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FATED by K.K. Allen



“There.” I look up at him, happy to know I’ve helped in some way. I find his eyes staring back at me like they never left me. “All fixed.”

Our gaze lingers, but I don’t dare look away first. I can’t. I don’t want to. He’s the first to break our staring contest. His eyes flicker to my lips then back up. His blue eyes are the color of the ocean now, but I swear sometimes they appear darker as if a storm cloud is rolling in over them. They’re mesmerizing, just the same—like the gentlest wave I want to submerge myself under. But just like the ocean, there’s very little sign as to when the turbulence will throw us off balance again.

“Thanks for working your magic on me.”

I bite down on my smile. If he only knew. “It’s no problem.”

“Well, I owe you one.”

My gaze moves to his thick lips and strong jaw. I’ve always known that he was drop-dead gorgeous, but there’s something pulling me beyond the surface of his sexy scruff and intoxicating scent that steals my next breath. If I’m not careful, he might just steal them all.

* * *

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