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Someone Exactly Like Me by Debbie Cromack

 NOW LIVE! Someone Exactly Like Me by Debbie Cromack is available now + FREE in Kindle Unlimited!
“Debbie Cromack is back again with another sweet, heartfelt story that will take you on a beautiful romantic journey.” – Goodreads reviewer
“So well written, so entertaining, and so enjoyable–I couldn’t stop reading it and I didn’t want it to end. Ever.” – Goodreads reviewer
“This was a beautiful, friends to lovers, slow burn that will give you all the feels” – Goodreads reviewer
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I skyrocketed to fame following my role in the sexy movie, Don Matteo. Now, I want to move to Hollywood and create my American dream. The problem is, I don’t have representation there — yet.
And as far as love goes, I was told my fate long ago. I’d never measure up. Never be good enough. So, I live the ultimate playboy life and I like it this way.
Everything changes when I meet Destiny Cardone.
Not only does she capture my attention and my heart, she also holds the key to my future.
We strike a deal that will give me that key, at the cost of facing my fears.
Once the deal is struck, I’m not sure I can hold up my end.

The only adventures I have in life are the ones I create with my characters as I write their love stories on the pages of my heart.
Living vicariously through them, I’ve had a highly successful career for years.
The problem is, I’ve hit a slump, a big one. After my ex-fiancé broke my heart, I lost my faith that love exists. I lost my faith in myself. And my writing suffered.
When one of the sexiest men on earth, Niccolo Mancini, steams into my life, he flips it upside down.
In hopes of turning my career around, I accept a deal with him that will give me access to his millions of followers, my ideal readers. But at what cost?
As the terms of our deal play out, I refuse to be one of his conquests. But I’m not sure how long I can resist him because, as I’m learning, there’s much more to him than the world gets to see. And I’m falling…

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