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Tough Love 4: Slow Burn Daddy by Maddie Taylor

If you love firefighters, Daddy Doms, and incredible tension, you’re in luck.
Tough Love 4: Slow Burn Daddy by USA Today bestselling author Maddie Taylor releases October 26th!!!

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Cover Design: Fantasia Frog Designs

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Sometimes the fire of passion needs to simmer before it can burn red hot…

As a little girl, Piper Monroe didn’t have the luxury of believing in fairy tales. Abandoned by her father and left with her alcoholic mother, she and her three siblings grew up fast. Years later, when Lieutenant Brody Murphy of Boston Fire rescues Piper from a burning building, the handsome-as-sin firefighter does more than just save her life. He shows her kindness, gives her a place to stay, and makes her question everything she thought she knew about knights in shining armor.

Nurturing and tender, Brody is happy to be patient with Piper as she struggles to accept his feelings and her own desires. But he won’t let her tightly-built walls stand between them forever. Proving to her that he’s the type of Daddy who won’t bail when life gets difficult is just the beginning. He’s also prepared to take her over his knee when she misbehaves if it becomes necessary. Will Piper’s heart finally open up to the tough but unconditional slow burn love she’s always needed?

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About Maddie
A USA Today and #1 international bestselling author, Maddie is a lifelong reader who became a romance junkie as a teen with her first romance novel, The Wolf and the Dove by Kathleen Woodiwiss. From then on, she was hooked, and gobbled up everything she could get her hands on, whether contemporary, historical, paranormal or sci-fi. If there was romance to be found between a strong alpha male, and a sassy, adventurous and ofttimes defiant yet loving woman, Maddie was all over it. As an author, she stays true to those themes writing steamy erotic romance, with a side of kink, and adding elements of intrigue, danger and suspense to her plots.

Maddie started writing as a hobby. Her stories stayed private while she raised a family and worked full time as a registered nurse. It wasn’t until 2012 that she decided to take the plunge and submit her first book for publication: Captain My Captain. She went on to publish eleven novels the first year.

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Be Still My Heart by Emily McIntire & Sav R. Miller

Title: Be Still My Heart
Authors: Emily McIntire & Sav R. Miller
Genre: Romantic Thriller
Cover Design: Cat, TRC Designs
Release Date: October 26, 2021


Skelm Island, Maine has always been known for two things: lobsters and its broken lighthouse.
But when corpses start showing up in the water, the isolated town becomes the face of a cryptic investigation.
At the heart of which stands Lincoln Porter, a grumpy ex-SEAL whose lobstering business seems to attract more dead bodies than fish.
When homicide expert Detective Sloane is called in to assist with the case, she begins digging up skeletons; ones that Lincoln would rather stay buried.
Forced to work together, Sloane’s suspicious attitude and optimistic demeanor grate on the lobsterman’s nerves, resulting in a rivalry that’s as addicting as it is volatile.
But as everything unravels and they have no one else to trust, Lincoln and Sloane must depend on each other to figure out what secrets should be brought to light…
…and which secrets should stay hidden.




Emily McIntire is an Amazon Top 20 best selling author of painful, messy, beautiful romance. She doesn’t like to box herself into one subgenre, but at the core of all her stories is soul deep love.
A long time songwriter and an avid reader, Emily has always had a passion for the written word, and when she’s not writing you can find her waiting on her long lost Hogwarts letter, chasing her crazy toddler, or lost between the pages of a good book.


Sav R. Miller is an international bestselling author of dark and contemporary romance. She prefers the villains in most stories, and thinks everyone deserves happily-ever-after. Currently, Sav lives in central Kentucky with two pups, Lord Byron and Poe. She loves sitcoms, silence, and sardonic humor.

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Forever by Ivy Nelson

Title: Forever
Series: Diamond Doms #9
Author: Ivy Nelson
Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 28, 2021


Russel Adler has one job while Elijah Barrett is away. Keep Holly Barrett and her best friend Gemma Livingston safe from those out to collapse Club Solitaire. There’s just one problem, Gemma is pain in the ass. A gorgeous, irresistible, pain in the ass determined to make his job impossible. She makes the Dom in him twitch but he knows he can’t lose focus or people might die.

