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Fight by Montana Fyre

Title: Fight
Series: Forest Falls #3
Author: Montana Fyre
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 22, 2021


When I make a promise, I keep it.
She underestimated me when she left. She thought if she put distance between us, I would give up and move on. Oh how mistaken she was.
It wouldn’t have mattered where she ran, I always would have found her.
There’s something about Ariah that makes me a mad man. It sends me off the deep end and makes me do things I never would have for anyone else.
Like send a PI across the world to find her.
Fuck. She made it hard for him. She knew the recourses I had at my disposal and she hid like her life depended on it…which it did.
Too bad for her I found her. Living her perfect little life with her friends and that idiot boyfriend of hers.
I knew I was going to fucking love tearing everything she loved away from her.
And all she would have left was me.

Fight is the conclusion of Ariah and Braxton’s story from Flight. Fight cannot be read as a standalone and should only be read after reading Flight.

Trigger Warning: This book contains violence and readers discretion is advised.



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I had given a lot of thought to the final moment of my life over the years. Morbid, I know, but when you have faced death as many times as I had, it’s natural. I thought I would be scared, that the final breaths I took would hurt, and I thought I would be alone. But instead, as my consciousness drifted, images flashed before my eyes, just as they had when I thought I was about to drown. Braxton filled my mind, the memories of the time we had spent together, his kisses, the memory of the first time he told me he loved me, all the times he promised me the world.
“Ariah!” Braxton’s voice was raspy as it cut through the fog in my mind. “Please stay with me, baby. Please don’t leave me.” A loud sob racked through his chest.
All I wanted was to stay, but no matter how hard I fought, the darkness pulled me under.


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Montana was inspired to write her own stories from an early age and it wasn’t long before her dream became becoming an author one day. Life hasn’t always been kind to Montana, but each of the challenges she has faced she has turned into a positive outcome, and has made her want to achieve her dream that much more.

Montana is a lover of all living creatures, except for spiders, and her love for her pets is never ending. She leads an active lifestyle and enjoys many different cuisines, often referring to herself as a garlic bread connoisseur. Montana loves to travel, and has found inspiration while exploring the USA and Canada with her wonderful husband. She has always loved everything Disney and is a pop culture nerd.

She attributes her ability to write romance to her husband, Sam, as she’s inspired every day by their fairytale love story. If she can bring about positive change in one persons life with something she has written, she will consider herself a successful author.


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Meant to Be Mine: A Charity Romance Anthology.

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Meant to Be Mine: A Books on The Beach Charity Romance Anthology
All proceeds will be donated to Cancer Research UK

★ Adina D. Grey
★ C.N. Marie
★ D J Cook
★ Danielle Jacks
★ Elle M Thomas
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★ L G Campbell
★ M.L. Kacy
★ Paula Acton
★ Sophie Blue
★ Stacy McWilliams
★ TA Andrews

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Sometimes you have to take a wrong turn to find out where you need to be.
So many people and places enter our lives that sometimes, you forget which path you belong on. When fate leads you down an unknown road, what would you do to get back to the one person that you belong with?
Would you risk it all to get back to them or would you continue down the path you are on and hope that fate will guide you home?
Come and join these fantastic authors with a mix of genres as they travel the path of fate and destiny.
These stories will show you that what’s meant to be will always find its way.

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Back in Session by Michelle Mink

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Back in Session By Michelle Mink is coming September 28th.

Hills of Hallview MM #2

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About the book

He’s held an unwavering torch for her for twenty years. When his latest crop of students comes in and one has her eyes and smile, it lights an inferno.

Professor Lewis Hayes could tell you the moment he became a miserable SOB, and it was when he let Ellie Greene walk out of his life two decades ago. Now teaching at Hillview University, he knows as soon as he finds out he’s teaching Ellie’s daughter that he’s not about to let this chance to have Ellie back in his life fall to the wayside. Making sure to connect with her on parents’ weekend, he allows himself to be happy again.

Ellie regretted leaving Lewis all those years ago but always knew in her heart that they’d find their way back to each other someday. After a heated rekindling of their romance, will life once again pull them apart?

Back in Session is a second chance, contemporary romance with mature characters who know what they want. It’s high heat, low/medium angst, and a guaranteed HEA!

Michelle Mink Logo Transparent BG

Meet Michelle Mink

Michelle Mink is a contemporary romance author who is obsessed with writing fiction her readers can see themselves in.

