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One Winter’s Kiss


A Beautiful Nightmare Story

Paranormal Romance, Fantasy Romance

Date Published: December 10, 2021

One Winter’s Kiss is a standalone Beautiful Nightmare Story.

She Warmed His Heart. He Cooled Her Soul. All with one kiss.

This Christmas get lost in the grandeur of Elysian Manor. It’s Elysian Manor’s turn to host the Supernatural Regency for their annual cotillion. The one time of year where a faction of human nobles, vampires, wolves and more collide to share in one common goal, civility. But that goal of civility will be tested when the forbidden love of a dutiful daughter and a hybrid wolf reveals a new and dangerous threat.


Whatever life I have, is already planned for me. My future. My heart. Every detail has been meticulously sculpted on my behalf, without my input. Dutiful to a fault, I walked the path chosen for me without a question or whimper.

Until I saw him. His golden eyes. His perfect smile. Everything about this man changes my trajectory in ways I could never imagine. And although my wits tell me to stay my course, my sails are set high and my boughs are breaking, no longing for just one kiss!


Love. The one thing I’ve long avoided has finally gripped my heart.. Never have I given much thought to the notion of love or a mate I could call my own. Until now. This girl—no—this woman. She perplexes me. My every thought is of her and she is driving me insane. How a mere mortal can cause such deep yearning, I’ll never know. Her eyes. Her laugh. Her smile—and yes, her lips! Her kiss would ruin a wretched soul such as I—but I don’t care. I’d wreck the entirety of my world for just one kiss!

About the Author

Wife of one. Mom of three plus a Beagle.

Well, at least that’s how I’m described in the confines of my everyday life.

Writing has always been second nature to me. I spent my childhood creating short stories and my collegiate years writing for the campus paper (Go TERPS!) Jump twenty years to the present–I’m still writing. At my day job I spend most of my time writing capability briefs, white papers, proposals–you name it.

Then one day it hit me! It was time to access my own creative power and bring to life the characters I’ve created in my mind.

In addition to enjoying life with my amazing family, I can usually be found with my head in a book, binging my favorite shows, and watching movies with jaw-dropping scores! (I love all things Danny Elfman!)

I hope you enjoy my first book, Beautiful Nightmare. It has everything you’d look to find in a paranormal romance-urban fantasy-new age novel. Vampires. Wolves. Love. And so much more!

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Cyber Count


A Kat Munro Thriller Book 2

Financial Crime, Mystery, Crime thriller

Release Date: December 10, 2021

Publisher: Paperback Writer’s Publishing

Has cyber-crime escalated to murder?

Forensic accountant Kat Munro puts her traumatic past behind her and begins dating journalist Connor O’Malley, whose investigations into online crime attract the wrong kind of attention. When a colleague’s teenage son goes missing, and his friend’s body is discovered, Kat finds herself working with DS Adam Jackson again.

The murder enquiry leads Adam to an exclusive London school where allegations of drugs, gaming fraud and child pornography abound. As he gets deeper into the investigation, Adam is forced to face issues in his private life while suppressing his feelings for Kat.

The faceless hackers become desperate, and Connor is found drugged with his research missing. Can Kat and Adam put the past behind them to solve a series of seemingly unrelated incidents before someone else becomes the victim of an elusive cyber-crime network?

Other Books in the Kat Munro Thriller series:

A Kat Munro Thriller, Book 1

Financial Crime Thriller

Published: December 2020

Publisher: Paperback Writer’s Publishing

Can a conspiracy be uncovered before the Death Count rises?

Forensic accountant Kat Munro fights corporate fraud during the day and kickboxes her demons at night while trying to ignore the nightmares that have plagued her since a car accident changed her life forever.

DS Adam Jackson is haunted by the mysterious disappearance of a friend two years ago.

