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After Goodbye by Faith Walsh

Title: After Goodbye
Series: Men of Fortitude #10
Author: Faith Walsh
Genre: Steamy Romance
Release Date: September 13, 2021



Between my young son and my demanding job, my hands are full. Even if they weren’t, I’m not sure I’d make time for Aiden Brady. He might be the universe’s gift to women, but I’ve been burned before—one too many times—and trust doesn’t come easy. And while I’m beginning to believe that there’s more to him than just his smoldering good looks, am I brave enough to take that leap?


I’m drawn to Bianca Meyers the minute I meet her and her son. The wall she’s built around herself is only a temporary setback and it’s completely understandable. She’s been let down before by guys who don’t get it, that she and Caleb are a package deal. The more I see and know of her, the more I want with her. She can resist all she wants, but she has turned my world upside-down and I’m not letting her get away without a fight.

Men of Fortitude Series

After All These Years
After Our First Date
After the Storm
After That Kiss
After the Fall
After the Heartbreak
After Tomorrow
After That Whiskey
After Midnight
After Goodbye


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Faith Walsh hails from a small town in upstate New York. She writes smart and sexy alpha males, styled after her own alpha hero, whom she met in college while pursuing her creative writing degree. She can be found trolling book stores and coffee shops, and even hiking when her husband persuades her with a decent reward. She is the mother of two almost adults and the happy servant to several four-legged children. She is the author of The Men of Eden series and The Men of Fortitude series.


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Bound by Amanda Faye


We’re on tour with Bound by Amanda Faye!

Bound ebook

Download your copy of Bound by Amanda Faye today!


About Bound


I like to flirt with trouble, and I always get what I want.

All it took was a bit of liquor and a playful taunt between my best friend, Remi, and Julia, my wife.

Then what I wanted them. Together. Bound and beneath me.

And it was better than I could’ve imagined.

The three of us? We were perfect. Earth-shattering. Addicting.

And buckets full of trouble.

Now I just have to convince Remi that we are worth fighting for.

Bound is book one in the Then There Were Three Trilogy. Bound does end in a cliffhanger, but lucky for you, book two, Broken, is right around the corner. This book is intended for mature audiences.



Meet Amanda Faye

My husband tells people that I write lady porn. I disagree. I write love stories that fuel your soul, breaks your heart, then puts it back together again stronger than when I found it. When you pick up one of my books, you can expect humor, drama, Beta’s in the streets and Alpha’s in the sheets. And sex with the feels so hot that you’ll need a cigarette when it’s over…

And that, my friends, is porn to a lady.

Amanda Faye currently resides in Atlanta with her high school sweetheart and husband of 15 years and their 4 amazing children.

She’s had a passion for reading and writing since she was a child. She stole her first romance novel from her mother at age 12 and hasn’t looked back since.

You could say being a Reeder is in her blood. (Family joke)

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Daughter of the Yellow Dragon


A Mongolian Epic

Fractured Empire Saga, Book 1

Historical Fantasy, Historical Fiction

Release Date: September 13, 2021

Publisher: Pangea Books

Genghis Khan united a nation and created a vast empire for his heirs. But after 200 years of civil war, his empire has fallen into the dark ages.

Mandukhai dreams of being a fierce warrior woman, but her dreams are shattered when she is forced to become the second wife to the Great Khan.

Unebolod spent his life in the Great Khan’s shadow, preparing for a day when he can seize control of the empire. But when he forms a dangerous alliance with Mandukhai, it swiftly transforms into a passion that could destroy them both.

Just as the two are certain their fate will one day bring them together and make Unebolod the next Great Khan, a young prince surfaces to steal the Great Khan’s attention and the hearts of the nation.

Daughter of the Yellow Dragon is the first book in a gripping, gritty historical fiction series based on the epic life of one of the most underrated women in history. The series draws you into a world of brutal Mongol steppe life, deadly political games, and supernatural beliefs.

Please be advised: This book contains adult situations, graphic violence, assault, and personal loss.

Other Books in the Fractured Empire Saga:

Lords of the Black Banner

Book 2

Coming December 13, 2021

Mother of the Blue Wolf

Book 3

Coming April 11, 2022

Empress of the Jade Realm

Book 4

Coming Aug 22, 2022


About The Author

STARR Z. DAVIES is a Midwesterner at heart. While pursuing a degree at the University of Wisconsin, Starr gained a reputation as the “Character Assassin” because she had a habit of utterly destroying her characters emotionally and physically — a habit she steadfastly maintains. Starr’s new Mongolian Epic is based on the life of Queen Mandukhai — a powerful woman history seems to have forgotten.

