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HACKING MR. CEO by Anna Hackett



HACKING MR. CEO by Anna Hackett is coming July 27th

Tech billionaire versus the hacker

  • Grumpy billionaire hero

  • Sassy hacker heroine

  • A steamy, action-packed romance

To save the only mother I’ve ever known, all I have to do is hack a tech billionaire.

My foster mother is sick. The woman who gave me a home, love, a life. I’ll do anything to find the money for her surgery, including using my skills as a hacker.

My name’s Remi, also known as Rogue Angel, and usually I work for a security company testing clients’ systems. But now a shadowy bad guy has tracked me down and given me an ultimatum.

I have to hack Rivera Tech—the biggest technology company in the world, owned by billionaire CEO, Maverick Rivera. If I do, I get paid and I can help my foster mother. If I don’t, my family are in danger.

Hacking Rivera is no walk in the park, and soon I find myself in a tantalizing game of cat and mouse with big, grumpy, and way-too-sexy Maverick. What I never, ever expected was for him to make me feel safe, or to threaten my closely-guarded heart, or to ignite every single part of me. 

I can’t drag him into my mess.

But Maverick has other ideas, and he isn’t a man who takes no for an answer.

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A steamy, fast-paced billionaire romance from Anna Hackett. The final standalone story in the Billionaire Heists trilogy.

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