Men and Martinis by Delancey Stewart

Men and Martinis, a fun and flirty retro rom com from USA Today bestselling author Delancey Stewart is ZERO PENNIES for a limited time only!

Grab your copy today!


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Bridget Jones meets Sex and the City in this laugh-out-loud 90’s throwback series. Dive in today!

Dating co-workers is strictly forbidden, but at least I know who I want. My friend Candace thinks she wants the player… but the perfect guy is right in front of her!

I moved to NYC to start again. Or really, to start at all. My father calls me impulsive, my older sister calls me immature, and my mother? Well, she doesn’t call me at all now.

So when the opportunity arose to reinvent myself amid yellow cabs, crazy parties and hot banker-types? I took it. Now I’ve got the perfect job, have found the perfect girl crew, and have the BIGGEST crush on the perfect guy.

The problem? We work together. And my company has a strict no-dating policy. Not so perfect.

And then there’s my new friend Candace. She rules the boardroom and eats tentative investors for lunch. But when it comes to her dating life? She’s a disaster.

She’s set her sights on Damon, the director of sales at my new company. But Damon? He likes to play the field. Meanwhile she might be missing out on the best opportunity for romance that’s ever come her way. Gregoire is French, handsome, loaded, and very interested.

Will Candace let down her man-eater façade long enough to let him in?

And will I figure a way around my company’s antiquated no-fraternization policy?

Find out in the first book of the hilarious and charming Girlfriends of Gotham series from USA Today bestselling author Delancey Stewart.


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