She loves cheesecake, mimosas, strong coffee, and relaxing with her needlework.

Michelle started writing years ago but decided to take the time to hone her craft a bit more before publishing. Now, she’s having a blast introducing her readers to her “Wild Orchid” series, and to the residents of “King’s Landing”

Follow her random thoughts and exploits at

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Zodiac: The Celestial Sons MC Book One.


Zodiac is Now LIVE!

Are you ready for you next MC obsession? An emotional rollercoaster that’s going to having you laughing, bawling, and on the edge of your seat? Well, my wonderful readers, you’re in luck! 

Quinn Ryder and Annelise Reynolds have joined forces to create this one-of-a-kind MC series based off the signs of the Zodiac. They aren’t a 1% club, but they also will fight for their brothers and the ones they love. 

Zodiac is book one in the Celestial Sons MC Series. 

This is a second chance romance that is packed full of emotion. Tess and Zodiac have one of those love stories that defies all odds, and together, this Prez and his estranged lover come together with the rest of the Celestial Sons MC to fight against a new enemy. A 1% club that’s ready to take them all down. 

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 Cover Model: Darrin James Dedmon

Photographer: Golden Czermak of Furious Fotog

Cover Designer: Quinn Ryder

Zodiac Synopsis:


 As President of the Celestial Sons MC, I’ve spent half of my life wishing on stars that I could take back the night Tess Wilkins walked out of my life. Hurting Tess was the biggest mistake I ever made, but I can’t take it back, nor remember anything about that night if I tried. Running my MC was the only thing that kept me going over the years, but now she’s suddenly home, and I’ll do anything to win her back, even if it means revealing the secret, I’ve been keeping from her for the last twenty years and ruining any chance I have of holding her again.


For twenty years, I’ve avoided my hometown of Rising Star, Texas and all the memories and ghosts that I would rather leave buried there. Returning home wasn’t part of the plan, but when my grandmother suddenly fell ill, I knew I had no choice but to return home to care for her. What I didn’t anticipate was for all those ghosts I ran away from to find me the second I walked through the door, or for him to ride back into my life harboring a twenty-year secret that is even more devastating than the reason I left Rising Star in the first place.

To Find out more about the Celestial Sons MC Series 

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A.M. a Goodreads Reviewer: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Five Stars!

“There is so much in this story that’ll just hit you right in the feels. All the secrets, lies, betrayal, heartache, loss, and truths all add up to one explosive read.”

G.C.  a Goodreads Reviewer: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Five Stars! 

“These two women definitely have started one of the best series I have read in a while. Can’t wait to see what happens next!”

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The Girl Behind the Mask by Sienna Grant

The Girl Behind the Mask by Sienna Grant

Genre: Romantic suspense





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A masquerade ball.

A chance meeting.

The girl in the mask that stole my breath as our eyes met across the room.

With only her name, and my number stored in her cell, she walked away. Now, she’s the only thing I can think about.

That is until fate offers a helping hand and she turns up in the one place I never expected her to … My Casino; interviewing for a job.


New York. New start. But it’s not a new me.

The darkness that almost ruined me still follows, hiding in plain sight and taunting my thoughts and actions. Always questioning, always second-guessing.

It’s clear that there’s still something lingering between us…

Can I throw caution to the wind?

Do I chase happiness or will I be stuck dancing with the shadows of my past?


Meet the Author

Sienna Grant is a British writer from the West Midlands in the UK, who decided to step into the world of writing and has since never looked back. She started her journey with contemporary romance as she loves a happy ever after, but has since sampled different genres and has pushed every boundary she has set herself. From contemporary romance to suspense, teen and young adult but also stepping into the darker world of Mafia and women’s fiction. When she’s not writing, she’s a wife and mother to three children, two of which are now grown up and starting their own lives. Sienna loves to read most romance when she can, but always with a hint of realism.

