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✰ A Castle of Ash by Jane Washington


COVER REVEAL + GIVEAWAY! A Castle of Ash by Jane Washington releases August 24! Start the series now with A Tempest of Shadows, which is FREE for today only!
A slow burn with DARK themes, unwilling anti-heroes, and one hell of a kick-ass heroine woven through a rich fantasy setting.
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“This world has fallen to sickness and shadow. It has bound my hands and blinded me, picking away at the things I love until even my conscience has slipped off to some forlorn cage within my mind, locked away as a traitor. I once feared the storm inside me. Now I would give anything to have it back.” 
To prove the purity of my soul, I sacrificed everything. I lost my magic, my best friend, and tied myself to the five kings of the afterworld in unholy matrimony. Now, every day is torture at their hands. I am their final hope, a perfect weapon to wield in the ultimate war still looming ahead of us. They will push me as far as it takes, no matter what.
Every day, I give a little more of myself away, and they’re snapping up each piece as though they have a right. 
Every day, the Darkness takes another victim, picking off people all around me until those of us who fight for light and life are outnumbered in a world we’re no longer sure is our own. 
The end is drawing near, but the closer it gets, the more impossible our victory seems.
Even after everything I’ve sacrificed … I fear it won’t be enough.  
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