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Blaze Returns


Thriller, Action Thriller

Date Published: December 1, 2021

Publisher: Runner House Books

I wasn’t expecting trouble when I pulled off the highway.”

Ex-deputy US Marshal Axel Blaze is doing what he knows best – dealing with trouble. Ten years in the special forces and five years in the US Marshals have made Blaze a trained investigator and expert in combat.

Blaze does not fight his opponents; he puts them down. He strikes first. And hard. Takes them out. Fast.

Deputy Marshal Carter has gone missing in Little Butte, Nevada. The Dawsons own the town. The Mexican cartel is moving in on their meth business. A gang war is coming to town. Director Flynn asks Blaze to return for one last assignment.

It is up to Blaze to find Carter before all hell breaks loose.

If you like the action of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp, or Mark Greaney’s The Gray Man novels, you will love Axel Blaze – the new tough guy in town.

About the Author

Bill Runner worked as an investigative reporter before turning to writing. He has created the Axel Blaze series of books. The next books in the series will be released in 2022. Bill has been a lifelong student of martial arts and has trained in Karate and Krav Maga. Working the crime beat and studying the art of fighting helped make him the author of nail-biting thrillers. Bill’s writing won him an award for debut authors at the London Book Fair.

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A Dare Too Far


The Debutante Dares Series, Book Two

Historical Romance, Regency Romance,

Release Date: December 2, 2021

Publisher: WOLF Publishing

In this friends-to-lovers Regency romance by Charlie Lane, an independent lady and a cautious earl must do the most daring thing of all—fall in love.

A daring lady.

A caring earl.

And a Christmas house party that turns love into a dangerous game.

The Earl of Abbington is not a daring man.

Responsible for the care of an opium-addicted uncle, George’s life poses dangers to a bride that he’ll never risk. It’s why he avoided the independent and kind Lady Jane last year, despite her brother’s request he protect her during her season. His neglect no doubt led to Jane’s tattered reputation. In reparation, he’s sent pre-approved suitors to the house party to ensure she marries well, not to a man whose life is a nightmare.

Lady Jane is done being daring.

Her daring spirit ruined her reputation, her family’s social standing, and her brother’s marital prospects. But a Christmas house party attended by a coterie of willing suitors can put everything right. Plain of face and ordinary of intellect, Jane knows she’ll never find love. And she doesn’t want it anyway. Love is the most daring thing a woman can do, after all. Instead, she’ll develop a system to test her suitors and discover the best husband for a practical sort of marriage.

Jane needs George’s help choosing a husband, but George soon realizes he can’t give it without betraying his own heart. Together, they must find the courage to face the dangers of love or lose the love of a lifetime.

Other Books in The Debutante Dares Series:

Daring the Duke

The Debutante Dares Series, Book One

Publisher: WOLF Publishing

In this Regency romance by Charlie Lane, a London season of scandalous dares forces a lady and her duke to see that perfect isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

A redheaded bluestocking in desperate need of a wealthy husband.

A handsome duke looking for the perfect duchess.

And a dare that shows that opposites may not only attract but can be so much more.

Lady Tabitha Hampton has the memory of an elephant. Her sharp brain locks everything away tight as a trunk in an attic. But this talent fails to help the twenty-seven-year-old bluestocking attract the attention of a single wealthy suitor. And she needs one. With three sisters of marriageable age, a sickly father, and a series of bad investments draining their dowries, Tabitha’s marriage could save or ruin her entire family.

The Duke of Collingford needs a wife, but not just any one will do. Arthur’s future duchess must be perfect in every way—fair of face, impeccable manners, with enough social influence to impact his parliamentary projects. When he joins the whirl of the London season, the duke finds an insufferable, redheaded wallflower instead.

Tabitha insists she can be the perfect duchess, if he’ll only give her the chance. Arthur agrees to test her abilities, but she tests his control. And one taste of her lips is enough to make him embrace chaos.

Opposites may attract, but can they cooperate? Or will they lose everything, including their hearts?


About the Author

Charlie Lane traded in academic databases and scholarly journals for writing steamy Regency romcoms like the ones she’s always loved to read. Her favorite authors are Jane Austen (who else?), Toni Morrison, William Blake, Julia Quinn, and Maya Rodale.

Charlie writes unique stories with unconventional characters who push against the rigid restrictions of their society. Officially, Charlie has a Ph.D. in literature with a focus on the nineteenth-century novel and children’s literature and answers to Professor. Unofficially, she’s a high-flying circus-obsessed acrobat, with an emphasis on two-tail silks and answers to Muscles Magee. She lives with her own Colonel Brandon, two little dudes, and a furry fella in East Tennessee.