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Crossing The Line by Jessica Prince

Title: Crossing The Line Author: Jessica Prince Series: Whitecap

Contemporary Romance; Small Town Romance; Single Mom Romance

Some lines are meant to be crossed. Trent Montgomery knew all about loyalty and responsibility. Tracking down his friend’s long-lost sister and making sure she was safe was just another job, a favor from someone he cared about. He wasn’t supposed to get attached. But when he started to fall for the woman who had been hiding from the world, things got a lot more complicated than he ever expected. Cheyanne Knightly knew all about living in fear. The life she’d made for her and her daughter was as stable as a house of cards. One stiff breeze could send her whole world crumbling. But when a new guy blew into her small town, stirring up Whitecap’s rumor mill, she found herself drawn to him in a way she never expected. Lies were told. Secrets were uncovered. Lines were crossed. When the truth finally came out, Trent had to find a way to protect the woman who stole his heart while he tried to earn her trust back.  
**The Whitecap series is a brand new series of interconnected, standalone, small town romances.**


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Born and raised around Houston Texas, Jessica spent most of her life complaining about the heat, humidity, and all around pain in the ass weather. It was only as an adult that she quickly realized the cost of living in Houston made up for not being able to breathe when she stepped outside. That’s why God created central air, after all. Jessica is the mother of a perfect little boy–she refuses to accept that he inherited her attitude and sarcastic nature no matter what her husband says. In addition to being a wife and mom, she’s also a wino, a coffee addict, and an avid lover of all types of books–romances still being her all time favs. Her husband likes to claim that reading is her obsession but she just says it’s a passion…there’s a difference. Not that she’d expect a boy to understand. Jessica has been writing since she was a little girl, but thankfully grew out of drawing her own pictures for her stories before ever publishing her first book. Because an artist she is not.

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You’ve Got Male by Kat Baxter

Title: You’ve Got Male
A Men of the C-Suite Series Standalone
Author: Kat Baxter
Genre: Sexy Romantic Comedy
Release Date: September 22, 2021



I did not expect to meet my soulmate when I signed up to mentor a young entrepreneur. I did it because I needed the good press. When we communicate online, we’re perfect together. Paisley McLeod is witty, whip-smart, and ambitious. Everything I want in a woman. But my soulmate? Hell, I’m not even sure I believe in such a thing. But I definitely want to get to know her better.

There’s always a catch though. We know each other in real life and she hates me. When she finds out who I am, will she admit how perfect we are together, or will she believe every lie she’s ever read about me?


I hate Ezra Carlisle. He’s rude and too smart for his own good, and far too handsome for my own good. Anyone that charismatic should come with a warning label. Even worse, the new app he’s about to release is suspiciously close to the app I’ve been developing for years.

I shouldn’t be attracted to him, but I am. And, as if I don’t already have enough on my plate, I’ve got a crush on my online business mentor and he’s been hinting he might want to meet in person. How can I want such different men and what am I going to do about it?



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@PsychedelicAlmond: I know you weren’t always as successful as you are now. Well, at least I’m guessing that, unless you were born into your job.
@TheZMan: what are you trying to say?
@PsychedelicAlmond: Okay, brace yourself.
@TheZMan: Consider me braced.
@PsychedelicAlmond: It turns out, I need advice.
@PsychedelicAlmond: You went silent on me. Did the shock kill you?
@TheZMan: Yes. I’m typing this message as a ghost while the medics work to bring me back. Better ask fast. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel and I think I smell my nana’s apple pie.
@PsychedelicAlmond: Dial down the drama, okay?
@TheZMan: Sure. <clearing throat and straighten glasses> What do you need advice about?
@PsychedelicAlmond: how do you deal with the overwhelm? I feel so scattered and unfocused about my project. I know ultimately what I want it to be, but it seems like the pieces are never going to completely fit together. Like I’m trying to put together a puzzle with pieces from different boxes and I don’t know what exactly I’m doing.
@TheZMan: I feel that way with every project I ever do. It’s part of the process. At least for me, it is. Perhaps it’s the same for you. Every project—at least the ones worth doing—feel too big to accomplish. It’s how you know you’re on the right track. Anyone can do the easy projects. The tough ones—the ones worth doing—need someone as smart and focused as you.
@PsychedelicAlmond: have any advice of how to deal with it so I can get back to being productive?
@TheZMan: Think about why you started the project. What is your WHY? If you don’t know why you’re doing it, then you’ll never have a clear picture of the end result. It’s like walking around in a dark maze, you’re just making turns but you have no idea if you’re getting any close to the end or just walking in circles.
@PsychedelicAlmond: Look at us using all the metaphors today! How very literary of us …


Kat Baxter writes fast-paced, sweet & STEAMY romantic comedies. Readers have dubbed her books “laugh-out-loud funny,” “hot enough to melt your kindle,” and “The Queen of Adorkable.” She lives in Texas with her family and a menagerie of animals. Kat is the pseudonym for a bestselling historical romance author.

