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#BRVL AUTHOR PROMO — The List By BL Maxwell


99¢ November 11-25

The List 

BL Maxwell

Tommy Carter was just minding his own business, taking out the trash from his job at a local bar and grill, when he noticed the man hiding behind the dumpster. He couldn’t get a good look at the guy, and the less he can find out about him, the more curious he becomes. He’d lived through difficult circumstances in his past, and decides if he can help, he will. Tommy doesn’t have a lot, but he has a heart of gold that won’t let him walk away from someone he knows needs a hand up.

Zane Martin was left wandering the streets of Sacramento in a haze after tragedy struck. He’s afraid to trust anyone and suffering from a lack of food and adequate clothing to keep him alive and well against the weather about to hit the area. He’s not sure he can trust Tommy, but he wants to. There has to be one good person out there, and maybe he’s just found him.  

A story of helping when you can, and accepting help when it’s offered. 

#newadult #mmromance #hurtcomfort #friendstolovers This book is in the same universe as Better Together and Chains Required, but is a standalone with new characters.

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#BRVL AUTHOR PROMO — For Me (Rent Me Series: Christmas in Russia) By Brina Brady


For Me (Rent Me Series: Christmas in Russia)

By Brina Brady

Limited Time

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Amazon E-book on sale only here:


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The entire Dubrovsky family heads to snowy Russia for a family Christmas. Brennen fears Dmitri’s homophobic father’s rejection. Dmitri believes when they present their daughter, that all will be forgiven, but steps into a mess upon arriving with his husband. Instead of greeting Dmitri and Brennen with hugs and kisses, Grandma Dubrovsky whisks baby Dominika away, leaving them alone with Dmitri’s angry father. Can they stay if it means abiding by his rules? This is a story of love, forgiveness, and miracles during the holiday season. Dmitri and Brennen overcome issues that have been troubling their relationship, each growing and learning how to best be what the other needs. There are many surprises during the holiday season for all of them. This book can be read as a standalone.

However, it is book 4 of the Rent Me Series.

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#BRVL AUTHOR PROMO — Remember When by BL Maxwell


New Release!

Remember When

BL Maxwell

A night to remember, a confession, and a lifetime of love in this small town, friends to lovers Christmas romance.

Andrew Lawson’s life in Sacramento has turned from being everything he dreamed of growing up, to a lonely place where finding someone special to share his life with is impossible. When the first person he meets on returning home for Thanksgiving is his childhood friend Link, it’s a reminder of happier times when his whole future lay in front of him. Agreeing to a drink before heading to his parent’s place is a way to reconnect, and a great way to start the holiday.

Link Stanton never considered leaving the small farming town he grew up in, but he misses Andy more than he’ll ever admit. Secretly lusting after a friend is bad enough but being in love with him is so much worse. One drink with friends seems harmless enough, after all, catching up on old times can’t be a bad thing, until beers turn to shots, and Link reveals how he really feels.

Everything could change, and if Andrew doesn’t remember Link’s heartfelt confession, they could carry on as friends. But, if he does remember, this could be either the worst, or the best, Christmas of all. #smalltownromance #Holidayromance #mmromance #Christmas #friendstolovers

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#BRVL AUTHOR PROMO — Love Potion No.69 By Lynn Michaels


#HolidayRead #MMRomance

Love Potion No.69 By Lynn Michaels

A mysterious bookstore, two lonely guys and pie…

Keith is lonely and unsure. He doesn’t know what he wants or where he’s going in life until a storm forces him inside out of the rain.

Sadler runs his family’s bookstore. He’s open to possibilities. Success. Magic. Love. A future. He only needs one more ingredient—maybe the sexy wet guy who just walked in?

This is an insta-love, magical realism romp with a happy ever after ending.

This story was part of the Between The Covers limited edition anthology.

#magicalrealism #holidayread #pie #insta-love #bookstore

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#BRVL AUTHOR PROMO — Blessings and Miracles: Full Circle Christmas By H.M Wolfe




Blessings and Miracles: Full Circle Christmas

It is that time of the year again…

With her niece Willa and her nephews’ Sebastian and Fabian’s life partner Vincent and husband Lance as trusted kitchen helpers, Zoe Stark throws another epic Christmas party at the family mansion near Hartford, Connecticut. All the members of the Stark and Bloom clans are going to be present, and there are a lot of achievements and happy events to celebrate.

Zane Parsons, a young widower, drives all the way to Ordando, Florida, to Connecticut, to honor the promise he made his grandmother on her deathbed. He is torn between hoping for a new life for him and his only child and the fear of being rejected. Zane strongly believes in Christmas miracles, but will he experience one, too?

