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The Villain’s Beloved by Bella J

The Villain’s Beloved by International Bestselling Author Bella J releases July 26th on Kindle Unlimited!
Genre: Dark Romance
Trope: Mafia, Captive Romance

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The day Elijah took me, he vowed to tame me.
I tried to fight him. Tried to survive without losing my heart.
But in the end, he did what he said he’d do… tame me.

He claimed me so unapologetically, and I surrendered willingly.
Together we found our place within the darkness.
We succumbed to wicked desires and tainted intentions.

And with every kiss, every touch, I allowed myself to fall deeper. Drowning within the seduction of a killer’s obsession.

I was reckless. Blinded by the promises of a man who wanted nothing but me.
I should have known better. Guarded my heart more fiercely.
After all—nothing good can come from falling for the villain.

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Putting one foot in front of the other, I took a step that brought our bodies a breath apart, my neck craned back so I could look him in the eye. “Maybe I want affirmation that the man I share a bed with sees me as more than just a debt. Maybe I want to know that the man I allow to fuck me every goddamn night isn’t just using me as a pastime while we’re stuck on this yacht.”

The expression on his face turned to stone, and as he moved forward, I had no choice but to step back. “You allow me to fuck you?”

“You know what I—”

“Is that what you’ve been doing every time I slipped my cock into your cunt? You allowed me to fuck you?”

My heart started to beat incredibly fast. “That’s not what I meant.”

“You spread those thighs of yours, your pussy dripping while you pant for me to fuck you—yet now you say you allow me to be inside you?”


“There’s a difference between allowing something and wanting it, Charlotte.” My back hit the wall, and he cocooned me. “A huge motherfucking difference.”

“I know that.”

“No. I don’t think you do.” He leaned his head to the side as he dragged a finger down my cheek, his predator gaze studying me as if he couldn’t decide where to start tearing me apart. “Should I show you? Teach you the difference?”

“I didn’t mean it like that, and you know it.”

His fingers bit into my jaw as he forced my head to the side, causing me to flinch as he leaned in, lips touching my ear. “I think I should show you the difference by fucking you as my captive rather than my guest.”

“Elijah—” His arms roped around my waist and lifted me over his shoulder. “Elijah, what are you doing?”

“Exactly what I said. I’m going to show you how a psychopath fucks his captive.”

He carried me into my room, slamming the door closed behind us with his foot.

“Elijah, don’t.”

“Now would be a good time for you to close that mouth of yours.” He dropped me on the bed, but before I had a chance to move, his fingers tore through his shirt, buttons bouncing on the floor around us. “Unless you want to taste my cock on your tongue.”

Pre-Order available now
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Bella J is an International Bestselling Author, who loves writing dark and gritty romance with alpha-holes who have absolutely no redeeming qualities…until they do. Maybe. 

Some of her bestselling novels/series include:

The Rise of Saint

The Fall of Sin

American Street Kings Series

Royal Mafia Series

She lives in Cape Town, South Africa with her husband, two kids, and a chihuahua who gets treated like royalty. 

Bella J’s writing motto: The darker the road to love, the sweeter the HEA.

WEBSITE: https://www.authorbellaj.com
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/BellaJNovels/
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/bellajauthor/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/BellaJ_Author
BOOKBUB: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/bella-j

Cover Reveal

Cas by Raven Amor

Title: Cas
Series: Red Horsemen MC #4
Author: Raven Amor
Genre: MC Romance with Mafia Themes
Cover Design: Cat Imb, TRC Designs
Release Date: August 18, 2021


I see my reflection in those greens. Hating what I see, what I’ve become, who her family made me.

The logical part of me knows she doesn’t wear my father’s blood, but all rational thought has deserted me.

I hate her with every breath.

Yet, she takes my rage, stopping me from twisting into an inferno.

How can someone be your downfall and redeemer in one?

WARNING: Adult content. Explicit sexual content and violence. This is a dark romance, don’t expect a fairy tale.


$1.99 for a limited time!



