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Yes, You Are

Title: Yes, You Are

Series: Second Chance Omegas #2

Author: Willa Okati

Publisher: Changeling Press LLC

Release Date: August 27, 2021

Heat Level: 4 – Lots of Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 109

Genre: Romance, New Adult, Action Adventure, Sex/Gender Shifters & MPreg, Single Parent/Pregnancy Romance, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Second Chances

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Darian’s as unique an Alpha as Coby is an Omega, but opposites attract twice in Second Chance. Everyone always assumed small, pretty Darian would be an Omega. He ticked all the boxes — except for the temper and the tendency to cuss a blue streak. But whatever, right? And everyone always assumed big, athletic Coby would be an Alpha. Just stood to reason — as long as you paid no mind to his tender heart. When they met in passing as teenagers, both boys had no reason to doubt that was who they’d be. Everyone said it, after all. But everyone was wrong. When Darian and Coby meet again in grad school, Darian’s still small and pretty but he’s one hell of a ferocious Alpha — and tall, muscular Coby still struggles with having turned out to be an Omega. The college is short on space due to storm damage, and they’ve got no choice but to share living quarters and come to terms with themselves and their past — and when Coby gets pregnant, their soon-to-be future. Opposites attract like lightning and steel rods when they meet again in Second Chance, but do they have what it takes to overcome the unexpected for the long haul?