After being separated from the only man he ever loved for more than thirty years, Rhett Randall gathers his courage and drives to his ex-husband family’s mansion to talk to him for what could be the last time. It could be a total disaster, but it could also be one of those magic moments associated with Christmas.

The Christmas carols mix with the pitty-pat sound of little children’s feet and their happy giggles in this gay romance novel about blessings, miracles and the power of love in its many forms

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#BRVL AUTHOR PROMO — Blood Ties (Carolina Sky Book 2) By Lynn Michaels



Pre-order Blood Ties

Available November 19 on Amazon and kindle unlimited

The ties that bind are made of blood

Tobia and Gwin’s afterlives have been varied and long. From their separate creations to being intertwined. But now everything is changing. And it’s all because of Matthew, the lead singer for the band, Carolina Sky. They want him and will do whatever it takes…

A serialized paranormal Rockstar romance with mythical beings and multiple pairings—including MM MF MFM FF.

Tags: Vampires stalking the rocker, Rockers looking for fame, forbidden love, kidnapping, abduction, vampires are coming, women with fangs, prolific song writing, gay love, bi-sexual love, everybody wants the singer, angsty vampires

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#BRVL AUTHOR PROMO — The Island: The Hunted (The Cowboy Gangster / The Base crossover series Book 3)






The Island: The Hunted (The Cowboy Gangster / The Base crossover series Book 3)

**BOOK 3 OF 3**

The gangsters and the men from The Base join forces to pinpoint the location of their missing loved ones. Their search takes them into the bowels of the dark web, exposing a nightmare that ultimately leads the two clans to an island composed of hellish imaginations… and terrifying revelations.

Once on the island, the men must navigate the deadly territory without detection—while learning to work together and overcoming their differences… which proves a difficult task among men of action who are barely holding it together.

Excerpt Reveal

Her Righteous Protector by Caitlyn O’Leary

Title: Her Righteous Protector
Series: Night Storm #8
Author: Caitlyn O’Leary
Genre: Romantic Military Suspense
Release Date: November 23, 2021


Navy SEAL Lieutenant Max Hogan has watched as every single one of his men has paired off. He is beginning to wonder if there is something more to life than just mission after mission.

He is surprised the moment he’s asked to attend the reading of a will and even more surprised when he discovers who has passed away. He was sad this woman he’d had a brief relationship with was dead, but he hadn’t seen her for five years, so why in the world would he be sitting in her lawyer’s office?

Ten minutes later Max is staring at the man, uncomprehending. The lawyer’s words don’t make any sense. His lips continue to move, but all Max keeps hearing is that first sentence.

“Megan wanted you to have custody of your son if anything ever happened to her.”

He has a son?

Once centered around endless missions and keeping his men safe, Max’s life is about to change in ways he never expected. Can he rise to this unexpected challenge, and will he have to do it alone? Or will his son’s guardian turn out to be his closest ally—and more?

This is an action, adventure, romantic, stand-alone novel.




When Max Hogan got done with his shower and put on a t-shirt and cargo shorts, he called his neighbor, Lester Sinclair, Mikey’s father. Lester answered on the first ring.
“Hi Max. Feel like some home cooking?”
Max winced. “You don’t have to go to any trouble. I was planning on Pollard’s for some chicken. How does that sound?”
“Sounds great, but only if you let me pay,” the older man said.
“Normally that would be great, but I won a bet with Cullen today. He thought he could beat me on the obstacle course. He lost. I’ve got cash burning a hole in my pocket.”
Lester let out a hearty laugh. “Well if we’re eating on Cullen’s dime, let’s go for it. You know what Mikey and I like. Come on over.”
“I should be there in about a half hour.”
“Sounds good.”
Max picked up the keys on his counter, plus the hot wheels that he’d bought last weekend and left his house. He moved his truck to the street, then locked it. It was a perfect night for a drive in the convertible, what’s more Mikey would love a ride in the convertible. He drove over to Pollard’s and put in an order for twenty pieces of chicken, mashed potatoes, hush puppies, coleslaw, corn on the cob, fried okra, cinnamon apples, green beans and homemade corn muffins. He knew that Lester was on a tight budget so this should last awhile.
When he parked the Cougar on the street in front of the Sinclair’s house he wasn’t surprised in the least to see Mikey out front waiting for him. The big man’s grin was a sight for sore eyes.
“Max! Max! Max! I mowed your grass! Did you see? Did you?”
He was practically jumping up and down in excitement.
He ran down the walkway and gripped the side of Max’s car.
“I can help carry in dinner? Did you get hush puppies? Them’s my favorite.”
“I did,” Max assured Mikey. He handed him one of the bags, then hit the button to bring the top up so he could lock the car while he was inside with Mikey and Lester. By the time he walked up to the door Mikey had the screen door open, waiting for him.
“I got your mail today, too!”
Max grinned at Mikey’s exuberance. Everything the man said was an exclamation, how could anyone be unhappy when they were around someone so filled with joy?
“Mikey, don’t block the door and let Max in, the food is getting cold.”
“I’m not Dad, I’m helping.” Max handed Mikey another sack of food and followed him into the kitchen table. Lester had already started to unload the containers of food.
“What did you do, buy out the entire restaurant?” Lester asked.
“I was hungry and everything looked good,” Max explained. He dumped the last bag onto the table and went to the cupboard to get the plates, then grabbed the silverware they were going to need. When he was done he reached into the fridge and found the ever present pitcher of sweet iced tea. He might spend a lot of time over at his friend and teammate’s home, but if he had to say where he felt most comfortable, it was with Lester and Mikey, it reminded him of some of the homes he and grown up in.
When they got settled down at the table, Mikey grabbed their hands. “Can I say grace?” he asked?
“Of course,” Lester answered.
“Bless us oh Lord, and these our guests for the bounty for which we are about to receive, thank you, Amen. And thank for a whole bunch of food from Max, especially the hush puppies.”




