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About Blood Money

I was always careful, until I wasn’t.

My mother was dead and my father couldn’t care less about me. So, I built a life on my own terms. Nonstop partying. Steamy hookups. Growing my bank account without depending on daddy’s money.

Life was good… until I was asked to keep a secret.

Desperate to distract myself from the truth I had been entrusted with, I decided to start a new business adventure as a sugar baby. What could be better than spending time with men and getting paid in return?

It was simple.



Then… it took a dark turn.

When I stumble onto the body of my client, I become a liability to the man who killed him. Stallion is dangerous, dark, and even colder than my father.

When he abducted me, I thought he was a monster. It didn’t take long for his truth to be revealed though. He’s broken… just like me. But he’s grown from a scared little boy who never felt loved into a fearless man determined to protect his younger brother. I never intended for this to happen, but I can’t deny what I’m feeling. I’ve fallen for my captor, and I’ll do whatever it takes to stay by his side.

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About BL Mute

BL lives in north Texas with her husband and three children. She enjoys writing different sub genres of romance, and building flawed and broken characters. You can most likely find her mommy-ing, watching her husband cook (because she is a horrible chef), getting tattoos, or walking into the pole you’ve told her to watch out for. She loves interacting with her readers and other authors in the community. Friends and family classify her as fierce, loyal and ditsy at times.

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