When the partner of a successful London Investment fund dies in suspicious circumstances, Kat joins forces with Adam to investigate the firm. As they gather evidence of a crime with implications beyond the City, they find that events in their pasts are on a collision course; one which will ultimately put them both in serious danger.

Fast-paced and entertaining, Death Count takes a deadly dip into the world of financial crime.



Chapter 1

Marshall Tyler stamped his feet to keep warm and tossed his blond curls out of his eyes. It was supposed to be spring in London, but there wasn’t much evidence of that yet. He couldn’t wait for summer when school would finally be done. He would decamp to his parents’ holiday home on the French Riviera for the holidays, where he’d spend each day working out at the gym, working on his tan, and chasing any number of beautiful girls who flocked to the region.

He took another look at his watch, a gift from his mother, an expensive Girard-Perregaux timepiece similar to the one footballer Cristiano Ronaldo favoured. They were late. He’d give them another five minutes, and then he’d return to school and apologise to his mate Harry. Maybe he shouldn’t have gone behind his back to arrange this meeting, but Marshall loved the thrill of what they’d done. Harry wanted to take it slow, but Marshall had seen the opportunity when it presented itself. Despite Harry’s objections, he’d gone ahead and submitted the proposal anyway. Perhaps he was going to be a shrewd businessman like his father after all.

There was a rustle in the weeds near the abandoned building where he’d been instructed to wait. He spun around and caught a glimpse of the mangy red tail of an urban fox disappearing into the undergrowth. The single-level brick structure and surrounding security fence were marked with ‘Keep Out’ signs, overlaid with meaningless graffiti. Plastic bags, food containers and all manner of rubbish had blown into a pile against the wire fence at one end of the site. The lights on the estate lining the streets leading to the old substation had flickered on during the time he’d been waiting, and dusk now blanketed the city.

He looked around at the growing shadows, and a shiver ran down his spine. He couldn’t wait to leave this dodgy part of London behind him. He couldn’t believe, out of all the places where he could have completed his schooling, that his parents had sent him to a boarding school in the East End. It had been his father’s way of providing some counterbalance to the opulent lifestyle Marshall had been born into.

They weren’t coming. Marshall felt the emptiness of disappointment twist his stomach. He took one more look about him, turned his collar up and ducked back through a hole in the broken fence. When he straightened, two men were standing in front of him.

He jumped and took a step back, crashing into the fence. One of the men laughed, a harsh chesty sound. Marshall couldn’t make out much of their features in the gloom, except that they were both broad-shouldered, with knitted beanies pulled down over their ears.

Tyler?” the first one asked.

You’re just a kid.” The second man sounded surprised.

Marshall nodded and swallowed, feeling a sudden dryness in his throat.

Let’s talk around the back, where we won’t be overheard,” the first man said.

Marshall hesitated, unsure whether he wanted to be out of sight of the flats. Still, it didn’t seem to be a suggestion, so he ducked back through the hole in the fence and waited while the two men followed. He took a deep breath and reminded himself that he was the one in charge; he had the thing they wanted. Squaring his shoulders, he led them around the edge of the substation into an overgrown yard that led down to the railway siding.

Do you have it?”

The two men stood blocking his exit.

Has the money been transferred?” Marshall asked. He heard the slight tremor in his voice and hoped that the men didn’t.


Marshall took out his phone and tapped on the app for the bank account. The balance was unchanged from when he’d looked earlier. “It’s not there,” he said. “I can’t give it to you until I’ve been paid.”

The second man stepped forward and knocked the phone from Marshall’s hand. The screen shattered as it landed at his feet.

You didn’t really think we’d pay your blackmail, did you?” the first man sneered. “Now give it here.”

Marshall felt a frisson of fear. He opened his mouth to call for help, but the men laughed.

No one will hear you, and if they do, no one will come to your aid, not around these parts.”

Marshall took a step backwards, but the first man grabbed him while the second man landed a solid punch to his abdomen, followed by one to his jaw. Marshall’s head dropped to one side, and he struggled to draw in a breath.

