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For The Love of Teaching: For The Love of Book 2 By Kelsey Hodge


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For The Love of Teaching: For The Love of Book 2 By Kelsey Hodge

I never once imagined that I would be keeping secrets from my brother—until I am.
I think I’m keeping myself safe by not revealing the deepest parts of me—until I’m proven wrong.
When my brother goes missing, never could I have imagined how it would change my life—until my life is changed irrevocably.

There is a side of me that no one knows about, and I think I’m happy with that decision—but then he walks into my life.
We both agree to keep silent and think we are being careful and going unnoticed—but we’ve been discovered.
Now, the secrets have to come out in order to save both his life and our future—but can I find the strength I’ll need to rescue us both?

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