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A Sweet Christmas by Nicole Richard

Title: A Sweet Christmas
A Sweet Confections Novella
Author: Nicole Richard
Genre: Contemporary Holiday Romance
Release Date: November 4, 2021


Sweet Confections bakeshop owner, Thea Sheldon, hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to the opposite sex. Over the years, she’s realized that they just don’t make them like they used to—or at least how they’re portrayed in the movies.

That all changes when a handsome, smooth‑talking stranger walks into her bakery, determined not to show up empty‑handed for Thanksgiving, when Thea catches his eye, challenging everything she thought she knew.

Benjamin Sweet had nothing to prove and everything to gain. He’s the type of man women dream of. All it took was one look from the beautiful bakery owner to know he wasn’t the only one who experienced that unexplainable shift.

Looking for love was neither Thea’s nor Ben’s focus. But a casual encounter over red velvet cupcakes has the two taking that leap, only to find out just how sweet being in love can really be. Or can it?



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“I’m right there.”
When I turned to face Ben and invite him in, he stood with barely a foot between us. His masculine scent and body heat creating a frenzied reaction.
“Ben,” I whispered, but it might have sounded like a moan.
“Yes, Thea?”
“Would you like to come in?”
“I would love nothing more, but . . .” He groaned almost inaudibly.
“But?” I cited, confused as to why he was holding back. His actions were contradicting. Completely opposite from the first time we met in the bakery, somewhat lacking the sexual confidence I was looking forward to—banking on actually.
“Don’t look so disappointed, Thea.” He chuckled low, grazing the start of his erection even lower on my belly. “There’s a good chance for more than casual sex, and I won’t take advantage of you like that.”
“But you wouldn’t be taking advantage—”
He hushed me with a finger pressed to my lips.
“Not tonight, Thea,” he said firmly as he apologized by brushing the back of his knuckles down my cheek.
I wanted him, not an apology. Desperation wasn’t a fragrance I wore too often. Mix that with the alcohol and lack of good sex and I was stirring up a dangerous concoction. So dangerous, it had me wanting to throw caution and common sense to the wind, drop to my knees, pull his zipper down with my teeth and . . .
Rather than giving him the satisfaction of a reply, I unlocked the door and entered my apartment, silently allowing him the option to join me or not. He groaned softly and in seconds, he had the door shut, his arm wrapped around the front of my stomach, and my back pulled against his chest.
“I don’t have any condoms on me . . .” His voice was strong but hoarse, and there was no mistaking what he was feeling. “And there’s a reason for that.” I shivered as he brushed my hair over to one side, lowering his lips, kissing at the crook of my neck. Moving higher along the column of my throat, he whispered, “I want to see you again. So, no, I am not going to fuck you, Thea—not tonight at least.”


A hopeless romantic at heart, Nicole pens sexy and sweet heroes with a side of cocky, and the strong independent women who can handle them.
When Nicole isn’t writing you can find her either working at her day job, reading or lost in her pasture with her four‑legged kids—her mind off somewhere dreaming up new stories.



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GREEN by Nicole James

Title: GREEN
Series: Evil Dead MC #13
Author: Nicole James
Genre: MC Romance
Cover Design: Lori Jackson Designs
Release Date: November 18, 2021


Can a face from my past change my future?

When an invitation shows up out of the blue, I’m reminded of a promise I made to a girl twenty years ago and suddenly my heart is pounding.
Do I dare keep it?

She’s the one girl that ever meant a damn to me, and the one girl that got away. She walked out of my life once and it devastated me. Now life is giving me another shot, but if she walks out on me a second time I don’t think I’ll survive it.

Second chances don’t come around very often. Not for a one-percent biker like me. There are no do-overs in the MC life. Not when you’re staring down the barrel of a gun. Not when you’re deciding whether to pull the trigger.
But love? Maybe for once the luck of the Irish will shine down on me and give me a second chance with the one girl I let slip through my fingers.

Living with regret is a hard pill to swallow.
Living with the same regret twice? Impossible.

Sometimes facing your past can be the scariest thing you’ll ever do.




