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Violent Delights by Candace Wondrak!

 Release Date: December 3

A beast. A beauty. A twisted tale as old as time itself. 

My father stole from the devil, and now the devil wants payment: his life. But I offer up a deal, an exchange: my life for my father’s. 

Maximus is dark, cold, vicious and violent. His desire is wild and his heart is as black as they come. Pain, pleasure; it’s all the same to the devil himself. I can’t escape, and the weird thing is, I don’t want to. I might fight, but deep down, I know it right away: the fire is explosive and addictive… and it hurts.

Love, hate; it all hurts. I guess it’s true, what they say.

These violent delights have violent ends. 

*Violent Delights is part of the Twisted Tales Collection, along with 12 other dark & twisted tales. Expect graphic violent scenes, explicit steamy scenes, and a beast you might love to hate. An RH standalone novel.*

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Meet Candace Wondrak

Candace Wondrak is an author, office manager, and wife of North East, USA. She graduated college summa cum Laude, earning a BA degree in Psychology. After graduation, she was married to the man of her dreams at Disney World! These days her and her husband enjoy flipping houses. Not only does she write books, but she also enjoys reading, cosplay, and spending time cuddled up with her three cats and two dogs. 

When it comes to her reading and writing, Candace loves of all things fantasy and paranormal. Shifters, elves, dragons, aliens – she writes and reads about them all. In most of her stories, even the bad guys get some love. 

If you are new to Candace’s books, with the Harbinger series really showcases her world building skills and character development.

Connect with Candace Wondrak here!

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