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The Christmas Rental by Aurora Paige

Title: The Christmas Rental
A Holidates Series Standalone
Author: Aurora Paige
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 15, 2021


She’s a curvy, tech-savvy project developer that hates commitment.

He’s a hot bar owner with no desire to settle down.

What happens when you rent a date for the holiday, but a phone app matches you to your forever-plus-one?


Commitment wasn’t a priority. I was an independent woman and handled everything on my own, no man necessary. My family couldn’t understand the concept. So, I developed the Holidates app to help people like me who just needed a date to bring home to their families during the holidays. I tested it out on myself and my holidate turned out better than expected—nice, likeable, easy to be with. Of course, I forgot that relationships were simple when there was nothing on the line. No future, no heartbreak, no getting along for long periods of time. Then the unthinkable happened. We were snowed in and had to share a bed. No biggie. Until I realized I wanted to share more than one night. But a deal is a deal. And I wouldn’t break it…unless that’s what he wanted, too.


I never met a woman who didn’t want a long-term commitment. So when a dating app matched me with Alexis, we were the perfect couple, blissful in our “for now” arrangement. I could survive anything for a few days. Except with her, I wasn’t just surviving–I was actually enjoying myself. When bad weather ruined our chance to go home and end the date, I was happy about it. I wasn’t ready to be done, so I bit the bullet and asked her to be my New Year’s Eve holidate, too. She agreed, but she didn’t know I planned to have her all the days in between. I wasn’t a resolution kind of guy, but if I was, I’d vow to convince Lexi to be mine forever.

The Holidates Series

Need a date for a holiday event? A family dinner with nosy relatives pestering you about settling down? The Holidates App is the perfect answer to your busy lifestyle needs. With this dating app, find the perfect rental date; both parties set the terms and conditions, absolutely no strings attached.

Join your favorite instalove authors every month of the year for a new holidate story gone bad…or oh so right. Holidates will prove tested and true to give you ALL the feels and become your new favorite app.


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“Merry Christmas, Wesley.” The woman behind the wheel smiled and hopped out of the car. Quickly walking around the vehicle, she headed toward me.
Then I met her, Alexis, my holidate.
She was beautiful. Her skin was a medium-complexion, and her face was made up with blush, lipstick, and a bit of eye make-up. It enhanced her natural beauty and wasn’t caked on. Her long black had soft waves, falling down her shoulders and back. Her mouth curled up into a wide smile, which revealed a dimple on each side of her cheeks.
She was petite, about a foot shorter than me; but her body…well, that was not in any way petite. This woman had gorgeous curves. My eyes scanned over her voluptuous figure from head to toe.
Alexis extended her arm, and my hand enveloped hers. The touch of her soft skin sent a wave of electricity through my body, awakening the nerves that have been suppressed. I didn’t think I felt that when I was with Gretchen.
“Merry Christmas, Alexis.” I smiled.
She released the handshake and reached for my luggage. Grabbing her wrist, she stilled.
Alexis’ head tilted up, a doe-eyed expression as our eyes locked—it was a look of innocence; one in which I wanted to see when she sucked on my length. I caught a whiff of her tantalizing scent—a mixture of flowers and sweet caramel.
Mmm. Heat rushed down to my manhood, growing and straining against my boxer briefs. Snap out of it, Wes! It’d been a while since I’d been close to a woman this enticing. Fuck, I need to get it together if I were to make it through the next couple of days with her.


Releasing January 31

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Aurora Paige is a healthcare professional by day and a FilAm writer of steamy contemporary romance with sassy heroines and sexy heroes at night. Each Aurora Paige story delivers a variety of Curvy Heroines, Multicultural relationships, Alpha Heroes, Steamy Heat, and a Guaranteed Happily Ever After.


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From Salt to Skye by Adriane Leigh

Title: From Salt to Skye
A Legends and Lovers Series Standalone
Author: Adriane Leigh
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Maria Kusel, Steamy Reads
Release Date: January 25, 2022


From USA Today bestselling author Adriane Leigh comes a novel woven with madness, revenge, tragedy, and the everlasting spirit of love.

Fable Prescott believes two lies. The first, that she was chosen at random for the summer study abroad program at her university, and the second, that she came to the wind-whipped Isle of Skye to research her family’s mysterious Scottish ancestry. She never expected to find herself embroiled in a cold case that has kept a tiny seaside village on edge for years.

When another woman vanishes into thin air, Fable begins to wonder if there is more to the dark legends that cling to the island like a cold ocean mist. And if her brooding, devastatingly handsome new neighbor, Alder, is the only one that holds the key to her family’s tragic past.

LEGENDS AND LOVERS is a collection of dark legends and star-crossed love stories from twenty bestselling authors. Woven with mystery and magic, love and lore, romance and suspense, this multi-author collaboration promises to make your heart pound and keep you reading late into the night. Discover all the books in the series at




Adriane Leigh is an Amazon Top 25 and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary and erotic romance. Raised in a snowbank in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, she was born with a book in her hand and won her first Young Authors award before the age of ten. She finished her first romance novel at 14, and hasn’t stopped playing with words since. She earned a literature degree, co-founded and organized international book conventions with RARE: Romance Author & Reader Events, and has written more than 45 independent titles under various pen names.

Married to her own Prince Charming, she now lives among the sand dunes of Lake Michigan, and plays mama to two sweet baby girls. She’s a romantic rebel and word junkie that believes wanderlust is life, is part of the #goodvibetribe, and wishes she had more time to read and knit scarves to keep her cozy during the arctic Michigan winters. Yoga pants, puppies, and mac and cheese also help. Never miss a release! Get an alert at:

Praise for Adriane’s work

“Sizzling chemistry, a glamorous world, plot twists…a perfect combination held together with Adriane Leigh’s addictive writing. I dove into this world, and didn’t want to come up for air. I can’t wait for more!” – Alessandra Torre, Hollywood Dirt

“Adriane Leigh never disappoints with equal amounts of heat and heart with all the sex, suspense and scandal…Leigh’s newest mysterious hero will have you anxiously flipping pages well into the night trying to uncover his secrets.” – Jay Crownover, Marked Men


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Tale, Book 1: Knowledge by Yessoh G.D

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When two strangers are thrown into a world of African sorcery, unseen evil, and mystical phenomena, they are forced to confront a fantastical realm that they never imagined existed..

Very few manage to land a job working in the special services for the West African government of Côte d’Esperance. Even fewer are given the responsibility that has been entrusted to Kobenan at such a young age in a role that includes analyzing files for the secretive S-cell, a unit that specializes in incidents involving African mysticism and sorcery.

Tasked with investigating a high-profile murder seemingly brought about by mystical means, Kobenan joins Agent Biafle in order to defuse this delicate political situation. What Kobenan discovers will force him to change his perspective on the world around him as he learns truths he never thought possible and things he never imagined.

Dive into a world shrouded in mystery and learn of the multifaceted face of Africa. Its lives, its rituals, its many beliefs and thought processes. Observe what one will never be able to see if he has not gained access to a very specific circle rooted in the continent.


♦ ♦ ♦



Yessoh G. D. is the author of TA LĘ Book 1: Knowledge. He grew up in a small city of warmth and joy in Côte D’Ivoire. When he was not going to school, he was lost in his thoughts on various subjects. He still is, but now on specific subjects, from his own personal experiences to the knowledge he acquired since birth on his African heritage. He believes that books have the power to change people for the betterment of the whole. When he is not daydreaming about stories and the world, he is a visual effects artist, or a gamer. He currently lives in Vancouver, Canada.

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Vipers and Virtuosos by Sav R. Miller

Title: Vipers and Virtuosos
Series: Monsters & Muses #2
Author: Sav R. Miller
Genre: Dark Rockstar Romance
Cover Design: TRC Designs
Release Date: December 14, 2021


From the second I saw her, I knew she’d be my ruin.
Sitting all alone at the bar, she looked like an angel.
Eurydice in human form; her beauty eclipsed by demons.

Now, I’m one of them.
The ghost she’s tried for years to escape.
Thinking I wouldn’t be able to find her.

But I never stopped trying, and now that I have,
Her past sins should be the least of her worries.

