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Check Yes, No, or Maybe by Stormie Skyes

Check Yes, No, or Maybe
Stormie Skyes
Publication date: November 15th 2021
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Crappy job. Yes.

Take back an annoying ex. Definitely no.

Hit on the sexy new firm partner looking him over…maybe?

For Aaron Cambrian, life is lived by checklists. No matter how promising, everything – jobs, potential partners, cars, drinks, food, etc – needed to meet all his criteria or he walks away.

Everything changes one night at the cocktail bar when his best friend challenges Aaron to abandon his list and ask the first hot guy who catches his interest if he can buy him a drink.

Thanks to his old nemesis alcohol, Aaron takes the dare! The next thing he knows, he finds himself in the condo of an absolute stranger! It was supposed to be one drink. One accidental kiss… Good thing he’d never see the guy again.

Wrong! When the sexy new partner at Kimball & Marks law firm turns out to be the hot stranger, Aaron is faced with a life-changing decision: keep the checklist or lose the hottest, most frustrating man who ever stole his heart.

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Author Bio:

A multi-published author of mystery, both Urban and Paranormal, Stormie returned to her love of romantic comedy and contemporary romance. If you love spicy, humorous, and near-erotica stories featuring sexy male protagonists and the men who love them, then look no further. Stormie’s paranormal mystery won quarterfinalist in Screencraft’s novel to screen contest and is a competing finalist in Chanticleer’s International book awards. When Stormie isn’t busy dishing out a new, hot romance, she’s busy blogging her love of books and helping writers become authors.

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Cuffed & Pinched – the ebooks and paperback duets – from the #TNTNYC21 exclusive anthologies

The entire Cuffed & Pinched anthology of stories is now available for pre-order in ebook format and for special paperback duet purchase from the participating authors.

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One cop. One bad boy. Two authors…

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Hide & Seek by Liberty Parker –
The Weight of Honor by Kristine Allen –
The Weight of Blood by M. Merin –
Ground Zero by April Canavan –
Penalty Box by Casey Hagen –
Jaxson’s Blue Moon by Cyndi Faria –
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The Weight of Honor & The Weight of Blood –
from Kristine Allen and M. Merin

Cuff Linked & Down in Flames –
from C.D. Gorri and Elena Kincaid

Hide & Seek & Search & Find –
from Liberty Parker and Darlene Tallman

The Gamble & Sinful Duty –
from Nicole Banks and Nicole Garcia

Corrupt & Duty –
from Aubree Valentine and Elizabeth Knox

Condemn & Hustle –
from Rae B. Lake and Sam JD Hunt

Penalty Box & Ground Zero –
from Casey Hagen & April Canavan


9 are available – 1 for each pairing – featuring the stunning individual book covers.

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The secret is out! The Tempted & Tantalizing Author Event is returning this October and it’s going to be bigger, better & badder than ever before, with not one – BUT TWO – exclusive anthologies!

Join the Tempted and Tantalizing Authors for another arrestingly sexy romance anthology, full of scorching hot good guys in search of more than just their next perp.

This signed paperback collection is exclusive to #TNTNYC21 and is guaranteed to detain your heart and make you sweat with nine enticing heroes living and working on the right side of the law.

Each sizzling story in this collection is the companion to an adventure featured in the PINCHED anthology. But unlike the brooding bad boys, these hunky heroes will leave you wanting more than just a warning to obey.

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There’s nothing sexier than a daring and dangerous outlaw, and these totally fine fugitives are taking matters into their own hands and stopping at nothing to leave you breathless and yearning.

Each steamy story in PINCHED is the companion to an adventure from the CUFFED anthology. But unlike the cool cops, these lawless leading men are going to steal your heart with no questions asked.


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Janine Infante Bosco:
Gwyn McNamee:
Aubree Valentine:
Elizabeth Knox:
Sam J D Hunt:
Rae B. Lake:
Darlene Tallman:
Liberty Parker:
Kristine Allen:
M. Merin:
April Canavan:
Casey Hagen:
Cyndi Faria:
Khloe Wren:
C.D. Gorri:
Elena Kincaid:
Nicole Garcia:
Nicole Banks:

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An Officer and The Vet by Freda Ann

An Officer and The Vet
Freda Ann
(A Bliss Cay Novella, #4)
Publication date: August 2nd 2021
Genres: Adult, Comedy, Contemporary, Romance

College sweethearts, Sam and Isla, were crazy in love and looked forward to a life together. That was until his father died suddenly in a tragic accident.

