Cake Clash by Claire Castle & BL Maxwell


Cake Clash

Claire Castle & BL Maxwell

Having a successful bakery and cake decorating businesswas everything Chef Jos wanted, or so hethought. Until he was confronted with a past he’dhoped to forget.Finn Leighton has been granted the chance of a lifetime.To compete on Cake Clash, a realitycooking show with a cash prize that would help makehis dreams come true and allow him to makehis small business the bakery of his dreams.Little does Finn know that one of the celebrity judgesis his lost love, Josiah. When they’re faced withtheir past, both men realize there’s little pointin denying their feelings. Elated with seeing Josiahagain, he’s tempted by him, but also needs to focuson winning the competition. Caught on the set ofa fast-paced show together, they’ll both need to decideif love is worth fighting for this time. #lostlove#friendstolovers #baker #doublelife #estrangedloversreunite#gayromance #newoldflame#occupation #reuinitedlovers #theonethatgotaway

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