I stroll past Cas, knowing those ambers are chasing me, feeling their warmth race across my skin.
“What are you doing here?” he grates out, gritting his teeth so hard I can hear them as I take a seat on the desk, swinging my legs.
“You’re angry. That rage is mine.”
His brows slam down as hatred curls his lips. I don’t expect him to understand.
I don’t.
The only way I can explain it is the fury that drives him is because of me. Belongs to me. If anyone should be getting it, then it’s me. Okay, I know it sounds fucked up, but I’ve never pretended I wasn’t.
“What the hell?” He starts pacing, running his hands through his hair, and itching his head with his piece before realizing it’s still in his hands and putting it away.
“We can give each other what we want.”
He pins me with his eyes, the amber color gleaming like Hell’s fire, so pretty. I’m envious. I want to feel that warmth across my skin. To burn in the fire, in that blistering inferno.
“That was a fucking mistake.”
“Every time since the club burnt down was a mistake. That’s a lot of mistakes, Cas.”
“You’re the daughter of the man who killed my father. I can’t even stomach looking at you,” he hisses. The venom breaking free shakes his body, edging closer to the surface as if I’m its master, and it recognizes I’m close.
“I can give you what you crave.” I jump down from the desk as his head snaps towards me. “I can handle it, you.”
A snarl erupts from the back of his throat as he strides across the room until he’s in front of me, his chest heaving, breathing hard. Staring into my eyes, he lets me see it all, the want mixing with the hatred.
A tiny, small part of me knows I shouldn’t want him either. But I’m drawn to Cas. He calls me like a siren enticing sailors to crash on the rocks. I crave the minutes until he pins me with those ambers, the moments he lets that fury cover me, sending heat across my skin.
“I hate you,” he sneers against my lips.
“I know,” I gasp against his mouth, and without warning, he crashes his lips on mine.
There’s no way Cas can hide the depth of his despise for me. It survives too near to the surface; so close that it stretches out and strokes my skin with each harsh stare.
The dark truth is, we’re drawn to each other like chaos and destruction. We are excited by the danger and sick thrill.
We understand each other.
Deadly and destructive.
I love how dark and twisted we’re together, that we don’t bow to the flames. Instead, we burn bright in the fire.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


Free in Kindle Unlimited


Free in Kindle Unlimited


Raven loves writing dark romance wrapped in suspense. She loves finding the beauty in the pain, love in tragedy. And of course writing those hot scenes. 
Raven describes her books as darkness mixed with blood stained passion. 
Raven is fluent in sarcasm and adult language 
If you can’t find Raven in her writing cave or editing hell. Then you will find her curled up with a book lost in the words of other authors. Raven has three daughters and one man child. All who she adores. She comes from a large welsh family who are completely crazy in all the right ways. 
You can find Raven on Facebook and Instagram. Or hanging out in her group Raven Rebels.


New Release

The Trifecta Series: Complete Box Set by Logan Chance



Three brothers. Three stories. Three happily ever afters.

For the first time ever, USA Today bestselling author, Logan Chance, has combined the Trifecta Series in one unforgettable collection. Remember, what happens in Vegas, doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

Hot Vegas Nights- There’s only two rules to being a male stripper in Vegas.

#1. Always be attainable.

#2. Never fall in love.

And I’ve been living by these rules for a very long time. I love my life. I’m one-third of the Trifecta, only the naughtiest male revue show Sin City has ever seen.

My days consist of working out, saving money, and entertaining women both on and off the stage.

Until the moment, Clara walks into Big Willie’s and wants nothing to do with me.

She avoids me at every turn.

And it drives me crazy.

But, when she needs a date for her step-sister’s wedding, there’s only one person she can turn to.


And I’m more than happy to be the piece of meat on her arm.

Date for the wedding, and nothing else.

Only one problem, I find myself wanting more.

This is all new to me, and I find myself breaking both my rules.

But this is Vegas, baby, and sometimes rules are meant to be broken.

Dirty Vegas Nights- My body’s made of iron.

My muscles are sculpted by God himself.

And my green eyes have been described as ‘lady magnets’ by the Vegas Tribune.

The Trifecta sensation is only the dirtiest male revue show Vegas has ever seen. We’ve been blazing the stage for a while and have gained quite the fan base. Women travel from across the country just to catch a glimpse of us.

I’ll let you in on a little secret…I hate every second of it.

It’s just not me.

I despise being viewed as a piece of meat.

When my new neighbor, Emma moves in next door, I hate that she sees me the same way.

But, when her and her daughter are in danger, a possessive need to protect her takes over.

