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Raven Song by Tasha Black

Raven Song by Tasha Black releases on August 3rd!
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Magic has ruined my life more times than I can count.

The “strange things” that happened when I was a kid managed to shuffle me from one foster home to the next. I was lost, until Headmistress Hart found me. The stern, big-hearted woman in the flowing robes brought me straight to Primrose Academy, where magic was not only accepted, but the subject of passionate study for every woman there. I finally had a place to call home.

But I’m different from the other Primrose witches.

My friends and professors at Primrose Academy work diligently for every breath of magic they possess. For them, power always comes at a price. But there is no price for my magic. Power flows through me like water from a tap, and the only hard part is turning it off. I struggle every day not to let it show, but the truth is getting harder to hide.

And while lying about the source of my magic might make me lose my friends one day, telling the truth could mean I lose my place at the only home I’ve ever known.

But then the Raven King descends on our world, flooding our side of the veil with his strange, fae magic. And when he sees me, really sees me, I feel a pull like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Suddenly, my own problems seem small in comparison to the threat he poses. And I know I can’t hide my power any longer.

I’m sure I have a part to play in this. I might even be able to save us all, if I could only stop dreaming about the Raven King’s pale eyes…

Shifters Bewitched is a brand-new Paranormal Romance series from USA Bestselling Author Tasha Black. Be sure to read them all:

Wolf Spell
Bear Charm
Panther Curse
Raven Song

About the Author:

Tasha Black is a USA Today bestselling author of Paranormal, SciFi & Fantasy romance. She lives in a big old Victorian in a tiny college town. She loves reading anything she can get her hands on, making up stories, and sipping pumpkin spice lattes.

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The Antlands Series

The Antlands Series Book 1
by Genevieve Morrissey
Genre: Science Fiction

It seemed like a good idea… Genetically engineer a species of humanoid workers—strong, tireless, minimally intelligent—to become laborers for humans. What could possibly go wrong?

For a thousand years, humans have had to fight for their survival against the mute, feral “Ants,” created as workers but now gone rogue, scavenging and slaughtering everything in their path.

The beleaguered humans, in the meantime, have evolved two distinct cultures. The disciplined, insular Foresters prioritize safety over personal freedom in their woodland strongholds, while the more individualistic Men embrace an urban lifestyle and are eager to reimplement the technology of past ages. Nominally allies against the Ants, the two groups deeply mistrust each other.

Deer, a despondent Forester soldier, is one of his people’s foremost authorities on Ants. He knows with perfect certainty that Ant-raiders never leave survivors. So how, amid the carnage of a raided Man-village, is one small girl still alive? She says her name is Anne; but who is she, and what is her secret?

Deer takes Anne to the forest to grow up, where years later, a horrifying revelation about her may provide a means for Men and Forester to finally defeat the Ants—but only if they can put aside their differences and work together.

Full of unforgettable characters, masterful dialog, and riveting scenes, Antlands is ultimately a story of hope, healing, and redemption.

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The Antlands Series Book 2


Fleeing the last Ant-War, Anna of Evergreen goes with a party of Foresters, Men, and Ants to seek sanctuary on an island. None of them are ever seen again.

Twenty years later, the launch of the Muriel, the first steel-hulled, powered ship built since ancient times, offers Anna’s friends a chance to discover what happened to the lost colonists—if they can persuade River, the Muriel’s designer, to lead an expedition to find her. Exiled from the forest, estranged from his family, and crippled by rage and guilt, River agrees to the plan. Not only was Anna his first love, but the journey, he believes, will provide an exciting new distraction from his pain.

It’s the adventure of River’s life, but when the voyage proves longer and more perilous than anyone anticipated, he finds he’s brought all his old problems along with him on the journey—and in the middle of the ocean, there is no further place for him to run. The struggle to survive reveals River’s limitations, but also his strengths, and with this new self-knowledge, River reassesses his life. The Muriel may provide a whole new life-purpose for him—but is he up to the challenge?

The second book in the Antlands series, Annasland is an adventure novel that explores themes of prejudice and hate, love, loss and redemption in a post-apocalyptic setting.

Goodreads * Amazon * Audible

Genevieve Morrissey is an avid student of British and American social history, but through one of those strange little quirks of fate she spends most of her days talking with scientists.

In Antlands, she explores a future history of societies coping with the loss of civilization, and their attempts to rebuild it.