All rights reserved. Copyright ©2021 Willa Okati Keys in hand, Darian was five steps ahead before he realized Coby hadn’t budged. He looked over his shoulder. “Well? Are you coming?” Reluctantly, taking one more glance at the admins probably to make sure this was really happening, Coby unfolded himself. He was still half a foot taller than Darian, maybe more, and he’d filled out those lanky bones into wide shoulders and legs long enough to make a man want to try and climb him like a tree. <em>I mean — damn.</em> But Coby didn’t walk like he used to, full of confidence. He sloped along with a slouching kind of gait that suggested bashful uncertainty, and the way he kept his head down indicated shyness, but the look on his face was nothing but pure, frustrated rage. Darian couldn’t blame him. Hell, this was fucking with his head. He could only imagine how tangled up Coby had to feel about it. Coby, an Omega? Seriously? He made an even weirder specimen that way than Darian did in his, so what the fuck even. Behind them, Oscar gave them a wry salute before turning to head for his single digs. “Bastard,” Darian muttered before turning to give Coby a dose of straight eye contact. “This isn’t how I planned for things to turn out either, but since they did, we can either bitch about it or make the best of it,” he said bluntly. “So come on. Or don’t, but if that’s your call then I’m going to leave you behind. It’s not even noon and I am fucking tired. So?” Coby looked like he was going to argue, then shook his head and fell into step. He tried to stay behind, act like they weren’t together, but his legs were too long not to catch up. When he did, Darian had the weirdest urge to take his arm. Just an urge, of course. An Alpha thing, a real throwback to the days when a gentleman would take a submissive’s arm to guide him. If he tried that now, fuck knew if this new angry Coby would try and break his elbow. Darian didn’t do playing it safe, but unusual times called for unusual circumstances. He kept his hands in his pocket and his walk to an amble, and — again, not his usual thing — took a stab at small talk. Anything to calm Coby down before his head imploded. “You’re a teacher too, huh? No kidding. Makes sense, now I think of it. I don’t make sense, but I’d started the pre-classes before things turned out like they did, and I’d put in too much work to go back.” No answer. Annoyed, Darian tried again. He hooked a thumb backward. “That was Oscar, a friend from back home. He can be a real douche sometimes, but deep down he’s pretty decent. A good guy to count on, in case you were wondering.” Which Darian could tell Coby wasn’t. Too lost in his own head and his flinching awareness of every single person who paused to give them either odd or shocked looks when they put two and two together. Darian would have ignored those — he’d gotten used to them years ago — but being with Coby made him glower at everyone, daring them to make a deal out of it, and he could only do that so much before he gave himself a fucking migraine. One more shot. “What are you teaching?” Darian asked. “I’m math. Calculus, trig, and basic algebra as I need to.” Coby shook his head and kept his trap firmly shut, his head so far down that his chin almost touched his chest and yep, there went the temper Darian really did try to keep locked down. Didn’t help that looking at Coby made his mouth water and that pissed him right off because for fucks’ sake, his libido needed to mind its own business right now. The rest of him didn’t like the way the Coby he remembered had changed, and his being Omega wasn’t part of that. He stopped in front of the big man, blocking his path, and lifted his chin. “Would you mind looking at me? And while we’re at it, what the fuck besides the obvious is your problem? It’s not like this is easy for me either.” Coby glowered at Darian and shouldered past him, strong enough to jostle him aside. Okay. That was really it. Darian put on a burst of speed and shouldered past Coby in turn, minus the passive-aggressive shove, and walked in front of him all the way to the housing they’d been assigned. Not much to look at, just your basic small dorm. Still, his key worked on the front door and, down the hall, the quarters he and Coby would be sharing. God help them. Which were not bad, actually. Darian’s eyebrows went up as he took it in. Roomy enough for two grown men to move around in without knocking elbows, decent closets, a closed door that was likely a private toilet. Even a mini-kitchenette with a sink, a cabinet, and space above a micro-fridge for a coffee pot and an illegal hot plate. And of course, twin beds shoved in opposite corners. Darian wrinkled his nose at them. “You’re not going to be able to fit in one of those. You’ll dangle off from the shins down.” Coby shut the door behind them, and holy shit, Darian had not expected what happened then, nor had he noticed the near-total lack of airflow in there with the windows closed. His own Alpha scent wafted out in waves that completely failed to mask Coby’s Omega scent. Gunpowder and pennyroyal. They shouldn’t have gone together at all, but somehow they did and they gave Darian an immediate half hard-on that he was glad as all hell his loose shirt covered. The Omega — no, don’t call him that, he’s more than just a gender — Coby — was looking at him now, boy howdy, his hawk eyes gone so wide that the whites showed around his irises. “You really are an Alpha. How?” “You really want me to explain biology to you?” Coby ignored that. “You don’t look like an Alpha.” He started to reach for Coby with one hand, then pulled back at the last second. Even so, Darian had the strangest sensation that he’d followed through. He could feel the warmth on his cheek. “You’re still little, and still pretty, and — look at me.” Darian resisted the urge to rub his cheek. “I don’t look like an Alpha, and you don’t look like an Omega, so aren’t we an equal pair?” “Equal,” Coby scoffed. He wrapped his arms around himself again squeezing tight. “Do you know the kind of shit I went through when I didn’t present, and when I did –” “About the same kind of shit I did, I’d guess,” Darian retorted. “And if you’re going to have an attitude about it all summer –” “Like you’re one to talk!” Darian sailed past that. Mostly because he was right. “If that’s how you want to be, then I’m setting some ground rules.” He ticked them off on his fingers. “If we can’t get along, we keep our mouths shut when we’re in the same room. No bringing anyone back here to fuck, and that includes me with Oscar — yes, we do fuck sometimes, because neither of us is all that sold on the standard rules. Find somewhere else or it’ll confuse everyone’s nose.” Coby looked at him, shaking his head. “I didn’t ask for this. Any of it. I didn’t ask to be an Omega.” “Who the fuck does? I didn’t.” “You didn’t get it, either,” Coby fired back. “And you know what? I don’t need your help. I can take care of myself. I didn’t ask to share with you.” “No, the resident director or whoever-the-fuck he is did, so if you have a problem you can take it up with him, mkay?” It wasn’t that Darian didn’t feel any sympathy or empathy for the guy. Turning out not to be what you’d always thought was hard, right? Which meant something else needed saying. He held up a finger. “One last rule. No bullshit embarrassment. We are what we are, and we can’t change that. In here, neither of us has room to hide.” “And you’d be damned if you even wanted to try,” Coby scoffed. He dropped his bags in a messy heap, a deliberate insult from an Omega. “So it’s really easy for you to say, isn’t it? I’m out of here. There’s got to be somewhere else.” He stormed out, slamming the door with a bang behind him. “Shit,” Darian said aloud. He rubbed at his forehead. Well, this was going to be a fun summer, wasn’t it?


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Meet the Author

Willa Okati (AKA Will) is made of many things: imagination, coffee, stray cat hairs, daydreams, more coffee, kitchen experimentation, a passion for winter weather, a little more coffee, a whole lot of flowering plants and a lifelong love of storytelling. Will’s definitely one of the quiet ones you have to watch out for, though he — not she anymore — is a lot less quiet these days.

