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Falling All In by Gia Kim

Title: Falling All In
Author: Gia Kim
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 8, 2021


With her history of bad relationships, Mindy believes the closest she will ever get to martial bliss is standing up at her best friend’s wedding.

Then, she meets Austin.

The wedding photographer is sexy, charming, and completely unattainable. Still, Mindy is irresistibly drawn to him. Even though she’s convinced she’s setting her self up for another heartache, seeing everyone else around her find love prompts her to take the risk… one last time.

After a painful breakup in college, Austin made his career his sole focus. Photographing weddings seemed a far safer option than vowing himself to a lifelong commitment. While he couldn’t deny his attraction to Mindy, he pushed her away out of fear of getting hurt.

He thought concentrating on work would chase all thoughts of the enticing beauty from his mind. But something seems to be missing from his life, there’s a hole in his heart no distraction can fill. Only when he sees Mindy in passing does he realize letting her walk out of his life was the biggest mistake he ever made. Can Austin convince her to give him a second chance? Or was their shot at happiness over before it even began?


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“The man was gorgeous with wavy dark-brown hair that fell casually onto his forehead as he met her gaze, and from where she stood, it looked like his eyes held a hint of green. It took what seemed like forever for her legs to reach him and for James to give the introductions.
“Austin, this is my fiancée Nicki and her best friend and maid of honor, Mindy.” Austin gripped and shook Nicki’s hand first, then his strong hand met Mindy’s. Her gross, clammy hand. But clammy or not, her hand lingered longer than necessary. When he let go and wiped his hand on his jeans, she cringed. How embarrassing.
“Nice to meet you, Mindy.” His low and husky voice fit him well.
“It’s nice to meet you,” she said, her voice shaky.
Austin glanced down at her one more time before turning to the couple. “I’d like to start in front of the barn doors and then move over more to the field by the trees. Do you have different outfits you need to change into?”
Nicki and James both shook their heads. The three trailed off together while Mindy stayed close behind, pretending to be interested in the scenery and not staring at the sexy photographer.
She found it attractive when a man showed confidence in his job, and Austin did just that, taking complete control of the shoot. She could see he was a natural with his camera, and he clearly was not shy about telling Nicki and James how to pose to get the best shot.
Heat rose in her cheeks as she imagined what that confidence would look like in the bedroom. She bit her lip and looked away.
During a break, while Nicki and James quenched their thirst, Austin flicked through his camera roll. Then all of a sudden, he stopped and met her gaze, sending a rush of heat over her face.”


Gia Kim runs on coffee and chaos.
The perfect day includes a cup of joe and a running to-do list.
With two littles and no personal space, she escapes into her romance novels to stay sane. Each chapter draws her more into a realm filled with star-crossed lovers and happy endings.
These novels and sweet escapes have inspired Gia to start the journey of being an author herself, with a debut novel releasing soon!
She wants to write stories of her own about everyday couples that have whimsical meet-cutes, where they fall in love and get their HEA.