The more I get to know Emma, the more I realize she’s more like me than I realize. And I won’t let her past stand in the way of our future.

Filthy Vegas Nights- I’m a male exotic dancer. Yeah, I said it.

And let me tell you, it’s a means to an end, my friend.

My brothers and I are the kings of Las Vegas. Owning our own male revue club has been a fantasy of mine for a long time.

And now that dream is finally a reality.

My nerves are shot.

The stress is real.

And I need just one night to let loose.

But, after a night I won’t soon forget it’s time for the club’s premier.

And the new bartender, Shayne, is late. I’ll have his head for this.

But when Shayne shows up for his shift, he’s not exactly what I was expecting.

Shayne’s a girl.

A very pretty, no, beautiful woman with striking green eyes.

The same eyes I gazed into the night before.

My life just got a whole lot more complicated. Because I’m the boss and I can’t fraternize with the employees. But, there’s just something about Shayne I can’t stay away from, and pretty soon I won’t be able to stay away no matter how hard I try.

WARNING- This hot, dirty, and filthy collection is comprised of three triplets who dance for money, and will do anything for the women they love. Binge this series today.

ONE CLICK TODAY: https://amzn.to/3BkwxaT


Logan Chance is a USA Today, Top 20 Amazon, KDP All-Star, and KDP All-Star UK bestselling author with a quick wit and penchant for the simple things in life: Star Wars, music, and smart girls who love to read. He was nominated best debut author for the Goodreads Choice Awards in 2016. His works can be classified as Dramedies (Drama+Comedies), featuring a ton of laughs and many swoon worthy, heartfelt moments.

Never miss an update, sign up for Logan’s List: beardedgoatbooks.com/newsletter

Don’t be shy, follow Logan on all platforms:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Loganchanceauthor

Twitter: www.Twitter.com/loganchance85

Instagram: www.instagram.com/loganchance85

Cover Reveal

One More Sip by Gia Kim

Title: One More Sip
Series: Hideaway Bar #1
Author: Gia Kim
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Sarah Kil Creative Studio
Photo: JW Photography
Model: Aidan Stewart
Release Date: August 4, 2021


Can a shattered heart learn to love again?

For one glorious year, Kailey Wright had the life she always dreamed of. Newly married to the love of her life, the two were working to build a beautiful future… when tragedy struck.

Widowed. Alone.

Kailey is convinced she’ll never love again. Especially not since she learned the true anguish of loss.

After a one-night stand goes horribly wrong, bartender Jax Rowe swears off women. He’s had enough of the drama and games.

Then… he meets Kailey.

Overcome by heartache, she’s as emotionally unavailable as they come. At first, Jax wants only to bring a bit of happiness back into her life. Now, he finds himself falling for her hard and fast.

Wrought with guilt over spending time with Jax, Kailey uncovers truths her husband kept hidden that prove there was much about him she didn’t know. Will these revelations be enough to open her heart to love once more? Or will ghosts of the past prevent her from moving on?




The same unknown number popped up again, and I rejected the call for the third time. Who keeps calling me?
I washed down the rest of my sandwich with a swig of water and headed out of the breakroom when my phone vibrated again. That time, I answered it.
“Listen, I don’t know why you keep calling me, but I’m not interested in whatever you’re selling. Plus, I’m at work, so I have to go,” I snarled at the caller.
There was a cough on the other end, followed by, “Mrs. Wright?” The voice was surprisingly calm, so I paused to listen before hanging up.
“Yes, this is she.”
“Mrs. Wright, this is Officer Brown.” He paused. Why is a cop calling me? My stomach sank. Something was wrong. “Your husband’s been in a car accident, and he’s being taken to Texas General Hospital.”
I gasped, and my heart stopped. “Is he… okay? Is he… alive?”
“I advise going to Texas General as soon as possible.”
The officer hung up, and everything began moving in slow motion.
I half ran to the front and saw Patricia, our office manager, at her desk. “Patricia,” I huffed. “Derrick’s been in an accident. He’s being taken to Texas General. Can you reschedule my patients? I have to go.”
Patricia frowned, and her sapphire-blue eyes etched with concern. “Oh, my God, Kailey. Yes, of course. Go be with your husband. I’ll reschedule your patients.”
Taking no time to even issue a thank you, I turned and headed back to my desk to grab my purse, then jogged out while fishing inside my giant purse to find my car keys. Pissed that I couldn’t find them, I threw my purse to the ground as I approached my car door and pulled all my this-and-that crap out until I saw shiny silver waiting for me at the bottom.
My heart beat out of my chest. I was anything but calm. Where had he been going at this hour? He should have been at work. I had so many questions. My mind went to a million worst-case scenarios about Derrick, but I refused to go down that black hole. I needed to make it to the hospital in one piece.


