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A Cat for Troy Virtual Book Tour

 Wishes & Dreams Series

Paranormal Romance

Date Published: 03-04-2021

Veterinarian Troy Shelton has no idea what he’s letting himself in for when he rescues a friend’s cat from the shelter after a dog attack. The friendly but demanding calico soon has Troy and his pregnant collie wrapped around her furry paw. But strange things begin happening in Troy’s home when he’s away, and he could almost think someone else was living there besides him.

Torn and hurting, Katerina appreciates Troy’s gentle care. She also appreciates his strong form and handsome face as much as the way he cuddles her. She’s trapped in her cat form until her wounds heal, but once she’s well again she finds herself oddly reluctant to resume her human form and life away from Troy. But someone else is interested in Troy, and that someone else has already tried to kill Cat once.

About the Author

Allie McCormack is a disabled U.S. military veteran, now pursuing her life-long dream of being a writer. Allie has traveled quite a bit and lived many places all over the U.S., as well as a year in Cairo, Egypt as an exchange student, and a year in Saudi Arabia under contract to a hospital in Riyadh. Allie now lives in wine country in beautiful southern California with her family and two rescue cats.

Allie says: “A writer is who and what I am… a romance writer. I write what I know, and what I know is romance. Dozens of story lines and literally hundreds of characters live and breathe within the not-so-narrow confines of my imagination, and it is my joy and privilege to bring them to life, to share them with others by writing their stories.”

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Soul: Part One Virtual Book Tour


Date Published: 05-11-2021

Awakened from an ancient slumber, a warrior of the old gods finds his immediate future bound by fate to the failures of his past. As he struggles to gather allies amongst the untrusting denizens of this oppressed new world, the ancient warrior seeks to secure the plans for the weapon his unit died trying to destroy, only to find himself hunted not only by those who stole those plans but by the very people that he seeks to save.

About the Author

I started out writing for myself when I was a pre-teen, during long hours running Sunday open houses for my father’s apartment building, writing mainly to keep myself entertained. My interest in storytelling helped shift my attention to acting, leading to my getting my bachelors of arts in theater. Even after entering more mundane employment, I would often write and draw short sketches and occasional short stories, as well as adventures for role-playing games. After years of dancing around my love of storytelling, I finally sat down in front of my computer and got serious, producing my first trilogy of novels, the first book of which I hope you will find compelling enough to represent.

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Bought by Colleen Charles

Bought by Colleen Charles is available now!
A Virgin Auction Romance
Available Now

A leader is the one who never gives up.

I built my company from the ground up and now I sit on a throne of iron.

But I’ve sworn off love because I only want one woman.

The one I can’t have.

We met back in grade school. Chasing each other around the playground. Spilling our secrets in the dead of night.

I crushed hard and those feelings I caught haven’t even begun to fade.

So when my sweet, innocent Emmie wants to erase her six-figure student loan debt by auctioning her perfect body off to the highest bidder?

I see red.

If my naughty little engineer thinks she can gift her purity to another man…

She’s about to be bought.


Bought is a steamy long novella by USA Today Bestselling Author, Colleen Charles, about a sexy CEO who will stop at nothing to stop his geeky best friend from auctioning off her virginity. It’s the fourth Naughty Little Book and is a standalone with all the steam and feels you’re looking for, along with an emotional HEA.

About the Author:
Colleen Charles is the USA Today Bestselling author of Perfectly Imperfect Romance for perfectly imperfect readers.

Take a chance and join her… you won’t be sorry you did.

Colleen loves to hear from her readers, and she answers all communications personally. You can find her at: – FREE FULL-LENGTH EXCLUSIVE NOVEL for new subscribers


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Curse of the Gods Virtual Book Tour

YA Historical Fantasy

Date Published: 09-21-2021

Dare to defy the Gods?

The Gods demand absolutes, absolute devotion to a prophecy Seanait wishes wasn’t real. Ever since her riastrad awoke she has trained for her seventeenth birthday and the beginning of her destiny. With only a few months left, she is ready to return home to Ulster but when Romans invade Caledonia she can’t leave the land defenseless. Taking up arms next to her best friend Eion she is ready to defy the Gods and save lives. A chance encounter with the seventh fae prince of Amanthia, Cillian, awakens a dream that could change everything.