Caitlyn O’Leary is a USA Bestselling Author, #1 Amazon Bestselling Author and a Golden Quill Recipient from Book Viral in 2015. Hampered with a mild form of dyslexia she began memorizing books at an early age until her grandmother, the English teacher, took the time to teach her to read — then she never stopped. She began re-writing alternate endings for her Trixie Belden books into happily-ever-afters with Trixie’s platonic friend Jim. When she was home with pneumonia at twelve, she read the entire set of World Book Encyclopedias — a little more challenging to end those happily.

Caitlyn loves writing about Alpha males with strong heroines who keep the men on their toes. There is plenty of action, suspense and humor in her books. She is never shy about tackling some of today’s tough and relevant issues.

In addition to being an award-winning author of romantic suspense novels, she is a devoted aunt, an avid reader, a former corporate executive for a Fortune 100 company, and totally in love with her husband of soon-to-be twenty years.

She recently moved back home to the Pacific Northwest from Southern California. She is so happy to see the seasons again; rain, rain and more rain. She has a large fan group on Facebook and through her e-mail list. Caitlyn is known for telling her “Caitlyn Factors”, where she relates her little and big life’s screw-ups. The list is long. She loves hearing and connecting with her fans on a daily basis.


Pre Order

Mr. Dale and the Divorcée


The Brazen Beauties, Book 1

Regency Romance, Historical Romance

Date Published: November 23, 2021

He’s a respectable barrister…

She’s the most scandalous woman in England…

Wilhelmina Hewitt knows she’s in for a rough ride when she agrees to help her husband get a divorce. Nothing, however, prepares her for the regret of meeting Mr. Dale on the eve of her downfall. No other man has ever sent her heart racing as he does. Unfortunately, while she’ll soon be free to engage in a new relationship, no upstanding gentleman will have her.

James Dale would never pursue another man’s wife. Or a woman reputed to be a deceitful adulteress. Furious with himself for letting the lovely Mrs. Hewitt charm him, he strives to keep his distance. But when her daughter elopes with his son, they’re forced into a partnership where passion ignites. And James soon wonders if there might be more to the divorcée than meets the eye.


Chapter One

London, 1818

It was horribly hard for Wilhelmina Hewitt to find the words she needed to start this discussion. But after all her husband, George, had done for her, she felt it her duty now to help him as best she could. Even if the subject she wished to broach would probably shock him.

Would you like a brandy?” he offered, the gentle sound of his voice conveying the warmth and consideration he’d always shown her.

Her resolve – the complete lack of nervousness she experienced in spite of her decision – surprised Wilhelmina. Instead of panic, an extraordinary sense of calm overcame her. She knew she was making the right choice, no matter how much it was destined to upend her life.

She considered her husband with deliberate practicality. The man she’d married twenty years earlier when she’d been eighteen and pregnant reclined in the armchair opposite hers, his gaze expectant. Their fathers had been like brothers. They’d attended the same schools, had fought side by side in the American War of Independence, and had later perished together at sea.

