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Shared Sorrows


Literary Fiction

Release Date: December 8, 2021

Publisher: BookBaby

Frank DioGuardia, a New Jersey college professor always feared the onset of autumn.

A chill in the air and rainy skies took him back to the day his father died decades ago. It was a memory that each year caused Frank to start counting the days until he reached the milestone of having spent more time on earth than his dad.

This year would be no different, bringing about the realization that after thirty years of marriage and three children he had been inhabiting the earth for all the wrong reasons.

This realization came to Frank after he committed a violent act on a stranger during New York’s Columbus Day parade. It also brought into his life Dr. Laurie McDevitt, the emergency room physician who had treated his injuries after the incident. When she revealed that her father died on the same night as his those many years before, Frank had a comrade in grief.

Will their shared sorrows be enough to survive the media frenzy that follows?

Shared Sorrows — a story of love and redemption.

About the Author

Vincent Panettiere is the author of five other books.

In addition to Shared Sorrows, he has written the award-winning and critically-acclaimed These Thy Gifts; the Mike Hegan mysteries A Woman to Blame and The Scopas Factor as well as The Music of Women – an Erotic Stream of Unconsciousness. His only nonfiction work is The Internet Financing Illusion, a cautionary tale about the dark side of the internet.

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Court of Flame and Ashes by T.L. Christianson

Title: Court of Flame and Ashes
Series: Dragonborn #1
Author: T.L. Christianson
Genre: Fantasy Romance/YA Fantasy
Release Date: December 8, 2021


Royalty, abductions, fated mates, and dragons…

After his father’s death, Prince Kastian is on the brink of losing everything. The only way to change his fate is to forge a bond with a stranger from another realm.

College student Lyra wakes up in another world and is told she’s fated to be a queen. she can’t just walk away from her loved ones and her plans to become a doctor… or can she?

When the two come together in the dragon realm, they will either destroy each other or form the most powerful magic known to Abraxas.





Lyra’s POV

“Calm down,” I told myself, rambling, my voice getting higher with each word until I ended on a squeak, “I’m filthy … he just wants to get cleaned up. He’s helping me. He’s being nice… that’s it. This is nothing sexual.”
His gaze suddenly pierced my own as if he could understand what I’d said.
I chuckled at the thought as he carried me down the steps into the water.
A heady sensation overwhelmed me from his proximity. Kastian was exotic and different. He was so broad and tanned and muscular. Not to mention those eyes…
I needed to calm down, but my heaving chest only brought my boobs to his attention. His gaze lingered on the lace of my bra, and instead of covering myself with my arms, I stared back at him defiantly.
The water slowly licked up my feet and then my bum until it reached my armpits.
When I made a move to push away, Kastian held me tighter, reaching for a folded cloth from a stack nearby. After wetting it, he squeezed out the excess.
Bringing it to my face, he slid the textured fabric down my temple and over my cheek. Hesitating, he drew the damp towel across my mouth, his thumb skimming over my lips. Trying to force my lungs into even breaths, I closed my eyes against the sight of him licking his own lips.
Exhaustion ran through me, and I slumped my head against my shoulder.
His voice rambled softly, echoing in the room.
“Mmmm,” I responded, leaning back against the tiled edge, my fingers brushing against a fur rug that lay on the floor nearby.
The warrior continued to clean my body with a brick of green soap. His strong hands pulled one leg above the water, rubbing my foot in slow circles moving upward. When his touch reached my knee, I laughed and tugged the leg away. He then began more carefully on the other injured foot, smoothing soap over the gashes the dragon had made with her teeth before sliding up my leg.
Slowly, I began to relax, allowing him to scrub my back and arms. I reveled in the warmth of his touch and the feel of the calluses on his hands. Holding me as he washed my hair, his fingers massaged my scalp. Afterward, he combed his fingers through it as if using it as an excuse to keep touching me.
I watched him as he concentrated, his tongue poking through his teeth before flicking his gaze to meet my eye.
The way he looked at me was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. There was a gleam of joy that made his eyes crinkle at the edges and filled me up with happiness. If I could bottle up this moment and keep it forever, I would.
The logical part of my mind screamed that this was weird. I shouldn’t feel comfortable with him – I didn’t know him. But in some strange way, beyond the nervousness I felt around him, there was this connection that I couldn’t explain.
I trusted Kastian.
I was going to be okay. He’d help me. I just knew it.