Cillian has spent nearly a year running from the trials for the crown of Amanthia. He wants nothing to do with the faelands who see him as a monster because of his Primal magic. He’s determined to never return but when Gods meddle in the fates of fae and humans alike everything will not go to plan. In order to survive the war with the Romans and their own destinies, Seanait and Cillian must depend on the one thing pulling them closer, their uncertain hearts.

This is YA historical fantasy series based on the Irish myth of Cu Chulainn.

About the Author

I am a new author who started my self-publishing journey this year in 2021. Curse of the Gods will be my fourth book this year but not my last. I live in the Philadelphia area with a house full of crazy cats you can see on my Instagram or website. I’m a long-time reader and fantasy fan. Anything with strong female protagonists pulls me in.

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TikTok: Tiktok @r.l.mcintyre

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The Spark Between Us by Stacy Travis

The Spark Between Us, an all-new roommates to lovers, opposites attract standalone romance from author Stacy Travis is available now!

When I move to small town Carolwood, I don’t expect to run into a hot-as-sin firefighter with smoldering gray eyes and eight-pack abs. Literally. With my car. Doesn’t help matters that Braden Michaels is my brother’s best friend. And my new roommate.

He’s too busy putting out blazes and igniting them in the hearts of women to pay much attention to me. I’m just here for work—six months of nerding out at a world-renowned science lab, then going home to a nice promotion and the boring men in my comfort zone.

I’m not here for a rescue fantasy, a fire station pole dance, or a romantic walk in a vineyard. I’m certainly not here to fall in love.

Until one earth-shattering night when we collide in a ball of white-hot sparks, and everything changes. We’re no longer just roommates. I don’t know what we are. But edging open Braden’s complicated heart knocks something loose in mine. All my plans and scientific facts start to pale in comparison with feelings I can’t control.

My time here has an expiration date and neither one of us wants to get hurt. Rushing into a burning building seems less risky than chasing the spark between us. Maybe it’s smarter to walk away. Or maybe I’ve found the one reason to stay.

We’ll either fall in love or we’ll go down in flames.

The Spark Between Us is Sarah and Braden’s story in the Berkeley Hills series and is an opposites attract STANDALONE novel.

Fall in love today!
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“Is there something you want if I decide your brownies do live up to the hype?” He winked. The damn fireman was flirting.

I narrowed my eyes at him. “What’s your game, mister? You’re the one who’s in charge here. You get to lay down a verdict once you taste these things,” I said, pointing to the squares in front of us. “You want me to wager something, just so you can find a tiny bit of fault with my recipe and assure I don’t get it?”

He took a step closer to me, and I could feel the heat radiating from his large, muscular body. Maybe that was his intention, to throw me off. It was working. My heart started beating so fast I could feel it in my throat.

Two could play at that game. I took a step closer to him so we were almost touching. I had to tilt my head back to look him in the eye, which emphasized how tall he was, easily over six feet.

“I’d never do something so underhanded.” His eyes met mine and moved briefly to my lips before returning to stare me down. His closeness made my body ache with desire, a warm flush spreading under his gaze.

Maybe that’s why I blurted out the first thing that came into my head. “Fine. If the brownies are as good as I say, you have to kiss me.”

I saw the surprise register in his eyes for a split second before he recovered. His shock was nothing compared to my own.

Where the hell had that come from? I swallowed hard and steadied my gaze at him, unwilling to back down.

His smirk returned, and he nodded at me, taking one step back.

“Fine. Deal.”

We shook on it. 

“Actually . . .” I started to backpedal, but Braden held up a hand. He picked up the paper towels with the brownies and handed one to me. He even went so far as to clink brownies in a chocolate toast.

“Best of luck to you.” He paused to take a whiff of the brownie, blinking hard. Then he took a generous bite. I was so fixated on watching his straight teeth bite through the chocolate and his lips wrap around the bite he’d just taken that I forgot I held one of my favorite desserts in my hand.

The planet may have stopped spinning in real time and begun moving in slow motion, just so I could see the muscle in Braden’s jaw pop as he chewed the bite, and his stormy gray eyes fix on mine until he finally closed them.

When he swallowed and licked his bottom lip, it was almost like he’d licked me. I went limp. “Oh my God,” he moaned, eyes rolling back.

  I barely heard his words amid the whole-body orgasm I was having. But something about the heated look gave me told me I’d succeeded in wooing his tastebuds. “Verdict?”

   He took another bite and threw up his hands. “I concede,” he said around a mouthful of brownie. “You win. These are amazing.”