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Desmond Pierce is a wolf above Alphas.
Good looking, arrogant, and hunter-born.

Cruel Wolves and Devious Deceptions, an all-new brother’s best friend paranormal romance from Danielle Annett, is available now!

He also happens to be my brother’s best friend.
If coming from different clans wasn’t reason enough to stay away from him, his connection to my brother is.
But every time we’re in the same room, he needles his way under my skin, demanding my attention and making the tigress in me rise up in challenge.

I hate him
He hates me.
But when the unthinkable happens, I start to wonder if hate is enough to keep our attraction to one another at bay.

**Disclaimer** Cruel Wolves and Devious Deceptions was originally published as Cruel Devil, a contemporary romance novel under Danielle’s other pen name. The series has been re-imaged at the request of her paranormal readers. It is 15,000+ words longer than the contemporary version and can be read as a stand alone.

Grab your copy today!
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“Get off of me,” she shouts, and I cover her mouth with my palm, my hand so large I damn near cover half her face. Fuck she’s small. Fragile. I know she isn’t human. Isn’t weak like some of the others who roam these halls, but the difference in our size makes my protective instincts spring forward.
Her eyes blaze and I lean in, ensuring she sees that I am not fucking around right now. Not when it comes to something like this.
“Don’t you dare open that pretty little mouth of yours and scream like that again. Do you feel me? Unless you’re ready to tell me who the fuck was dumb enough to hurt you, or decide to drop down on your knees and wrap your lips around my cock, your mouth is going to stay closed.”
Her eyes narrow, nostrils flaring as her tiger glares at me through her gaze. She’s so fucking pissed, and I wish I had more time to enjoy it. I’ve worked hard this past year getting Meiying to hate me. It makes keeping her out of my bed a hell of a lot easier that way. But damn if seeing her like this doesn’t make my dick hard, and the thought of her on her knees for me … fuck. I can’t be the only one affected by that image.
Her small fingers wrap around my wrist, pulling to get my hand off of her mouth.
“Are you going to behave?”
If looks could kill I’d be dead right now with the way she’s glaring at me.
“It’s a yes or no question, kitten. Blink twice for yes. Once for no.”
Her eyes narrow to slits. Seconds pass and the air grows impossibly thick. I’m sure she can feel my hard-on pressed against her stomach, but neither of us is going to acknowledge it. I catch a hint of arousal in her scent, throwing me off when she finally blinks twice and concedes. A rush of satisfaction swells inside my chest. I drop my hand, but don’t step away. I rationalize that the moment I do she’ll bolt. It has nothing to do with how fucking good she feels with her tight little body up against mine. Her lips are pressed into a thin line, her cheeks scarlet. A mix of anger and indignation. She is so fucking beautiful like this.
A few strands of her black hair fell from her hair tie during our struggle and I slowly reach out, tucking the flyaways behind her ear. Her eyes are guarded as I trail one finger down the side of her face before cupping her jaw. She closes her eyes, a small shudder moving through her.
“What’s his name, Meiying?” I ask, and there’s a bite of steel in my tone.
Her eyes snap open and she bears her teeth. “You’re making a big deal out of nothing. It was an accide—“
“No man leaves a mark on a female by accident.” My voice is deceptively calm. I lean down closer to her until our breaths mingle. “Was it Hunt? Did he do that?” The sudden widening of her eyes gives her away, and my vision goes red.
My jaw flexes and I go to step back, but she latches onto me, wrapping her arms around my neck. “Whatever it is you’re thinking of doing, don’t. It was an accident. I don’t think he realized his rings would hurt me.” I fight the urge to encircle her waist and rise to my full height, taking her with me.
Her arms tighten as her feet lift from the ground. “Desmond—”

About Danielle
I’m a Mexican-American author with an obsession for Marvel movies, a love of all things Urban Fantasy, and a cheerleader for the underdog in any given story.
If you’re looking for a heroine you can root for … someone who defies the odds and gets up every time they’re knocked down … then look no further because that’s what you’ll find in my books.

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UNDER PRESSURE by Bella Matthews

Is it possible to meet the right person at the wrong time?