Stop, I don’t have it on me,” he rasped. “But I can get it for you.”

The man hit him once more, and Marshall felt pain radiate from the centre of his face. Blood gushed from his nose, spilling down the front of his jacket.

We’ll wait here, and you go and get it,” the first man said, releasing him and pushing him towards the building. “You have thirty minutes.”

And we’ll keep that fancy watch as collateral to make sure you come back.” The second man reached for his arm, releasing the clasp on the strap and slipping the watch from Marshall’s wrist. He held it up to his face for a closer look. “Very nice.”

No,” Marshall said, making a grab for the watch. The man pulled away as Marshall’s fingers grazed the back of his hand. “That was a present from my mother.”

You know what you need to do if you want it and your phone back.”

About the Author

SL Beaumont is the author of the award-winning novel Shadow of Doubt, the Kat Munro Thriller series and the Amazon best-selling series, The Carlswick Mysteries.

She lives in beautiful New Zealand, which is only problematic when the travel-bug bites (which it does fairly often)! Her passion for travel has seen her take many long haul flights to various parts of the world. Her love of history helps determine the destination and the places she visits are a constant source of inspiration for her.

Prior to becoming an author, SL Beaumont worked in banking in London and New York.

Shadow of Doubt won the 2020 Indie Reader Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Award and was long-listed for the Ngaio Marsh Award for Best Novel. Death Count was a semi-finalist for both the 2021 Publisher’s Weekly BookLife Fiction Prize.

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Only Ever Yours by Nikki Ash

Title: Only Ever Yours
Author: Nikki Ash
Genre: Insta-Love Romance (stand alone)
Release Date: January 13, 2022
Cover Design: Jersey Girl Design
Photographer: Sara Eirew Photography

Desperate times call for desperate measures—like pretending to be my best friend and posing as a millionaire’s escort for the night.
I thought I had nothing left to lose, only I didn’t take my heart into consideration. What started as a one-time date turned into so much more in the blink of an eye. Because Isaac is used to getting what he wants, and even after learning the truth, he wants me. Unconditionally.
Even though my heart is on the line, I find myself falling in love with him. But all too soon, I learn that loving a powerful man like Isaac can be dangerous. And despite how careful he is with my heart, it’s still capable of breaking.

From the moment we met, she’s taken up residence in my head and in my heart. I’ll do everything in my power to make her mine. But first, I need to secure a second date.
It’s more than chemistry. My parents had this too. She’s the one. Marriage, babies, forever… I want it all with her, and in return, I’ll give her the world.
When the unimaginable happens, love and loyalty are put to the test. But I’ll move heaven and earth to protect Camilla… even if it means breaking her heart.


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“Well Thanks, Santa”

OUT NOW: Well Thanks, Santa. From USA Today bestselling author, Esther E. Schmidt comes an all new standalone, Christmas romance story!

99c Get it here:

Genre: Biker / Single Dad Christmas romance
Author: Esther E. Schmidt
Cover Design: Esther E. Schmidt
Release Days: December 10, 2021

Quest – Cleaning up my past to guarantee a safe future while taking care of my daughter is completely overtaking my life. Until we visit Santa at the mall causing life to take a spin for all of us.

Annika – Striking a deal with the president of a motorcycle club to become his live-in nanny quickly turns into a personal matter when his daughter steals my heart. But there is more at stake than working the deal set in place when bullets start to fly and secrets are revealed.

Christmas is about giving, celebrating, and spending time with family and friends. Through, this time there’s an unnerving angle of death hanging in the air, making things less joyous for all involved.


Wicked Monsters by Freya Jacobson

Title: Wicked Monsters
Series: Her Shadows #1
Author: Freya Jacobson
Genre: Monster Romance
Release Date: August 9, 2022

Glowing red eyes haunt my dreams and beckon me to return to them, the shadows from my childhood room.