Releasing June 29



T.L. Christianson is the author of the international bestselling series, the Dragon Born Academy, so if you like dragons, mystery and a little romance then check it out!

When she’s not in her writing hole, you’ll find her outside, reading, or binging Netflix. She’s a Colorado native, a wife, and mother to two crazy teenagers. Oh yeah, and she LOVES science.


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Hot Nanny Next Door by Cathryn Fox

Title: Hot Nanny Next Door
A Practically Perfect Nannies Series Standalone
Author: Cathryn Fox
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 7, 2021


No way was I going to marry some guy to bring two rivalling crime families together.

I was not a pawn, and my virginity was not for sale.

That’s why I snuck away, and took a nanny position in a nice neighborhood.

The next thing I knew, I was all tangled up in another position—with the hot millionaire next door.

Not my smartest move. Not when I knew it could put him and his son in danger.

We were strangers, but that didn’t stop me from giving him…everything.

For the first time in my life I felt free, until danger tapped me on the shoulder.

That’s when I realized I was in trouble…

And that falling for the hot neighbor was going to cost more than my heart.



His dark eyes narrow in on me, and I try not to shift under his scrutiny. Sweat breaks out on my forehead, despite the air conditioning in the grocery store, and my heart crashes a little harder against my ribs as I give him another once over. Tall. Foreboding. Powerful. He represents everything I’ve been running from.
Is this one of my father’s men? Have they found me already? I’d been so careful, so secretive the last few weeks. Using burner phones each time I called the Practically Perfect Nannies in search of a job. Thanks to my mixed heritage—I can speak English and Italian fluently—I was promptly placed with a Sicilian family who wanted me to teach their daughter English and still be able to communicate with them all in Italian. While Chicago’s Gold Coast is gorgeous, I would have preferred a place a little further from my home, but I was desperate, so I jumped on it, being careful to keep a low profile until I can save up enough to get out of Chicago altogether.
Then I can go to college like I want, instead of marrying at eighteen. I have my whole life ahead of me. I want to experience things, to travel, and hopefully someday own my own restaurant. I could have asked my father for college money, but he’d want me married first. Once married, he’d tell me I didn’t need an education. In the world I was born into, it’s still an old fashioned one, where the men rule the roost. I’m a modern woman and want a life in the modern world.
“Are you okay?” the man asks as he smooths a big hand down his tie. I follow the movement. I take a breath, and then another, working to pull myself together long enough to find my voice.
“Yes, sorry.” I point to the apples as I work to figure out if this man is going to drag me from the store by my hair. From the way people are giving him a wide berth, I don’t even think they’d try to stop him. “You go ahead.”
I size him up again. I’ve gotten good at reading others over the years. Who is friend and who is foe? Everything about him, from his expensive suit and shoes to his perfectly shaven face and combed hair—that wouldn’t dare to tumble out of place—screams wealth and power. He’s everything I despise. Guys like him rule the world, telling girls like me what to do and how to do it. I am so over that, and truth be told, I’m a little surprised he’s getting his own groceries. You’d think a man in a suit that costs thousands of dollars would have servants, and many of them. Unless, of course, he’s one of my father’s henchmen, buying groceries under pretense, when he’s actually here for me.
“No, you go ahead.” He checks his watch. “You seem to be in a rush. I have a few minutes to spare.”
I hesitate for a second and narrow my eyes. Is he waiting for backup? As I study his handsome chiseled face, recognition niggles in the back of my brain. Do I know him? Have I met him before? If he’s not one of my father’s men, he could be from a rival family, keeping his eye on me. Arianna Milano. Though I’ve changed it to Miller to keep my identity hidden. The prized little virgin who can bring the Sicilian and Russian mafia together.
My virginity is not for sale, thank you very much.