Gia Kim runs on coffee and chaos.
The perfect day includes a cup of joe and a running to-do list.
With two littles and no personal space, she escapes into her romance novels to stay sane. Each chapter draws her more into a realm filled with star-crossed lovers and happy endings.
These novels and sweet escapes have inspired Gia to start the journey of being an author herself, with a debut novel releasing soon!
She wants to write stories of her own about everyday couples that have whimsical meet-cutes, where they fall in love and get their HEA.


Excerpt Reveal

Onyx by Heather Slade

Title: Onyx
Series: K19 Security Solutions #10
Author: Heather Slade
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Military Romance
Release Date: July 29, 2021


He’s an alpha pilot for K19 Security Solutions.
She’s a grieving sister, determined to get answers.
With ONYX by her side, their dark and blackened pasts may have a brighter future.

A crash and a coma has grounded me. Without flight, I’m a pilot without wings. I refuse to give up, give in. I need to be back in the air with nothing but gravity threatening me. For now, I’m recovering at the beach, biding my time. The last thing I need is a distraction to deter me from my goals—even if she’s a mirror image of the woman who stole and shattered my heart.

Answers, that’s all I’m after. My sister’s gone, and I’m hellbent on uncovering the truth. This guy—so damn sexy and rugged that it’s no wonder my twin fell for him—has the knowledge I want. I’ll stop at nothing to know what happened. Even if it means getting closer than I know I should. It won’t be easy though—ONYX is one cold and hardened stone.



Only available on the following
platforms for a limited time


“I ordered a ridiculous amount of food. I’m sorry.”
“Sorry? Are you kidding? I’ll eat whatever you don’t and get dessert on top of it.”
She laughed. “Consider this an official challenge. We have to set a time limit though.”
“I’m up for it. What are you thinking?”
“It’s six fifteen now. Two hours?”
“No problem.”
She smirked. “You’re on.”
“Is there some kind of wager involved?”
“Do you think there should be?”
Oh yeah, I did, but everything I could come up with involved Blanca being in various stages of undress.
“Your face is expressive.”
I looked up from the oysters. “Is it?”
“Are you saying you know what I’m thinking?”
“I’m saying that if you’re thinking what I think you are, you shouldn’t eat any more of those oysters.”
I sat back in the chair. “This is just a trick to keep them all for yourself, isn’t it?”
Blanca slowly shook her head. “Since I’m thinking the same thing you are, I shouldn’t have any more either.”
I laughed out loud and so did she, and then we polished off the remaining so-called aphrodisiacs.
If we’d wagered, I would’ve lost because she was right, there was no way I could finish everything she’d ordered, even with Blanca eating her share of it.
“You bested me, woman.”
She rubbed her belly. “I’m so full I have to go to sleep.”
“Go ahead, I’ll clean up.”
“I can help.”
“Nah, you ordered.”
She smiled and shook her head. “Thanks for today,” she said, leaning down and kissing my cheek. “Thank you for respecting me enough to tell me what’s going on.”
“You deserved to know. It’s your life.”
“Sleep well.” Blanca waved behind her as she walked out of the kitchen.
I thanked her even though I had no intention of sleeping. Truth be told, I couldn’t wait to get started on her book. The minute she told me the kind of books she wrote, it was almost all I could think about.
I put away the leftover food, double-checked the doors and windows were secured everywhere but the room Blanca was in and then remembered I hadn’t put the teams’ cell numbers in her phone like I’d meant to do.
“Knock, knock,” I said, tapping lightly on her door and hoping she wasn’t asleep yet.
“Just a sec.” It took her a minute to open the door and then it was only a crack. “What’s up?”
I told her why I was there.
“Give me another minute, okay?”
I rested against the wall and tried my hardest not to allow my mind to imagine everything she might have been doing before I knocked. Instead, it raced with it. Had she gone into her bedroom intending to take care of any desires brought on by our conversation about the oysters? I knew as soon I was alone, that’s what I’d be doing.
I groaned when all I could picture was Blanca under her bedsheets, one hand between her legs, the other playing with her nipples. I reached into my jeans to adjust myself at the same moment she reopened her door. My hand froze where it was and time seemed to stand still as she looked from my eyes to my groin.
“Is there anything I can do to help?” The idea that she was teasing me was almost enough to make my problem go away, until my eyes met hers and I saw the heat in them. I slowly moved my hand.
“I, uh, wanted to check and my make sure your bedroom window was secured.”
She took one step closer. “You could’ve asked me to do that myself.”
“I also meant to give you contact info for Cowboy and Wasp.”
“Just in case you needed to reach them for anything.”
She took one more step. “Anything?
I grabbed her shoulders and spun her around so her back was against the wall. “No. Not anything,” I said, my lips close enough to hers to touch. “What were you doing in there?”
She raised her chin. “Book research.”
“Jesus,” I groaned before my mouth came crashing down on hers. I put my hands on her ass, digging my fingertips into her flesh, and lifted her. “Put your legs around me,” I demanded. I instinctively ground myself against her heat. “I’ll take care of anything you need, Blanca. Do you understand me?”
“Will you?” Her arms tightened around my neck and I kissed her hard, My tongue delved in to slide against hers; my body pressed hers against the wall. Lust warred against my conscious when she slid one hand under my shirt while the fingers of the other wove into my hair.
When she rolled her hips, I came as close as I had in over a year to having an orgasm brought on by another person. Not able to resist another second, I slid my hand inside the back of the sweatpants she must’ve pulled on in order to come out of the room to talk to me.
I moaned in frustration, knowing I had to stop, when my fingers brushed up against the soft lace of the panties that clung to the curves of her perfect ass. I broke our kiss with a nip at her bottom lip and lowered her legs to the ground.
Blanca’s chest heaved, her eyes glazed over, and her lips were damp and swollen.
Before I changed my mind, I walked into her bedroom and checked the locks on the windows. “I’ll give you those numbers tomorrow, angel,” I said, when she met me at the door.
“Are you seriously about to say good night to me?”
Knowing that if I touched her again, I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from fucking her senseless, I put my hands in my pockets. “Consider what just happened more book research.”
Yeah, it was an asshole move, but it would have been far worse had I followed through and had sex with her.