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The Dragon and the Girl: True North


Middle School Grade Fantasy

Date Published: December 2, 2021

Publisher: Acorn Publishing


At least that’s what twelve-year-old Eliana has grown up hearing. Imagine her surprise when one morning in the forest she finds herself eye to eye with a young dragon. When she learns the dragon’s father has been missing since the last full moon, she vows to help.

Together, they seek the King for guidance, but upon reaching the castle they realize the short, frazzled King has problems of his own. The kingdom’s treasure is missing and the tribute to the Overking is due in a few short weeks. If the King doesn’t pay, he will lose his kingdom to the Overking’s feckless nephew.

The dragon and the girl must discover courage—sprinkled with magic—to find what is lost before the kingdom falls into the wrong hands and people and dragons perish forever.

About the Author

At six years old, Laura Findley Evans wrote her first story about a man named Brill who flew to the moon. When her teacher asked her to stand up and read it to the class, she learned just how powerful a story can be. A creative writing major in college, she has written many more short stories, some of which were published, and one that won an award. The Dragon and the Girl: Due North is her first novel. It began when her grandchildren said one night (when they were supposed to be sleeping), “Tell us a story.” And so she did. Laura would like you to know that whatever she writes must be true, whether it is real or not. She hopes you will discover the truth in this story. You can visit her online at

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The Girl in the Toile Wallpaper

The Girl in the Toile Wallpaper

The StarWriters Trilogy Book 1

by Mary K Savarese

Genre: Fantasy Adventure, Romance

Alice may have fallen through the looking glass and created a relationship with the Cheshire Cat but it’s twelve-year-old Tyler who falls into the toile wallpaper and unwittingly bonds with thirteen cats.

Tyler must rescue the girl of his dreams or forever be imprisoned inside the wallpaper of time while running from an evil wizard.

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Mary K. Savarese is an award-winning author & speaker born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She is known for her quirky titles. She earned a degree in accounting from City University, NY and worked within the insurance and financing world. Her debut novel, Tigers Love Bubble Baths & Obsession Perfume (who knew!) is a contemporary spiritual mystery that transcends three genres … mystery, spirituality, and romance, and won eight national book awards. Mary was a religious education teacher and is now a Eucharistic minister for the Catholic church. After raising a family in Connecticut, she moved to Florida with her husband and spends her time writing entertaining and unusual stories. Her latest release, The Girl In The Toile Wallpaper, is a fantasy adventure intertwined with romance. It is the first novel in The StarWriters Trilogy.

Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

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Christmas at the Club

Title: Christmas at the Club
A Christmas BDSM Romance Anthology
Publisher: Black Collar Press
Genre: Contemporary BDSM Romance
Release Date: November 30, 2021


Spend the holidays club hopping with your favorite BDSM romance series & authors!

Seventeen BRAND NEW holiday stories brought to you by this hot collection of New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling authors.

Time to pack your play bag and dive into the genre’s sexiest worlds to see if your favorite couples have been naughty or nice this year!

Featuring stories from:

Alta Hensley
Annabel Joseph
Ann Mayburn
Claire Thompson
Dani René
Golden Angel
Jennifer Bene
Kay Elle Parker
Linzi Basset
Livia Grant
L.K. Shaw
Maren Smith
Measha Stone
Pepper North
Samantha A. Cole
Sierra Cartwright
Tara Crescent




Alta Hensley • Annabel Joseph • Ann Mayburn • Claire Thompson • Dani René • Golden Angel • Jennifer Bene • Kay Elle Parker • Linzi Basset • Livia Grant • L.K. Shaw • Maren Smith • Measha Stone • Pepper North • Samantha A. Cole • Sierra Cartwright • Tara Crescent

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Dream Keeper by Kristen Ashley

Dream Keeper, the all new white hot and action packed contemporary romance from New York Times bestselling author Kristen Ashley, is available now!

Spinning off from the bestselling Dream Man and Rock Chick series, this is the emotional and steamy contemporary romance fans of the Dream Team series have been waiting for!

He’s perfect—but he can’t be hers.

Pepper Hannigan is determined to keep any romance off the table—and out of her bedroom—while her daughter Juno is still young. Sure, a certain handsome commando is thoughtful, funny, and undeniably hot, but Pepper’s had her heart broken before, and she won’t let it happen again. Not to her or her little girl, even if this hero could melt any woman’s resolve.

Augustus “Auggie” Hero can’t deny his attraction to beautiful, warm-hearted Pepper or how much he wants to make a home with her and her little girl, but Pepper’s mixed signals have kept him away. That is, until Juno decides to play matchmaker. Her efforts finally bring Pepper into his arms, but they expose the danger Pepper is in. To protect Pepper and Juno, Auggie will have to live up to his last name and prove happy endings aren’t just for fairy tales.

