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Her Heart is Mine by Adina D. Grey and Michael Valor.

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A chance meeting. A stumble, a trip, two paths crossed, and my life would never be the same again. Chance would have us meet once, fate twice, but when she’s there for a third time I can’t ignore the attraction any longer.
It doesn’t matter to me that a member of The Royal Family should have certain standards, fit certain stereotypes, even if it matters to other people. They could think she’s not good enough, that she doesn’t fit the mold but she has all the qualities I was looking for, I know she’s the one. Her life is in danger because of me, and I’m the only one willing to protect her.
Event planning is my life, my dream, my passion, but there’s a dark side to me the rest of the world doesn’t see. A side that the sexy as sin Sebastian calls to.
It was supposed to be one night. One night where I could let all the stresses go and give him complete control. But one night didn’t stay that way and now I’m in the spotlight in more than one way.
Was this all a big mistake? Should I have stayed away, stayed safe, or will Sebastian give me more than just a good time?

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