   That thought made me happy because I felt pretty stolid in my brownie-making skills, and I liked the affirmation. But then . . . oh shit. I didn’t want him to feel obligated to kiss me. It was like something out of a high-school spin the bottle party. I felt ridiculous.

I started waving my hands. “But forget about the whole wager thing. That was just a joke. You don’t have to—”

  “Yes, I do.” His eyes clouded with heat, the barest smile on his lips replaced with serious intention. “A bet’s a bet.”

His hands cupped my face as he leaned in closer, and I felt the air leave my lungs in a whoosh. I inhaled roughly, taking in the scent of woodsy aftershave and fresh soap, watching the fire in his eyes until they blurred in my vision.

The heat from his hands and the way he brushed the pad of his thumb over my cheek caused my eyes to drift closed. His lips brushed softly against mine, like a whisper. My breath hitched, his fingertips licking my skin like flames from a torch.

About Stacy Travis
It’s a rough world out there, and we all sometimes need a good, romantic beach read, even if we can’t make it to the beach. I’ve spent many lazy days walking the streets of Paris and other gorgeous European cities, and if I’m doing it right, I’m bringing you a dash of romance and a vacay fantasy.
I can’t sit still, so when I’m not hiking, biking or running, I’m playing a very average game of tennis. Background music for writing undoubtedly features some U2, Lizzo, Billy Joel, Pink, Taylor Swift, and Led Zeppelin. Not necessarily in that order. And if I could only eat one food group, it would be cheese. Or wine. Or bread. Are those food groups? Whatever.

Connect with Stacy
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Saving Cate by Ellie Masters

Title: Saving Cate
Series: The One I Want #3
Author: Ellie Masters
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Release Date: September 21, 2021


True love isn’t about falling in love. Sometimes it’s about letting go…

Caleb broke what should never have been broken. He made a mistake and walked away from his soulmate to join the Marines and become the man she deserves. Now grief has stolen Cate’s smiles. He did that. He destroyed her happiness.
When he returns as a Delta Force Operative, the elite of the elite, he’s not prepared for the woman she’s become, or how her feelings for him have changed. She’s smart, feisty, fiercely independent, and hates his guts.
A blizzard, a mountain rescue, and an overly affectionate dog will unite them. They’ll have to work together to survive, but she doesn’t want him to stay.
If she won’t accept they’re meant to be together, she’s in for a fight because he’s never giving up.
Will Caleb and Cate rekindle their lost love? Or is this the end?

Rescuing Cate is a steamy, second chance, contemporary romantic suspense, about love at first sight. It features a protective hero and the smart, feisty heroine who steals his heart. If you believe in true love and soulmates, this story is your happily ever after.

Get your copy today and let the binge-reading begin.

(Rescuing Cate was previously published as Caleb.)



Free in Kindle Unlimited


He takes a step toward me.
I shift back.
“You’re not running from this.” The muscles of his jaw bunch, and he gives a slow shake of his head.
“Caleb …”
“You’re more beautiful than freshly fallen snow.”
I hold out a hand, trying to stave him off, and take another step back.
He steps toward me. “You’re mesmerizing like a spring rain and more vibrant than the flowers poking up through the snow. You’re wild like fall leaves blowing with wintery gusts. You’re my eternal summer, my endless fall, the warm embrace of winter, with all the hopes of spring to carry me through. You can’t run from this. You can’t run from us.”
I stare at him, defiant and afraid. He isn’t letting this go.
Our gazes lock in a silent battle while he advances and I retreat. A war rages between us until tears rise in my eyes when I can no longer deny the truth.
“Why did you have to come back? Why couldn’t you stay away?” Tears roll down my cheeks as he heaves a deep sigh.
We stand for a moment, simply feeling each other’s presence.
For what seems an eternity, I feel the beating of my heart. It wants to run to him, but I hold it back.
Not exactly sure when he moves, or how he crosses the remaining space between us, I gasp as he grabs my arm. My heart skips a beat, and I try to yank free.
He cups my chin and backs me against the heavy front door. There’s nowhere to run, not that I would.
He forces me to look at him, to breathe him in, and absorb every detail, every nuance of his expression. In him, I see the boy who grew into a powerful man. His determined stare, blue eyes blown out by the dark depths of his lust, and the hitch in his breath, tells me everything I need to know.
He loves me too.



