anyone else with his life. He knows what the demons who hunt him have in mind for him, and he’ll fight it every step of the way.

Tommy Smythe and his sister Lola have been fighting what they know is a rising tide of evil for years. They’re prepared with all their paranormal weaponry, including the assistance of an ancient god who has fought demons his whole existence. Tutu, the Egyptian god and Master of Demons has chosen Tommy to be his vessel and his sword when needed to destroy any and all demons.

A new threat ripples through the dark underworld, one that will be felt across all mankind. A demon has chosen one whose body he will use to return to the land of the living. But only if Kit, Tommy, and Lola can’t stop him. Only Tutu has the power and knowledge to protect them from the demon Rerek, and he also knows even with his help, this is not going to be an easy battle to win.

Welcome to the dark world of Malicious Gods: Egypt. A collection of mm standalone modern tales, both magical and non-magical, featuring deities from Ancient Egypt. You’ll find reincarnated Gods, assassins, gangs, madness, and different realities. Expect high heat and morally ambiguous themes. Seductive and often twisted, they are not for the fainthearted.

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Tricky Tracks by Lynn Michaels


Tricky Tracks: A Holeshot Novel

Recovery has never been so complicated.

It’s difficult enough to recover from a potentially career ending wreck, but Cole has to do it in front of a camera. Add in that the sexy videographer, Nix, has more than Cole’s tires spinning and it’s more than problematic. Facing the truth and redeeming himself for his past actions is trickier than making a good comeback for a team that doesn’t want him.

Nix Braumere is making a great career out of filming sports stars, and his friend, Jason, has him working on a Supercross documentary focusing on injuries, particularly, Cole Lindt’s. Making the hot racer the star of his show wasn’t supposed to wreck his heart. But Cole’s grouchy front obviously hides a world of pain that Nix wants to ease.







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Summer’s End by Olivia Miles

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Summer’s End
(Evening Island #2)
By Olivia Miles
Women’s Fiction, Romance
Paperback & ebook, 201 Pages
Date 2020 by Rosewood Press

The USA Today bestselling author of the Oyster Bay series invites readers to return to Evening Island for a heartwarming, stand-alone story about three sisters at very different crossroads in their lives who reunite for one unforgettable summer at their family’s lake house.

The Taylor sisters spent every summer at their family’s lake house, but as they grew up, they also grew apart. Now, in honor of their late mother’s wishes, they reunite on Evening Island, each hoping to find the best part of themselves they’d left behind.

Kim is just weeks away from what should be her dream wedding, but as the big day draws closer, her doubts only grow stronger. Some time away may be just the thing she needs to help clear her head…or change her heart.

Heather has always been the reliable sister, but a recent divorce has made everything feel uncertain. When a second chance with an old flame comes along, she must decide if a summer love can last a lifetime.

Andrea’s career is her top priority, even if her heart is no longer in it. When her boss suggests a vacation, a couple of weeks on the island leads to the inspiration she was searching for, and not just for work…

Thanks to the beauty of the island and the memories they share, the sisters come together, search their hearts, and discover what the future holds for each of them at summer’s end.

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Other Books in the Series

Meet Me at Sunset
(Evening Island #1)
By Olivia Miles
Women’s Fiction/Romance
Paperback & ebook, 324 Pages
February 25, 2020 by Rosewood Press

From USA TODAY bestselling author Olivia Miles comes the first in a collection of stand-alone novels set on the fictional shores of Evening Island—just a ferry ride across the lake from Blue Harbor, home to the newest heartwarming series!

The Morgan sisters spent many blissful summers at their family’s lake house growing up, but as they grew older, their lives took very different paths.

Hope adores her twin girls, but she doesn’t love being a stay-at-home mom. When her workaholic husband doesn’t support her career aspirations, she packs up the kids and goes to Sunset Cottage, thinking that some time apart will help her decide what she really wants-but when the life she dreamed of becomes a possibility, she is more torn than ever.

Gemma was supposed to be planning her wedding, not trying to get back deposits. And she was supposed to be finished writing her latest romance novel, not staring at a blank screen. Lost and down on her luck, she heads north to Evening Island, hoping to find the inspiration she needs to fill the page, and maybe, her heart.

Ellie is almost perfectly content living in the house that once belonged to her grandmother, even if it does get a little lonely sometimes. Still, work is steady at her art studio and the island continues to serve as a muse, especially when her first love makes a surprise return.

In the course of a month, the Morgan sisters learn that despite their differences and their personal struggles, they might just have more in common than the old summer cottage that they inherited.

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About the Author

Olivia Miles is a USA Today bestselling author of heartwarming women’s fiction and small-town contemporary romance. She has frequently been ranked as an Amazon Top 100 author, and her books have appeared on several bestseller lists, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BookScan, and USA Today. Treasured by readers across the globe, Olivia’s novels have been translated into German, French, and Hungarian, with editions in Australia and the United Kingdom. After growing up in New England and later living in Montreal, Olivia traded salt water for fresh water, and is most happy reading on the sandy shore of Lake Michigan, or spending time with her husband, daughter, and two lovable dogs.

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Heather had every intention of spending Monday afternoon by herself. Andrea was out—possibly with John again, not that she’d revealed as much—and Kim had gone down to the beach with Gemma. After lunch, she took her notebook and a glass of lemonade out to the porch, and nearly spilled it all over the front of her sundress when she saw Billy sitting on one of the wicker armchairs, admiring the view as if he owned the place. 

“You scared me!” Heather set a hand to her racing heart, but she couldn’t fight off her grin. It was just the thrill of the scare, she told herself firmly. It had absolutely nothing to do with the way that Billy was smiling at her, his eyes so bright even from a few feet away, his smile one that she could never resist. 

Even when she really should. 

“Scared you or surprised you?” He cocked an eyebrow. 

She set down her glass with a shaking hand. “Both?”

“A good surprise, I hope,” he said, looking at her expectantly.

He was probably waiting for her to sit down and join him, but she couldn’t, at least not yet. Her heart was still pounding even though the shock had worn off and she had a bad feeling that today was only going to make her fall a little more in love with Billy, and what would be the good in that?