New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cathryn Fox is a wife, mom, sister, daughter, aunt and friend. She loves dogs, sunny weather, anything chocolate (she never says no to a brownie) pizza and red wine. Cathryn lives in beautiful Nova Scotia with her husband, who is convinced he can turn her into a mixed martial arts fan. When not writing, Cathryn can be found Skyping with her son living in Seattle (could he have moved any farther away?) shopping with her daughter in the city, watching a big action flick with her husband, or hanging out and laughing with friends.

Excerpt Reveal

Oath of Silence


Get it HERE 

I’ll give her my ring to claim my crown.

Vittoria DeSanto leaves me no choice.

What she knows could destroy me.

Destroy my family.

And I won’t allow that.

She’s homeless, penniless, powerless.

I’ll give her the life of a mafia princess.

Anything she desires will be hers…

Except her freedom.

Because our marriage will make me The Boss of the Rossi crime family.

My word is law.

All must respect my authority,

Especially Vittoria.

The stubborn woman will learn.

Her place is by my side. 

In my bed.

Over. My. Knee.

Sip, bella. I want to watch you swallow.”

Holding his gaze, I obey. I part my lips, and he tips the glass up to them. The whiskey’s warm and potent, burning my nostrils and tongue, but the sweet undertones make my tastebuds sing. It’s delicious but powerful, like a liquid spell. His eyes on my throat make my pulse quicken. He watches, mesmerized.

His hoarse whisper fractures the silence. “What dress did I tell you to wear tonight, Vittoria?”

Shit. I almost forgot about that. I lift my chin and stare at him defiantly.

I begin to tremble as I remember his earlier admonition.

If you come downstairs tonight in anything but what I ask for, I’ll punish you.

I hold his gaze so he doesn’t think I’m wimping out. I don’t want him to know he terrifies me.

“You said to wear the blue one, but I didn’t like the blue one.”

It’s a lie. I love the blue one.

His eyes glow as if lit with a savage flame. “Did I ask you if you liked it?”

Every word feels like the flick of a whip. I flinch as if struck. I shake my head from side to side. “Well, no, but I…”

“But you what?” The icy tone sends a shiver down my spine. “You thought it smart to disobey me?”


It feels like an almost archaic word, like he’s the king of this castle and I’m one of his servants.

Maybe he is.

Maybe I am.

I swallow and try to gather up my courage. I’ll need it. “Yes. I did. You don’t have the right to tell me what to do.”

One of his brows quirks up.

Right thing to say? Or wrong thing to say?

“Who told you that?”

My mouth feels dry, my lips parched. “I did.”

His phone buzzes. He takes it out of his pocket and hits a button. “I’m busy.”

He listens for a minute, then nods. “Spread the word. No one call me unless it’s an emergency, and I mean like the motherfuckin’ zombie apocalypse.”

He silences his phone and slips it onto the sideboard next to the squat bottle of whiskey, his eyes on me the entire time.

“Take off that fuckin’ dress.”

I’ve made it this far without dying. I can go a little further.

Biting my lip, I slide it off my shoulder, but find I can’t reach the zipper. I try, but my arm’s too short. This is a two-person job. In the distance, the waves crash on the shore, but it’s the only sound I hear. His room must be soundproofed, or far enough away from everyone and everything that no noise can be heard.

That means no one will hear me, either.

I shiver.

“You can’t get the dress off, can you?” I thought his voice was deep before, but now it seems like he gargles with gravel, every word laced with a threat. I stifle a flinch.

“Marialena helped me put it on.”

He grabs me roughly and yanks me to him. I jump when he slides a knife out of his pocket and flicks it open. A gleaming silver blade glints in the moonlight. My pulse soars.


He reaches for me, pins me to his chest, and slices the thin fabric at my shoulder. The dress slouches down one side. “That’s sir to you.”