All free in Kindle Unlimited


Heather Slade gave herself the gift of writing a book for her own birthday one year. Thirty-plus books later (and counting), she’s hit a couple of best-seller lists and has had the time of her life. For Slade, the joy is in the writing, but nothing makes her happier than hearing from a reader who tells her that she’s made her laugh or cry or gasp or hold her breath or stay up all night because she can’t put one of her books down.

The women she writes are self-confident, strong, with wills of their own, and hearts as big as the Colorado sky. The men are sublimely sexy, seductive alphas who rise to the challenge of capturing the sweet soul of a woman whose heart they’ll hold in the palm of their hand forever. Add in a couple of neck-snapping twists and turns, a page-turning mystery, and a swoon-worthy HEA, and you’ll be holding one of Slade’s books in your hands.

She loves to hear from her readers. You can contact contact her at heather@heatherslade.com

To keep up with Slade’s latest news and releases, please visit her website at http://www.heatherslade.com or click the link below to sign up for her newsletter.


Release Blitz

Footsteps of the Past by Felice Stevens

Title: Footsteps of the Past
Series: Second Chances #2
Author: Felice Stevens
Genre: M/M Romance
Release Date: July 21, 2021
Cover Design: Reese Dante

It was like in the movies: their eyes met from across the room and they fell in love.
Nine years later, Chess and André are the envy of all their friends.
But this is real life….and things are never what they seem.

Still waters run deep—the better to hide Chess’s ugly past. He’s worked hard to bury the troubled teen he once was and is living a life he never imagined possible. André’s love is a gift that makes him believe in second chances, and Chess is grateful for it every day. The only thing he wants is what André finds impossible to give: his time. Six months apart might be the breaking point, even for Chess.

One horrible night changed André’s life forever. Formerly a party boy of the Hamptons social scene, André buries himself in work for years until he meets Chess and learns to enjoy the simple things. He’s tired of being away from home all the time and ready to step down from his role as CEO of the family business, no matter how they try and pull him back in. But old habits die hard…and so do memories.

