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Better Together By BL Maxwell


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Better Together

BL Maxwell

Since being thrown out of his home by his parents, Caden has been struggling to survive on the streets.

He lives in constant fear, stresses over his next meal, and dreads trying to find a safe place to sleep at night. He eventually finds an unlocked car and settles in to sleep, but is soon interrupted when someone steals the car. With little choice but to ride along, Caden soon learns that first impressions aren’t always correct.

Seventeen-year-old Damario has been raising his little brother and sister by himself since his parents were deported. He never knew how hard it was going to be paying the bills and making sure there was always food on the table. Or how hard it would be to hold his family together when they all depended on him to do it. He finds himself stealing cars to make ends meet, but he never expected to find someone sleeping in the back of one of them. And he really didn’t expect this stowaway to change his life.

When Damario brings Caden home, it was supposed to be just for a shower and a hot meal, but he can hardly kick him out onto the streets again. There is no way he could have seen that by saving Caden that night, he was also saving himself. When Damario’s world starts to fall apart, they both realize that the answer to all of their problems is helping each other, and although the world tries to drive them apart, they really are better together. #newadult #YA #gayromance #hurtcomfort


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Tricky Tracks by Lynn Michaels


Tricky Tracks: A Holeshot Novel

Coming July 30th

Recovery has never been so complicated.

It’s difficult enough to recover from a potentially career ending wreck, but Cole has to do it in front of a camera. Add in that the sexy videographer, Nix, has more than Cole’s tires spinning and it’s more than problematic. Facing the truth and redeeming himself for his past actions is trickier than making a good comeback for a team that doesn’t want him.

Nix Braumere is making a great career out of filming sports stars, and his friend, Jason, has him working on a Supercross documentary focusing on injuries, particularly, Cole Lindt’s. Making the hot racer the star of his show wasn’t supposed to wreck his heart. But Cole’s grouchy front obviously hides a world of pain that Nix wants to ease.







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All the Dark Lies by Brina Brady


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Released on July 22nd

All the Dark Lies by Brina Brady

MM Romantic Suspense US: UK: DE: FR: CA: AU:

Nineteen-year-old Nathan Neumann flees his home when an opportunity presents itself. His uncle treats him as if he were an employee, even though half the Neumann Horse Academy Ranch will be his when he turns twenty-one. He can’t wait another two years.

Nathan leaves behind his life in Chadds Ford to move to London for a man he has never seen. Charles makes so many promises over six months of Internet chatting. In exchange, Nathan promises to be the man’s sub. One big problem, Nathan is a virgin and has only had virtual relationships. Nathan arrives in London, but Charles is nowhere in sight, only a limo driver with mysterious instructions.

Headmaster Charles Moore meets Nathan Neumann on his return flight to London. There is a strong, immediate, mutual attraction between them. Charles arrives home to find a note from his sub ending their BDSM relationship. The following morning, a limo drops Nathan at his front door. How many Charles’s are there in Nathan’s life?

When all the dark lies threaten to come between them, is it too late for Charles and Nathan to come clean with each other?

Age Gap. Headmaster Dom, Virgin Sub, Lies and Secrets, Light BDSM, and HEA



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The Cowboy Gangster/The Base Crossover Book 1 by CJ Bishop and H.M. Wolfe


💖 The Island: The Vanished  is LIVE!!! 💖

→ The Cowboy Gangster/The Base Crossover Book 1

→ by CJ Bishop and H.M. Wolfe

Buy here:

Family is everything.

Woe to those who messed with theirs.


THE GANGSTERS… Clint, Cochise, and the men return home from Canada, looking forward to some much-needed rest and relaxation. But they soon discover there is no rest for the weary as they are immediately faced with another crisis—missing loved ones that seemed to have disappeared into thin air. With no leads and no idea if their loved ones are dead or alive, the gangsters are desperate to dig up a single clue—anything to set them in the right direction.

As the gangsters are about to lose hope, an unexpected lead takes them to the last place their loved ones were seen. With a reluctant witness and a forced confession, they are left with little to go on… until a group of strangers—in search of their own lost loved ones—provide another piece of the puzzle that ultimately leads the two clans to a place of hellish imaginations… and terrifying revelations.

THE BASE… After the unexpected, violent encounter with his arch-enemy Alexander Kane, Ardan MacNamara, the founder of The Base sanctuary for child prostitution victims, finally closes the door on his dark past. His honorary adoptive father, Fabian Bloom, who also suffered horrific physical, sexual and mental abuse at Kane’s hands, no longer looks over his shoulder, enjoying his new life to the fullest.

But then, Ardan’s three sons and their friends are kidnapped in broad daylight, only a few hundred yards away from The Base, and the two men’s world collapses. Numerous search parties are organized and no stone is left unturned, but the kids are nowhere to be found. The evil force behind the kidnapping seems to be greater and more dangerous than anything Ardan and Fabian fought against.

Desperate situations require desperate measures and, for the first time, the two men search for help outside their circle of traditional allies. Even if they’ll find it, Ardan and Fabian are aware that, this time, they may not make it out alive.

~Also on Kindle Unlimited~

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Black Jade: A Daiyu Wu Mystery by Gloria Oliver

About Black Jade

Black Jade: A Daiyu Wu Mystery Historical Cozy Mystery 1st in Series Publisher: Dimension Palace Publishing (May 11, 2021) Paperback: 246 pages ISBN-10: 1733951164 ISBN-13: 978-1733951166 Digital (June 20, 2021) ASIN: B094PXSNPS

Could an old-fashioned ballgown be used to commit murder?


Daiyu Wu is aware that fear of the Yellow Terror has made her nationality a rare breed in the Lone Star State. Being Chinese and blind makes her doubly unique in 1930: Dallas. Despite these impediments, anyone who dismisses her for either fact does so at their peril.


One day, at her family-owned laundry business, Dai detects the scent of burned garlic. With the help of her companion, Jacques, the source is soon discovered. It is a green ballgown. The gown has money pinned inside it to pay for the cleaning, but oddly, it came with no address label to identify its owner. Her extensive knowledge leads Dai to believe someone has committed murder using arsenic. The perpetrator is trying to use White Laundry to hide the evidence. But no mention of foul play turns up in the newspapers, and there’s not enough proof to convince the police there’s been a crime.


Her curiosity and intellect stimulated like never before; Dai ignores the possible consequences and sets out to solve the mystery with the help of her canine companion, Prince Razor, and her confidant, Jacques Haskins. It’s either that or let the killer get away with it — assuming a spoiled popinjay, his jealous self-appointed girlfriend, and Dai’s overprotective parents don’t get in her way.


About Gloria Oliver

Gloria Oliver lives in Texas, staying away from rolling tumbleweeds while bowing to the never-ending wishes of her feline and canine masters. Her previous works have been fantasy, urban fantasy, and young adult fantasy novels. Several contain romantic and mystery elements. Her short stories of speculative fiction can be found in many anthologies, covering things from the fantastic and strange to a Bubba Apocalypse.

Her latest release, “Black Jade – A Daiyu Wu Mystery” is Gloria’s first cozy historical mystery novel. This is her ninth published novel.

Gloria is a member in good standing of BroadUniverse though she has yet to make the list for Cat Slaves R Us. In her spare time (what’s that?), she watches TV shows, movies, anime, plays PC games, and reads books.

For some free reads, novel related short stories, sample chapters, appearance schedule and more information on her and her works, please drop by and visit her at

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