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Wicked Master by Sasha Leone

Title: Wicked Master
Series: Brutal Reign #4
Author: Sasha Leone
Genre: Dark Mafia Romance
Release Date: August 24, 2021


Her punishment is my reward…
Sweet. Fragile. Unbroken.

She’s forced up on stage like a lamb to the slaughter.
The perfect captive… for a price.

I’ll make sure I’m the highest bidder.

It’s that sandy blonde hair; those shimmering hazel eyes.
They remind me of an old life,
Before I became the monster I am today.

Oh, how weak I once was…

Two million dollars, and she’s mine.

To reclaim my past, I will conquer her.
Control her.
Break her.

… But when Mary shatters under my obsession,
Something unexpected happens.

I want to put her back together again.

There’s more to this girl than meets the eye.
A darkness that threatens to engulf us both.

I’ll fight those demons off.

Because she doesn’t belong to them anymore.

She belongs to me.

*Wicked Master is a standalone Dark Mafia Enemies to Lovers Captive Romance with mature themes and a happily ever after. It is the fourth book of the Brutal Reign series.



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Releasing October 27



Sasha Leone writes dark, suspenseful romance novels about powerful mafia kings and the women who bring them to their knees.


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Royal Relations by Emily Silver

Title: Royal Relations
Series: Ainsworth Royals #3
Author: Emily Silver
Genre: Royal Romance
Release Date: August 24, 2021


As third in line to the British throne, I have to behave a certain way. Do what I’m told. Put my best foot forward.

And I do it because I love my family, my country, and my work.

But when I meet the man of my dreams, and I’m told he’s off limits? I take matters into my own hands.

Secret dates. Covert meetings. I’ll do whatever it takes to be with the devilishly handsome man who has tunneled his way into my heart.

His touch. His smiles. The heat in his eyes when he looks at me.

We can’t last, sneaking around, avoiding anything and everything. The queen forbids it. I could lose everything.

But when he smiles at me like that?

What’s a princess supposed to do?

Royal Relations is book three, and the last book, in the Ainsworth Royals Series, with no cheating and cliffhanger, and an HEA guaranteed!



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After winning a Young Author’s Award in second grade, Emily was destined to be a writer. A lover of all things romance, Emily started writing books set in her favorite places around the world. As an avid traveler, she’s been to all seven continents and sailed around the world.

When she’s not writing, Emily is working to pay for her next big adventure, trying to learn a foreign language and reading all the romance she can get her hands on!



Extra Credit by Michelle Mink


Extra Credit: The Halls of Hillview by Michelle Mink is coming August 31st!

Hills of Hallview #1



About Extra Credit

Caught between the taboo of wanting her professor, and the trepidation from someone not easily taking no for an answer–this was going to be a long semester…

Philosophy professor Connor Peterson liked things just so. He liked his pens in the correct drawer, his students to use double spaced lines in their submitted papers, and occasionally he liked the consent of a reddened bottom across his knee.

Maisie Barnes wants to get through her senior year as an anthropology major at Hillview University as drama-free as possible. After spending the last two years trying to avoid the attention of Jameson Hughes, she can’t wait to finish her undergrad and transfer to Berkeley for her Master’s.

The week before school starts, and on an impromptu trip into the city to go shopping and have some fun, Maisie meets a man she instantly knows will have a lasting effect on her for the rest of her life… Connor meets a young woman in a darkened club that wields a vulnerability he craves, and he doesn’t know if he’ll ever get enough.

Can Maisie juggle her attraction to her professor, the stress of class, and fending off a wannabe beau? Can Connor sort through his need to possess the young woman with the trusting eyes?

Find out in Extra Credit—an insta-love, short read that has a full epilogue and a guaranteed HEA.

EC Teaser 2

Meet Michelle Mink

Michelle Mink is a contemporary romance author who is obsessed with writing fiction her readers can see themselves in.

She loves cheesecake, mimosas, strong coffee, and relaxing with her needlework.

Michelle started writing years ago but decided to take the time to hone her craft a bit more before publishing. Now, she’s having a blast introducing her readers to her “Wild Orchid” series, and to the residents of “King’s Landing.”

Author Links:








VICIOUS UNION by Jocelyne Soto

 Release Date: August 24

The son of the most dangerous Kingpin in Mexico.

The heir to the throne.

The man that individuals fear the most, next to my father. 

According to my father those are things that I should be proud of. I should be proud of my heritage and wear it on my back with honor. 

I’ll honor my heritage but I will not honor the path that is set out for me. The life that my father lives is not for me. I will do anything in my power to walk away from that life, and that apparently includes getting married in Vegas after a night of drinking. 

She’s beautiful, everything that I have ever wanted, but I can’t have her. Not with the life that I live, not with the blood I have on my hands. 

Grab Your Copy Here!

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Meet Jocelyne Soto

Jocelyne Soto is a romance author  born and raised in California. 

She started her writing journey in 2015 and in 2019 she published her first book. She is an independent author who loves discovering new authors on Goodreads and Amazon. 

She comes from a big Mexican family, and with it comes a love for all things family and food.

Jocelyne has a love for her mom’s coffee and writing. In her free time, she can be found reading a romance novel off her iPad or somewhere in the black hole of YouTube.

Connect with Jocelyne Soto

Website | Newsletter | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

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A Castle of Ash by Jane Washington

Title: A Castle of Ash
Series: Tempest of Shadows #4
Author: Jane Washington
Genre: Reverse Harem Romance
Release Date: August 24, 2021


“This world has fallen to sickness and shadow. It has bound my hands and blinded me, picking away at the things I love until even my conscience has slipped off to some forlorn cage within my mind, locked away as a traitor. I once feared the storm inside me. Now I would give anything to have it back.”

To prove the purity of my soul, I sacrificed everything. I lost my magic, my best friend, and tied myself to the five kings of the afterworld in unholy matrimony. Now, every day is torture at their hands. I am their final hope, a perfect weapon to wield in the ultimate war still looming ahead of us. They will push me as far as it takes, no matter what.

Every day, I give a little more of myself away, and they’re snapping up each piece as though they have a right.

Every day, the Darkness takes another victim, picking off people all around me until those of us who fight for light and life are outnumbered in a world we’re no longer sure is our own.

The end is drawing near, but the closer it gets, the more impossible our victory seems.

Even after everything I’ve sacrificed … I fear it won’t be enough.



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“You took the Warmaster to bed?”
“Not yet, apparently,” Jostein answered for me. “But she will.”
“How accurate was this dream of yours?” I pressed. “How can you be sure?”
“You dreamt about it?” Sig interrupted again, his face crinkling up, like he didn’t know whether to laugh, or be embarrassed for Jostein.
“Can you describe it?” I asked, making Bjern snort in amusement. “Sorry,” I added. “It’s just a little hard to wrap my head around right now.”
Jostein seemed surprised. “I saw it quite a few times in quite a few different ways, so it must not be that hard to wrap your head around. Which time would you like me to describe?”
Bjern, Sig and Herra all burst out laughing as my mouth dropped fully open and Frey shot a pitying look my way.
“I just need to clarify.” I was half covering my mouth as I spoke, almost like I was trying to force myself to shut up, even as I was compelled to babble on. “You said that I take him to my bed…”
“Yes, I’m referring to sexual intercourse,” he answered the question I couldn’t quite bring myself to form.
“Like full intercourse?” I choked out, as Bjern snorted and Sig seemed to devolve into a fit of laughing.
“Sexual intercourse?” Bjern asked, a huge grin on his face as he shook his head at Jostein, amused by the verbiage.
“He’s talking about a little bit of horizontal refreshment,” Sig supplied, still in the midst of a fit.
“What?” Frey and I both asked at the same time.
“A little bit of slaying the dragon,” Bjern added.
“Joining giblets,” Jostein inserted, like he was contributing to the conversation in some way.
Maybe he was.
I had no idea.
“Going to blindman’s bluff?” Bjern asked, his eyes twitching between me and Frey, asking like he expected us to suddenly understand the term.
“Smuggling a bone?” Sig had a wide grin.
“Onboarding the captain?” Herra joined in, a twinkle in her eye.
“A good old scrogging!” Bjern had completely forgotten his inside voice by this point.
What?” I managed to say around a slightly terrified laugh. “Does that mean?”
“Polishing the spear!” Jostein raised a finger, like he had somehow won this game they were playing. “Or in Ven’s case, basically the entire armoury.”