Under Pressure, an all-new hilarious and emotional sports romance by Bella Matthews is coming September 22nd and we have the steamy cover!

I had my friends. I had football. I had a future I was set on, until her.
Eleanor Kingston was the girl. The one I’d choose if I could, but all I had to give was
one night. My life had been decided for me, my future predetermined. There’s no room left for football or love.

Pre-order your copy today!
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About Bella
Bella Matthews is a Jersey girl at heart. She is married to her very own Alpha Male and raising three little ones. You can typically find her running from one sporting event to another. When she is home, she is usually hiding in her home office with the only other female in her house, her rescue dog Tinker Bell by her side. She likes to write swoon-worthy heroes and sassy, smart heroines with a healthy dose of laughter thrown in.

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A Moment For Us by Corinne Michaels


Corinne Michaels has revealed the cover for A Moment For Us!


Releasing: October 5, 2021

Cover Design: Sommer Stein, Perfect Pear Creative

Photographer: Michelle Lancaster

Cover model: Chase Mattson


New York Times Bestselling author Corinne Michaels returns to Willow Creek Valley in this stunning surprise baby/unrequited love romance.

I was totally over Joshua Parkerson.

Sure, I had a teenage crush on him way back when–and everyone knew it–but he never saw me as anything but his little brother’s friend, the girl who got tongue-tied any time he walked into a room.

I had long ago accepted the fact that his strong arms would never hold me, his lush lips would never claim mine, and his blue eyes would never see me as anything more than who I used to be.

But now he’s back in Willow Creek Valley, and there’s a brand-new spark between us–even he can’t fight it. Our chemistry is explosive, and every time we’re together, I swear I can feel the earth shake.

It doesn’t mean anything… how could it? I’m over him.

Until I see that little pink plus sign, and the earth stops turning completely.

Now I want it all again, a life with him. But Joshua built walls around his heart for a reason, and his secrets haunt him.

How can I show him that the ghosts of his past don’t have to define our new family’s future?


Pre-order your copy today!


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Meet Corinne

Corinne Michaels is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of romance novels. Her stories are chock full of emotion, humor, and unrelenting love, and she enjoys putting her characters through intense heartbreak before finding a way to heal them through their struggles.

Corinne is a former Navy wife and happily married to the man of her dreams. She began her writing career after spending months away from her husband while he was deployed–reading and writing were her escapes from the loneliness. Corinne now lives in Virginia with her husband and is the emotional, witty, sarcastic, and fun-loving mom of two beautiful children.

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Untethered Love by Susan Ring

Title: Untethered Love
Series: Beach Books Cafe #1
Author: Susan Ring
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: September 2, 2021


Would you reveal a deep dark truth that might tear your very soul apart? Or would you stuff it down inside and continue destroying every possible relationship you might have?

Claire is a twenty-two-year-old part time waitress and aspiring artist. She can’t seem to finish a painting agonizing over the truth in the darkness behind the beautiful watercolor strokes of her paintbrush.

She doesn’t trust love or herself.

Justin, is a sports agent living on top of the hill in beautiful Laguna Beach, California. He boldly walks into Claire’s life with past romance baggage threatening to scar him for a lifetime.

Is it life, or karma when they keep bumping into each other? Claire’s past painful memories start to become palpable and she can no longer push them down. Her haunted past follows her and danger is present for everyone involved.

Tethered secrets might keep them apart. What could possibly go wrong?

How about everything. Darkness comes before the light.

Will their love be ruined, or will the truth and power of intimacy set them free to love each other?

Untethered Love, like life, is full of roller coaster ups and downs of love, always emotional, twisted in with romantic suspense. It’s new adult steamy romance laced with the reality of contemporary romance.