The sound of a pack of Harleys coming up the street draws my attention and I wander to the front of the house to peer out the window. It’s four of my brothers. They slow to make the turn into my driveway.
I backtrack through the house and go out the back door to meet them. They park and dismount, pulling their helmets off.
“Wondered how long it’d take before you found the place.” I smile. “I hope to God you brought beer.”
Red Dog grins, pulls a twelve-pack out of his saddlebag, and holds it up. “Like American Express . . . don’t leave home without it.”
I fold my arms. “Okay, you’re allowed in. What about the rest of you? Do you come bearing gifts?”
Wolf pulls a bottle of Jack out of his saddlebag. “Does this get me inside?”
“You also may enter.”
I look at Cole and Crash and arc a brow. “Well?”
Cole scoffs. “You’re lucky we hauled our asses over the mountains to come see the place.” They both shoulder past me.
Crash slugs me in the chest as he tromps up the steps. “Let’s see this Tyrolean Haunted House you’re livin’ in, Green.”
Boots trudge inside, and four leather-clad men plus myself take up most of the space in the kitchen.
Red Dog hands me the case of cans. “Don’t say I never gave ya nothin’.”
I tear it open and pass them each a beer.
They wander around the house, checking each room.
“Christ, Green, what are you going to do with a place this big?” Cole asks.
“I know who’s having the next Christmas party,” Wolf says. “Bet you could fit a ten-foot tree in this entryway.” He stares up.
“Look at that staircase, man. How old is this place?” Red Dog asks.
“1889,” I reply.
Red Dog looks up the stairs. “How many rooms you got in this place?”
“Some rich guy build it?”
“Railroad baron or so I’ve been told.” I shrug. “Never really researched it.”
Crash looks over at me, resting his elbow on the banister post. “Seriously, Green, how are you gonna pay to heat and cool a place this big, not to mention the upkeep and repairs?”
“Gram left me some insurance money. If it gets to be too much, guess I’ll sell it.”
We move to the dining room and sit around the big table.
Cole slouches back in the chair at the head of the table, one arm hooked over the back. I sit on the opposite end. Wolf and Crash sit in the middle, while Red Dog leans a hip against the buffet.
“You movin’ in probably lowered the home values of everybody in the neighborhood,” Crash jokes.
“Drive over wasn’t as far as I thought,” Cole says.
“Nope, just twenty minutes from the clubhouse.”
“How you likin’ it so far?” Cole asks.
“Better than where I was,” I reply, and wait for the jokes. My brothers don’t fail me.
“Anything’s better than that trailer, Green.” Crash grins at me.
I can’t argue with him, so I don’t bother.
Wolf leans his elbows on the table. “So you gonna hire a maid to keep the place clean?”
I know he’s only half-joking. “Yeah. Gonna make her dress in one of those little skimpy French maid outfits.”
Red Dog chuckles. “Good luck with that. Maybe you can get one of the strippers from the club to come and play house with you, Green.”
Wolf swivels to him. “Haven’t you heard, bro? Our boy here has sworn off strippers.”
“Nah, can’t be true. Say it ain’t so, Green.” Red Dog laughs and props a hand on the buffet. It lands on the invitation. He glances down, frowns, then picks it up and reads it. “What’s this? You’re cordially invited to the class of 2001 twenty-year reunion. Damn, Green, you’re gettin’ old.”
I nod and take a hit off my beer.
“Wait, you graduated high school? And you’re still that dumb?” Wolf teases.
“He probably paid someone to take the test.” Crash grins at me.
“Or slept with the teacher.” Cole joins in.
“You goin’?” Red Dog asks.
“You’re kiddin’ me. Why would you go to something like that?” Wolf asks. “We have better parties at the clubhouse any day of the week.”
“I made a promise to this girl that I would.” That gets all their attention.
“You got a high school sweetheart, Green?” Wolf teases, making kissy faces.
“Grow up,” I snap.
“What kind of promise?” Crash asks.
I explain.
Cole arcs a brow. “So you made a promise to show up at this thing, and if you’re both single, you’ll date this chick whom you haven’t seen in twenty years?”
“I keep my promises, especially to Sara.”
