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Deviant Vows by Anna Widzisz & Shanjida Nusrath Ali

Title: Deviant Vows
Series: The Quarter Chronicles #1
Authors: Anna Widzisz & Shanjida Nusrath Ali
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: September 15, 2021



I fought for leadership, power and money. It was never given to me. I earned it. But I never thought I’d have to agree to give up half of it just to protect my people from the war I made myself. Arranging marriage to my enemy is the last thing I want. Turns out Macsen Addison – the boss of North Liverpool – is the solution to all my problems. Now I can’t get out of this deal because I’ve made a vow.


Sharing power has never been my forte. But when my people are getting slaughtered each and every day, things have to change. I control everything in my life, except choosing the woman I will marry. Yet there I am accepting an offer made by the queen of South Liverpool to become my wife. Turns out she’s everything I admire and respect. Now I try to fight to have something real because I’ve made a vow.



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“You will be a part of my family soon, carrying the respect and pride of the Addison name. There are certain rules you must follow.”
She surprisingly offers a sweet, gentle smile, suddenly changing her composure from being a cold stone statue to a charming woman. She leans closer until my hot breath fans over her face.
I frown, confused at her sudden change.
“Please, do tell.” Even her voice oozes with politeness.
“You will behave like an ideal wife. Be polite and respectful to each and everyone. Attend every function I will go to. You can even meet the other captains’ wives for their usual lunch meetings.”
She nods at every order I list out, listening to each word.
Good thing she is learning already, otherwise she won’t be able to cope on the first day. I have no idea how things are within her family, but it surely is different than in mine.
“Anything else?” she asks with a seductive yet sweet voice. She licks her lips and the sight stirs a hint of desire within me.
Focus, Macsen.
“After we get married you will hand over your position. I will take care of the Liverpool territory and The Firm.”
The smile instantly disappears and before I can speak furthermore, she slaps me right across my face with a viper speed. Her whole demeanor changes.


Anna Widzisz is an author of dark romance. She currently lives in Poland. She loves travelling, dancing, and reading whenever she’s not writing. With her books she pulls you into the mafia’s terrifying world. Darkness becomes your companion. Scenes that are hard to swallow and matured characters that make you love and hate them at the same time, creating a genuine reflection of what the mafia is really about – power games, torture, murder, lust and perhaps if you look deep enough, love as well.

Shanjida Nusrath Ali is a 19 year old English major student by day and an aspiring independent author by night. Known for her mafia romance book, Cross My Heart, she loves to write about characters going through a dark and heartbreaking path to love with consequences at every turn and coming out stronger in time.