Wilhelmina and George had both been ten years old when news of their fathers’ deaths had arrived. With their properties less than one mile apart, they’d quickly found solace in each other. As one would expect, the incident had deepened the bond they’d already shared since birth. So when Wilhelmina faced the greatest ordeal of her life eight years later, George hadn’t hesitated for a second. Having recently been denied the woman he loved, he’d insisted he’d never want to wed another. So he’d chosen to protect Wilhelmina instead. George had, she acknowledged, sacrificed more for her than what was fair. It was time she returned the favor.

Deciding to be direct, she cleared her throat. “I think we ought to get a divorce.”

George’s eyes widened. He stared at her as if she were mad. “I beg your pardon?”

Wilhelmina took a deep breath. “How long have you and Fiona been seeing each other?”

His gaze slid away from hers as his cheeks grew ruddy. “You know the answer to that.”

By my estimation it’s almost exactly two years. Two years of pretending Fiona is my dearest friend – that it is me she comes to see thrice a week, not you.” The lovely widow, ten years George’s junior, had caught his attention one evening at Almack’s. The two had struck up a conversation, which had led to a dance. When subsequent run-ins with Fiona had increased George’s interest in her, Wilhelmina had decided to step in and help the pair. By covering for them, she’d allowed them to conduct their affair in private and without scrutiny.

It was, she realized, an unconventional arrangement. But then again, her entire marriage was far from ordinary. The one and only attempt she and George had made to consummate their union turned out to be a spectacular failure. Bedding each other had been impossible due to their being like brother and sister and, Wilhelmina admitted, due to her own aversion for the act itself. So she’d happily encouraged George to pursue such relationships elsewhere in the years since.

I’m sorry. I did not realize you were opposed to our meetings. You never—”

George.” Wilhelmina gave her husband a reassuring smile. “I believe you’ve misunderstood my reason for suggesting a divorce. It is not because I’m offended or upset by the relationship you and Fiona enjoy, but rather because I believe you have fallen in love with her and she with you.”

He sat utterly motionless for a moment, then finally nodded. They’d always been frank with each other. “You’re correct, but divorce is not the answer, Mina. It would be public and messy. Our reputations would be destroyed in the process – yours especially.”

Bolstering herself against the truth of his words, she shrugged one shoulder. “I’ll manage.”

No.” He shook his head. “I won’t have that on my conscience.”

She stood and went to crouch before him. Her hand clasped his. A pair of dark brown eyes filled with concern met hers. “You gave up on love for me once – on starting a family of your own. Please, allow me to return the enormous favor you did me when you decided to save me from ruin and Cynthia from illegitimacy.”

Ah, but I did marry for love, Mina.”

I know, but not in the way you should have.”

If you think I have regrets, you’re wrong. I’d make the same decision again in a heartbeat.”

Because you’re the best man there is, George. And as such, you deserve every happiness in the world. You deserve to have a life with Fiona just as she deserves to have a life with you.” She carefully released his hand, then stood and crossed to the sideboard where she proceeded to fill two glasses with brandy. Returning, she handed him his drink and took a sip of her own.

A frown appeared on George’s brow. “You’ve no idea how hard it would be to break up our marriage completely. We’re not just speaking of legal separation, Mina, which in and of itself is enough to see one shunned from Society. What you’re suggesting would require parliamentary involvement with three readings of the divorcement bill before the Lords. Witnesses to your adulterous behavior would have to give evidence.”

I’ve thought about that. Obviously, the simplest thing to do would be to pay a few men for the trouble.”

He gaped at her, then took a sip of his drink. “No. I appreciate the offer, but we’ll do no such thing.”

George. I really—”

It’s absolutely out of the question.”

You’re certain I can’t persuade you?”

He gave her a steady look. “Quite.”

All right,” Mina agreed after a moment’s hesitation. She knew when George was beyond budging. “But this arrangement with Fiona is untenable. It’s just a matter of time before someone catches on to the fact that the two of you are lovers, and when they do, she will suffer the most. So if you refuse a divorce, you should at the very least consider moving out of Town. Find a small village somewhere so you can carry on with each other discreetly.”

And leave you here by yourself? Would that not raise a few eyebrows?”

Not if you come back from time to time and visit. Plenty of husbands travel for work.”

My work, as you well know, is here in London.”

It doesn’t have to be.” As the designer and manufacturer of fine furniture, George had made a name for himself amid the upper class. Having a Hewitt sofa was all the rage. So much so they’d both been admitted into upper class circles and counted Viscount and Viscountess Pennington among their dearest friends. “You already have employees who are trained to handle new orders along with the shop on a regular basis. Whether you sit in your study here and create new designs or you do so a hundred miles away would make little difference, would it not?”