Forever is the long-awaited conclusion to the Diamond Doms series.



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Gemma closed the door to Holly’s bedroom at Patrick’s apartment and went in search of Russell. The poor girl had finally crumbled from the stress of the day and had cried herself to sleep while Gemma sat with her.
She found Russell at the dining room table with a headset on as he stared at a tablet screen. His sleeves were rolled up and the top two buttons of his dress shirt were undone. He hunched his shoulders as if he had the weight of the world on them. She leaned against the counter in the open kitchen and watched him, waiting to see if he said anything useful.
“If you’re going to lurk, you might as well come sit down.”
She jumped at the sound of Russell’s stern voice but straightened and joined him at the table. “I wasn’t lurking. I was lost in thought. Is Dale alive?”
He nodded. “Thank God for small miracles. I lost one man, and another was injured, but Dale got the rest of the team to a safe place.”
She put her head down on the table. “I’m fucking exhausted but the idea of sleep just sounds horrific.”
Russell laid a hand on her shoulder. “Have you been sleeping at all?”
Matthew had asked a similar question days ago, and the answer was still the same. “Not really. I keep seeing every horrible thing that’s happened in the last few weeks every time I close my eyes.”
“If you were mine, I would give you something else to focus on. Like my whip.”
Gemma sucked in a sharp breath. “You do not know how wonderful that sounds.”
He quirked one eyebrow up. “Are you telling me you’re a masochist, Gemma?”
She bit her lip as she raised her head to look directly at him. “I am. For a long time, whenever I was having a rough week, I’d go to Serendipity in London and let someone put me into sub space with intense play. Usually impact play but I’ve done other things too.”
He folded his arms and gazed at her. “If you’ve talked to any of the subs at Solitaire, you know I’m a sadist. Why haven’t you said anything whenever I’ve threatened you with pain before?”
She shrugged. “At the point that you started rejecting any notions of us playing together, I figured there wasn’t a reason to tell you. If you weren’t so God damned stubborn about the fact that I’m legally married, you might have discovered this before.”
“Watch your tone, young lady.”
She stuck her tongue out at him, not caring if he made idle threats anymore.
He opened his mouth as if to scold her again when his tablet started ringing.
“Saved by the bell, Gemma. This is Lance.”
“Want me to leave?”
He shook his head as he adjusted his headset and tapped on the screen.
Gemma couldn’t make out what Lance was saying through Russell’s headphones, so she kicked her feet into the chair opposite her and listened to Russell’s half of the conversation. She hated not being able to hear Lance’s side.
“Thanks, Lance. Send me everything you have. I’ll update you when I decide where we’re going next.”
“We can’t stay here?” Gemma asked when he pulled the headset off.
“Apartments are a nightmare on so many levels for protection. There are some upsides, but they don’t outweigh the downsides. I’ll probably move us to my compound.”
She scrunched her brows together and wrinkled her nose. Skepticism filled her voice.
“Like religious cult compound out in the middle of the woods?”
He chuckled. “It’s a state-of-the-art facility. And no religion unless you count cock worship.”


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Ivy Nelson writes delicious contemporary romance with kinky alpha heroes and sassy heroines you wish could be your best friend. Club Solitaire is her favorite fictional place to hang out in, and she spends most of her free time spinning tales set there. Ivy currently lives in Las Vegas with her husband of five years and their son. When she isn’t writing, she’s probably reading something dirty or drinking wine with her readers on Facebook. There are lots of ways to keep in touch with Ivy.


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Trent’s Redemption


Mill Creek Mystique, Book One

Romantic Suspense

Release Date: September 10, 2021

Publisher: Champagne Book Group

Can they face their demons and find love?

Trent Jacobs had everything he wanted in life until the flash of a muzzle ripped his world apart. Now he only has guilt. Permanently removed from fieldwork due to questionable events, Trent retires from the FBI. He retreats to the small town of Mill Creek, Idaho, to become the town sheriff.