Photos from the past and present surface, shocking Chess and André out of their carefully constructed dream life. They are forced to face the unthinkable: the love they thought would last a lifetime may be on the brink of falling apart. Secrets are exposed, opening a Pandora’s box both men hoped would stay locked forever. Now Chess and André face the hardest question: do you ever really know the person you’re living with?

“Felice has done it again…a masterful combination of raw emotions and love.” ~Audrey, Goodreads reviewer
“…their story is ultimately a beautiful testament to unconditional love. This one has my highest recommendation.”~ Randall, Goodreads reviewer
“This book does have angst, but oh was it worth it. Love that this story is about a couple who has been with each other for years…I absolutely adored this story – Chess and Andre have each other’s hearts and mine too!” ~ Nicole, Goodreads reviewer

Felice Stevens has always been a romantic at heart. She believes that while life is tough, there is always a happy ending just around the corner. Her characters have to work for it, however. Like life in NYC, nothing comes easy, and that includes love.
She lives in New York City and has way too much black in her wardrobe yet can’t stop buying “just one more pair” of black pants. Felice is a happily addicted Bravo and Say Yes to the Dress addict and proud of it. And let’s not get started on House Hunters. Her dream day starts out with iced coffee and ends with Prosecco, because…why shouldn’t it? You can find her procrastinating on FB in her reader group, Felice’s Breakfast Club.
You can find all my books, grouped by series in proper reading order on my website located here:
Follow me on social media to keep up with all my news of releases, sales and exclusive content!
Discover my character inspirations for all my books on my Pinterest Boards here:


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Simply Irresistible by Melody Grace

Title: Simply Irresistible
Series: Beachcomber Inn #2; Sweetbriar Cove #16
Author: Melody Grace
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 20, 2021


“If you like Sweet Magnolias and Virgin River, you’ll fall in love with Sweetbriar Cove!”

Escape to Cape Cod with this feel-good summer romance. Millions of readers have fallen for the bestselling series — join them today!

Jules Rivera loves a challenge. She’s saved failing businesses, and transformed scruffy guys into handsome bachelors — who turn around and leave her in the dust. Some thanks. She vows not to make the same mistakes again… until she stumbles over a gorgeous, run-down vineyard in Sweetbriar Cove. Jules knows the place could be something special. And as for the surly, rugged owner? All her instincts tell her, he’s something pretty special too…

Reeve Hastings has no intention of being anyone’s project. He’s trying to save his family legacy, and he doesn’t need help from anyone, especially not the brunette spitfire who knows nothing about wine. But Jules is annoyingly determined — and full of surprisingly good ideas — and soon, she’s making her mark on the vineyard. And driving Reeve crazy, in all the best, most tantalizing ways…

Jules knows she should keep businesses and pleasure far apart, but Reeve’s smile is more intoxicating than any bottle of Merlot. And as for his kisses… Simply irresistible. Their passion is undeniable, but with the future of the vineyard on the line, can this summer fling put down roots? Or will past heartache spoil their chance of happy-ever-after?

Find out in the new stand-alone Sweetbriar Cove love story — featuring all your favorite characters at the Beachcomber Inn!

The Sweetbriar Cove Series:
#1 Meant to Be
#2 All for You
#3 The Only One
#4 I’m Yours
#5 Holiday Kisses
#6 No Ordinary Love
#7 Wildest Dreams
#8 This Kiss
#9 Always Be Mine

The Kinsella Family of Sweetbriar Cove:
#10 Two Hearts
#11 The Story of Us
#12 Back to You
#13 One More Night
#14 Time After Time

Beachcomber Inn:
#15 Forever Summer
#16 Simply Irresistible
#17 From This Moment (Nov 2021)




Meant to Be (Book 1) is FREE on all platforms!



Releasing November 22



A small-town girl, Melody grew up in the English countryside before moving to Los Angeles. She is now a New York Times bestselling author of feel-good contemporary romance novels, and is also currently writing for the upcoming BRIDGERTONS television adaptation from Netflix. She has two cats.


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My Best Shot by Gail Haris

Title: My Best Shot
Series: K.O. Romance #2
Author: Gail Haris
Genre: Romantic Suspense with
Elements of Humor
Release Date: July 21, 2021


With death circling me, this is my best shot.