The news sent Sam into a tailspin causing him to spiral out of control. After telling Isla, the woman he hoped to marry, he never wanted to see her again, he hit rock bottom.

Pulling his life together more than a year later, he realizes nothing will ever be the same without his one true love…Isla. Finally locating where she moved to for Vet school, he shows up to beg her forgiveness only to find her kissing her soon to be husband.

Twelve years later, Sergeant Sam Wolfe’s police K-9, Blue, was shot on-duty and suffers from PTSD. Unbeknownst to Sam, his Lieutenant arranged for Isla, the best trauma Vet in Florida, to take over Blue’s care while Sam is on vacation with his son in Bliss Cay.

When they see each other again, neither are prepared for what the summer holds. As Isla helps Blue through his physical and emotional traumas, her and Sam’s worlds collide as skeletons are unearthed changing their lives forever.

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Only 99¢ for a limited time!


“This is Dr. Jensen.” I answer the call that my office manager and best friend put on hold for me.

“Dr. Jensen, this is Lieutenant Vasquez with Colton P.D. I oversee our K-9 Unit. A month ago one of our dogs was shot on-duty and he’s still recovering from the shoulder injury, both mentally and physically.”

“Ah, yes, that was Blue, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, it was.”

“What can I help you with, Lieutenant?”

“Well, Blue and his handler, Sergeant Sam Wolfe, will be staying in Bliss Cay this summer for a much needed vacation. Since Blue is still under the care of our local Vet for his injury and PTSD, he’ll need to continue his course of treatment while there. Dr. Jensen, you came highly recommended, and I’m hoping you’ll take point with his care while in Bliss.”

It’s not often I’m speechless, but this is one of those times. Sam Wolfe is coming to Bliss and his boss wants me to take over his dog’s care…for two long months? I’m supposed to be in the same tiny room with my past all summer?

“Dr. Jensen, you still there? Hello?”

“I—I’m here. Sorry, one of my patients got loose.”

“Would you rather call me back?”

“No, no, it’s fine. I got her.” I say, closing my eyes and shaking my head after lying to the police. It was only a little white lie, right? Get it together, Isla.

“So, what do you say? Will you help a police dog in need?”

How can I say no when he puts it like that? Plus…it’s Sam’s dog. “I’ll do it.” I blurt out before changing my mind.

“Wonderful! We really appreciate your assistance. I have to tell you, Blue’s had a pretty rough time the last month, not to mention Sergeant Wolfe. Since the shooting, the two have been inseparable.”

“Really, it’s no problem at all. It’s my job and I’m happy to help in any way I can. So, uh, when will Sergeant Wolfe and Blue be arriving in Bliss?”

“They’ll be there Sunday—and if it’s okay, Sam will stop by your office on Monday to meet you and go over a treatment schedule that works for everyone.”

“So—Sergeant Wolfe doesn’t know I’ll be caring for Blue while they’re here?” I don’t know why I even asked that, it’s unlikely he knows my married name.

“Well, he knows of you, but I wanted to get your approval before I told him you agreed to take Blue on as a patient. I know he’ll be relieved since I mentioned your credentials. He loves that dog as much as he loves his son.”

Son? Sam has a kid? My pulse accelerates at the realization. Clearing my throat, I ask, “I assume his family will be joining him for the summer?” Thump-thump, thump-thump, my heart pounds in my chest. He’s your past Isla.

Author Bio:

Freda was born in southern New Jersey but grew up in Florida. She has loved writing her entire life. After retiring from a career in law enforcement, she knew it was time to fulfill her lifelong dream of being a published author.

She’s the author of The Hawaii Series, proudly named from her love of the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. It’s a three-book series with all of them written as standalone books.

Freda loves her large family, horses, dogs, cat, and close friends. She hosts monthly family dinners at her home in the country, which she shares with her husband.

She loves baking (she owned and operated a cupcake business for years), cooking, yoga, crocheting, nature and traveling with the love of her life.

What helps her write? Music makes her happy! If music doesn’t give her the right motivation, she puts on a romantic movie, usually from the Hallmark Channel, which she can’t get enough of!