Margaret King knows what it’s like to be alone and isolated. Losing her parents as a child was impossible, but the death of her brother damn near killed her. When a strange van appears on her street and her apartment is broken into, she turns to Trent, the only man she knows she can trust.

After Maggie shows up terrified and haunted, Trent’s guilt explodes. She makes him want things he doesn’t deserve, including her. As their past collides with the present, Trent is forced to face his demons to protect her. Or risk losing her.

About the Author

Bailey Thomas lives in the beautiful but hot southwest with her husband and their adorable four-legged children. An only child, Bailey’s active imagination and adventurous nature always kept her busy. Now, she channels those creative powers into storytelling.

Her wonderful husband encouraged her to chase her dream of becoming an author and continues to be her greatest champion. Being able to write these stories has been a thrilling experience that is truly special to her.

When she’s not behind a computer working on her next deadline, she’s reading her favorite authors, playing with her fur-babies, and spending time with her husband. They love to watch movies, sports and play all types of games.

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More Than Posses You by Shayla Black

I persuaded my best friend that I should be her first…

More Than Possess You, an all-new sexy novella in the A More Than Words series from New York Times bestselling author Shayla Black and 1,001 Dark Nights is available now!

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Shayla Black returns with a new story in her More Than Words series.

I’m Hayes Elliott. Since second grade, I’ve had one best friend, Echo Hope. When she graduates from college, of course I have to give her something amazing. Since I’ll be on a business trip to Maui, I’m bringing her along for a week of fun and sun. But once she sheds her long skirts, serious buns, and combat boots for bikinis, I can’t deny how stunning she is…and I can’t stop wanting her. Worse, she’s determined to lose her V-card—and has asked one of our man-whoring buddies to pluck it.

I’ve got to step in.

It’s underhanded, but I offer to do the job properly. Since I’m no one’s Prince Charming, I have no intention of following through. Suddenly, the kisses start and the clothes come off…and I can’t remember why I’m not supposed to make her mine in every way. Or why I shouldn’t be in love with her. But if I want Echo for more than a vacation fling, I’ll have to fight. And she’s about to find out how determined I am to upgrade my best friend to wife.

**Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you’ll enjoy each one as much as we do.**

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About Shayla Black
Shayla Black is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of nearly eighty novels. For over twenty years, she’s written contemporary, erotic, paranormal, and historical romances via traditional, independent, foreign, and audio publishers. Her books have sold millions of copies and been published in a dozen languages.
Raised an only child, Shayla occupied herself with lots of daydreaming, much to the chagrin of her teachers. In college, she found her love for reading and realized that she could have a career publishing the stories spinning in her imagination. Though she graduated with a degree in Marketing/Advertising and embarked on a stint in corporate America to pay the bills, her heart has always been with her characters. She’s thrilled that she’s been living her dream as a full-time author for the past eight years.
Shayla currently lives in North Texas with her wonderfully supportive husband, her daughter, and two spoiled tabbies. In her “free” time, she enjoys reality TV, reading, and listening to an eclectic blend of music.

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First Light by Isabel Jolie

First Light by Isabel Jolie is now live!

He could be my savior…or my downfall…
I am living a lie.
No one knows who I really am. Letting someone in could be devastating for my family.
For the most part, isolation isn't a hardship. I haven't been looking for love or any kind of serious relationship.
But then I met Logan.
I tried to keep my distance. He won't let me.
Logan is gentle, kind, and loving. Everything I never knew I needed in my life.
He's also a cop—exactly the kind of man who'd never understand my truth.
So, while he has shared his deepest, darkest secrets, I keep mine hidden.
Too bad I can't keep my heart locked away, too.
Because now I'm falling for a man who can never be mine. Not truly, anyway.
How can I ask him to be my future when I can't even let him help me survive my present?

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Meet Isabel Jolie

Isabel Jolie, aka Izzy, lives on a lake, loves dogs of all stripes, and if she's not working, she can be found reading, often with a glass of wine in hand. In prior lives, Izzie worked in marketing and advertising, in a variety of industries, such as financial services, entertainment, and technology. In this life, she loves daydreaming and writing contemporary romances with strong heroines.
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Fated Hearts by Kelly Elliott

Fated Hearts by Kelly Elliott is now live!