I thought my life was settling down, falling into a routine. Boy, was I ever wrong. It only took one disastrous selfie sent to the wrong number, and I caught the attention of Vincent Goodman.
Worse, I can’t let dear, sweet Vin find out that the scandalous photo sent to him was originally intended for his notorious older brother, Tristan Goodman. I also can’t let my older brother, Sam, discover I’m falling in love with his boss whom he is convinced will only bring me trouble.
Trouble does come for me.
Death has always circled me, forcing me to choose: the safe arms of family, or the man who is part of a group far more dangerous than any monsters.

Meeting Tristan at the café turned into more than getting a cup of coffee. I didn’t expect to receive a sinfully hot photo from an unknown number, and I sure didn’t expect it to be from the shy barista.
While we form a relationship, unfortunately, I also begin to connect her brother to crimes happening within the business. My business partners, Tristan and Mark, want to punish her brother Sam to the extreme. But calling for her brother’s head would cause me to lose Alexa’s heart.
Sam might be involved in more trouble than I am, and he’s endangering Alexa as well. I’m determined to keep Alexa alive and make her mine. I’m just not sure how, but I’m going to give it my best shot.



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Holy shit. It’s Alexa!
She sent me a naughty photo. Me not Tristan. Mentally I’m doing a fist pump, but also freaking out. I try to figure out how I should approach this. Do I go back in and wink? Say thank you? Maybe I should write back hell yeah. Or… send a photo of my own?
I look out my tinted car window and make sure the coast is clear. I should be safe, anyway, since the windows are a dark tint. Unless someone looks through the front window, then they’re in for a peep show. Leaning back in my seat, I unbutton my jeans and unzip them and then hold my shirt up. I tighten my abs and hold the phone camera up. I’ve never done this before, and it feels really awkward. I’m in amazing shape, but I’ve never actually showcased my body.
Buttoning my pants back up, I stare up in complete humiliation as Tristan is watching me with his mouth hanging open and his phone held up. I hurry out of the car and go to snatch the phone from him. “Delete that right now, dickhead!”
Laughing hysterically, actually doubled over with tears coming out of his eyes, the asshole keeps blocking my advances for his phone. “What the fuck were you doing? Were you sending a dick pic? Please tell me you were sending a dick pic and that’s why you had to run out of the coffee shop like your balls were on fire.”
“No! Now delete whatever shit you took. Fucking pervert.” I reach for his phone, but he steps backward.
Me? You’re the perv with your pants undone in a public parking lot,” I growl but he continues on. “Who’s the unfortunate victim receiving that traumatizing photo? Did you use a filter, at least? Did you angle the camera to add height and width? Zoom in, at least, so they’ll be able to actually see it? You are aware with the right angle and close up, you could make it look bigger than it actual is. Like your rearview mirror does, bro.”
“Sure know an awful lot about sending dick pics. Can’t say I’m surprised, though.” I finally give up and tackle him.
He shoves me back, wheezing with laughter. “You…sent…a…dick…pic.”
I cross my arms and stand up straighter so I’m taller than him. “You were probably trying to snap a shot for yourself. It’s okay to admit you’re impressed. But Tori’s not going to believe that’s you when she’s already seen what little you’re packing.”
Tristan throws his head back and laughs. “Oh, man. You are full of it.” He eyes my phone in my hand. “So, I’m guessing when you ran out of the café after looking at your phone that you got a special message?” He arches a brow.



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Releasing November 10



She was born and raised in a small town in Southeast Missouri. After graduating with a degree in Mass Communications, Gail married her high school sweetheart and moved back to her hometown. 

She’s been on many adventures traveling across America and Europe. But her favorite adventures are the ones where she gets lost in a book. 

Her love for reading and traveling led her to attend book conventions. Those conventions gave her the encouragement she needed to combine her passion for creativity and storytelling. Using coffee and her imagination, she loves writing contemporary romances that blend laughter and true love out of every day chaos. She writes in a variety of genres including, romantic comedy, romantic suspense, and new adult/ coming of age romance. 

She debuted her first novel Worth a Shot, a steamy romantic comedy with a twist of suspense, in January 2020. Gail has hit the ground running and writing since. In her first year as a published author, she also released a new adult romantic suspense series – The Randalls, a three book series that follows the struggles of the Randall siblings. She also joined other author worlds such as: Corinne Michaels’ Salvation Society, K. Bromberg’s Every Day Heroes, and Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward’s Cocky Hero Club. 