“You mean you suckered some high school girl into this pact? I think we need to rescue her.”
“Ha ha. You guys are hilarious. I said I’d go, and I’m going.”
Red Dog huffs a laugh. “No kidding? You’re really gonna get all dressed up and go to this fancy ball?”
“It’s not a ball,” I argue.
“Says here it’s in the ballroom of the Fife Estate. Sounds like a ball to me,” he says, scanning the invitation. “Dude, did you even read this thing?” He proceeds to read aloud. “We’re recreating the magic of our Fairytale Prom at the ballroom and gardens of the Fife Estate . . . a night of enchantment under the stars . . . Black Tie required. That’s a ball, bro.”
“Fife Estate? Where’s that?” Wolf asks.
“Says here its thirty miles south of San Francisco, nestled on the slope of the Santa Cruz Mountains . . . blah, blah, blah . . . built in 1917 . . .”
“Will you shut up about that,” Wolf grabs it out of Red Dog’s hands and looks at me. “Green, are you serious about this stuff?”
“What stuff?”
“This pact or promise or whatever you made with this girl.”
“Yeah. I’m serious.”
“You realize this is like in two weeks?”
“Yeah, so?”
“You RSVP?”
“Yeah. Couple days ago.”
“What were you plannin’ on wearing?”
Laughter breaks out around the table.
“Dude, do you even own a suit?” Crash asks.
“Crap, hadn’t thought of that.”
More laughter.
“What’s so funny?” I ask.
Wolf grins. “You. You’re like a reverse Cinderella. What you need is a fairy godmother.”
“He needs like a pack of ‘em,” Crash adds, finishing off his beer, and crushing the can in his hand.
“I think this calls for a run to the nearest tux shop,” Wolf says, looking not at me, but at Cole who grins and nods.
“I think you’re right, brother.”
“Oh, no,” I protest, but they’re already standing. Red Dog grabs me by the underarms and hauls me up.
“Oh, yes. Come on.”
Wolf is already pulling up the nearest location on his phone. “Ten minutes from here.”
And so, in no time at all, I find myself standing in front of a mirror in a black tux, with some old man measuring my inseam.
“While you got that tape measure out—” Red Dog starts to joke, staring at my crotch.
“Shut up,” I tell him.
The man ignores him and measures my arm and shoulders. “Very good, sir. We’ll have it ready for pickup on Thursday, next week.”
I slip the jacket off into his waiting arms. “Thanks.”
The guys all move out to the street, while I pay at the counter and get my receipt. I shove it in my pocket and head outside where my brothers wait by the bikes parked at the curb. They’ve given me hell for the last hour, and no doubt won’t be letting up until the big day, but for a chance to see Sara again, I’ll put up with whatever they dish out.
Cole is sitting sideways on the seat of his bike, smoking a cigarette. He grins up at me when I come through the door. “Remember, Cinderella, you turn back into a pumpkin at midnight.”
“Green, what if she’s a dog?” Wolf asks.
“She wasn’t a dog.”
“Been twenty years, dude,” he reminds me, and it gives me pause.
“There’s that deer-in-the-headlight look of panic I’ve been waitin’ for,” Crash says, chuckling.
“Crap,” I whisper the word, wondering if I haven’t thought this through. “I have no idea what I’m getting myself into, do I? What if she’s not my style?”
“Your style? You mean fast and easy?” Crash snipes.
“He means a stripper,” Wolf clarifies, laughing.
“Just look her up on social media,” Cole suggests.
“Do I look like a person who uses social media? Besides her name is very common, and there’s like a thousand people who pop up.”
“Maybe you need to bring a date,” Wolf suggests.
“A date? Green?” Red Dog laughs.
Cole chuckles, meeting my eyes. “I’m sure he could pay one of the girls down at the strip club to go with him.”
“Let’s go. Any excuse to stop by there is a good one in my book,” Wolf says, waggling his brows.
“F that,” I protest.
“Come on, Green. We have to nail this down today. You gotta be fair and give the girl time to come up with a dress for this shindig, don’t you?”
I roll my eyes.
“Mount up, Green,” my VP orders with a grin.
I jam my helmet on my head, and swing my leg over my seat, lifting it off the kickstand. “I hate you all.”
I drowned out their round of laughter with the roar of my Harley.