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Auggie stood at the front of the church and watched her walk down the aisle. The bridesmaids’ dresses Lottie chose were very Lottie. Sleek. Sexy. Baring.

All the women looked great in them, but none of them looked better than Pepper.

And he thought that even before Pepper, as she strutted down the aisle, caught sight of her daughter, Juno, and shot her girl a huge smile.

Pepper Hannigan was gorgeous.

Anytime she was with her daughter?


They were the next in the line of Lottie’s matches. Auggie and Pepper.

Mo and Lottie were the obvious firsts (Mo was one of Aug’s four best buds), and Lottie earning the love of Mo had been all Lottie’s idea.

Mo never thought he’d find anyone as fantastic as Lots, would never go for it, until Lottie talked him around.

Now Mo was standing at the front of their line, waiting to make her his wife.

Once Lottie got her happy ending, she set about giving the same thing to Mo’s friends…fixing them up with her own crew.

And so far, she’d done a bang-up job.

Mag and Evie, the second couple, were living together and getting married.

Boone and Ryn, the third, were tight, and further, they were in business together.

Axl and Hattie, the fourth, were as good as living together, and practically inseparable. It was him and Pepper who were the holdouts.

This was not for lack of trying on Auggie’s part.

Once he’d met her, Auggie saw no reason not to go for it.

She was gorgeous. She was funny. She spoke her mind. She was laid back. Together. She didn’t seem to have any hang-ups.

But Pepper saw reason not to give it a shot because she had a kid.

He got it. She was being careful. Whatever had torn her and Juno’s dad apart had made her skittish.

So yeah.

He got it.

That didn’t mean it wasn’t torture.

Like right now, when her eyes caught his, the smile that she gave her kid still in them,

and Auggie felt that. He felt it.


It wasn’t even aimed at him in any real way, and that residual love she’d targeted at her daughter was so big, it took forever to fade away.

He’d never felt that kind of love.

Not once in his life.

And he wanted it so bad, the backs of his teeth hurt with the need to taste it.

He lost her attention when she shifted to take her place at the front of the church and

Auggie tore his gaze away from her to watch the next woman, Hattie, march down the aisle. On its way, his gaze snagged on Juno.

Dark hair to her mom’s blonde, she was all dressed up, her hair curled —her mom was a bridesmaid in a big wedding with all the prep that entailed, but it was clear Juno had not been forgotten.

She was staring at her mother, beaming with pride.

Seeing that beam made Auggie want even more of what he’d never had. From the both of them.

eaming with pride.

About Kristen Ashley
Kristen Ashley is the New York Times bestselling author of over sixty romance novels including the Rock Chick, Colorado Mountain, Dream Man, Chaos, Unfinished Hero, The ’Burg, Magdalene, Fantasyland, The Three, Ghost and Reincarnation, Moonlight and Motor Oil and Honey series along with several standalone novels. She’s a hybrid author, publishing titles both independently and traditionally, her books have been translated in fourteen languages and she’s sold over three million books.
Kristen’s novel, Law Man, won the RT Book Reviews Reviewers Choice Award for best Romantic Suspense. Her independently published title Hold On was nominated for RT Book Reviews best Independent Contemporary Romance and her traditionally published title Breathe was nominated for best Contemporary Romance. Kristen’s titles Motorcycle Man, The Will, Ride Steady (which won the Reader’s Choice award from Romance Reviews) and The Hookup all made the final rounds for Goodreads Choice Awards in the Romance category.

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Silent Prejudice by Jill Ramsower

Title: Silent Prejudice
Series: Savage Pride Duet #2
Author: Jill Ramsower
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: December 1, 2021


They say the truth can set you free, but it can’t undo the past.
A past filled with secrets, lies, and heartache.

Zeno De Rossi unleashed a bomb when he told me the truth about our families.

He thought an explanation would bring us closer.
But how can I trust a man who has kept so many secrets?
How can I love a man who has caused so much pain?

Uncertainty haunts my every thought, but I may not have the luxury of choice.
In yet another cruel twist of fate, I’ve drawn the attention of a monster.
A man obsessed with ruining me.

I see no option but to put my life in Zeno’s hands.
Like it or not, he’s the only one who can keep me safe.

But will my heart be safe from him?

Silent Prejudice is the thrilling conclusion to The Savage Pride Duet—a classic tale of romance retold in a world of danger, deception, and murder.