When Gail isn’t day dreaming in front of her computer, she’s busy raising her two daughters with her husband, who has the patience of a saint. She loves traveling with her family, binge watching television series with her husband, singing Disney songs with her daughters, and having huge family and friends get-togethers that involve lots of food and usually a cake. 

She hopes by following her own dream of becoming an author, she can set an example to her daughters that dreams can become a reality. Maybe she can encourage you, too. 

Never stop believing in love, dreams, and yourself. And coffee…don’t give up on coffee and books.

Release Blitz

Fallen Rose by Amelia Wilde

Title: Fallen Rose
Series: Beauty and the Beast Trilogy #3
Author: Amelia Wilde
Publisher: Dangerous Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 20, 2021


Leo Morelli has lost everything.

His safety. His sanity. But worse than that, the woman he loves. He will destroy Bishop’s Landing to get her back, even if it means becoming the monster she fears.

The entire city will feel his wrath.

Haley Constantine loves her beast, but she can’t walk away from her family. They need her now more than ever. It will take more than violence to face these enemies. It will take sacrifice.

Can she give up the man she loves to save him?




“Leo.” Eva’s been at my side since she woke me up. She stood in the doorway to my closet and watched me yank a shirt over my head. All my muscles ache. I should be resting. That’s what Carina said, and what Eva repeated, and I will be damned if I’m going to rest with Haley gone. “You need to calm down. Take a breath. We can go to your office.”

“No,” I thunder at her. “Fuck no. I’m not going to calm the fuck down.”

My voice echoes in the room. Conversation comes to a startling halt. My temper is getting away from me. Just a little. Just enough to scare Eva. But I can’t shut it off any more than I can shut off the shrieking pain all down my spine.

Someone from the household staff steps to my side, silent, keeping his eyes off mine. He has a case in his hands, the top held open so I can see the knives inside. I choose one and slip it into the Kevlar sheath on my belt.

Eva watches this with her bottom lip between her teeth. She bites down so hard the flesh is white. Nervous. She’s nervous about what I’m going to do.

I take her face in my hands. It’s too gentle a motion, too careful, and it’s because we’re so close to that line. I would love so much to let the beast take over, and I can’t do it yet. So I take exquisite care with every fucking movement.

I kiss my sister on the forehead, then put both hands on her shoulders to move her aside.

And then I’m going. Striding out of the room. There are more people outside the dining room. More guards. One steps into my path. “Mr. Morelli, it’s not secure outside—”

I have his jacket in my fists before he’s ready. No one is ever ready for me when I’m like this, when I’m on the verge of chaos. He’s a strong man but I’m stronger. I am fucking furious.

It boils and burns, every muscle acidic with it. One step, two, and I have him slammed against the wall. The roar of rage is louder than his skull meeting plaster. My teeth grit together so hard they crack. “It’s not secure anywhere, you fucking fool. You let that bastard take her.”

The rage settles inside me, deeper, deeper, until there’s nothing left of me—of Leo Morelli. I’m the Beast of Bishop’s Landing now.

He struggles against the wall. “Everyone who was on shift at that time has been removed from the property. They’ll be sequestered until the investigation is over.”

“Explain it to me some more.” It’s a taunt.

He looks confused, torn between his duty and his fear. “Sir—”

They’re beginning to gather now. Closing in. I can see Gerard out of the corner of my eye.

“The only reason you remain alive is because I haven’t yet reached for the knife at my belt.” I keep my tone level, like we’re having a conversation at a dinner party, but the dead silence in the foyer means they can all hear me. Good. “When I let go of your jacket, you’ll have a choice. You can stay out of my way and live, or you can put your body in my path and die. It makes no difference to me.”

A single nod.





Amelia Wilde wrote her first story when she was six years old, a narrative strongly inspired by The Polar Express. When she was nine she wrote her first novel-length work, all in one paragraph.

Now, Amelia is all about that love. Her romances feature unique, independent heroines and alpha heroes who are strong of heart and body. Readers have described her work as “emotional,” “intense,” “phenomenal,” and “like a child scribbled with a crayon,” which she takes as the highest praise.