Freda speaks her mind and pushes perfection to its limit. She strives to be her best, most positive self she can be in life. With time, determination, and practice, she believes anything is possible.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest

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Summer With You by Taylor Jade

SUMMER WITH YOU by Taylor Jade is LIVE!
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Trope: Enemies to lovers this one is a continuation of their love story a few years later.

One-Click on Amazon today!

Summer – one of the most fun and hottest times of the year.
All Celine wanted was a peaceful summer vacation out on the lake with her husband and kids.

But, of course, that was too much to ask when they lived in the sunshine state.

It was like a repeat of twelve years ago; a hurricane is threatening to tear through Florida once again.

And it’s not just her and Ace anymore – they have their entire family to worry about, including her brother and his family.

They survived their first hurricane together, but will they be able to survive another one all while keeping their families safe?

Follow Celine and Ace on this thrilling adventure as they return in the third installment of the Loving You Series.


Book 1: Nobody But You: – Celine + Ace
Book 2: Only You: – Amber & Ryan
Book 3: Summer With You: – Celine + Ace, years later Book 4: Christmas With You: – Coming December 10th!

Taylor Jade is 21 years old and already pursuing her dreams. Beginning at age 12, Taylor wrote numerous stories for personal pleasure and school, always excelling when it came to English essays. Writing is one of her many hobbies along with water skiing and jet skiing, but writing is her favorite without a doubt. She can be herself and escape into another world where there are no rules, as she makes up her own.

Taylor began her writing career on a website called Wattpad, shown to her by one of her friends at school. She went from reading numerous stories to posting her own. After finishing her second book, she decided it was time to publish after all the positive reviews she received.

At 14 she published her first novel, and four years later at 18 she published her second.

Facebook | Goodreads | Amazon | Website
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The Elven King’s Forever by Devon Vesper

EKF BT Banner

Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: The Elven King’s Forever By Devon Vesper

The Elven King's Forever ebook (1)

Fated Elves, Book 4

Can two enemies work together to save the one person they both love?

After all this time, Dustin’s transformation is nearly complete, and his happy ending is so close he can almost see it. His wedding is fast approaching, and he’s about to start school. He has his future, his lover, and his friends, and he at last believes that he can truly have it all.

Meanwhile, their old nemesis lurks in the shadows, ready to destroy any happiness Casersis might have. They knew Bradley is dangerous, but no one is prepared when he makes his move and kidnaps Dustin.

In order to rescue Dustin, Casersis must work with his old adversary, Erastus. They both love the almost-elf in very different ways, and if they can’t set aside thousands of years of hate, it’s Dustin who will pay the ultimate price.

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Casersis gave me a beautiful grin that made me want to take him inside and do naughty, dirty things to him. He must have seen my thoughts cross my face or felt it over our soulbond because his cheeks flushed scarlet, and he gave me the filthiest grin. Yeah. We were going to have fun real soon. “Get on with your practicing, my alpha,” he crooned. “I want what that look promised, but not until you’ve finished with all thirty shots.” I had twenty-nine more bolts to go through, and I didn’t know if I could function after blowing through them all, especially since I was rushing, much to my omega’s amusement if his snickering was anything to go by while I hurriedly pulled back the bowstring and loaded another bolt. I’d never run through that many bolts that fast before. It nearly killed my arms and hands, but I managed to get every single one of them into the target, and not in the forest. Which was great because it meant I didn’t have to waste time searching for the fucking things in the dense undergrowth. “You did well,” Casersis said breathlessly. “Now, let’s go get your reward.” Snorting, I stepped up to him and hooked the crossbow onto my belt. “You mean your reward for not molesting me while I was trying to practice?” Casersis bit his lip. “I thought so.” Laughing, he pulled me to him, and I claimed his mouth like I owned it. But, then again, I might as well own it because I owned him as much as he owned me. And I was under no illusions that he owned me, body and soul. But I loved every minute of it. As I kissed him, tongue and teeth and breathing each other’s foggy breaths, I kneaded his ass to make him squirm against me as I shoved a knee between his legs for him to grind on. God, I couldn’t get enough of him. His taste sent me into a hormonal tailspin. His scent made me want to devour him. And the feel of him rutting against me was so decadent that I just wanted to stand there for hours making out with my soulmate.
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About the Author:

If there’s one thing Devon likes most, it’s chaos. She has a chaotic mind, messy house, and throws her characters into every calamitous situation possible. When she isn’t writing, she’s editing or formatting other authors’ works, building websites, creating graphics, reading, playing video games, or watching Fortnite streams on Twitch. She likes to stay busy. So yes. Chaos.

