The Cuffed & Pinched Anthology Ebooks

One cop. One bad boy. Two authors. Two stories.

The individual ebooks from the #TNTNYC21 exclusive Cuffed & Pinched anthologies are now live. And each of these heroes is guaranteed to make you swoon and sweat!

Dead or Alive by Janine Infante Bosco –

Dead Reckoning by Gwyn McNamee –

Corrupt by Aubree Valentine –

Duty by Elizabeth Knox –

Hustle by Sam JD Hunt –

Condemn by Rae B. Lake –

Search & Find by Darlene Tallman –

Hide & Seek by Liberty Parker –

The Weight of Honor by Kristine Allen –

The Weight of Blood by M. Merin –

Ground Zero by April Canavan –

Penalty Box by Casey Hagen –

Jaxson’s Blue Moon by Cyndi Faria –

Cujo’s Rampage by Khloe Wren –

Cuff Linked by C.D. Gorri –

Down in Flames by Elena Kincaid –

Sinful Duty by Nicole Garcia –

The Gamble by Nicole Banks –

Don’t miss the stories from Cuffed, full of scorching hot good guys in search of more than just their next perp.

Or their companion tales from Pinched, featuring some totally fine fugitives taking matters into their own hands and stopping at nothing to leave you breathless and yearning.

Featuring: Janine Infante Bosco, Gwyn McNamee, Aubree Valentine, Elizabeth Knox, Sam JD Hunt, Rae B. Lake, Darlene Tallman, Liberty Parker, Kristine Allen, M. Merin, April Canavan, Casey Hagen, Cyndi Faria, Khloe Wren, C.D. Gorri, Elena Kincaid, Nicole Garcia and Nicole Banks!

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Find The Authors Online!
Janine Infante Bosco:
Gwyn McNamee:
Aubree Valentine:
Elizabeth Knox:
Sam J D Hunt:
Rae B. Lake:
Darlene Tallman:
Liberty Parker:
Kristine Allen:
M. Merin:
April Canavan:
Casey Hagen:
Cyndi Faria:
Khloe Wren:
C.D. Gorri:
Elena Kincaid:
Nicole Garcia:
Nicole Banks:

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