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Tribute to the Alpha by Cara Wylde

Tribute to the Alpha
Cara Wylde
(Alma Venus Shifter Brides #0.5)
Publication date: March 31st 2021
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance

The war between humans and shapeshifters must end. There has been too much bloodshed, and its time for the factions to sign a peace treaty. But there is one man, one wolf warrior, who does not want peace. Not even when humans would be forced to provide shifters with brides to bear them heirs. Ruarc Bloodmoon is not interested in a willing human bride. All he wants is power.

Alma is the only daughter of the future representative of the human faction, and she is ready to sacrifice herself to keep her loved ones safe. Ruarc will listen to no one and negotiate with no one, but maybe he will, if she offers herself to him. If she becomes the first shifter bride in history, maybe he will finally see that peace is the only way for humans and shifters to move forward.

Note from the author: This is a prequel to the Alma Venus Shifter-Brides series, which currently has four completed novels and various bonus novellas available on Amazon. The series is complete, and ready for you to devour.

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Kobo


Why dont you want peace?”

He growled low in his chest, and that deep, primal sound made something quiver inside Almas fragile body.

Because we dont need it.”

The wolves dont need it…”

Exactly. You humans are weak. Another few months of war, and youd be crushed forever. It baffles me that the other factions dont see it. We can just kill your men to the last one, until only boys are left to protect you. Youd surrender then, and wed enslave all the females. We need child-bearers, after all.”

Almas heart ached. She pressed a hand to her chest, hoping it would ease the pain. It took all her might to not break into tears right then and there. Her survival instinct urged her to bow to the stronger being, bend the knee and ask for mercy for her entire species. But that wouldnt have worked. Not with Ruarc Bloodmoon. She had to be strong.

Youre wrong. You wouldnt be able to crush us. Yes, you are stronger and faster than us, but we have the numbers. Even though youve killed many, there are still plenty left to fight. And were determined. We believe in our cause and in our freedom. Weve learned how to shoot dragons out of the sky. I bet no one expected that to happen, but it did. So, here we are, trying to make peace. Everyone wants it, Ruarc Bloodmoon. What will it take to convince you that this is the only way?”

He shook his head. Youre naïve, Alma Hastings. I dont even know why Im talking to you. This has been a waste of my time.”

He turned on his heels and made to leave. She couldnt let that happen, so she gathered all her courage and dared to grab him by the arm. She couldnt exactly grab him, though, since his biceps was as thick as a tree trunk and her hand was small.

He froze in place, and in what felt like slow motion to both, he turned to face her and look at her hand on his arm. His eyes were wide, betraying disbelief. Shed had the guts to touch him! This small, silly human female had the guts to place her hand on Ruarc Bloodmoon, one of the most feared Alphas of the wolf faction. He wasnt even sure how he should react.

What about the clause concerning shifter brides?” She removed her hand when she realized it had lingered long enough on his taut biceps to become awkward. Humans are obligated to provide shifters with females they will take as wives, and the females will bear their children and help perpetuate the shifter species.”

Ruarc leaned in and sneered in her face. Didnt you hear me, little girl? We can take what we want, no problem. We can take as many women as we want and breed them. Once this war is over and we win, no one will stand in our way.”

A willing wife is better than a wife taken and enslaved. Less drama. She wont try to escape, harm her mate, or harm herself. Maybe harm the children she never wanted. You must see that Im right.”

Right?” He laughed. Is that what you think you are?”

She pursed her lips and forced herself to ignore his comment.

I will prove it to you. I volunteer to become the first shifter bride. Your bride, if youll have me.”

Ruarcs jaw was about to fall in shock, but he couldnt have that, so he clenched it tightly instead. He didnt know what hed expected from the little female, but it certainly hadnt been this. She was offering herself to him, just so she could prove that the peace treaty with that clause in it could work. He had to admit that Alma Hastings was brave. And maybe a tad stupid. Nonetheless, shed taken him by surprise, and it didnt often happen that Ruard Bloodmoon was taken by surprise.

Ill sleep on it,” he grunted, then was out of the room.

