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Breaking Her Bad by Michelle Mankin

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“Extraordinary read… Michelle has a magical way of putting words together to tell her stories.” – Amazon reviewer
“Another emotionally gripping story from Mankin that is a must read!” – Amazon reviewer
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Kyle Murphy gave into temptation. On a hot summer school night, the Southside drug dealer tossed his usual caution aside. He disobeyed a direct order from his boss. He stayed in Lakeside with Claire. He shouldn’t have. He wasn’t who Claire thought he was. He wasn’t right for her. He was dark as night. She was bright as day. Being with her was like flying so high he touched the sun. But in the end, he paid a price more dear than he ever imagined.

Claire Walsh wanted Kyle. With his starry eyes and midnight hair, he was undeniably handsome. A dark, mysterious prince, he seemed to step out of the pages of a fairy tale. Kyle rescued her. He defended and protected her. The night they shared was magical. She hoped before the morning came that she might be able to change his mind about leaving. But in the end, he had to go, and his departure was more devastating than she ever imagined.
But that was then. When unforeseen circumstances throw the two star crossed lovers  together again, this time they meet in Kyle’s dark world. In Southside, secrets are revealed. The lines between wrong and right, past and present are blurred. Choices must be made. Battles must be fought. Hearts are tested.
Risks greater than either imagined must be taken in order for both to have the ultimate reward. 

Will Kyle and Claire get their happy ending? Or will their hearts shatter worse than before? 
Breaking Her Bad is an angsty, emotional, and suspenseful story. It features an antihero and a quirky heroine that have flaws to overcome. It contains sexually explicit scenes, drug use, and bullying. If you are looking for perfect characters in a perfect world without any danger or obstacles, do not read this book. Wrong that feels so right begins on a Hot Summer School Night and concludes in Breaking Her Bad.

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