It was only meant to be a short trip—up to Chicago for two days and then back to Texas. At least, that was the plan until a massive snowstorm leaves me trapped in Chicago at a local hotel with no definite time frame of when I can go back home. If that wasn't a crazy-enough turn of events—I wake up to a beautiful princess standing in my hotel room.

She was definitely a sight to behold, but she's not the least bit thrilled to see me—think Momma Bear finding Goldilocks lying in her bed type of annoyance.

You see, my princess turned out to be a tired and angry traveler who had been double-booked…in my hotel room. With no rooms left anywhere in the city, we are forced to bunk together to ride out the storm. Now all that's left to determine is will we survive each other.

After a rocky start and some much-needed rest, Analise and I soon forge a friendship that turns into a no-strings-attached fling.

When the fairytale we got lost in melts away, we have an even bigger storm to weather that we never saw coming. The one where I'm faced with the uncertainty of having to walk away from the one woman who has opened a part of my heart I had thought was as frozen over as the city we found each other in.

Fated Hearts is a stand-alone novel and the last book in the Southern Bride series.

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Meet Kelly Elliott

Kelly Elliott is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling contemporary romance author. Her bestselling works include, Wanted, Broken, Lost Love, and Never Enough, to name a few.

Kelly lives in central Texas with her husband, Gus, her chocolate lab, four cats, and endless wildlife creatures. When she's not writing, Kelly enjoys reading and spending time with her family.

To find out more about Kelly and her books, you can find her through her website.
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Crush by J.W. Swartz

Crush by J.W. Swartz releases Oct. 18th!
Series/Book: A Midlife Romantic Suspense Novel (Standalone)
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Trope: Second Chance Love

Pre-Order available now:
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Matilda Shriner spent years fading into the background of marriage and motherhood. She’s more than ready to shed her old identity—the one who suffocated under the crushing weight of tragic loss and then divorce—and rediscover the real Matilda. Especially when she shares a sizzling glance with a stranger the very first night her friends talk her into being social. When that same stranger rescues her from an attack hours later, her quest to find herself takes on new meaning. Because he knows way more about her than he should… 

Feather Conrad has been watching Matilda from afar for a long time. From the shadows, he saw her endure the worst a parent can face, her resilience in the aftermath of heartbreak, and her determination to follow her own dreams. Through it all, he fell a little bit in love. Now, thanks to some not-so-coincidental timing, his skills as a private investigator and security specialist might be the only thing standing between Matilda, her fractured family, and a dangerous man with a score to settle. But the same threat that gives Feather the chance to get to know Matilda in person—and prove he’s not an unhinged stalker—puts her in close proximity to her ex and all the history they share. 

The secrets he uncovers might just give Matilda everything she wants—and break Feather’s heart.


Zachary grabs her phone. “This chick is either tough or stupid. She reminds me of you,” he answers.

Matilda can’t hear Feather’s response. She takes a ragged breath wondering how long she has before he kills her.

“I’ve already got the gun to her head, mongrel. You know I’m a man of my word. It’s time to say goodbye,” he tells Feather over Matilda’s phone.

Matilda flinches against the cold barrel as Zachary presses it back against her head. He puts her phone on the table and presses speaker.

“Go ahead, Mrs. Shriner.” Zachary over emphasizes her name. “Say goodbye to your little boyfriend.”

Matilda presses her lips together. She listens to the clock tick on the wall. She stares straight ahead.

“Zachary,” Feather’s voice carries a granite edge. “If you harm one hair on her head, I will kill you with my bare hands. I will spend every minute of the rest of my days eliminating every member of your blood line. Every. One. I will wipe your line from this earth. I swear to God.”

Zachary grunts beside her.

“I know what you want. You know where to find me. Come and get me. But if you don’t bring her, alive, and safe, you get nothing. The ball’s in your court.”

MEET J.W. Swartz

J.W. Swartz writes contemporary fiction with a little mystery, little romance, and the kind of real characters who will have you rooting for them from the beginning.