Starting in 2003, Devon turned her writing bug away from poetry and online role play in chat rooms to write her first novel. Yes, it was trash, but the process of learning to edit that piece of garbage spurred her to learn more and more. By 2013, she read an author by the name of Raythe Reign, and somehow, Raythe’s stories finally made all that learning in Devon’s mind click. She wrote her first semi-salable book in two weeks. The next in ten days, and by the beginning of 2014, had seven books written.

Were they all trash? No, but she’s in the process of rewriting them, and has already written one, turning Duty and Sacrifice into three books of a nine-book series, The God Jars Saga. Those three books were followed by more, and the last two books in the series will be published in the first quarter of 2019.

Born on a Navy base in Patuxent River, Maryland, Devon has traveled the world, living in Sigonella, Sicily for three years, and visiting many European countries before moving back to the states around the age of seven. She’s lived in Florida for sixteen years, Oklahoma for a year, and Pennsylvania for the rest. She graduated from surgical technology school near the top of her class in 2004, and uses her medical and worldly knowledge to enrich her books whenever possible. Being the worldly woman she is, and having spent most of her teens as a broody goth, Devon has four tattoos, nine piercings, loves techno, electronica, dubstep, and similar music genres, and has an incurable internet addiction.

She builds her own computers, can’t stand Mac-anything unless it’s to format books in Vellum, and purple and black are her favorite colors, though that can change to burgundy and gray depending on the day. Since she has bipolar disorder, PTSD, social anxiety disorder, general anxiety disorder, clinical depression, and has trouble leaving her house due to all that, Devon works full time as an author and editor, and spends as much time as she can talking to other authors and her readers.

Connect with Devon: Facebook Page: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: BookBub: Amazon: GoodReads:

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Matilda Martel – Blind Spot

Title: Blind Spot
Series: Love Is Blind #2
Author: Matilda Martel
Genre: Enemies To Lovers / Office Romance
Release Date: Aug 12th



Warren Gonzalez thinks he’s a player—the worst kind of player.

Twelve years ago, he was a high school All-American athlete and prom king. Eight years ago, he was president of his fraternity and the big man on campus. When he arrived in Manhattan with a coveted job on Wall Street, he expected to take the Big Apple by storm and have hordes of beautiful ladies falling for his Texas charm.

Warren was wrong.

One bad experience after another have made him bitter and turned him into a world-class jerk. He’s in desperate need of a wake-up call— someone to come along and dropkick his overinflated ego before he hurts himself.

Lacey Dillon is that someone.

Lacey might be fresh out of college, but she’s not naïve in the ways of the world. When she signed up to work for Digby Financial Services, she expected to work side by side with men like Warren. Wall Street is crawling with his ilk. No matter how many times he swears he’s turned over a new leaf, she refuses every cheesy advance and puts him in his place.

She wasn’t born yesterday. Players love a challenge. Lacey’s convinced he wants revenge for his daily rejection, and she’s got no time for shenanigans.

But Warren’s just getting started. For the first time in his life, he knows what he wants, and he can’t give up without a fight.

His admiration is sincere, but Lacey’s won’t give him an inch. Fed up with her knee-jerk rejections, he hacks her new blind dating app and hijacks her social calendar, sending her into a spiral of simmering sexual frustration.

Can a reformed wanna-be playboy win the heart of a hard-as-nails good girl in disguise?

Will Warren’s sad game and desperate moves break down Lacey’s walls long enough to let him sweep her off her feet?

Find out in this enemies to lovers office romance and book two of the Love is Blind series.







Matilda is a Texas girl in love with a Philly boy who spends a lot of time in New York and Paris.

I live in Austin, with my husband, two crazy Chihuahuas and an even crazier cat. And I spend most of my day writing dirty romance books about older men who fall in love with younger women and make fools of themselves trying to win their hearts.

If you love Filthy, Funny, Happily Ever Afters. You’ll like my books.

If you love Dark Romance, you’ve come to the wrong place. I don’t like dark heroes.

I like my hero to be successful, sweet, suave, sophisticated and kind— and then I want him to lose all his composure and game when he meets the heroine. I want him to turn into a bumbling idiot when he spots the girl of his dreams and revert to a teenage boy in a man’s body trying to win her.

