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#BRVL AUTHOR PROMO — Hollywood Kisses & Christmas Wishes 


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Reese Easting loves living in the small town of Silver Falls, Nebraska, where he has resided his entire life. As the owner of the local hair salon, he enjoys cutting and styling his clients’ hair.

Reese also revels in anything having to do with Christmas and winter, so naturally, he’s excited about the upcoming holiday season.

Tristan McDermott, Hollywood heartthrob and actor extraordinaire, is dedicated to his work and craft. Whether it’s a new movie or a series of magazine interviews, something is always on the horizon that keeps him busy.

When Tristan’s private plane is forced to make an unplanned landing near Silver Falls, Tristan is ready to leave as quickly as possible. Or so he thinks. After he meets the sassy Reese, his time spent stranded in Silver Falls doesn’t sound as tedious. 

Reese is falling for the gorgeous actor, but Tristan has not come out and no one in Hollywood knows his biggest secret. When the paparazzi finds out what he has been hiding, will a winter fairytale come true, or will they be left with the worst Christmas ever?

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