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Seducing the Warrior by Laura Shipley

Royce Davis has been living in darkness since an injury in battle left him with failing vision. When a fiery-haired vixen, Lily Moore becomes his employee, she brings with her an unexpected light and a yearning he can’t resist. But, when her past catches up to her, Lily and Royce find themselves caught up in a deadly game. Fans of steamy historical romances will want to sink their teeth into Seducing the Warrior by Laura Shipley, the first book in her To Love A Wicked Warrior Series.

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A soldier losing his vision. A lady fleeing for her life. An unlikely couple… bound together in desire, need, and love. The man in the shadows… Injured in battle and his sight failing, Royce Davis has been dwelling in darkness since his return to England, in more ways than one. Consumed by bitterness and pain, Royce is determined to make his way in the world alone. But when a fiery- haired vixen takes up his offer of employment, his heart is awakened by a woman whose beauty enthralls him and whose touch ignites a yearning he cannot resist. The woman who brings the light… On the run from a ruthless enemy, Lily Moore finds refuge in Royce Davis’s home. Refusing to be put off by her employer’s coarse manners, Lily senses the real man behind the facade…as well as a desperate passion she finds herself longing to answer. The darkness that cannot be escaped… Royce refuses to believe he could ever be worthy of a woman like Lily. But when the past catches up with his new assistant, he will move heaven and earth to keep her safe. Royce must prepare to do battle with a cunning adversary while fighting against his own blindness. Lily never meant for Royce to be caught up in this deadly game. But now what began as a business arrangement has become something much more. Can a bargain born of necessity lead them to a fated love? Or will a madman see them parted forever?

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Copyright 2021 Laura Shipley

Lily didn’t answer right away, but he heard her footsteps move closer until he knew she was right next to him. He put his hand out and brushed her shoulder. Lily let out a tiny cry before she fell into his embrace. Royce put his arms protectively around her. They clung to each other. “I have been alone for so long, dealing with this. Sometimes I feel like I am in an abyss of my own making. Fear has been the driving force in my life for so long—fear of the unknown, so I’ve been trying to accomplish all I can before it’s too late. She caressed his face. “You don’t have to be alone.” Lily’s voice trembled. “You have people who care about you, like Mr. Templeton, Percy,” she paused for a second, “and me. I understand that at times things may seem hopeless, but that is when you need to lean on others the most, and I know that may be difficult.” He leaned into her soft touch. How had this extraordinary woman come into his life, just when he needed her the most? Since coming home from the war, Royce had felt adrift. Lily’s presence anchored him, gave him a beacon to hold on to, and by God, he would hold her close tonight if she let him. “What did I do to deserve to have you in my life, sweet Lily?” He placed his hand over hers and kissed it. “I might ask myself the same thing. Before coming here, the last few months, I had been alone and scared. Fearful of everyone and everything. Ever since I have been here, I have found friends and the happiness that has eluded me for quite some time. I feel like I belong.” Royce tightened his grip on Lily and pulled her closer. “You will always have a place here, for as long as you wish. I ask for no promises and I give none.” On that, at least, he had to be honest. “I understand.” “I may not give you a promise, but I can give you a choice. Stay with me tonight. I will do whatever you ask—I am yours for the commanding. All I ask is that you share this room with me. I cannot bear another night without you.”

About Laura Shipley

Laura Shipley is an indie author who writes Victorian historical romance with dark, brooding heroes and strong-willed, feisty heroines. Her love of romance began the first time she “borrowed” one of the mother’s books and was hooked. While she reads all genres, paranormal romance is a close second to historical. When she is not writing, Laura enjoys spending time with her husband and children. She has never met a piece of chocolate or a glass of wine that she did not like. Her third addiction is Starbucks, and the never ending need for caffeine to keep the creative juices flowing. She prefers movies over tv, too much of a time commitment, but likes spending time outdoors including hiking and rafting. Her greatest joy is transporting readers to another time and place with her books, and to have her readers fall in love with the characters just as much as she does. Laura’s email is always open to comments or questions at Don’t forget to follow her on Facebook at TheLauraShipley for updates and other fun stuff.

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