I like my heroines to be witty, intelligent, and unshakeable—who could do just as well without a man—until the hero convinces her otherwise.

I write A LOT OF AGE GAP–because I LOVE AGE GAP ROMANCE. I’ve got no other excuse for it.

No matter what kind of story it is, my ladies are ADORED, and my endings are always Happily EVER AFTER, not HFN.

Want a free Ebook? Join my mailing list to get my monthly newsletter!

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New Release

Playing the Field series, Offside.


(Playing the Field #3)

Rebecca Barber

Are you ready for Angus to join the team?

Angus Barrett was just trying to get on with his life.
After a messy divorce from his witch of a wife, Angus and his six-year-old son are focused on what’s next. Playing the game they both love and rebuilding their life.
Tess James was focused on putting one foot in front of the other.
Widowed while she was pregnant, Tess isn’t looking for more. She has everything she needs. A son she adores, a business she’s built and a quiet life.
When they’re constantly drawn together with the help of their boys, something’s brewing that neither can deny.
Is a second chance on the cards for Angus and Tess? Or will the ex-wife win this round?

#PlayingTheField #Offside #Overtime #Rookie #SportsRomance #NewRelease #Soccer #SoccerRomance
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Summer With You by Taylor Jade

Title: Summer With You
Series: Loving You #3
Author: Taylor Jade
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 15, 2021


Summer – one of the most fun and hottest times of the year.

All Celine wanted was a peaceful summer vacation out on the lake with her husband and kids.

But, of course, that was too much to ask when they lived in the sunshine state.

It was like a repeat of twelve years ago; a hurricane is threatening to tear through Florida once again.

And it’s not just her and Ace anymore – they have their entire family to worry about, including her brother and his family.

They survived their first hurricane together, but will they be able to survive another one all while keeping their families safe?

Follow Celine and Ace on this thrilling adventure as they return in the third installment of the Loving You Series.



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Only $9.99 for a VERY limited time!


“I love you, Celine.”

Tears welled in my eyes at the adoration in my husband’s eyes. Sometimes, I knew this man was too good to be true.

“I love you, Ace, with my entire heart.” We reached for each other, our hands meeting halfway across the table and connecting, fitting together perfectly just like they always had. Ace Danvers would always be my soul mate, and I would always be his.

He didn’t let go of my hand as he paid the bill and then walked us out to our cars. We stood at my big, white SUV. He leaned into me, pushing my body against the hot car, his hands planted on the window, caging me in, but I never minded being this man’s prisoner.

“You know better than to put handprints on my window,” I whispered against his lips, closing my eyes just in time for his lips to crash against mine.

Time had made him more demanding. He didn’t ask for permission anymore. He just claimed, but I didn’t mind. This man owned me.

Biting my bottom lip, he soothed the sting with a brush of his tongue before parting my lips, tangling his tongue with mine, assaulting my senses. I moaned against his lips, my hands gripping the front of his shirt.

It didn’t matter that we were in broad daylight, nor did I mind the sweat dripping down the side of my face or my sundress sticking to my body like a second skin. None of it bothered me. All that mattered was the passion between me and my man.

If the world crashed and burned around us, I knew I would be okay because I had him—my rock, my hero, my Ace.

We’d been through hell, and now, it was time for our happily ever after.

I pulled away from his demanding lips to gasp for breath. I leaned my head against his chest, feeling his chest rise and fall, his heart beating as rapidly as mine. Years later, we still had the same effects on each other that we did when we first met.

“I just want a calm summer with you and our kids. I don’t care what we do as long as I spend the summer with you,” I told him. His arms banded around me, crushing me against him as he sought my lips out again.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


Free in Kindle Unlimited


Releasing December 10



Taylor Jade

At 14 she published her first novel and then got wrapped up in the drama of life. Taylor Jade, twenty years old and already pursuing her dreams. Starting when she turned twelve Taylor wrote numerous stories for personal pleasure and school, always excelling when it came to essays. Writing is one of her many favorite hobbies where she can be herself and escape into another world, where there are no rules, as you make up your own.

After finishing her senior year, receiving an award for being the most passionate in her class for English, she decided it was time to publish again.

Living in Florida since the day she was born, Taylor hates the intense heat but loves chilly Florida winters.

Work, college, jet skiing, and water skiing are other hobbies that take up her busy schedule, amongst the writing.