USA Today bestselling author Jane Henry pens stern but loving alpha heroes, feisty heroines, and emotion-driven happily-ever-afters. She writes what she loves to read: kink with a tender touch. Jane is a hopeless romantic who lives on the East Coast with a houseful of children and her very own Prince Charming.

Connect with Jane at

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Miracle Worker by BJ Harvey

Title: Miracle Worker
Series: Chicago First Responders
Author: BJ Harvey
Genre: Cop/Firefighter Steamy RomCom
Release Date: December 8, 2021

He’s black and white. She’s neon technicolor. But together, they’ll find they’re exactly what each other needs.


Firefighter Alexandra Maxwell has lived in the shadows of her family’s firefighting legacy in her small Iowa hometown for most of her life. So when she’s given the opportunity to transfer to Chicago, she jumps at the chance to spread her wings and make her mark in the career she loves.

Chicago cop Gio Rossi enjoys the quiet life. He’s all about his job and his close-knit family. When his brothers offer up his spare room to ‘Alex’, their new firefighter colleague, he definitely isn’t expecting a leather-clad, motorcycle-riding, adrenaline junkie woman to turn up at his door.

Despite trying to fight their growing attraction, when a near tragedy on the job has Alex doubting her judgment, it’s Gio who’s steps up, determined to prove to his strong-willed, independent roommate that showing your soft spot does not make you weak, it simply makes you real.

Can these two unlikely bedfellows find common ground and see what everyone else around them has seen all along, that together, they can work miracles, even if it’s just with each other.


USA Today Bestselling Author BJ Harvey brings you Miracle Worker – Book 3 in a new spin-off to the Cook Brothers steamy rom-com series featuring first responders in Chicago who are fighting the good fight and also finding love at the same time. This series can be read as a standalone and is set in the same world as the Bliss, Game, and Cook Brothers series before it.

Deciding to clean up before thinking about what to do for dinner, I grab a quick, hot shower, then wrap a towel around my hips and walk through to my bedroom. I shut the bathroom door behind me, noticing the house is significantly quieter now that there’s not a rock concert being held in my living room.

Moving toward my closet, I pull out some sweats and a tee along with some boxers, and I lay them on the bed. Just as I unwrap the towel and start drying myself off, my bedroom door slams open and Alex bounds in, waving a rolling pin above her head like it’s Thor’s hammer, and she’s ready to attack.

“Whoa!” I splutter

“I’m calling the cops, mother fu—Gio? Oh, hell. Um—”

I stare flabbergasted at an equally shocked Alex, her weapon arm falling down to her side, her eyes wide and her chest heaving. My heart thumps against my ribs as I try to calm my own breathing, all the while trying to process what the hell just happened.

Her gaze drops . . . then drops again, before jerking up to my face.

“Ah hell,” I curse, one hand moving to cover my junk, the other blindly grabbing at anything on my bed to cover myself up with. To her credit—and my relief— Alex turns around to face the wall, giving me privacy.

“I’m so sorry. In my defense, I didn’t know.”

“Didn’t know?Do I have a third nut I don’t know about?  Just to be sure, I move my hand out of the way to make sure everything is as it should be down there.

A soft gasp escapes her, and looking up, I catch Alex’s deer-in-the-headlights look in the mirror facing my bed, the mirror giving her a full-frontal view of my uncovered body—again. Her cheeks turn pink before she drops her gaze to the ground.

“Didn’t know what, Alex?” I ask again as I quickly pull on boxers then my sweats, making sure the important bits are covered before I can inadvertently flash my new roommate with the goods a third time.

“That you were home. I didn’t hear you come in, and I figured you would’ve said hi or something when you did. So when my music stopped and I heard a door shut and then footsteps, my brain went to the worst-case scenario and defaulted into self-preservation mode.”

“With a rolling pin? Don’t you have pepper spray or something in your purse?”

“No. I just have a whistle,” she says before she turns around to face me. “Hold up. Why are we discussing weapons of choice to use when I mistakenly think there’s someone in the house?”