Together with coeditor Sarah Morrissey, Genevieve has previously published The Complete Raffles: Annotated and Illustrated.

Genevieve enjoys reading obscure books, travel, good cooking, and solitude.

Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

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Heartful by Jacie Lennon

Jacie Lennon's Heartful is a steamy, angsty contemporary romance set in K. Bromberg's Everyday Heroes Worlds project.

Dr. Simon Morrow has two things on his mind–his daughter and his job as a pediatric heartsurgeon.
Certainly not love.
When he finds himself cornered into being on a dating show, he collides with his daughter's former assistant teacher.
Simon has no plans to fall for anyone, and he protects himself with his blunt and broody manner.
He doesn't need her perpetually sunny outlook on life.
But he finds himself wanting her in spite of it.

Alice Whitman won't let anything get her down.
Not the ex who cheated, not the move to Sunnyville, and not the fact that she hasn't landed the job of her dreams.
Is finding a head teacher position or love with a loyal man really that hard?
When she finds herself face-to-face with the one man who rubs her the wrong way on the reality dating show Blindly Ever After, she panics.
But he gives her an offer she can't refuse, so she packs her bags and moves into his house.
Then, against her better judgment, she finds herself letting him into her heart.

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Heartful is written in New York Times Bestselling author K. Bromberg's Everyday Heroes World, which is one of two KB Worlds projects that launched in August 2020. With over 100 authors, who were selected by and are working with K. Bromberg, these stories will be fan fiction at its finest—and sexiest. Devoted fans of the Driven and Everyday Heroes series will have the opportunity to revisit their favorite characters and settings. You can find out more about K. Bromberg and the KB Worlds at

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Meet Jacie Lennon

Jacie Lennon is a stay-at-home mom whose guilty pleasure is writing romance. She lives with her husband, two kids and three ferocious animals that guard her house. Okay, they really just lay around and ask for treats a lot but she loves them all the same! When she isn't playing with her kids, reading books or writing, you can find her devouring an entire container of Oreo Thins in one day.
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The Right Side of Wrong by Prescott Lane

The Right Side of Wrong by Prescott Lane is now live!

It wasn't love at first sight. That would be too easy.

I can tell you all the reasons Paige and I shouldn't be together.
But love overlooks a lot.

My heart doesn't care that I'm ten years older.
There's no age gap in how she makes me feel.

My heart doesn't care that she's a single mother.
It just makes more room.

My heart doesn't care that she's got secrets of her own.
It's used to keeping mine.

The moment I laid eyes on Paige, I lost control. 
Control of my desires. Control of my secrets. Control of my heart.

Right or wrong, we're going to have to fight for our happily ever after. 

And I don't plan on losing.

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Meet Prescott Lane

Prescott Lane is the USA TODAY best-selling author of ALL MY LIFE. She's written several other romance books with strong heroines and swoon-worthy heroes. She is originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, and holds a degree in sociology and an MSW from Tulane University. She married her college sweetheart, and they currently live in New Orleans with their two children and two crazy dogs. Prescott started writing at the age of five, and sold her first story about a talking turtle to her father for a quarter. She later turned to writing romance novels because there aren't enough happily ever afters in real life. 
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BRIBED by Dr. Rebecca Sharp


𝗕𝗿𝗶𝗯𝗲𝗱, 𝗮 𝗵𝗼𝘁 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝘁𝗵𝗿𝗶𝗹𝗹𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘀𝘁𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗮𝗹𝗼𝗻𝗲 𝗿𝗼𝗺𝗮𝗻𝘁𝗶𝗰 𝘀𝘂𝘀𝗽𝗲𝗻𝘀𝗲 𝗯𝘆 𝗥𝗲𝗯𝗲𝗰𝗰𝗮 𝗦𝗵𝗮𝗿𝗽 𝗶𝘀 𝗟𝗜𝗩𝗘!

#𝟭-𝗰𝗹𝗶𝗰𝗸 𝘁𝗼𝗱𝗮𝘆!!

BOOK BLURB Lennon Love Clarke needs to put on a good show. With her reputation sinking, the famous actress has no choice but to grin and bear it because the tabloids were better than the truth. If only Lenni could remember what that wasand who is stalking her. Now, she’s in hiding—or would be if her new bodyguard hadn’t found her first. Dante Lozano is Covington Security’s very own Casanova. With model muscles and a megawatt smile, he’s their most popular security specialist. So, it’s surprising when the gorgeous woman wandering along the highway wants none of his help—especially since she’s the one who hired him. Lenni doesn’t know who to trust, and the hot Italian bodyguard whose smile makes her unmentionables melt doesn’t seem like a good choice. But then the threats start coming. So, she strikes a deal: she’ll cooperate with his protection as long as he doesn’t get personal—until fighting their attraction proves to be the hardest role of her career. Dante knows she bribed him with duty, but he’ll collect on her heart—and the truth. Because it’s the only thing that can stop her stalker and save her life. Goodreads: #Purchase Now! 💙 ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dr. Rebecca Sharp, while using a pen name, is actually a doctor living in Pennsylvania with her husband – the love of her life. She enjoys working in her practice with her father as well as letting her creativity run free as an author. Growing up she’s always loved a good love story and finally decided to give writing one of her own a go. After graduating with her doctoral degree, she now enjoys spending that thing called free time traveling with her husband, cooking, and knitting. AUTHOR LINKS Facebook | Reader Group | Instagram | Twitter | Mailing List | Goodreads | Amazon | BookBub  
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Wolf Marked


Title: Wolf Marked
Author: Alexis Calder
Genre: NA PNR Shifter Romance, Rejected Mates
Cover Designer: Melody Simmons
Publication Date: July 29th, 2021
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR


They tried to break me. Now I’m going to break them.

Cursed to never shift, the only thing I was looking forward to about the First Moon Ceremony was that the magic sealing me into Wolf Creek would break, and I could finally leave.


Instead, the ceremony reveals my true mate: Tyler Grant, future leader of my pack and the man responsible for my most recent concussion and black eye. He’s as brutal as he is handsome and fate is a bitch to put us together.


There’s a rumor that a mating bond could break my curse and just as I’m getting my hopes up, Tyler destroys them all.


Instead of bonding with my mate, I’m beaten and left for dead.


A hot-as-sin feral shifter finds me and helps me back on my feet. But his help comes with a cost and I’m not sure I’m willing to pay the price.


With my former pack hunting me down, even an enemy might be a better ally than trying to stay alive on my own.


This is book one in a steamy rejected mate series. This is not a reverse harem series. 17+ for steam, language, and darker themes. Mind the cliff.

Alexis Calder writes sassy heroines and sexy heroes with a sprinkle of sarcasm. She lives in the Rockies and drinks far too much coffee and just the right amount of wine.

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Wrenched by Heather Guimond

Title: Wrenched
A Driven World Novel
Series: Raced #2
Author: Heather Guimond
Genre: Sports Romance
Release Date: July 29, 2021


My happy ending is about to be dragged through the mud…

I was right about Finn Hawkins being trouble, but he was the best kind. Which is why I found myself falling hard and fast for the cocky motocross rider. There were some bumps in our track neither of us saw coming, but we couldn’t wait to start a life together. Until my ex threatened to destroy me if he couldn’t have me.

The little sister of my biggest rival turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me and the one thing I couldn’t live without. MacKenzie “Kenni” Michaels was the sassy mechanic who rocked my world and stole my heart, and there was no way I was ever taking it back. I thought her brother would be our most difficult obstacle but I was wrong. Turns out her psycho ex-boyfriend had a secret sex tape he was using to keep controlling her. He better back off and stay in his lane… because I’ll take him down on and off the track to keep her, and our future safe.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


Once we reached Finn’s truck, we stared at each other blankly. We’d never been kicked out this early in the day before.

“What should we do?” I asked, completely clueless.

“I vote for going back to the room and getting another couple hours of sleep. I tossed and turned all night again,” Finn replied as he rubbed his eyes. “What do you say?”

“I don’t have any better ideas.” I rested my head against the seat back, finally feeling my own energy draining quickly. I’d been mostly running on the adrenaline of fear I had for my brother’s well being, and now with the reassurance of being able to talk and interact with him robbed me of that artificial high.

We both kicked off our shoes and fell into bed almost as soon as we closed the door. Spooning, we laid quietly pressed against each other.

“Are you awake?” I whispered after some time. He never made a sound, but I was fairly certain he wasn’t asleep either.

“Yes.” The soft reply came from his lips. I turned and rose, leaning up on an elbow as I stared down at him, lightly brushing my fingertips against his full mouth.