Taylor began her writing career on a website called Wattpad. It went from reading numerous stories to posting her own. After finishing her second book she decided it was time to publish after all the reviews she got.

Now in 2021, she has published her first series that takes place in a town just like the one she lives in!


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The Role

The Role by A.B. Wilson

Word Count: 85,241 Book Length: SUPER NOVEL Pages: 328



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Book Description

  Thrown together on the set of a failing TV show, Alina and Markus must navigate the spotlight together as a couple or risk cancellation. Rebuild. That’s Markus’ plan after a disastrous role and explosive public breakup with the girl he thought was The One. The bit part he originally agreed to take on after losing a bet now seems like his last opportunity to pull his career back from the brink. When he walks onto the set, he finds a TV show on the verge of cancellation and the paparazzi circling like vultures watching for what—or who—he’ll try to do next. When Markus is introduced to the director’s muse and the show’s on-location assistant producer, Alina, sparks start to fly and the two strike up a tentative friendship among the lights and cameras of the gossipy set. The ambitious and hard-working Alina has zero interest in getting sucked into Markus’ celebrity gossip drama, but she may not have a choice as one disaster after another befalls the set. A chance screen test and some serious groveling by the show’s director leads to Markus and Alina taking on major roles in a desperate attempt to save the show from network cancellation. Now in front of the camera, Markus and Alina are bound together as love interests and the line between private and public starts to blur. As life begins to imitate art, Markus and Alina get ground to dust by the celeb gossip mill seeking the ‘real’ story behind the two of them. If they can come back from this and save the show, they’ll be the next Hollywood power couple. Reader advisory: This book contains discussion of mental health, specifically anxiety and depression. There is mention of emotional abuse by an ex, cheating, revenge porn, alcohol abuse and major media intrusion.