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Free in Kindle Unlimited


Releasing October 19


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Releasing July 31



Ellie writes the kind of heart-stopping, pulse-pounding, can’t-stop-reading romance filled with all your sexy, swoon-worthy, alpha men. They have to be, because the heroines Ellie writes are strong women with take charge attitudes.

International, bestselling, multi-genre author, Ellie writes the stories she loves to read. Dark romance lover? Sweet contemporary romance? How about a romantic suspense to whet your appetite? Ellie writes it all. Don’t wait any longer, your next book boyfriend is waiting for you.

Born in the South, raised under the Hawaiian sun, Ellie has traveled the globe while in service to her country. The love of her life, her amazing husband, is her number one fan and biggest supporter. And yes! He’s read every word she’s written.

Don’t forget to sign up for her newsletter. Never miss another release, sale, or exclusive.


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Duplicitous by Yolanda Olson & Abigail Davies

Title: Duplicitous
Series: A Tale of Treachery #1
Authors: Yolanda Olson & Abigail Davies 
Genre: Dark Student/Teacher Romance
Release Date: TBD
Cover Design: Pretty in Ink Creations

I’m the worst thing that’s happened to almost everyone I meet.

I learned that from Momma.

I was hoping that things would have been different this year—that I wouldn’t have been the embarrassment of Piedmont High, but I was wrong.

It started with the whispers, like it always does, but then the looks followed.

Not just anyone’s look.


I may have felt this before for another man but not as strongly as I do for him.

He knows that I’m different, that I’m dangerous, yet he doesn’t stay away.

It’s almost as if everything that’s bad about me calls to him.

He wants me to show me that things can be better than they are, that the world isn’t black and white.

And while I know that this is wrong, he makes it all seem so goddamn right.

From USA today bestselling author, Yolanda Olson and Abigail Davies comes the beginning of a thrilling forbidden series.

Yolanda Olson is a USA Today Bestselling and award-winning author. Born and raised in Bridgeport, CT where she currently resides, she usually spends her time watching her favorite channel, Investigation Discovery. Occasionally, she takes a break to write books and test the limits of her mind. Also an avid horror movie fan, she likes to incorporate dark elements into the majority of her books.

You can keep in touch with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Abigail is the author of over twenty five novels; her favorite to write being anything full of angst and drama. Her writing space is her safe haven where she can get lost—and tortured—in the world of her characters.

When not writing, Abi is mother to two beautiful daughters, a black cat, a chocolate labrador, and three guinea pigs.

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Ground Sweet As Sugar: The Complete Story by Catherine C. Heywood






♦ ♦ ♦

This must-have collector’s edition includes Ground Sweet as Sugar and The Virtues of Vice, the alternate-ending novella, Into the Complete Unknown, and Catherine C. Heywood’s research notes on “Building the World of Seven Stars.”

1797: After a century of clarifying oppression, Ireland seethes on the brink of rebellion. It waits on one violent tremor—the execution of a seventeen-year-old girl. All Charlotte Dillon wants is to escape. When she slips her fate, she discovers her future lies in the hands of James Blair, a sugar planter with deep ties to her enemies.

Bound to James for seven years, Charlotte must find a way to conceal her true identity and crime, even as they set sail for the West Indies, even as they confront the limits of their endurance, even as they fall in love. 

Meanwhile, an ocean away, a rebellion is unfolding and a mystery unraveling that threaten the tenderness growing between them. Through harrowing battles and the ache of longing, James and Charlotte must face devastating reckonings to finally know the sweetness they’ve earned.

 Sweeping from Ireland’s bleeding battlefields to St. Croix’s burning sugarcane fields, Ground Sweet as Sugar: The Complete Story is the entire saga of power, punishment, and undying love.

Included in this adaptation is INTO THE COMPLETE UNKNOWN –

An alternate-ending novella to the Ground Sweet as Sugar story, the unforgettable coming-of-age saga of one girl’s fight for her freedom, her country, and her heart… 

1801: James Blair wakes, in pain and adrift, on the Caribbean Sea with no memory of how he got there. No memory, he soon discovers, of the last eight years of his life. All he wants is to retreat to what he knows, but forces around him demand he confront a tangled life he can’t seem to bear. 

Resolved to leave James for good, Charlotte Dillon flees the West Indies for a new life. But the most powerful woman in France and a mysterious man who seems to know her secrets disturb her quiet life in the vine rows of Montmartre. And little does she know that the one man who still moves her is the one man who’s still coming for her.

