Asher’s Downfall by Jax McKay

Asher's Downfall by Jax McKay is now live!

Our new assistant Raven is everything I shouldn't have — sweet, innocent, young.
But the moment I saw those big blue eyes on that gorgeous face of hers, she had me hooked.
Where did she come from, and why does it feel like she's hiding something?
After two of our company's fighters fail their drug tests and claim they were framed, we're forced together to figure out what's really happening. 
The further we dive into the mystery, the harder it is to deny our chemistry.
As our investigation gets murkier, the more my suspicions that she isn't as she appeared are confirmed.
The dark secret she's holding could be the key to figuring out the truth — and the key to my downfall.

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Meet Jax McKay

Born and raised in Chicago, Jax was a quiet soul who kept to himself but let his personality fly in his writing. He realizes sometimes its easy to write than it is to talk about what you're going through so he uses his writing to help others relate. When he's not writing he's working out embracing a clean eating lifestyle.
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