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Untethered Love by Susan Ring

Title: Untethered Love
Series: Beach Books Cafe #1
Author: Susan Ring
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: September 2, 2021


Would you reveal a deep dark truth that might tear your very soul apart? Or would you stuff it down inside and continue destroying every possible relationship you might have?

Claire is a twenty-two-year-old part time waitress and aspiring artist. She can’t seem to finish a painting agonizing over the truth in the darkness behind the beautiful watercolor strokes of her paintbrush.

She doesn’t trust love or herself.

Justin, is a sports agent living on top of the hill in beautiful Laguna Beach, California. He boldly walks into Claire’s life with past romance baggage threatening to scar him for a lifetime.

Is it life, or karma when they keep bumping into each other? Claire’s past painful memories start to become palpable and she can no longer push them down. Her haunted past follows her and danger is present for everyone involved.

Tethered secrets might keep them apart. What could possibly go wrong?

How about everything. Darkness comes before the light.

Will their love be ruined, or will the truth and power of intimacy set them free to love each other?

Untethered Love, like life, is full of roller coaster ups and downs of love, always emotional, twisted in with romantic suspense. It’s new adult steamy romance laced with the reality of contemporary romance.

Buy today and get ready to experience all the ‘firsts’ with this hot new first love all over again.



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It was always hard to find a man that was tall enough for me. I seemed to attract men who were the same height as myself or shorter. I craved tall men and happened to notice his kissable mouth through my sunbaked arm holding the sun away from my eyes. It was an outline of a man that would be perfect for me, if I was looking, but I wasn’t looking. I couldn’t believe I was being so drawn to who he was, and why was I looking so closely? Typically, I wasn’t that way with men, and definitely it wasn’t something I spoke out loud about except to a best-friend like Chloe. We always talked about men. We both had that hunger to fall in love with a man like this but the work involved made me forget about it all on the spot.
He stuffed his hands into the pockets of his sky-blue colored shorts.
He was too close to me, so close that I had to back up a step to see the rest of his face. The scent of his presence was somewhere between a natural musk smell and the natural scent of sweat from a hot day. The strength of him was overwhelming and our chemistry was a match. He drew me in immediately. I’d never been in love, but I dreamed about intimacy often. He might have been perfect for me.
When I stepped back, I could see his face clearly. It was etched like a Greek god, chiseled around his mouth, chin, and cheek bones. He sported a short gentleman haircut. His hair was dark and lined with his face and light beard. I made my way to his eyes. Oh my God, his eyes left me breathless alone. Now, we’re talking fantasy material, not just some guy I’d want in my life.
I immediately looked away because I was sure he could cast a spell of some kind on me with those two blue sapphire eyes shining down on me when I looked up at him.
He was also someone I was not interested in pursuing because he was way out of my league, and I had a career now. I was now officially an artist with my first very fine piece of art. I have life plans to go after. He would just get in the way.
“Hi.” I managed to return his greeting in a breathless voice.
“I’m Justin, and you are?” he said in a sexy deep vibrational man voice as he extended his hand to shake mine.
“Claire.” I pushed out in a small voice feeling a little breathless.
“Like the air,” he said.
“Claire.” He said my name for the first time. I went breathless again as our hands and eyes met to shake hands.
Breathe, Claire. Let’s keep our head out of the clouds.
His hands and skin were amazingly perfect and soft. It felt like the match had been made, the pheromones were interested on my end and a little mix of sweat on our hands matched as we touched hands.
I kept my head down because by now I’d already memorized every inch of his body. My mind went elsewhere while he was trying hard to make his introduction.
“So, are you going to sell this beautiful painting, Claire?”
I hadn’t even thought about it. What’s he trying to do here? I wondered. I was still thinking about his voice as my mind did a play back of when he referred to my name as “air.” So unique, I thought. So romantic.
“Um, yes… eventually,” I said, trying like hell to act professional.
“How much?” he asked with a grin that was so captivating. I thought it’d be a good idea to paint that grin someday.


Susan Ring released three memoirs into the world and now writes what she loves to read and watch the most, romance.

She creates strong female characters with deep, authentic voices that evoke emotion, and strength of the human condition.

Susan is a natural non-conformist, loves dark coffee with vanilla creamer, anything outdoors (especially the beach) and simple living.

She is mom to three, surrogate mother to eight, and lives in sunny Southern California with her husband, and very interactive cat.