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Nicole James is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author who loves writing about hot alpha men who’ll do anything for the women they love! Her stories are filled with struggle, conflict and real human emotion. She is the author of the Evil Dead MC series, the Brothers Ink Tattoo series and more.

Nicole loves to hear from her readers! You can contact her via e-mail, her website contact form or on her social media accounts.

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Hateful Union by Brooke Summers





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Hateful Union - Female copy (1)

Hating someone while lusting after them only adds fuel to the fire.

Raylee Silver’s life has been anything but normal.

She’s the daughter of a notorious gang leader. She never realised just how notorious he was.

Raylee’s world is thrust into chaos as she comes to terms with losing someone close to her as well as dealing with the revelations about her family.

Never did she expect to find a light in the darkness, especially someone she hates. But Malcolm Gallagher breaks down her resolve and has her wanting things she shouldn’t.

Malcolm Gallagher is out for revenge, he’s seen the evil that the Silver gang have wrought.

He has the perfect person to use to get what he wants. Raylee.

Except he was never meant to fall for her.

When things come to a head, Malcolm’s going all-in to protect the woman that he loves.

But what happens when her family finds out?

Can Malcolm save her before or will the Silver gang take yet another life?


Though Hateful Union was part of the Hate to Want You Anthology, there have been 10,000 additional words including an extended epilogue added to the book that was not in the original story that was released with the anthology.








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bs logo 2

Brooke is a Londoner born and raised. She lives with her husband and their daughter. She’s a foul mouthed, dirty minded weirdo. An introvert and would rather spend the night in front of the fire reading, rather than going out and partying.

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LEAD IN LIFE Virtual Book Tour

Succeed in the New Era of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Business / Leadership / Biography

Date Published: September 28, 2021

What do a single rose in a crystal vase, a box of tomatoes, a knitting needle, a basketball, and a tingling earlobe have in common? They are all signals to Dr. Laura Murillo to live life to the fullest every day. A high-energy, results-focused change agent in the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) space, her undeniable passion for life stands as the foundation for her personal and professional brand.

As President and CEO of the award-winning Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, she has the uncanny ability to see a situation, not for what it is, but for what it can be. In Lead in Life, People. Passion. Persistence: Succeed in the New Era of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Murillo guides readers through the incredible, sometimes devastating, and victorious experiences that comprise her success—from earning a doctorate while pregnant, parenting a toddler, managing a parent’s illness, and working full time, to hosting multiple TV and radio shows in English and Spanish concurrently, and being appointed to the Washington, DC Federal Reserve Board’s Community Advisory Council, and more.

She uses her lived experiences as the daughter of immigrants, a woman, an executive, a media producer and host to inform her perspectives and insights as an authority on DEI, guiding corporations, organizations, and institutions to adopt a genuine culture of DEI. In this new era of DEI, corporations must make a solid, lasting commitment to full representation, fairness, and inclusion of all voices in every decision, at every level of a corporation, all the time.

Lead in Life illustrates why everyone in a corporation has value and a voice that must be heard.

About the Author

Dr. Laura Murillo is the President and CEO of the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Under her leadership, the Chamber has set unprecedented records in membership and revenue, becoming one of the most influential Chambers in the nation, a clear testament to her exceptional leadership. The youngest of nine children, Laura Murillo was born to Mexican immigrant parents and was raised in Houston’s East End/Magnolia, where she began working at age ten at her family’s restaurant. She is the proud mother of Marisa and Mia, both graduates of St. John’s School in River Oaks. Marisa earned a mechanical engineering degree from Columbia University, in New York City, and is an astrophysics researcher. Mia is a sophomore at Georgetown University in Washington DC and maintains highest honors.

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Tarnished Throne by Kristen Luciani

Available Banner

Tarnished Throne by Kristen Luciani is LIVE!

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1Click Tarnished Throne by Kristen Luciani now!

IG Live

About Tarnished Throne

Our world is built on a web of lies… and only the truth will set us free.

TT Teaser 1TT Teaser 2

KL New Profile copy

About Kristen Luciani

Kristen Luciani is a USA Today bestselling author of steamy and suspense-filled romance. She’s addicted to kickboxing, Starburst jelly beans, and swooning over dark, broken anti-heroes. Kristen is happily married to her own real-life hero of over 20 years. In addition to penning spicy stories, she also has a part-time job as her three kids’ personal Uber driver, which she manages to successfully juggle along with her other tasks: laundry, cleaning, laundry, cooking, laundry, and caring for her adorable Boston Terrier puppy.