“’Cause you thought I was a home invader, and instead of running out of the house and maybe calling the cops, you ran in here all hot air and bluster, armed with a kitchen utensil. I think this warrants a conversation.”

“Do you have to be shirtless for it? It’s kind of distracting, that’s all.” She waves her hands in front of her, gesturing to my chest. 

“Not like you haven’t seen me already, roomie,” I reply, unable to fight my smirk.

She snickers as she lifts her eyes to mine. “I’m sorry.”

“For accosting me with a weapon of pastry creation or copping a look in the mirror?” I ask with a questioning brow. Her lips twitch up and I frown. “What?”

“Get it? Copping a look?” she replies with a giggle.

I roll my eyes and fight a snort at her goofy sense of humor.

“I kind of just went into fight-or-flight mode.” Her shoulders go back and she glares at me. “Besides, you could’ve at least told me you were home.”

“I tried, you were too busy being mid-hip shimmy.”

“Oh,” she mumbles, her shoulders visible dropping. “I was cooking our first roomies dinner.”

My head jerks back. “That’s a thing?”

She shrugs. “I wanted to say thank you for letting me move in, and since it was the first time we’ve been home at the same time . . .”


“Shit. Okay, well if you’re not traumatized from seeing me naked and dinner’s not ruined because you ran in here like a modern-day Wonder Woman, I’d like that.”

She gifts me a wide, genuine smile, and for a moment, I forget that I’m standing there shirtless in a pair of grey sweats and my new roommate has already seen me naked. Because that smile is dangerous and has trouble written all over it. 

Remember she’s your roommate, Gio.

She steps forward and holds out her arm to me. “Truce?”

My brows bunch together as I shake her hand. “For what?”

“We’ve only met face-to-face two times, and you’ve already pulled a gun on me, and I’ve stormed in ready to bash you with a rolling pin. I’d say we’re even now.”

“Truce then,” I agree with a nod and a shake of her hand.

Alex steps back and doesn’t hide the full-body perusal she gives me. “Brilliant. Well, not that I’m complaining—because damn, who knew you had that hiding under there?—but growing up, we always ate supper fully dressed.”

I bark out a laugh and shake my head. “I think I can manage that.”

“Awesome. See ya soon, roomie,” she says before turning around and skipping her way out of the room. Stopping in the doorway, she shoots me an amused smirk.  “By the way, shrinkage obviously isn’t an issue. Good for you.”

I’m left standing there with my mouth agape and absolutely no comeback.

And it’s not until Tom Petty starts blaring from the kitchen again that I realize I better get moving.

Life is going to be interesting with Alex Maxwell around. But maybe that’s exactly what I need.

BJ Harvey is the USA Today Bestselling Author of angsty contemporary romance, romantic comedy, and sometimes a little bit of romance suspense. She regards herself as a smut peddler, suspense conjurer, and a funny romance thinker upper. An avid music fan, you will always find her singing some hit song badly and loving every minute of it. She’s a miner’s wife, a mom to two beautiful teenagers, and was born in New Zealand and currently lives in Perth, Australia.


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WHERE WE FOUND OUR HEART (The Lost & Found Series #2) by Natasha Bishop.

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Lost & Found Series #1

by Natasha Bishop

Release Blitz

Release Date: December 8, 2021

Cover Design: Champagne Book Design
Guy Briggs
Managed by: Samantha Washington
Genre: Contemporary romance



I had my chance at a family and it was stolen from me.

I was told I was a joke, so that’s just what I’ll be.

But then she gives me news that turns my whole life upside down. Nina Williams is my second chance at a family and she might just be the missing key to my heart. I just need to prove to her I’m not the joke I pretend to be.


After the loss of my parents, I’m all my brother and sister have. I’m trying to piece my family back together.

I wasn’t ready to start a family of my own.

One night with Isaiah Cole changed all my plans. He’s nothing like I thought he was and I feel happy in his arms.

But happiness isn’t built to last.

When Isaiah has a chance to complete the family he always dreamed of, will the family I never knew I wanted be left behind?