Connect with Kat online.


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The Easy Part by Amanda Siegrist

Title: The Easy Part
Series: perfect for you #3
Author: Amanda Siegrist
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 21, 2021


The Agreement: Pretend to be her fake fiancé to placate her overbearing, selfish mother.
Timeframe: Five days.

Brick likes things carefree and simple, especially after the falling out with his brother. The moment Jezebelle walks into his bar looking sad and troubled, he’s determined to do anything to turn her frown upside down. Even if that requires posing as her fake fiancé to get her bossy mother off her back. Pretending to love her will be the easy part—because he does. Walking away will be futile. But he doesn’t see a way he can keep Jezebelle for real, not when her mother’s diabolical ways prove she can make his life more than just complicated, but downright impossible.

Jezebelle can’t believe her luck when Brick hatches this crazy plan. One, because she’s always had a secret crush on him, and any reason to get closer to him makes her heart stutter with anticipation. Two, because it might actually work to keep her mother at bay. Of course, her mother isn’t a woman who takes no for an answer. She’ll do everything in her power to get her way. The last thing she wants is for Brick to get hurt. The best thing she can do is walk away and forget he ever held her heart. If only it were that easy.

Warning: This is not a full romcom. While it has moments of humor, it also has a twist of angst. Okay, now you can dive in, you’re prepared!


$3.99 for a limited time!



“Tomorrow we plan on visiting a few art galleries. I’ll pick you up at nine for breakfast.”
Her mother did not say it as a request, which didn’t surprise her. She knew her mother was visiting for the next five days and she’d be required to spend time with her. Two days down, only three to go.
“Brick and I will be ready.”
Her mother pursed her lips, tight and hard. “I’m sure Brick has other things he needs to attend to.”
“Mother, he—”
“Actually, I do,” Brick said, cutting off her rebuttal. She whipped her head sharply in his direction, confusion filtering in. He must’ve sensed her unease because he kissed her on the lips. “But I’ll meet up with you for lunch.”
“That’s not necessary,” her mother replied.
He turned his head with slow precision toward her mother. “But I insist. I look forward to getting to know you better. We will be family soon, after all.”
Jezebelle had to press her lips together to keep from laughing. Not by the thought of Brick joining her family, but how so pleasantly he said the words as if he adored her mother.
“How soon?” her mother asked with a heavy glint in her eye as if daring Brick to keep the lie going. Her mother didn’t know their engagement was fake, but she also knew her mother would do everything in her power to stop it.
How did one stop a fake engagement? Jezebelle almost chuckled out loud again. The idea was so laughable.
“If I could marry your daughter right here, right now, I would.” His eyes sought hers. “Every moment with her is more than I could ask for. She’s beautiful and smart, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her.”
The way he spoke, his eyes sparkling with love—could it be true?—his lips curved in delight, she believed him. That what was between them was real and everything would work out in the end.
If only it were that easy.
If only it were that real.
(Copyright © 2021 Amanda Siegrist)





Releasing March 15



I’m a USA Today Bestselling Author that loves to write sweet contemporary romance and romantic suspense novels, although I am partial to romantic suspense. Honestly, I love anything that has to do with romance. As long as there’s a happy ending, I’m a happy camper. And insta-love…yes, please! I love baseball (Go Twins!) and creating awesome crafts. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, working in that field for several years before I became a stay-at-home mom. I have a few more amazing stories in the works.


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Change on the Fly


CHANGE ON THE FLY by Maren Moore is coming October 8!

Pre Order Now:

A brand new hockey series from the author who brought you The Enemy Trap.

Imagine being in love with your best friend’s brother.

Then.. keeping it a secret for years.

Ridiculously charming, a total player and a hockey super star… Reed Davidson has been the boy next door who’s had my heart for as long as I can remember.

He was the ultimate bad boy, and I was just his sister’s shy best friend.

But when Reed’s world is suddenly flipped upside down and he gets custody of his nephew, I’m the only one who can help.

I shouldn’t have offered to come on the road with them, but Reed wasn’t cut out to be a single dad and I knew he needed help. I tried to hide my feelings for him, but the two of us, the cutest kid on the planet, and a long hockey season were a recipe for disaster.

Reed was used to getting everything he ever wanted, and this time… He wanted me.

Only now, the stakes are higher and my heart is the one on the line.


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