I suppose not.”

Especially if you were to set up a home near Croft, which in my mind would make your life simpler since that’s where the carpenters are.”

For the first time since this conversation had begun, George allowed a hint of humor to tug at his lips. “You’ve put a frightening amount of thought into this. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were eager to be rid of me.”

Not at all,” she told him in earnest. “I merely desire to see you happy.”

He seemed to mull this over a moment. “I’ll think on it. Right now, there’s still Cynthia’s upcoming wedding to consider. Moving ahead with any drastic changes should probably wait until she has spoken her vows. I’d hate to give Mr. Petersen or his parents a reason to call things off.”


George finally smiled. “Good. That’s settled then. Care for a game of cards?”

Wilhelmina located the deck and returned to her seat. She knew George was being protective. It was in his nature. But she hated feeling like she was becoming a hindrance to him, a burden keeping him from the life he deserved.

Of course, altering his perspective only required a change in circumstance. This was apparent when he came to speak with Wilhelmina six months later. In the sort of bleak tone one might use when there’d been a death in the family, he announced that he’d gotten Fiona with child.

I’m sorry,” he muttered. Slumped in the same chair he’d used for their previous conversation on the matter, he clasped his head between his hands. No man had ever looked more defeated or miserable. It broke Wilhelmina’s heart. The joy George would surely have felt over the pregnancy was being overshadowed by the complication of his marriage to her.

Now, faced with a choice between the scandal of divorce or bringing an illegitimate child into the world, she knew his hand had been forced by fate. As such, the only thing she could think to do was offer comfort and reassurance as he’d so often done for her. “It’s all right. I will survive this, George. We all will.”

I’ve spoken about it at length with Fiona. She asked me to convey her gratitude. What you are willing to do is—”

The correct thing.”

Mina…” His voice was thick with feeling.

Moving forward, we’ll need a plan,” she told him matter-of-factly before she too succumbed to emotion. “Right now, only the three of us know the true nature of this marriage or that you and I share a bond stronger than what most married couples enjoy. If we are to succeed in dissolving our marriage completely, we’ll need to put up a good façade. The fewer people we confide in, the better.”

I’ve considered this too,” George said. “I think we need to tell Cynthia and her husband, Henry, what to expect. I also think it would benefit you if one or two of our closest friends, like the Penningtons, were brought into our confidence. This way, you won’t be completely alone afterward.”

Maybe,” she agreed. “From what I gather, you and I shan’t be permitted to see each other once the divorce has been settled.”

Not that we’d have much opportunity to.” When she gave him a puzzled look he explained, “Although getting through this may take a long time, Fiona and I intend to leave England as soon as it’s over since staying here and facing the aftermath could be difficult for our child.”

Wilhelmina’s stomach clenched at the idea of George moving overseas. He’d always been there and while she was happy to help him marry Fiona, she instantly knew his absence from England would lead to an unwelcome emptiness in her heart. For his sake, she forced herself to maintain her composure.

Where will you go?”

Massachusetts has a well-established logging industry, but it’s my understanding that the area surrounding the Great Lakes shows promise. It’s reputed to be an especially stunning part of North America. Most importantly, it’s far away.”

It certainly was. Wilhelmina forced a smile and tried not to panic. This was for the best. George would be with the woman he loved and start a family. With Cynthia already settled a few months earlier, her future had been secured. As for Wilhelmina herself, she’d weather the storm as best as she could, most likely by focusing all her energy on the property she owned near Renwick. George had helped her purchase the small farm nearly five years ago. After a serious bout of influenza, he’d insisted on making sure she’d have a property in her own name in case he died. She’d not been there often, but having it did reassure her.

You do realize your child will likely be born out of wedlock,” Wilhelmina said. She hated bringing this up, but decided it was best to face the facts, no matter how unappealing. “From what I gather, the proceedings we intend to undertake could last a couple of years.”

George’s gaze finally sharpened. “I’m aware, but once it’s done, my son or daughter shall have my name.”

About the Author

USA TODAY bestselling author Sophie Barnes spent her youth traveling with her parents to wonderful places all around the world. She’s lived in five different countries, on three different continents, and speaks Danish, English, French, Spanish, and Romanian with varying degrees of fluency. But, most impressive of all, she’s been married to the same man three times—in three different countries and in three different dresses.

When she’s not busy dreaming up her next romance novel, Sophie enjoys spending time with her family, swimming, cooking, gardening, watching romantic comedies and, of course, reading.

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