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Fortune & Despair 2 by Sarah Stein



Sarah Stein is back with standalone nonfiction poetry book, Fortune & Despair! This is a continuation of Volume 1. Amazon:

Author: #SarahStein

Cover Design: Stacker Designs

Release Day: October 6, 2021


Fortune & Despair allows the reader to take a walk inside my mind as I reveal my life’s journey through poetry. The collection is a continuation of Volume 1. It introduces fortune, which takes you along the path of good times until they aren’t good. It then dips into Despair, allowing the reader to take a sneak peek of my brain while experiencing rough times that are emotionally draining. I firmly believe you can’t experience the good without the bad, and vice versa.

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**WARNING: Mature Content, Nonfiction. Add to Goodreads:

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