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Jane is a Wall-Street Journal Bestselling author who spends all of her time writing books and then telling people not to read them. Find her here:

Cover Reveal

Runaways by Nicole Dykes

Runaways by Nicole Dykes is coming September 20th and we have the HOT cover to share with you today!

Pre-Order RUNAWAYS for only 99¢

Cover Design: Sara Sentz with Enchanting Romance Designs

About The Book

Runaways . . .

You’ve heard about kids running away, but do we ever truly know why they run?

Rae and Law had no choice. Forced to run when life let them down, when it was either leave or be subjected to an unimaginable fate.

Can they survive?

Two young people, completely alone on the streets with nothing but each other.

This is their story.

Can love win?

Or will the big, bad world be even more cruel than what they had to face in their small hometown?

For Raelynn Sanders and Lawson Davis, anything is possible as long as they have each other.

Meet Nicole Dykes

Nicole Dykes is a wife and a professional assistant/mom to two gorgeous girls. Currently residing in Kansas, she’s a lover of coffee, Kansas City Chiefs, and all things romance. She currently has over 20 published books with her Monroe and Adamson series being the most popular. She enjoys cranking up the angst level, making her readers cry, and turning those tears into the coffee that fuels her writing. Facebook BookBub Instagram Amazon Newsletter TikTok Website

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Willow’s Retreat by S L Hollister

TITLE- Willow’s Retreat
AUTHOR- S L Hollister
GENRE- Romantic Suspense
RELEASE DATE- August 24th, 2021


The farmer and the psychiatrist. Willow and John should have never met, much less fallen in love, but they did. Thirty years later their relationship is in limbo. When her nephew dies in a tragic fire, Dr. Willow Rider knows she has to repair her relationship with her husband and sons before it’s too late. She is a terrible mother and an awful wife but she’s an awesome therapist. Can she take her own advice and save her family?

Saint John, the oldest of the Harrell brothers, has sacrificed everything to ensure his family’s happiness. Isn’t it time he grabs his own happiness? He is willing to do anything for a second chance with Willow, even take her crazy bet. But as he makes the same stupid mistakes, he pushes her farther away.

When a motorcycle club believes the only thing keeping them from gaining control of the local sex trafficking cartel is the Harrell family, they are their town come under attack. Willow and John’s second chance at happiness may go up in flames as they find themselves at war with the Steel Marauders.



Author Bio

People have often asked me why I don’t write about my adventures raising six sons. I have to admit that I prefer to write their stories as fiction because no one believes the stuff they put me through if I tell it as fact. In fiction I can clean my boys up a little when I like them and make them the heroes of my stories and if they’ve pissed me off, I can make them the villains. It’s been a running joke around our house that mom will put you in her book and kill you off on page fifty, but some know they’re the smelly corpse discovered in the ditch at the very beginning of the story. Heck, it’s not even a threat anymore. My grandkids are begging to be put in my books and even telling me how I can kill them off. I mean really, where’s the threat in that? We put the fun in dysfunctional, what can I say? I have long conversations with my children and grandchildren about blowing things up and how to get rid of bodies. The holidays are never boring around our house.
Willow’s Retreat makes my eighth novel. I have been writing since I was ten years old, but I’ve only been published since 2017. I’m married to my own romantic hero, and we’ve lived several romance tropes from friends-to-lovers reunion beginning, to our second chance romance, blended family romantic adventure. After thirty years of marriage, six sons and twenty-one grandchildren we are still writing our romance book.

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