From the moment he saw me, I knew I’d ruin his life.
Alone at the bar, I dared the monster to come and play.
Orpheus in the flesh, with his sad songs and strange obsessions.

I became one of them.
The siren who calls to the darkest parts of him.
Only, I disappeared before he could act on it.

But now he’s here,
and he wants me to repent for my sins.


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Sav R. Miller writes dark, contemporary romance with morally gray characters and steam that’ll make you blush.
She prefers the villains in most stories, and thinks everyone deserves happily-ever-after.
Currently, Sav lives in central Kentucky with her fiancé and two pups, Lord Byron and Poe. She loves sitcoms, silence, and sardonic humor.


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The Cowboy and His Christmas Rockstar by Kaci Rose

Title: The Cowboy and His Christmas Rockstar
Series: Rock Springs Texas #10
Author: Kaci Rose
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 11, 2021


Who knew I’d have to lose it all, to find everything?

Being a Rockstar on tour with a major band was always my dream.

But one well cropped tabloid picture has it all crashing down around me.

Now I’m hiding out at my sister’s house in tiny Rock Springs, Texas.

Who knew a small town had so many Christmas Festivities?

And I seem to get stuck with the same cowboy at all of them.


Rancher, my brother in laws best friend, well liked cowboy, a great kisser and sex god.

What’s the saying? You don’t know what you have until it’s gone?

Yeah, that’s a lesson I wish I didn’t have to learn the hard way.

Come meet the small town of Rock Springs Texas with a family that has your back, a town that knows your business, and men who love with everything they have.
This is a Steamy, Small Town, Cowboy Romance. No Cliffhangers.
This is Book 10 in the Rock Springs Texas Series.
As always there is a satisfying Happy Ever After.
If you love steamy romances with insta love, hot love scenes, small towns, and cowboys, then this one is for you.



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Releasing January 20



Kaci Rose runs on coffee, chocolate, and Oreos. She writes the type of romance books she wants to read. 
Kaci loves her book boyfriends with tattoos, muscles, beards, and a little dirty.


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The North Shore Crew, The Complete Collection, by Vi Summers.


The North Shore Crew

The Complete Collection

By Vi Summers


Genre: Gritty contemporary romance with suspense.

Hosted by DS Book Promotions

LIMITED EDITION BOXSET – The Complete North Shore Crew Series!

Tropes: Second chance | Frenemies to lovers | Insta-attraction | Friends to lovers | One-night stand | Workplace romance | Military romance | “It’s complicated” lifelong friends (with benefits) | Another love interest.

Amazon: 99c Limited time





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5 full-length books.

5 hot AF guys.

5 fierce women.

Who will you fall in love with?

Who will break you?

 Ride For Me – Gage and Lil

A second-chance, frenemies to lovers gritty romance.

 Break For Me – Mace and Jess

An insta-attraction, friends to lovers gritty romance.

 Lie For Me – Trav and Dylan

A one-night stand come workplace romance.

 Fight For Me – Nico and Brooklyn

A wrenching military romance.

 Burn For Me – Mickey and Kimmie

A second chance, “it’s complicated” lifelong friends (with benefits), another love interest, angsty romance.

*This limited-edition boxset boasts five full-length novels full of steam, angst, suspense, drama, sass, emotion, fight, and happily ever afters.

About Vi Summers:

Vi Summers hails from New Zealand.

She is a tea addict, cheese fiend, beard lover and hot-mess Mumma, all rolled into one International Bestselling romance author.

When you read Vi’s books, you can expect “heat, heart and suspense”. She loves breaking her characters before putting them back together.

Connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, BookBub, Goodreads and Amazon. 

Follow Vi Summers here:

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Oath of Silence

Get it HERE 

I’ll give her my ring to claim my crown.

Vittoria DeSanto leaves me no choice.

What she knows could destroy me.

Destroy my family.

And I won’t allow that.

She’s homeless, penniless, powerless.

I’ll give her the life of a mafia princess.

Anything she desires will be hers…

Except her freedom.

Because our marriage will make me The Boss of the Rossi crime family.

My word is law.

All must respect my authority,

Especially Vittoria.

The stubborn woman will learn.

Her place is by my side. 

In my bed.

Over. My. Knee.

