RHODES TO LOVE by Danika Bloom



RHODES TO LOVE by Danika Bloom is coming September 9! 



FIRST IN: Small-town firefighters

She lost her inheritance. He stole her job. When these rivals start playing with fire, sparks fly, donuts melt, and hearts burn.


“If you like hot, action-packed, firefighter romance, look no further. Danika puts you right on the front line in all the best ways.” 

Cora Seton, NYT & USA Today bestselling romance author

SECOND BREATH: Opposites attract

What could possibly go wrong when a lawyer falls in love with a young woman whose reputation he was hired to destroy?
amazon.com/dp/B08D6V7KL5 ⭐ 
“Wow, what a breathtaking story! I’m simply blown away by the depth of emotions the author brought out in this book.”

Goodreads Reviewer

THIRD PARTY: Second-chance at love

A video game drove them apart. Can a virtual reality add-on of the same game bring them together again?
amazon.com/dp/B08MQBS4XQ ⭐
“Danika Bloom books have now hit ‘don’t need to know about the book, just need to get it!’ status in my TBR lists.”

Amazon Reviewer

RHODES TO LOVE: Single dad, fake marriage

She’s not ready for kids. He’ll move mountains to maintain guardianship of his godchild. Is crossing the line from friends to fake husband and wife a stunt they can survive
amazon.com/dp/B09BH5NTLH ⭐
“This is my favorite book in the series.”

ARC reader

All books are available in Kindle Unlimited!

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