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Stone Hearts By BL Maxwell


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Stone Hearts (The Stone Series Book 3)

BL Maxwell




The Stone Series, now complete!

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Two Guardians meant for war are now given the permission to love. After the last battle had been fought, and any threats have been eliminated, the watcher decrees that the guardians should go forth and live as they would choose. A life of freedom and happiness. But without a mate some of them have no idea how to accomplish this.

Aasim helped Jashik through the mending of his broken wing and his feelings for the injured gargoyle grew during the time they spent together. Aasim does not trust easily, but he has complete faith in Jashik, so when they’re told they should go and enjoy any happiness they can, he’s eager, but also a little hesitant as they decide to begin a life together. Neither of them has a mate, so the prospect of not being alone for eternity is very appealing to him, but still, he’s afraid to open his heart to the other gargoyle.

They were promised a lifetime of peace, but the arrival of an old forgotten foe brings all the gargoyles together to fight against a force that is strong enough to destroy everything they’ve worked so hard for. Love or duty, now they’ll all need to choose.

(All three books in The Stone Series center around gargoyles who have been brought to life to serve as guardians. Their lives of service change when they are given the opportunity to love. Each book can be read as a standalone but best read in order.)

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Chains Required by BL Maxwell


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Chains Required by BL Maxwell



Rio and Caden have been together for a few years now. It’s a rare weekend they get to spend alone. When Rio suggests they get away to Tahoe for the weekend a few weeks before Christmas, Caden is too excited to even think of saying no. They start their trip and even though they think they’ve planned for every emergency, they can’t control what Mother Nature has in store for them. 

When the car in front of them spins out in the newly fallen snow, they stop to help and soon find out that Caden’s not as alone in this world as he had originally thought. A few more planned surprises make for a special weekend for these hard-working guys who really deserve a weekend getaway.

Can be read as a standalone.

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All the Dark Lies by Brina Brady


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All the Dark Lies by Brina Brady

MM Romantic Suspense

Age Gap /Steamy/Suspense/Spanking/Gay/School/Academy/Virgin/HEA

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One-way ticket to London!

Nathan leaves behind his life in a small town in Pennsylvania to move to London for a man he’s never seen. After months of chatting online with the mysterious Charles promising the world, Nathan agrees to be the man’s sub with the hope his life will change. One big problem, Nathan is a virgin and has only had virtual relationships.

When Nathan arrives in London, but Charles is nowhere in sight, only a limo driver with mysterious instructions. He drives Nathan to a hotel where he stays overnight, then delivers him to the address of Lawrence, the man who he sat next to on the plane to London.

Both of them have told so many lies and half-truths. When all the dark lies threaten to come between them, is it too late for Charles and Nathan to come clean with each other?

Age Gap/Orphan/Steamy/Suspense/Spanking/Gay/Billionaire/Virgin/HEA




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Tricky Tracks by Lynn Michaels


Tricky Tracks: A Holeshot Novel

Recovery has never been so complicated.

It’s difficult enough to recover from a potentially career ending wreck, but Cole has to do it in front of a camera. Add in that the sexy videographer, Nix, has more than Cole’s tires spinning and it’s more than problematic. Facing the truth and redeeming himself for his past actions is trickier than making a good comeback for a team that doesn’t want him.

Nix Braumere is making a great career out of filming sports stars, and his friend, Jason, has him working on a Supercross documentary focusing on injuries, particularly, Cole Lindt’s. Making the hot racer the star of his show wasn’t supposed to wreck his heart. But Cole’s grouchy front obviously hides a world of pain that Nix wants to ease.







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Keeping Hope by Alexandria Redding

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Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: Keeping Hope By Alexandria Redding


Littleford Fowl, Book 1

After an unstable childhood, Jensen Malone’s hard work is paying off: he’s picked up as a temporary goalie for the Littleford Fowl, brought in to cover for a player who’s out for the season with an injury, and he’s been accepted at the community college. Hockey is his first love, but he needs to stay true to his dream of being a firefighter to guarantee he’ll never be homeless again. Now that he has the chance to pursue both, nothing can stop this fiercely independent transplant from Chicago. One little problem: he’s gay, completely unwilling to stay in the closet, and hockey’s not the most inclusive sport.

