With Love from Tokyo

Title: With Love from Tokyo
Series: Voyages of the Heart Collection Volume 8
Contributing Authors: Cassie Lee hart, Elias Raven, Jade Royal, Katherine L.E. White, Kristy Gibs, M. Greenhow, Nancy Chastain, and Teresa Crumpton 
Genre: Romance
Release Date: July 28, 2021
Publisher: Royalty Writes Enterprises

Voyages of the Heart…
Passion, adventure, secrets… the cities of the world are each filled with their own unique charm and allure. Our authors have taken up their pens to bring you another series of sensational stories destined to capture your heart and bring forth your emotions, one destination at a time. So, pack your bags and join us once more on this Voyage of the Heart.

With Love From Tokyo…
Whether you are a seasoned traveler with us or a new adventurer, let our many, experienced tour guides lead you through romantic escapades with cherry blossoms along the way. Experience healing from a breakup at the Sensō-ji, coming upon a beautiful stranger in Shinjuku Goyen National Garden, or the awe of the city while standing in the Tokyo Skytree.

Our authors will take excellent care of you, ensuring incredible memories of your time in Tokyo. Each story guarantees uniqueness, love endeavors, and of course a HEA. Grab your passport, your flight is at the gate! Voyages of the Heart: Tokyo is about to begin!

Contributing authors:
Cassie Lee Hart | Elias Raven | Jade Royal | Katherine LE White | Kristy Gibs | M Greenhow | Nancy Chastain | Teresa Crumpton


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