Mafia romance is her passion…and her poison.

Author Links:

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Stronger by LM Fox

Title: Stronger
Series: Deprivation Trilogy #3
Author: LM Fox
Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 4, 2021


Katarina Kelly

Turmoil is brewing, a product of past and present.
Could my decisions cost me everything?

There’s no denying it. I need Nick Barnes like I need oxygen to breathe.

This battle is something I no longer want to win.

I’m grabbing hold of my happily ever after if it’s the last thing I do.

Nicholas Barnes

How do you start over when betrayal and lies are all you know?
I’m taking a risk knowing she can break me.

This fiercely independent woman is determined to handle this her way.

Is there a chance for us to survive this when the surgeon is the one who’s fractured?

But I cannot live without her. She’s my everything.

We are headstrong. We are fiercely passionate.
And when we are one, we are stronger.



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Reaching for my hand, he pulls me up to his side. Bending down to nibble on my collarbone, he trails sweet, warm kisses up to my ear. “Please say you’ll stay with me tonight. I’ve missed you. I want to wake up with you in my arms in the morning.”
I feel bad for thinking it, but it’d feel odd to sleep with him in his marital bed. I know there is no love loss for Sophia. It’s just my silly mind games holding me back. I can see he senses my hesitation and pulls back in question. “I feel really silly, Nick. Is there anything of Sophia’s in your room? I feel a little weird about─”
“Baby, there’s nothing left of her here. She took all of the bedroom furniture. I moved the guest room furniture in my room once the other stuff was gone.”
“Will you… uh, will you tell me what happened between the two of you one day?” I ask a bit fearfully, remembering how upset he was the last time I brought this up.
“Yes. I’ll tell you the whole sordid mess. But I’m not ruining our first date with that horror story. Now, I’m anxious to get to bed. You coming?”
Nick, I don’t know if I can do that again.” I cringe. “I’m honestly a little sore.”
“Did I─”
“No!” I blurt. “I hope you’ll do that again.” I grin. “I just couldn’t handle it again tonight.”
“It’s okay, Kat. I just want to hold you.” He lets out a small laugh, and I look at him with curiosity. “I was worried I blew my dick off after that romp in the study.” He chuckles. “Will you take a shower with me? Then we can get some sleep. I know you’ve had a long day, and I’ve got to be up early for work tomorrow.”
I follow him up the stairs of his massive abode and admit I feel a bit out of place here. My whole house could practically fit in his garage. I’m not sure how I feel about his moving to a place near me. I love him and want him close. Yet, if he moves into a new place, we may find ourselves stuck in an unending cycle of sleepovers. He may never want to live together. Heck, did I miss my chance? Maybe I should’ve let him stay with me.
Reaching his bedroom, I walk in and notice the furnishings are grand. This was in a guest room? I cannot contemplate the money he must make to afford this. Over-the-top opulence isn’t my style. My mother would be in heaven, though. My thoughts are swiftly placed on the back burner as he reaches for the hem of my dress and begins to pull it overhead.
“Wait.” I grab his hand and notice he looks alarmed. “It’s a wrap dress,” I say, placing his hand on the tie at my waist and encouraging him to give it a little tug.
A megawatt smile spreads across his face as he pulls, and the garment falls open to reveal only my sheer, demi-cup bra as I’m now devoid of the tiny panties. Dropping to his knees, he slowly places tender kisses down my legs. He glides his tongue from the inside of my knees down to the black pumps I’m wearing, and I recall his fascination with my wearing shoes and nothing else. He sits up placing open-mouthed kisses all over my thighs, my hips, and my belly.
“Come on, Dr. Barnes. The shower’s calling,” I tease.
“Yeah, yeah. But only if I get to walk behind you in those shoes.”
Entering the magnificent marble bathroom, I stand by the sink as he readies the shower and finds clean towels for our departure. Kicking off my heels, I walk into the hot stream and tilt my head back to allow the water to coat my hair and back. Nick is suddenly behind me, lathering my skin and washing my hair. I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven. This man is so adoring. It’s awful that in this blissful state, I can’t help but wonder why on earth Sophia would’ve left him.
I turn toward Nick and rub body wash over his pecs and abs, my fingertips reveling in the ridges as they slide up and down his hard body. He may have been protesting too much about our earlier exploits and the concern for the health of his penis, as it appears to be functioning just fine at the moment. I’m dying to reach down and stroke him, but I know this man too well. He’ll turn the tables and make this all about pleasing me, and I don’t think my tender girl parts could handle that at the moment. I calculate the best way to enact my plan and wrap my arms around his neck, pushing my wet body into his.
“God, you feel good,” he moans into my ear.
“I’m getting tired, Nick,” I lie.
“Okay, kitten. Let me make sure I’ve gotten all of the soap off.” He drops one more pass of his hands down my back and cups my ass before another groan escapes him. He reaches over and turns off the water before darting out of the shower to grab a towel for me. Before toweling himself off, he grabs the other towel and begins wrapping my long hair with it. Is this man for real?
I follow him into the bedroom and watch as he finishes drying off just before dropping the towel to the ground, pulling back the covers, and climbing inside. He rolls toward me, holding out his arm in invitation. Repeating his earlier performance, I drop the towel on the floor and climb in beside him. He pulls me into his warm body, and I can’t keep my hands to myself any longer.
Reaching down, I grab ahold of his thick erection and stroke the velvety soft skin that sheaths the steel surface beneath. He’s so masculine. His cock is veiny and thick, and I decide I have him just where I want him to bestow my thankfulness for this amazing evening.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


Free in Kindle Unlimited


Born and raised in Virginia, LM Fox currently lives in a suburb of Richmond with her husband, three kids, and a chocolate lab.

Her pastimes are traveling to new and favorite places, trying new foods, a swoony book with either a good cup of tea or coffee, margaritas on special occasions, and watching her kids participate in a variety of sports.

She has spent the majority of her adult life working in emergency medicine and her books are written in this setting. Her main characters are typically in the medical field, EMS, fire, and/or law enforcement. She enjoys writing angsty, contemporary romance starring headstrong, independent heroines you can’t help but love and the hot alpha men who fall hard for them.


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Blame It On the Eggnog by Jami Davenport

Blame It On The Eggnog by Jami Davenport releases on November 9th!
Get It on All Platforms

I’m a single father, and I’ve had all the change I can handle: Retirement from the sport I love, a crazy ex-wife in prison, and five kids who need me more than ever. I don’t have time for a relationship, let alone one with the interfering mother of the best player on the hockey team I’m coaching. She’s annoying as hell, but she’s also equally on my mind.

I’m a hockey mom and proud of it. I’m also the over-protective mother of a talented daughter hell-bent on playing with the boys. I’m determined that my daughter gets a shot at her dream despite her gender, even if it means butting heads with the team’s rigid and hot AF coach. I have no intention in falling for this brooding man with a houseful of children, but sometimes life doesn’t stick to the plan.

We wanted to blame it on the eggnog, but there’s no denying our chemistry. Can two single parents find love and healing in the magic of a Garland Grove Christmas, or will our complicated lives ruin the best thing that’s ever happened to us?

Garland Grove is the creation of four friends and USA Today bestsellers: Jami Davenport, Kat Mizera, Kelly Jamieson, and Tess Thompson. Journey with us to the quaint town of Garland Grove set in the mountains of British Columbia as our characters find true love when they’re least expecting it.

Check out the entire Romancing the Rink Series!

About the Author:

USA Today Bestselling Author Jami Davenport writes sexy contemporary and sports romances, including her two new indie endeavors: the Game On in Seattle Series and the Madrona Island Series. Jami’s new releases consistently rank in the top fifty on the sports romance and sports genre lists on Amazon, and she has hit the Amazon top hundred authors list in both contemporary romance and genre fiction multiple times. Jami ranked Number Seven on Kobo’s Top Ten Most Completed Authors, an honor bestowed on the year’s “most engaging” authors based on an average page completion rate by their readers.
Jami lives on a small farm near Puget Sound with her Green Beret-turned-plumber husband, a Newfoundland cross with a tennis ball fetish, a prince disguised as an orange tabby cat, and an opinionated Hanoverian mare.
Jami works in IT for her day job and is a former high school business teacher. She’s a lifetime Seahawks and Mariners fan and is waiting for the day professional hockey comes to Seattle. An avid boater, Jami has spent countless hours in the San Juan Islands, a common setting in her books. In her opinion, it’s the most beautiful place on earth.