Lawrence Paisey’s a defenseman for the Littleford Fowl and he’s got the brooding new goalie in his sights. The guy’s excellent in goal and has a love of hockey to rival Law’s own. Together they could whip the team into shape. Despite his studies and hockey, Law can’t stop fantasizing about Jensen. One little problem: Law needs to win Jensen’s trust to make his dreams come true.

Join Law and Jensen for a hockey-heavy exploration of college, friendship, and one another. HEA guaranteed.

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They weaved through the crowded room, finally finding a table against a wall. Law slid into the seat closest to the wall and Jensen sat across from him, almost immediately picking up the salt shaker and shuffling it across the slick surface of the table between his hands. It made Law smile, and he leaned forward, resting on his forearms. “It’s like we’re kids on our first date or something. I feel all giddy.” Jensen squinted at him and leaned forward. “Huh?” Law tried again, clearing his throat and speaking a tiny bit louder, not wanting to yell across the table. “I said it’s like we’re—” Jensen got up and moved to sit next to Law, plopping down and retrieving his salt shaker to resume what he’d been doing, peering at Law as he did. “Couldn’t hear you over the noise in here. What?” “Uh…” Law hesitated and then made the best of it. “I said it’s like we’re kids on our first date. I feel sort of giddy, and you’re over here talking about décor, and no one knows what we should talk about or what to do with our hands, and yeah… I feel like I’m thirteen again.” Jensen pursed his lips and then shook his head a little, pushing the salt shaker away. “Same. I have no idea what to do with myself. It’s stupid.” Law shifted in his seat, pinning Jensen with his most intense gaze. “If no one else were here, what would we be talking about?” “Dangerous territory, dude.” “Ohhh-ho-ho!” Law grinned at him and sat back, stretching, unable to resist preening a little after that comment. Jensen stared at him like he was something absolutely delicious, and it felt damn good to be looked at like that. Leaning forward again, he gave Jensen his best sensual look. “Hold that thought for later.” “You think I could possibly forget it?” “So you do want me, then?” “Pretty sure we established that already, but if it strokes your ego, yeah, I do.”
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About the Author:


I’ve been writing fiction for over sixteen years and technical pieces even longer than that. I began my adventure into fiction within the world of fanfiction and have longed for years to make something I could spill out into the world as fully my own.

While I’ve written other short pieces, I truly wanted one work that I could call a full novel. I’ve put my entire self into writing this book and spent the better part of a year honing it into the novel I’ve presented here.

This book is a culmination of a dream for me, and I can only hope it touches someone the same way it touched me while I wrote it.

To anyone aspiring to write, I tell you do it. To anyone thinking you can’t, you can.

I suppose you came to this section looking for something more about me though, didn’t you? Well, here’s what I can tell you. I’m married to my high school sweetheart. We have two cats, a dog, and a turtle that somehow became ours over the past few years. I love animals, nature, reading, writing, and photography. Quite clearly, I also enjoy the hell out of hockey.

By trade, I’m an engineer who is presently doing database administration, coding, and reporting in support of the company I spent my late teens and twenties dreaming of working for. By hobby, I still write fanfiction. I love to game: Dungeons & Dragons, board games, video games, you name it.

Photography-wise, I love taking photos of landscapes, animals, and architecture. I enjoy doing macro photography of plants. Once upon a time, I aimed to be a professional photographer under this same name and did multiple photoshoots with local models.

As with most authors, I collect pens, notebooks, books, and everything that inspires me, so my life is a little cluttered, but that’s okay.

I end with this… dare to dream, dare to hope, and most of all, dare to be who you truly are.

Connect with Alexandria: Website: Instagram: Twitter: