Petty Rage by Thandie



Check out this hot cover for Petty Rage, A Westbrook Blues novel by Thandie Mpofu!

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​​No half measures. No in-betweens. Just two angry extremes with disaster in our very near future.


She’s hellishly smart.




And overly pathetic.

One lingering look and I wanted her. A single laugh at her quirky, smart-mouth and I was done for.

But just underneath her unimpressed gaze as she looked at me, was a calculating deviant that I failed to notice until it was too late.

So now, after a forever of hating her from a distance, I now have a pretty good opening to make her pay in kind and finally knock her out the damn game.

After all, at some point, even ‘good’ guys turn into rugged, devilish beasts.

A beast of her own making.


He’s everyone’s favorite beautiful, reckless, daredevil.

But no one really knows him. Not as well as I do.

They don’t see the rage simmering just behind every smile or the pain engraved in every joke he tells.

So how then will anyone see that he’s no longer the sweet guy I met but is now the devil with a wicked smirk?

Strike one, I lied to him.

Strike two, I fell for him.

But strike three? I believed he was still the same as before.

He wasn’t.

The blue fairy now grants dark nightmares.

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