Buy today and get ready to experience all the ‘firsts’ with this hot new first love all over again.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


It was always hard to find a man that was tall enough for me. I seemed to attract men who were the same height as myself or shorter. I craved tall men and happened to notice his kissable mouth through my sunbaked arm holding the sun away from my eyes. It was an outline of a man that would be perfect for me, if I was looking, but I wasn’t looking. I couldn’t believe I was being so drawn to who he was, and why was I looking so closely? Typically, I wasn’t that way with men, and definitely it wasn’t something I spoke out loud about except to a best-friend like Chloe. We always talked about men. We both had that hunger to fall in love with a man like this but the work involved made me forget about it all on the spot.
He stuffed his hands into the pockets of his sky-blue colored shorts.
He was too close to me, so close that I had to back up a step to see the rest of his face. The scent of his presence was somewhere between a natural musk smell and the natural scent of sweat from a hot day. The strength of him was overwhelming and our chemistry was a match. He drew me in immediately. I’d never been in love, but I dreamed about intimacy often. He might have been perfect for me.
When I stepped back, I could see his face clearly. It was etched like a Greek god, chiseled around his mouth, chin, and cheek bones. He sported a short gentleman haircut. His hair was dark and lined with his face and light beard. I made my way to his eyes. Oh my God, his eyes left me breathless alone. Now, we’re talking fantasy material, not just some guy I’d want in my life.
I immediately looked away because I was sure he could cast a spell of some kind on me with those two blue sapphire eyes shining down on me when I looked up at him.
He was also someone I was not interested in pursuing because he was way out of my league, and I had a career now. I was now officially an artist with my first very fine piece of art. I have life plans to go after. He would just get in the way.
“Hi.” I managed to return his greeting in a breathless voice.
“I’m Justin, and you are?” he said in a sexy deep vibrational man voice as he extended his hand to shake mine.
“Claire.” I pushed out in a small voice feeling a little breathless.
“Like the air,” he said.
“Claire.” He said my name for the first time. I went breathless again as our hands and eyes met to shake hands.
Breathe, Claire. Let’s keep our head out of the clouds.
His hands and skin were amazingly perfect and soft. It felt like the match had been made, the pheromones were interested on my end and a little mix of sweat on our hands matched as we touched hands.
I kept my head down because by now I’d already memorized every inch of his body. My mind went elsewhere while he was trying hard to make his introduction.
“So, are you going to sell this beautiful painting, Claire?”
I hadn’t even thought about it. What’s he trying to do here? I wondered. I was still thinking about his voice as my mind did a play back of when he referred to my name as “air.” So unique, I thought. So romantic.
“Um, yes… eventually,” I said, trying like hell to act professional.
“How much?” he asked with a grin that was so captivating. I thought it’d be a good idea to paint that grin someday.


Susan Ring released three memoirs into the world and now writes what she loves to read and watch the most, romance.

She creates strong female characters with deep, authentic voices that evoke emotion, and strength of the human condition.

Susan is a natural non-conformist, loves dark coffee with vanilla creamer, anything outdoors (especially the beach) and simple living.

She is mom to three, surrogate mother to eight, and lives in sunny Southern California with her husband, and very interactive cat.


Cover Reveal

Of Blood, Shadows, and Death


Title: Of Blood, Shadows, and Death
Author: Brandy Nacole
Genre: YA Fantasy/Paranormal
Cover Designer: The Illustrated Author
Blurb by: The Blurb Doctor
Publication Date: Oct. 1st, 2021
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR


I was born in the shadows of night. A witch destined to protect those who are vulnerable in their waiting hour. Like all those who came before me, this lineage was considered an honor, a gift given to a select few.


My existence was expected to be a promise of simplicity and rituality. The one clear path between life and death. It proved to be anything but.


As time passed, my mind began to wonder. My soul craving adventure outside of my darkened world. A life in the light… I could only imagine how spectacular that would be.


Some saw this curiosity as the beginning of my fall. To me, it was the start… of my uprising.

Whenever she’s not reading or writing, Brandy is spending time with her family and friends, throwing around crazy ideas, teaching, and singing like a rock star at a concert for no one else but herself. She loves plants, but unfortunately is a killer of anything that requires water but can’t voice (scream) their needs.

Author Links:

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Title: Godmothered
Author: Jonathan Yanez
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Archimedes Books
Publication Date: Sept. 2nd, 2021
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR


Professor John Hunter?


What, like it’s hard?


The All Valley Supernatural Tournament is ancient history.


Still, all is not well.


Now that the dust has settled, the Chosen are on the verge of unleashing hell on Earth and John Hunter still has no idea what he is. Unlucky for Jonny and his new allies, the family Grimm has a solution.


Another hybrid exists. And they teach at the Godmother Academy.


