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Racing Hearts: Montague Racing book 1 By Kelsey Hodge


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Racing Hearts: Montague Racing book 1 By Kelsey Hodge

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I have almost accomplished my life-long dream. I’m a racing driver in the best racing team out there, and I’m happy. Am I better than some of the other drivers? Maybe, but I’ve been content to stay out of the limelight… until I see him at the club, that is. I know at that moment I shouldn’t spend the night with him, but I do, anyway. That one decision is going to change my whole life; I just wasn’t sure when. Now, I’m being forced to decide if I want to go forward and complete my dream or stay content living in the shadows.


For decades I’ve been living a lie, only showing the world one half of my true self. It’s a lonely life, but I’m content since I have my work, which I love more than anything. Then, one night, I meet him, and everything changes. I want that man on my team, but more importantly, in my bed—even if that part is kept secret. I just need to convince him it’s worth the risk, that I’m worth the risk, and to finally come out of the shadows myself.

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