Sweeping from a careless Caribbean to a restless France, Into the Complete Unknown is Book III in the epic Ground Sweet as Sugar saga of power, punishment, and undying love.

♦ ♦ ♦


GSAS_TCS Available Now #3

GSAS_TCS Available Now Teaser #1

♦ ♦ ♦


Moments later, Charlotte storms onto the dock, a vision in gray silk and cream lace with a russet bow at the bodice and tendrils of auburn hair whipping free from the bun atop her head. The switch of her hips and the loud clack, clack, clack, clack of her shoes as she treads causes the men to part, leaving them stopped and gaping in her wake.

Near the Anne’s gangplank, James casually leans against a post, his voice lighthearted as he banters with her crew.

“How dare you!” Charlotte stops beside him.

James turns, his expression falling from wide-open contentment to narrowed outrage in a blink. “How dare me? How dare you!”

“How dare me? Me?

Keogh appears and claps them on their shoulders. “Children, has it been like this the whole time I’ve been away?”

“No!” They answer in unison while glaring at one another.

“Oh, good. You’ve been saving it up for my return.”

♦ ♦ ♦


Read the First Chapter HERE!

♦ ♦ ♦

Catherine C. Heywood is an Amazon bestselling author of romantic historical fiction and a former political speechwriter and communications consultant. Raised in Red Wing, Minnesota, she studied international politics at the University of Edinburgh and has degrees in politics, writing, and communications from the University of St. Thomas and Boston College.

She explored the law and improv before settling on storytelling. Her worst job was scraping year-old tobacco spit off a shoe factory wall. Her best is doing this.

She lives in western Wisconsin with her husband and sons, and her interests include architecture and design, fashion and food.

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Craving Oblivion & Sultry Oblivion by Alexa Padgett

Craving Oblivion & Sultry Oblivion
Oblivion Series Books 2 & 3
Author: Alexa Padgett
Genre: Contemporary New Adult Romance


Their love was like a song, full of body and the right notes…

Aya Aldringham ran away from Nash’s betrayal, but no matter how far she goes, she can’t outrun her feelings for him. The only way to survive is to shut down, erecting fences around her heart that are too tall to scale.

She puts on a mask for the world, but when trying to move on earns her an unexpected marriage proposal from a new man, Aya is left second-guessing her life choices. What does she really want, and how much longer can she deny who she desires?

Nash never recovered from the last night he spent with Aya, and the way she ghosted him proves everything he believes about love and how badly it sucks.

Drugs and alcohol numb the gaping, Aya-shaped hole in his heart, when playing to sold-out crowds no longer fills the void. Fame ripped her from his arms, but is he desperate enough to put his faith in an old enemy for a second chance? Because no matter how hard he tries to deny it…

While crowds might clamor for just one touch, one look…

He only wants hers.

CRAVING OBLIVION is book 2 in the angsty bestselling rockstar romance series OBLIVION. Start reading now—and fall in beat with Nash and Aya’s heart-stealing romance!




The boy she fell for was her superstar. Now, he’s a rock legend.

Their love becomes a media circus.

Aya and Nash are amazing together, but the rest of the world isn’t so happy with their relationship. The paparazzi hound them. Bloggers and fans tear the couple down. Even Nash’s bandmates are sharpening their claws.

Every stolen moment together is a fight. Against jealousy. Against Aya’s fear of the limelight. Against the world. Worse, her history with his fame threatens Nash’s hard-won and tentative grasp on trust.

Their passion burns brighter than the strongest flame, but can it survive its time in the public eye?

SULTRY OBLIVION is book 3 in the angsty bestselling rockstar romance series OBLIVION. Start reading now—and fall in beat with Nash and Aya’s heart-stealing romance!






Releasing October 12



USA Today Bestseller Alexa Padgett’s books have garnered accolades from prestigious organizations, including Kirkus Reviews, National Indie Excellence Awards, and Publishers Weekly.

Alexa spent a good part of her youth traveling. From Budapest to Belize, Calgary to Coober Pedy, she soaked in the myriad smells, sounds, and feels of these gorgeous places, wishing she could live in them all–at least for a while. And she does in her books.

She lives in New Mexico with her husband, children, and Great Pyrenees pup, Ash. When not writing, schlepping, or volunteering, she can be found in her tiny kitchen, channeling her inner Barefoot Contessa.