Connect with Jami!
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Twitter Address: @jamidavenport
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KBWorlds Release Day Promo


The latest books in the Driven World are live!

Inspired by K. Bromberg’s Driven series, each author wrote their own story to fit in the world. We hope you’ll fall in love with their new stories and characters while revisiting Colton, Rylee, and the gang from mine.

KBW Now Live 11042021

FREE in Kindle Unlimited:

Photo Finish by Ellie Jean

Fueled by revenge, I’m driven by darkness. When the choice comes, who will I choose?

I’d been unlucky in love.

You could say I was the luckiest unlucky person.

Having bad weeks, months and years I finally let go.

Wasting energy, time and my life trying to please men who weren’t worthy of me had to end.

I was worth more.

My heart was no longer up for grabs.

Needing a simpler life, my obsession became my job.


Race cars.

Fast-paced, adrenaline fueled days.

My life was on track.

Until I, Callie Finlay, found myself in the middle of a notorious crime syndicate who wouldn’t hesitate to kill me and Zayn McCulloch, the rogue PI who skillfully took me.

In every way.

Captured and consumed by his strength and command, passion flamed out of control, one that both of us didn’t know could exist.

We were both wakening dead parts of ourselves.

But there’s an intense pain within Zayn that is ravaging him.

Is it possible for me to quieten the demons?

And how, after vowing to keep my heart safely locked can I trust him not to break it and me?

Driven World

Check out the books that inspired the authors! K. Bromberg’s Driven series are FREE in Kindle Unlimited right now:







More KB Worlds books are coming your way every month. Stay up to date on all the releases here:

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Timely Assist by Robyn M. Ryan

Timely Assist by Robyn M. Ryan releases on November 9th!
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She has no time for romance.
He’s not looking for love.
Neither sees the slap shot life sends their way.

Shannon Mackenna’s life revolves around her family, with her 4 year old daughter at the center. She knows first hand how life can change in an instant. Her parents’ unexpected death taught her never to take things for granted.

She lives with no regrets—not even the one-night-stand with a minor league hockey player that resulted in a surprise pregnancy. When she tried to contact him, he denied even recognizing her and Shannon vowed to raise her daughter on her own.

Cliff “Cam” Camden embraced the bad-boy-athlete persona the moment he was drafted. He enjoyed all of the perks and has long stopped counting notches on his hockey stick.

Now, Cam wants more than off-ice conquests. It’s time to put his career first. He’s not looking for distractions—until he meets the beautiful, sassy owner of Shamrock Fitness. Intrigued by the elusive, private woman, Cam hopes for the chance of something more.

Shannon fears her past has collided with her carefully scripted life but she finds it difficult to resist Cam’s devilish smile and brilliant silver-blue eyes. His thoughtfulness outshines his obvious sex appeal, and every time she sees him, her heart skips a beat—and not just because of the way his touch lights up her whole body.

Neither denies the mutual attraction, but Shannon must protect her secret at all costs—even if it means walking away from her happily ever after.

**Timely Assist is a standalone book in the Tampa Suns Hockey series. This sweet and spicy full-length novel can be read on its own—no cliffhanger, no cheating and a guaranteed Happily Ever After.

You may enjoy meeting and following a growing group of friends connected by the Tampa Suns professional hockey team. Some characters are introduced in the Clearing the Ice Trilogy, Healthy Scratch, and Risky Move.**

About the Author:

Chicago born, honorary Atlanta native, Parisienne at heart. Proud 60’s Flower Child. “Fearless” barrier-breaker for female sports journalists and minor league “batpersons.” While at UGA, scored PR internship with Atlanta Flames NHL team, during its first season. Interviewed future MLB and NHL Hall of Fame members, published in a variety of print media. Wife, mom, PR professional, and finally, 35 years later, published author. Two Westie grand-dogs pretty much run our household.

The Clearing the Ice hockey trilogy includes This Piece of My Heart (nominated for the 2016 Summer Indie Books awards), This Piece of My Soul, (2017 Readers Choice and Summer Indie Book Awards nominees), and This Piece of Our Being(2018).

Besides writing, her passions include following NASCAR and the New York Rangers, and splitting time between homes in Atlanta and Palm Coast.

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