“Would I seem like an awful person if I asked you to make love to me right now?” I inquired hesitantly. It seemed the worst timing; my brother lying in the critical care unit still, a pending criminal case against my ex that might require my testimony, all of it seemed so overwhelming against a few moments of physical pleasure, but I craved his closeness, his intimacy. The spooning was nice, but not what I really needed. I looked down at him wide eyed, waiting for his response.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


Heather Guimond is a Los Angeles native, a fact she’s abnormally proud of. When she’s not trying to write something that will make people laugh or rip their hearts out (or both!) she’s either reading or doing her best to crack the whip on her three home-schooled teenagers. She loves all things witty and wise-cracking, as well most varieties of smart-assery. Other favorites include French roast coffee in copious amounts and the dirtiest Dirty Martinis she can find. More than anything, she hopes she writes books that stick with the reader long after the pages have been read.

To interact with Heather, feel free to join her Facebook readers group, Heather’s Harlots.


You can also read some of Heather Guimond’s steamy stories under her other penname Haylee Foxx


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SOUL SISTERS: Charlotte by Nicole James

Title: SOUL SISTERS: Charlotte
Series: Soul Sisters #1
Author: Nicole James
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: July 29, 2021


Rocker Charlotte Justice longs to escape her hectic life. Her estranged twin sister, Scarlett, owns Badlands, a biker bar outside Vegas, and has always wanted a chance at the limelight she feels was stolen from her.

On a whim, they decide to switch places like they did when they were kids.
What harm could it do?

Charlotte had no idea that the escape she planned would leave her on the receiving end of creepy texts, phone calls and “gifts” left at her door. Flying blind in her new role, pretending to be someone she’s not, Charlotte learns more about her secretive sister than she ever imagined.

On top of all of that, she’s doing everything she can to escape the sexy-as-sin MC President demanding she pay back the debt she owes him–that or sell him the bar.

Could the person stalking her also be the President of the Evil Dead MC’s Las Vegas Chapter? An alpha male who’s come-on to her in a won’t-take-no-for-an-answer kind of way that has her wondering just how badly she wants to say no.

Does he want Badlands badly enough to scare her into selling out?
Or is he the only one who can save her from a madman?

Charlotte will have to solve the mystery if she’s going to save the bar, and possibly her very life.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


“Scarlett?” I hear a deep voice behind me, and turn to see the Evil Dead Vice President staring at me. He’s chewing on a red drink straw. I nod, and he smiles, pulling it out, his white teeth flashing.
“Yes?” I lift my chin, holding his eyes, but quaking on the inside.
“You got a note comin’ due. You gonna be able to pay it?”
A note? What is he talking about? Please God; tell me my sister didn’t borrow money from these low-fife, loan-sharking bikers. I swallow. “My bar is none of your business.”
“Now, seeing as how it was the Dead that lent you that money, yeah, it is my business. If you haven’t got it, we can make you an offer for the bar; take it out of that. Win-win for both of us.”
“I’m not interested in selling.” I move to sweep past him, but he grabs my upper arm.
“Longer you wait, doll, the lower that offer’s gonna get.”
I’ve dealt with men who think they can intimidate to get what they want. I’ve learned it’s best to show them you won’t let them steamroll over you. I yank my arm free and lift a chin toward his patch.
“Your club wants to buy my bar, send in your President. I don’t dick around with peons.”
He lifts a brow. “Watch your mouth, bitch.”
I lift a brow right back. “You don’t like my mouth, I’m sure there are other places you can drink.”
His friend chuckles. “Guess she told you, Trick.”
“That ain’t the way you spoke to me when you came askin’ for a loan, babe.”
I ignore him and stride off toward the back of the bar. I enter the office, and the minute I’m out of sight, I close the door and lock it. Then dash behind the desk and squat down, fumbling with opening the safe. I grab the gun, and lock the safe again. Shoving it in the back of my jeans, I move around the desk, hoping those assholes aren’t right this second robbing the bar.
I take a deep breath, open the door and hear their Harleys rumble to life. I come out and see their barstools are now empty. Moving behind the bar, I go to the end where they were sitting and stare at their empty shot glasses and bottles.
“Did they pay for their drinks?” I watch them pull away with a thundering roar. When no one answers, I turn to look over my shoulder and see Pete staring at the gun jammed against the small of my back.
“Damn, Scarlett. Were you planning on shooting them?”
“I just don’t like men who think they can push a woman around.” I glance down and see a card laying on the bar. I pick it up. It says Evil Dead MC, Nevada. Trick, Vice President. There’s a phone number. Does this guy really have the audacity to think I’m going to call him? I flip it over. On the back is scrawled, Five thousand dollars due the first of the month.
I smirk. I’ve got more than that sitting in my checking account right now. Then my face falls. I don’t have my checkbook or bankcard, or even my IDs. Scarlett has all that. As far as anyone knows, I’m Scarlett, and she’s me. I wonder if even now she’s draining my bank account. Of course she doesn’t have my pin number, but she’s smart enough to get around that if she wanted to, and if she’s desperate to save her bar, she’ll want to.
I turn toward the voice.
“You shouldn’t have disrespected them.” Pete looks worried.
“I didn’t disrespect them.”
“You called them peons.”
Oh, right. That. “Well, they won’t kill me over that, will they?” At least not until they get what they’re after, which is either five grand or Badlands; though why they’d want it, I’m clueless. From the situation Scarlett is in, she can’t be making much money here.
I glance to Pete, but he just lifts his brows and walks away. Soon the bar empties and we close up. I wave good-bye to Shelly and Pete, and walk back to the little white house behind the bar.
The elevation here in Cold Creek is higher than Vegas, therefore its much cooler. That combined with the fact it’s always cold in the desert at night, has a chill in the air.
As I walk past Scarlett’s pickup parked close enough that the house’s porch light shines on it, I see something on the windshield.
I stare at it a moment before I realize its something written in black marker—a big heart. And in the middle are the words YOU’RE MINE.


