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Amazon Reader Reviews ***** One of The Darkest Stories I have ever read ..Pitch Dark Storytelling ***** What an astonishing first thriller! ***** It’s weird and gory, but keeps you wanting more ***** OMFG this book….where do I begin! It is dark and disturbing and will most certainly make you squirm.

You could be sitting next to him in a pub. You’d never notice him. But he would see you.

None of his victims had ever noticed him, sitting there, glancing occasionally at them. Even if they had, they would have seen no cause for alarm.

Bland. Uninteresting. A civil servant going home to his equally bland wife and children at the end of another working day.

Anonymous. Invisible. Faceless.

That’s what they had all thought. But they were all wrong.

Now only the ever-growing spinney of trees bears testimony that they had once existed.

Is hard-bitten ex-Military Police captain, Detective Inspector Oscar Smith up to the task of tracking him down?

And as you turn the pages to meet the killer, will you ever find sleep again?

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Carl Granger © 2020

Granger-Schmidt Publications


Carl Granger is an investigative journalist with a military background. When not working he writes from his small, isolated cottage in the wilds of the East Midlands, where he lives alone with a one- eyed cat called Crippin.