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The Lost & Found Series #1

Available Now

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About the Author

Natasha is an indie contemporary romance author living in Baltimore, MD with her family and fur baby. She likes to write about everyday heroes who are a bit haunted and heroines who are sweet, sassy, and a little badass-y.

When she’s not writing, she’s usually reading, obsessively binge-watching TV, playing with her adorable dog, or hunting down delicious gluten free snacks.

Connect with Natasha

Facebook Author Page:
Facebook Reader Group:
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These Deviant Ties Anthology

THESE DEVIANT TIES: A DARK M/M ANTHOLOGY is available now on all platform!

Purchase Link:

Deviants and delinquents…

These men exist outside the law. They walk in the shadows and thrive in the dark.

Bad to the bone, they take what they want.

What happens when what they want is you?

What happens when the anger that burns through their veins is now directed at you?

Can enemies really become lovers or is it just a losing game?

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Blog Tour

Twelve Naughty Days Of Christmas 2021

Title: Twelve Naughty Days Of Christmas 2021

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Sexy bosses, daring rescues, alpha males and sexy seducers are here to help you celebrate the 12 Naughty Days of Christmas. From sweet to spicy, these stories will keep you warm, or even get you hot, through the coldest nights of the year. From new authors as well as many of your old favorites. 12 Naughty Days is guaranteed to please.

Publisher’s Note: These stories contain elements so hot you may have to read with only one hand


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EMBER DAVIS – A Very Pierced Christmas

Title: A Very Pierced Christmas

Series:12 Days of Kissmas Book 1

Author: Ember Davis 

Genre: Holiday Romance

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On the fifth day of Christmas…he has rings in all the right places.

After years of traveling for my blog, seeing more of the world than I ever thought I would, there’s something tugging me home for more than just the holidays. I have no idea what it is, other than some sort of delayed homesickness, until I meet Levi Michaels.

I’ve been talking to him via text and email about a custom motorcycle for my brother, but I had no idea I’d be meeting the sexiest guy ever when I go to pick it up. Talk about bad boy biker vibes. He’s got a beard I want rubbed all over my body even if he is a Grinch. When we meet, I swear I hear carolers singing, but something makes him go colder than the North Pole.

Maybe he’s not a reason to stay. Maybe he’s a reason to keep traveling.

Anyone who tells you Christmas is the best time of the year is a liar and should be watched with great suspicion. It’s true. How can the big man in red even be trusted? Delivering gifts around the world reeks of conman.

When I meet Rowan Peters, I can feel a little bit of holiday cheer filter in for the first time in years. She’s a Christmas miracle if I’ve ever seen one, all sinful curves I want to lean into. Then I find out the motorcycle I’ve been working on for her is really for a man. It must be her husband. Somehow the lights, even the twinkly ones, dim with the knowledge that she’ll never be mine.

When I’m set straight, the only thing to do is go after my woman and show her one of my golden rings is just for her.

If you like alpha heroes and an insta-love story that is sweet but isn’t necessarily simple, then this is for you. No cheating with a guaranteed HEA. It is a standalone but is related to my Denver Family series (Banks Ink., Suburban Outcasts and Higgins Security). Meet Levi in Healing Her Home (Banks Ink. Book 5).

Pine-ing for the perfect holiday romance? It’s love at frost sight with The 12 Days of Kissmas! A dozen standalone holiday romances so steamy they’re sure to melt that winter chill. From dashing doctors to dirty-talking mountain men, staying off the naughty list just got a whole lot harder.




Ember Davis loves alpha heroes with a range of emotions, but a strong sense of how to take care of their women.  She loves her heroines from all walks of life, just like her heroes, and she wants them to be real and relatable.  Her heroines tend to be sassy, opinionated and smart.

Ember is a stay at home mom of two who recently refound her love of books and all things romance and is so glad that she did.  She’s always been creative but writing and creating stories that she would love to read that satisfies the dreams she had as a little girl.  She loves butterflies, the color purple and enjoying time with her family. 

Pssst…it’s totally a pen name, but everything above is 100% true.