“Cut! Again, from the top!” Michael Burch’s exasperated demand echoed through the hot, humid Savannah night. Again. In that very specific tone that always led to threats of firing, alligator tears and requests for cold compresses. We weren’t going anywhere until his perfectionist, directorial ass was damn well satisfied. It could be hours. We’d been on set since five in the morning and it was going on midnight. Cast and crew alike looked like they’d been ridden hard and put away wet. To be fair, we should have known it was going to be a rough one when he’d demanded that we “seize the day and chase the light” as we assembled before sunrise, clutching our coffee cups like zombies. I glanced around and found everyone staring at me. Humidity-induced split-end halos around everyone’s head and sweat stains for days. Alina, save us. You’re our only hope, they silently implored. They weren’t wrong. In addition to being one of the underpaid, overworked assistant producers for Southern Gods, Michael had decided that I was his ‘official’ muse of the season and thus responsible for inspiring him. All because I’d given him a small handful of ideas that had played well with the network folks and he’d decided that having a muse meant he was a legitimate artist. It was truly ludicrous, but as one of maybe two people Michael listened to these days, I was probably the only person within a hundred miles who could come close to putting out tonight’s dumpster fire. The last few weeks on location in Georgia had been brutal with the unrelenting July heat and an unfortunate, possibly sexcapades-based injury that had sidelined our lead actor. With him out, I’d scrambled, shuffled and sweet-talked the senior producers to rush a much-anticipated guest star to the set two weeks early. The crowning jewel for the season—German actor Markus Shellenberg, total A-lister and critics’ darling. Getting Markus onboard in the first place had been an absolute genius move by Michael. The show was floundering and there were rumors running rampant that the network execs had us on the chopping block. We were hoping that this superstar guest appearance would keep us limping along for another season. Accompanied by the sighs of relief and muttered prayers for sanity and hope from my fellow crew members, I approached Michael, rubbing my gritty eyes. “Michael, boss man, we’ve got to call it. The level of overtime we’re handing out is going to get us in heaps of trouble with the network, there is zero moonlight for us to work with, and I think we’re all hallucinating.” He laughed as he laser-stared us all down. “Lazy asses,” he said semi-affectionately. “Fine. I hate overtime and you’re all useless anyways. We’ll pick it back up in a few hours.” Muted cheers followed. Everyone started to disperse to break down the set before heading to the trailers, rentals and hotel for showers and much-needed sleep. As the last person filed out, Michael turned to me with a stern look in his eye and a twitching vein in his forehead. “You were right this time, but don’t ever undercut my authority again. We are way fucking behind here, and Markus is showing up tomorrow. Do you have the updated shooting schedule ready for me?” Inured to his rapid mood swings at this point, I responded, “You’ve got it, boss. Dropped it to your phone. Do you want me to forward it to the rest of the cast once you’ve approved it?” “No, I’ve got it. Jesus. Go get some sleep. You look like death.” “Thanks,” I muttered. “See you in a few hours. Five o’clock again?” “Seize the light, Alina. We’re gonna seize it by the fucking balls, twist ‘em, and make that light our bitch.” He flounced off and I was left shaking my head trying to dislodge the disturbing visual that I knew would be bouncing around my brain like a ping pong ball, keeping me awake. After another hour tidying up, I checked out Markus’ soon-to-be trailer to make sure it was set up correctly. It looked like his extensive rider had been fulfilled—one of the assistants had even managed to track down the weird German muesli and kefir—and I quickly buzzed security to make sure that protocols were adapted for Markus’ arrival. They confirmed and I considered passing out for the four hours until the morning’s call on the micro-suede couch in the fancy-schmancy trailer. Maybe for a second. God, I’m so fucking tired. I slumped down and began to work out the knots in my neck with my thumbs. The last two years had been a brutal effort to climb the ladder in a completely new field and build a life in Los Angeles, a city that was equally beguiling and terrifying for this girl from the Windy City. It hadn’t been easy, but I’d clawed my way up from minimum-wage production assistant to assistant producer on Southern Gods in record time thanks to a previous connection to Michael. After next season, for which he’d offered me an assistant director credit in lieu of my current title and muse status, I hoped I could finally cut ties with Michael and get out on my own. I wanted to focus on horror and action films—not genres that women were typically known for—and that A.D. credit would catapult me above my competition for jobs. It was rare to achieve it in as little time as I had, but I’d worked my ass off and refused to feel guilty about maxing out my connections to support my efforts. Ping! A text from my best friend, Candace, a makeup artist on the show, pulled me completely away from the half-assed neck massage that had almost put me under. Hey girl, you coming home soon? Wanna warn you that Ethan and Rory are here tonight. Put your earplugs in. 😉 Jealousy, amusement and exhaustion warred within me when I read her message. I loved my roommate and her completely open poly life, but the last thing I wanted to hear that night was anyone having sex. It stood to reason that if I was on a two-year hiatus from dating, everyone else should be too. Me: Ugh, fine. Don’t they each have large personal suites for y’all to play in? Candace: Yeah, but our place has better ambiance. Ya kno, nevermind. We’ll go to their place. Sorry for bugging you. Me: All good. Finishing up with Markus’s trailer. Home soon. Candace: Oooh. Maybe leave him a naked picture to welcome him? You need to get laid, like yesterday. Me: Hiatus, remember? Men are untrustworthy assholes, relationships are for the weak. You know it, otherwise you’d be locked down with your two himbos. Candace: Giiiiirrrrllll…watch it. Me and my himbos can still come to our place. Haha. Get some sleep, see ya in the morning – ily! After sending her an eyeroll emoji, I pocketed my phone, stood up and stretched until my joints popped and eyes watered. My shirt rode up and I tugged it down self-consciously, not that anyone was around to see the muffin tops that had formed as I ate my way through the heavenly culinary scene in Savannah. I needed to figure out a way to get out for a hike or some climbing on my upcoming morning off, and whipped out my phone again and made a voice memo for one of my eternally updating list-making apps. With a sigh that could have moved mountains, I reminded myself that everything was going to be fine, that these hiccups and delays, the minor catastrophes of the last week, were about to be resolved. Hopefully. Along with everyone else on set, I had been infected by a weird sense of excitement the minute we’d received confirmation that our guest star was on his way. Markus Shellenberg was a massive deal in the industry and I would have been a total liar if I said I hadn’t at least considered his droolworthy characteristics. I mean, he’d alternated between an outright win and a much-contested second place for People magazine’s Hottest Man in the World for the last five years running—and we all knew those alternating runners-up were just to be nice to the rest of the masculine universe. I shook my head to dislodge the Shellenberg-induced cobwebs and finally made my way out of the door and into the night. So this was where my life stood—masquerading as a muse to get a step up on the ladder, battling stress pudge and the ever-changing whims of a certified artiste, and an exciting new colleague who was the hall pass for pretty much anyone and everyone attracted to men. Woof.

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