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BONES by Rae B. Lake



BONES by Rae B. Lake is LIVE!


The scars are my mask and death my playground.
They say I need to heal, that I need to move on.
The pain must be part of the cure.

They only see the scars.

My scars serve as a reminder of the fucked up life I survived. The pain and physical deformities left me in misery, and you know what they say- misery loves company. 

I’ve spent most of my life alone, no one wanting to get close to the man that scares them.

A monster in the dark. 

That is until I joined the Wings of Diablo MC. They don’t judge me based on my looks. They don’t ask questions about the pain I like to inflict on others. Instead, they made me the enforcer so I can do just that. 

I’m content with who I am, at ease, being the one that everyone cowers away from with just a glance. I’ve stopped caring about how people see me until I see the fear in Corrine’s eyes.

I’m burying my latest kill when I come across her fighting for her life against a few Drift Demons. I don’t know her, but any enemy of the Drift Demons club is a friend of mine. Except, she doesn’t see me as a friend. She only sees the scars. 

She runs. I chase. 

Together we find ourselves in an impossible situation where our very survival depends on us working together. Slowly, the looks of fear turn to acceptance, then need.

Every beast needs their beauty. And she’s mine.

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