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Dirty Little Secret by Daniele Lanzarotta


DIRTY LITTLE SECRET (Twist of Fate Book 2) by Daniele Lanzarotta
Releasing 14th December 
Cover Design by Krys Janae
 Official synopsis release at the end of August


“You can’t go on a date. We have a deal. I pick the next one,” Levi tells me and I groan.
“You already did.” I remind him. “She said no. And trust me, she has plenty of reasons… She doesn’t want to ruin the friendship. Her parents would disown her. And the fact that she works for us.” 
“Eh. Those are lame excuses.” Levi looks down at his phone. “Ask her again. You did it wrong.”
I glare at him – not that he can see it. By the stupid grin on his face, he is reading a message from Riley. “What’s wrong with you?” I blurt out.
Levi looks up at me then and chuckles. “You mean, right now or in general?”
I sigh. “Just how many times do you think I can handle rejection?”  
“As many as it takes.”

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