Author Bio:

Cara Wylde loves to write about strong, feisty women and their hot Alphas who will do anything to make them happy. Her books are filled with romance and just a dash of mystery, suspense, and that eerie atmosphere she fell in love with reading too many gothic novels. With a master’s degree in Comparative Literature, she can’t help but play with tropes and themes from various genres, trying to come up with fresh perspectives on the paranormal characters her readers love so much. Vampires, shapeshifters, demons, witches… Cara will always make sure they get their own twists.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Instagram / Bookbub / Pinterest / Amazon / Newsletter

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Interstellar Angel by Laura Navarre

Title: Interstellar Angel
Series: Astral Heat #1
Author: Laura Navarre
Genre: Reverse Harem Sci-Fi Romance
Release Date: October 12, 2021


Trapped in a galactic mating contest where desire can be deadly, the only guys she wants are the three she can never trust.

In a faraway galaxy on the edge of apocalypse, cyber samurai Kaia of Kryll is the daughter of a tyrant who’s worshipped as a god by billions. A prison sentence she’ll kill to escape, since women like Kaia are worshipped in chains. And she’s just become the prize five hundred testosterone-fueled suitors will lie, seduce, and slaughter to possess in a ritual contest for her bed.

In the scramble to slip past her samurai defenses into her cybersuit, the only guys she wants are the three she can never trust. These four have a boatload of shared secrets and a shared passion so combustible it’s practically pyrophoric—breaking every dangerous rule on a world where lovers are crucified for unconventional unions. Their illicit heat will either end the war destroying all their races…

Or get the four of them killed when a god unleashes a fatwa for their heads.

Interstellar Angel is an epic, hyper-sexy, reverse harem space opera/sci fi romance and your gateway to the Astral Heat universe, where Star Wars meets 50 Shades by way of The Hunger Games. Laura Navarre delivers turbocharged outer space action with a fearless heroine, a cliffhanger series that ends with a guaranteed happily-ever-after, and a whole lot of heat.

Discover Interstellar Angel and blast off to adventure today!


Only $2.99!



Releasing December 1


Releasing February 8



A long time ago in a galaxy far away, Laura Navarre was an award-winning dark historical romance author for Harlequin, while her diabolical twin Nikki Navarre wrote sexy spy romance for Affluent Press. In a daring bid to escape a global pandemic, armed only with an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction, Laura voyaged through a wormhole to an alternate universe where she crafts turbocharged, epic, hyper-erotic science fiction romance starring three super-sexy heroes, one seriously kickass heroine and plenty of sleek, sizzling outer space action.

Interstellar Angel is a sleek, steamy reverse harem space opera/sci fi romance and your gateway to the Astral Heat universe, where Star Wars meets 50 Shades by way of The Hunger Games. Laura Navarre delivers turbocharged outer space action with a fearless heroine, a cliffhanger series that ends with a guaranteed happily-ever-after, and a whole lot of heat.

Interstellar Angel is coming to a galaxy near you in fall 2021. Sign up for Laura’s newsletter to get a sneak peek at the first chapter today and blast off to adventure!


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Awakening Adi by Havana Wilder 

Awakening Adi
Havana Wilder
(Iron Mountain, #4)
Publication date: September 10th 2021
Genres: Adult, Dystopian, Fantasy, Romance

~New threats are discovered~ ~Two unlikely allies~ ~One deadly Uprising~

Embarking on a journey to helping her best friends restore a castle that now belongs to DJ Adis world is turned upside down.
As her four-year relationship hangs on by a thread, shes faced with a heart wrenching decision to help a new friend who knows all about her and her gifts.

Callum walks into her life in need of help and her world comes to a screeching halt when she finds out why…

~All is not as it seems~

Deciding to help a guy whom her current love interest hates causes her already chaotic world to spiral out of control leaving her questioning everything.

She soon finds out there is no action too horrible or too grand when pursing the one you love or are fighting your enemies.

Adi finds herself stuck in a love triangle between Callum and her beloved Larson.

Torn between right and wrong, justice and peace, honesty and immorality. Adi struggles to embrace herself and the world around her.

Does the battle she chooses to fight end in victory or total defeat?

In the midst of all the mayhem will either guy ultimately win Adis heart, or has too much damage been done for her to get her happily ever after?