Releasing September 9



Nicole James is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author who loves writing about hot alpha men who’ll do anything for the women they love! Her stories are filled with struggle, conflict and real human emotion. She is the author of the Evil Dead MC series, the Brothers Ink Tattoo series and more.

Nicole loves to hear from her readers! You can contact her via e-mail, her website contact form or on her social media accounts.

Cover Reveal

Pas de Deux by Jordan Bates

Title: Pas de Deux
Author: Jordan Bates
Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction
Release Date: July 29, 2018


My life consisted of sweet tea, ballet, and not much else. That was, until the day that race car driver Lawson Kane came crashing into my life, literally.

He was a force to be reckoned with and I found myself being pulled by that force each time I saw him.

But what am I to do when all I’ve ever known is a city life that my parents created so seamlessly for me. A life where there was no adventures or following your own heart.

A life that changed the moment I got on the plane to Alabama.

Our story may have started with a slow dance in a planetarium but it ended with our pas de deux.


99c for a limited time!


Free in Kindle Unlimited


“I always have you with me, sugar.” Law pulled out a photo from the inside of his jumper. It was a photo of me from our first date. I was staring up at the stars in the planetarium. I looked so in the moment, it was probably why I didn’t notice Law taking the photo.

I let a tear fall as I gave him one more kiss and backed away from the car. I glanced at where Chloe was standing with a few of the other women, but I didn’t want to join them. There was something about today that I wanted to be about me and Law. This was the next stepping stone, I realized. Moving in wasn’t the big deal, this was. If I could handle being here at this track with the nagging anxiety that something, anything, could happen to Law, then I knew what would come next.

I waited for Tony to step away and then we both made our way over to Law’s pit. I watched as some of the women left entirely, heading to the infield. I was glad Law had staked his claim of having me in the pit. I couldn’t stand being so far away from him. At least this way I had a better view of what was going on.

“We got you a few things.” Tony handed me a bag and I started to dig through.

I had taken my seat next to him on the stand in the pit where I could see the whole track from here. I pulled out a headset and a shirt from the bag. I turned the shirt over to see Sugar written on the back and on the front in small letters it said Kane Racing.

“Welcome to the team.” Tony put on his headset and then pointed to mine. I quickly tossed the shirt over the tank I had on and then put on the headset where instantly I could hear voices coming through. One was Law’s and the other Tony’s.

“Your girl’s on now,” Tony said beside me, but I heard it only through the headphones.

“I love you, Anya.” Law’s voice came through loud and clear, and I heard over the cheering of the crowd words I had only ever heard on television.

“Gentlemen, start your engines.”


Jordan Bates is an up and coming romance author from Florida, who is determined to write loves that last and are true to everyone who reads them.
Jordan graduated from UCF with a degree in English – Creative Writing. She has been writing since her freshman year in high school, where she finished her first and second book. Since then, she has pursued writing poetry, young adult novels, and romance novels.
When she isn’t working or writing, you can find her looking for inspiration among the forests, and finding all the new food to eat. Because what’s better than writing? Eating an amazing burrito.