Wait, there’s a school for that?


This incognito professor may be able to shed some light on Jonny’s “situation.” With Jonny posing as a substitute teacher to get close, an age-old mystery surrounding the school is uncovered and everything is brought into question.


Ragnorak awaits! The board is set and hope has one last chance.


More animal than man, he bleeds caffeine and… Ah, I’m just kidding. It sounded cool though right?

I’m Jonathan, a former personal trainer turned full-time author and part-time model.

I could go on and on about how many books I’ve written and awards I’ve won and blah, blah, blah but I’d rather use this time for you to get to know the real me.

I write because that’s what I was born to do and I freaking love doing it. Because of awesome people like you, I get to do it full time.

Connecting with fellow lovers of the written word is important to me so please join the Pack via my website at where you can grab an exclusive story or hang out with us at


Hope you decide to stay in touch,



Author Links:
Cover Reveal

My Perfect Remix by Swati M.H.

Title: My Perfect Remix
Author: Swati M.H.
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Cover Me Darling
Release Date: September 30, 2021


He was my best friend.
The fiercely protective boy who always caught me when I fell.
Until I moved away.
Now, ten years later, Logan Miller is a gorgeous, Grammy-winning DJ and a dedicated single dad—and hotter than any hit on the Billboards!
When our paths cross again, fantasies of him turn into reality.

I moved back to Austin to build a life outside the safety net of my wonderful, albeit overbearing, Indian family. Preferring the company of my old dog, my online games, and reruns of Marvel movies, I’m nowhere close to the type of woman who can handle a public life. The type of woman who’d be best suited for Logan Miller.

But when neither of us can control the gravitational pull of the other, we give in.
In limos, on mountains, on rooftops, in airplanes…
We create the perfect remix of a song written just for us.

But just when the beat of our hearts seem perfectly matched, perfectly in sync, his past threatens to shake the foundation he’s built so carefully. The only thing we can do is rely on the one thing that’s bonded us together—our love.

But will that be enough?


$2.99 for pre-order only!



I prefer to call myself a storyteller rather than an author. I’m a mom to two beautiful little girls and a wife to an incredibly supportive husband. My days start with caffeine and sometimes end with a glass (or three) of wine. 

I’m a Texas raised Indian American currently living in the Bay Area. With a degree in Computer Science and an MBA, I’ve had a successful career building software products but writing is both my hobby and my passion. 

For me, writing and reading are an escape from real life. I love meeting and creating characters who I’d love to take out for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. My goal as a storyteller is to distract my readers from their daily grind with stories about everyday couples finding and fighting for incredible love with the help of a little luck.


Cover Reveal


Title: Cursed (Joey Santana Book 1)
Author: Karina Espinosa
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Cover Designer: Orina Kafe
Publication Date: Oct. 8th, 2021
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR

The headlines read: Human Bitten by Werewolf.


Story of my life.


The names Joey Santana and my twenty-fifth birthday didn’t necessarily go as planned. In a world where supernaturals and humans live together, I was attacked and saved by none other than the Alpha of the Los Angeles Pack. But with survival came a price. And I wasn’t sure if I was ready to pay it.


Fast forward and I’m waking up the next morning in some stranger’s house with a half-naked man coming out of a bathroom. Awkward. And it so happens to be the Alpha’s son, Reed Stone. Right off the bat, he knows I’m trouble with a capital T since there haven’t been any humans turned into supes since supernaturals were outed five years ago. But if he thinks I’m going to sit back and take whatever he’s got coming, he’s painfully mistaken. I might have been human, but I now have canines, and I bite.


We’re forced to work together to wade through the supernatural politics and threats that await me. Our personalities clash in a battle of wills for dominance as the two of us grow closer together to solve the biggest mystery of all—why the hell would my father want to kill me?

Karina Espinosa is the Urban Fantasy Author of the Mackenzie Grey novels and The Last Valkyrie series. An avid reader throughout her life, the world of Urban Fantasy easily became an obsession that turned into a passion for writing strong leading characters with authentic story arcs. When she isn’t writing badass heroines, you can find this self-proclaimed nomad in her South Florida home binge watching the latest series on Netflix or traveling far and wide for the latest inspiration for her books. Follow her on social media!