USA Today bestselling author Jane Henry pens stern but loving alpha heroes, feisty heroines, and emotion-driven happily-ever-afters. She writes what she loves to read: kink with a tender touch. Jane is a hopeless romantic who lives on the East Coast with a houseful of children and her very own Prince Charming.

Connect with Jane at

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Deceptive by K E Osborn

Title: Deceptive
Series: Houston Defiance MC #6
Author: K E Osborn
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: November 15, 2021


She is a mystery.
A force of nature.
The moment Billie ran into us, seeking help from her attacker, I knew I was done for.

As a brother fresh out of prospecting for the Houston Defiance MC, it’s my job to sit back and follow the rules. Do as I’m told. Fight when I’m needed. And I do it without question—every single time.

But Billie brings something out in me that makes me want to fight for her—to break the rules for her. Protecting her from her attacker is my duty, even if my brothers are suspicious of the circumstances.

Someone, though, is being deceptive, reckless, a traitor.
Leaking information about the club.
A most heinous act.

An old enemy is rearing his ugly head, right as Billie and I are getting close.
But things are not always so black and white.
When you’re faced with rage, how can you possibly survive?
Especially when deception comes from someone you never expected…

From USA TODAY Bestselling Author K E Osborn comes the highly anticipated sixth book in the Houston Defiance MC Series.



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Chuckling, I hammer down, taking off alongside my brothers, riding in formation, some of them with their old ladies on the backs of their bikes.
Is this what they felt like the first time they rode with their women?
Whatever this feeling is, I hope to feel it again.
There’s something about Billie.
I know absolutely nothing about her, but I want to help her. To protect her from what or whoever is hurting her and to keep her safe from harm.
The last couple of years it’s always been about Prinie and how I fucked up my chance with her. How she chose Wraith over me. I’m not saying Billie is the answer to that problem. I’m just saying, the way I’m feeling right now as I ride the open road with Billie clung to my back, I know, I just know, even if she’s not her, that there is another woman out there for me other than Prinie. And maybe now, I can start to finally move on with my life.
Billie has made me see that now.
She has woken something inside of me, made me feel something for someone else. And even though I don’t quite understand what I am feeling right now, it’s better than pining over a woman I can’t and will never have.



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Releasing January 27



With a flair for all things creative, USA Today Bestselling Author K E Osborn, is drawn to the written word. Exciting worlds and characters flow through her veins, coming to life on the page as she laughs, cries, and becomes enveloped in the storyline right along with you. She’s entirely at home when writing sassy heroines and alpha males that rise from the ashes of their pasts.

K E Osborn comforts herself with tea and Netflix, after all, who doesn’t love a good binge?

Turn lust into love at


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Fates Fulfilled by Jules Barnard

Title: Fates Fulfilled
Series: Halven Rising #3
Author: Jules Barnard
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy
Release Date: November 15, 2021


The Dark Prince has arrived.

The Dark Prince will stop at nothing to save his people—even if it means kidnapping the one woman with the power to destroy them all…

Garrin Branimir, Prince of Dark Kingdom, has been trapped in endless winter for centuries, along with his people. His only hope of saving them is to find the woman with the power to destroy the magical barriers imprisoning Dark Fae. With her by his side, he and his kinsmen will finally be free.

But Lex Meinrad isn’t full Fae, and she wasn’t raised in his land, content to obey her prince’s every order. She refuses to do his bidding—no matter how intense the sparks between them fire.

With time running out, Garrin must convince this impossibly stubborn woman to cooperate before his enemies bend her to their will. And, unlike him, they’ll choose force over seduction…




99c for a limited time!


Jules Barnard is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance and romantic fantasy. Her contemporary series include the Never Date and Cade Brothers series. She also writes romantic fantasy under the same pen name in the Halven Rising series Library Journal calls ”…an exciting new fantasy adventure.” Whether she’s writing about sexy men in Lake Tahoe or a Fae world embedded in a college campus, Jules spins addictive stories filled with heart and humor.

When Jules isn’t in her sweatpants writing and rewarding herself with chocolate, she spends her time with her husband and two children in their small hometown on the Pacific Coast. She credits herself with the ability to read while running on the treadmill or burning dinner.