Goodreads / Amazon

Author Bio:

Havana has always had a vivid imagination and is an avid dreamer. As a child, she used to have a goal of making her mom laugh as much as she could by coming up with some very outlandish stories. As she grew up she discovered her love of fantasy romances and dreamt about becoming an author herself. So, she decided to put her dreams into reality by becoming an author herself.
Be sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook for updates at Havana Wilder.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Instagram / Bookbub

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Springtime in Magnolia Bloom by Paula Adler

Magic and happily-ever-afters are in bloom!
Grab Springtime in Magnolia Bloom by Paula Adler today, #free in #KindleUnlimited!



PBS should make a mini-series. The MacInnes sisters, different in every way…except for how much they need each other.

Alyssa’s country music career was a dream come true. But lately, something’s off. The words, the notes, the passion…they’ve abandoned her. Now, it’ll take some serious soul searching–and maybe a little help from her family–to rediscover her muse and figure out what to do next…

Bailey won’t be denied what she wants. Not ever again. And she’ll do whatever it takes to make sure her daughter reaches her full potential, too. But with all her careful planning comes sacrifice–for both of them. Is the cost of security more than Bailey’s willing to pay?

Cammie is at rock bottom. She lost her husband, her law practice, and her fancy lifestyle practically overnight. It’s time for this former wild child to make some hard decisions and figure out what she truly wants from life–and from love…

Alyssa, Bailey, and Cammie aren’t asking for happily ever after endings, but with sisterly love and the magic of Magnolia Bloom, anything is possible…

#reviewblitz #springtimeinmagnoliabloom #magnoliabloom #womensfiction #romancenovels #romantifcition #freshfiction #bookbuzz #bookclub #booksbooksbooks #bookish #booklovers #bookworms #readers

About Paula:

Paula Adler is a born and raised Texan who doesn’t believe the DNA report — she’s way more than 12.6% Scottish! If she’s not writing, you’ll probably find her dancing or SCUBA diving. Connect with her at

Find Paula Online!

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Corrupted Crown by Kristen Luciani


We’re on tour with Corrupted Crown by Kristen Luciani!


Download your copy of Corrupted Crown by Kristen Luciani today!

Corrupted Crown Instagram

About Corrupted Crown

My best friend’s sister needs protection and I need a wife.

Kyla Costigan.

I can’t even say her name without my mouth twisting like I’ve just tasted poison.

Because that’s exactly what she is – vicious and stubborn enough to battle the devil himself.

She also happens to be the sexiest, most gorgeous woman I’ve ever laid eyes on…and my best friend’s little sister.

Time has transformed every inch of her into a sultry vixen, but she still has a black heart trapped inside a body I’d die for.

Kyla is also the only woman who can to turn me into a power-hungry and ruthless animal, and right now, that’s exactly who I have to be if I’m going to save my family.

Turns out, we need each other.

So the arrangement has been made.

She-Devil is about to become a Mrs.

My Mrs.

That is, if we don’t kill each other first.

I’m going to need a bigger pitchfork if I have any shot of surviving.

Corrupted Crown Teaser 5Corrupted Crown Teaser 6Corrupted Crown Teaser 7-1Corrupted Crown Teaser 8

KL New Profile copy

Meet Kristen Luciani

Kristen Luciani is a USA Today bestselling author of steamy and suspense-filled romance. She’s addicted to kickboxing, Starburst jelly beans, and swooning over dark, broken anti-heroes. Kristen is happily married to her own real-life hero of over 20 years. In addition to penning spicy stories, she also has a part-time job as her three kids’ personal Uber driver, which she manages to successfully juggle along with her other tasks: laundry, cleaning, laundry, cooking, laundry, and caring for her adorable Boston Terrier puppy.

Mafia romance is her passion…and her poison.

Author Links:

Facebook –

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Cover Reveal

Inked Craving by Carrie Ann Ryan

 COVER REVEAL! Inked Craving by Carrie Ann Ryan releases February 15!
This is Paige Montgomery’s romance with ______. Want to find her hero? Well, you’ll have to first read Inked Devotion for that. No Spoilers! Blurb to be revealed soon!
Pre-order this contemporary romance today!
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Cover Design: Sweet N Spicy Designs
Photographer: Sara Eirew

#1 Inked Persuasion


#2 Inked Obsession

#3 Inked Devotion – Releasing October 26

#5 Inked Temptation – Releasing July 11, 2022