“You take my breath away, Luisa Banetti.”
I’m not wearing anything too crazy—a flowy blouse over a black cotton skirt. It’s dinner on a Monday night, after all. But one look from Z makes me feel like the most beautiful woman on the planet. That’s the difference between him and his brother. Even before I knew about Nevio, flattery from him always felt discounted because of its abundance. When someone doles out compliments and attention like candy, it’s hard to tell what’s genuine and what’s simply a habit. With Z, he only ever speaks with honesty when he does deign to comment on a subject.
“Glad I can return the favor,” I breathe, my eyes drifting to his lips.
“Fuck,” he groans before his mouth descends on mine.
His body presses me against the car, teasing my nipples with the warmth of his chest. The kiss is passionate but brief. When he pulls away, I can feel the effort of his restraint.
“I told myself I wouldn’t devour you until after dinner … or at least the first course.”
My smile has a life of its own. “If there’s anyone who has mastered the art of self-restraint, it’s you.”
“I’ve never been challenged like this.” He reaches for the door handle behind me and maneuvers me to the side to open the door.
“I have faith in you,” I say coyly before easing into the passenger seat. I catch Zeno’s responding grunt before the door clicks shut and quietly giggle to myself as he walks around to the driver’s side.




Award-winning author of contemporary and fantasy romance. With Jill’s books, you can count on confident heroines, plenty of steamy tension, and deliciously assertive leading men. There are no guarantees in life, but with her books, you know everything will work out in the end. However, a perfect ending would not be nearly as satisfying without a seemingly insurmountable challenge. Jill loves to add plenty of adversity in her stories, creating unforgettably dynamic characters and sneaky plot twists you will never see coming.


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Vengeful Union by Brooke Summers





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Vengeful Union copy (3)

Vengeance can be justified… But what happens when an innocent person is targeted?

Destiny Carter’s life changed when her mom died.

Hidden away from the world, Destiny tries to make sense of the betrayal she learned.

She knows about her father’s plan and if she doesn’t escape, she’ll be dead.

She was not expecting her knight in shining armor to be filled with darkness.

Finn Gallagher demands everything from her. She’s not sure that’s something she’s willing to do.

Now there’s an enemy after her. Someone who hits a little close to home for the Gallagher family.

Will she be able to survive when they come for her?

Finn Gallagher’s life has always been filled with violence. He’s lived and breathed it. When he lost his father, Finn changed, he became darker, distrustful, angry.

Finding out who was truly behind the attack on his family, Finn is vying for blood.

Taking his enemy’s daughter was easy. Using her to get back at her father… Not so much.

Destiny Carter isn’t what he expected. Feisty, beautiful, fearless.

He wants everything from her and he’s willing to take what’s his.

But betrayal hits Finn and his family.

Now the question is… Can he get Destiny out alive?

It’s time for revenge and this time it will be justified.








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Brooke is a Londoner born and raised. She lives with her husband and their daughter. She’s a foul mouthed, dirty minded weirdo. An introvert and would rather spend the night in front of the fire reading, rather than going out and partying.

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At the Heart of the Matter


A Self-Help Workbook for Caregivers


Nonfiction / Self-Help

Date Published: December 1, 2021


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Rediscover your inner strength and embrace your role as a caregiver with this heartfelt self-help workbook.


Artfully blending inspiring quotes, personal reflections, and touching prose, this deeply authentic self-help guide for caregivers seeks to provide readers with an honest and open place to navigate the complex and sometimes overwhelming emotions that come with caring for a loved one or client.

Designed with handy prompts for self-reflection as you embark on your journey to wellbeing, At the Heart of The Matter encourages caregivers to be open about their feelings and find their inner faith in the face of grief, hardship, burnout, and pain.

Standing as a testament to the power of resilience, this profound guide will speak to your soul, sharing the strength of faith and providing you with an enduring source of light in your darkest times. With a mix of meaningful advice and Dr. Eboni Ivory Green’s personal experiences, At the Heart of The Matter will help caregivers tap into their natural resilience and find new ways to serve the needs of their loved one or client.

In a time where so many caregivers find themselves neglecting their personal wellbeing to focus on the demands of caring for a loved one or client, it’s never been more important to learn to take a step back and focus inwards. With suggestions for self-improvement, heartfelt advice to help you change your mindset, and enlightening insights about faith and belief, this book is an ideal companion for any caregiver who is struggling to maintain their passion and deal with the raw emotions of caregiving.


About the Author

Dr. Eboni Ivory Green is an author, speaker, educator, and experienced caregiver with a passion for helping caregiver manage stress, prevent burnout, deal with family conflicts, and safeguard their wellbeing. Armed with an extensive skillset focused on training, assessing, and supporting front-line direct caregivers, Dr. Green provides the tools and resources that her readers need to navigate the demands of their jobs and the complex emotions that come from their line of work. Dr. Green is the cofounder of Caregiver Support Services with her husband, where they help train caregivers and support their mental health. For more information visit:

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