Cover Reveal

Love Reimagined by Alina Lane

Title: Love Reimagined
Series: HeartFelt #2
Author: Alina Lane
Genre: Contemporary Small Town Romance
Cover Design: Kate Farlow, Y’All. That Graphic.
Release Date: September 23, 2021


As a committed bachelor, I never met a challenge I couldn’t talk myself into.

Show up at my best friend’s author signing in a dress? You bet. Besides, I look good.

An impulsive engagement to the love of my life? Great decision until I found her in bed with a tourist.

Open up my heart again? True love deserves your best—okay, you can stop right there. The closest I’ve come is last year’s one-night stand—Olivia, you’re the only exception I’d ever make.

Until my next rock-climbing programs are short one instructor, and guess who fate delivers to my group?

Seems our friends are desperate to play matchmaker—the least I can do is agree to pretend she’s already taken. You know, by me.

That is until I feel the first chink in my bachelor armor. It’s stupid, but…I’m tempted. Even though opening our hearts means opening our pasts, and I can tell Olivia’s got secrets of her own.

I always knew my next dare might be the one that broke me, but when the facts come out, one thing is for sure: what hurts the most aren’t the truths we tell, but the secrets we keep.




I could blame the scotch.
The smoky heat slid down easily with dinner tonight.
But it’s not the scotch’s fault my back was pressed against the door to my cabin less than ten minutes after leaving the restaurant. It’s not the scotch’s fault that my legs effortlessly wrapped around the hips of a sexy park ranger or that I ground my core against an impressive erection.
It was absolutely not the scotch’s fault I slept with Jackson Sawyer, nor is it the scotch’s fault that I’m making a silent, hasty, panic-induced escape in the dead of night.
Nope, that was all me.




Alina Lane writes swoony, steamy, romance that combines all three to capture you from page one and keep you hooked long past the happily ever after.

A pocket sized powerhouse, Alina lives with her personal Hunky Hero and two children in Arizona. Slathering on sunscreen and living life to its fullest she enjoys hiking, camping, fishing and rock climbing in her desert backyard.

When not hard at work on your next literary escape, you can find Alina embracing her bad-assery on Call of Duty, binge reading or shopping for nail dip sets to compliment her book covers.