My plan to never return backfires when the shadows find me in my new life.

I spend everyday wishing I could sleep in peace, but my monsters, they have a different plan for me.

In the dead of night shadows come out to play.

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RISE OF THE KING By Bella Matthews

Weakness isn’t an option.
It’s an excuse.
And Sam never makes excuses.

Rise of the King, an all-new addicting mafia romance from Bella Matthews is available now!

Amelia cannot get attached—not to the town or the people in it.
And definitely not to the tall, dark, and handsome mafia prince who sweet-talks his way past her carefully built walls.

Why put yourself through that, knowing it’ll all be ripped away when you leave?
And she will have to leave.

This life isn’t hers to keep.

Sam calls her Snow, like the fairy-tale princess.
But her life is far from a fairy tale.
Even a prince can’t change that.

For Sam Beneventi, there’s a difference between his family and The Family.

He’s been raised to one day take control of The Family, putting that above all else.
Strength and power are all that matter.Weakness isn’t an option. It’s an excuse. And Sam never makes excuses.

Until his future walks into his life and blows it up with one single bullet.

When the lost princess stumbles into this mafia prince’s city, all bets are off.
And Amelia is all he sees.

To keep her safe, it’s time for Sam to take control.
To take the throne.
To wear the crown.
It’s time for the Rise of the King.

Get your copy today!
FREE in Kindle Unlimited
Amazon Worldwide:

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I’ve just placed a tray of my favorite go-to cookies in the oven when the alarm on the metal staircase outside my building is tripped.
Screw this day.
I don’t get visitors. Ever. And I’m too old to believe a fat man in a red coat is coming to see me with gifts aplenty today. Whoever is outside is probably not friendly.
And definitely not wanted.
I lift the purple hat that serves as the lid on my oversized Dopey the Dwarf cookie jar and remove my gun before moving to check the security monitors set up in the second bedroom of my apartment.
What the heck is Sam Beneventi doing here, and why is he knocking on my door?
When I don’t answer the door fast enough for him, he knocks again.
Louder this time and with more force than necessary.
With a shake of my head, I call out, “Hold your damn horses,” and take my time. Once I get to the door, I leave the chain in place, and crack it partially open. A cold burst of wind whips through the opening, and I wrap my favorite comfy sweater tighter around myself. “Why are you here?”
“Well, hello to you too, Snow White.” Sam attempts to reach through the cracked opening and release the chain, but I smack him away. “Let me in, Snow.”
“My name is not Snow White, Beneventi.” I push on the door, trying to shut it when he blocks me with a foot in the opening. “Move it or lose it.”
Sam’s foot stays firmly planted between the door and the jam. “Open the door. You’re going to want to hear what I have to say.”
My eyes trail from his feet to his face. “I’d let you in if you’d move your foot, genius. I can’t unlatch the chain unless the door’s closed.”
Sam huffs out a sound of annoyance in a puff of cold air before pulling his foot back.
Of course, I take the opportunity to slam the door in his face, and for a hot second, I contemplate not reopening it. This door is reinforced steel. You’re not breaking it down with Italian leather boots on your feet.
But I decide to be a big girl instead, and after I put my gun in the waistband of my jeans under my sweatshirt, I let the mafia prince in.
Suddenly I’m feeling a bit like Little Red Riding Hood opening the door for the big bad wolf.
Or maybe just the idiot who opened Pandora’s box.
Either way, this feels like a bad move at the end of a bad day.
The timer goes off in the kitchen as Sam walks through my door, looking around and taking it all in. From a stranger’s perspective, my apartment probably doesn’t look like much. It’s small and above a bakery. But I own the bakery and the building, allowing me the privacy I needed and the ability to modify it however I wanted.
No questions asked. No nosey neighbors.
It’s my safe space. I can breathe here.
Until Sam walked through my door. His enormous presence sucks all the oxygen from the room, taking up all the space and leaving me crowded where I’m usually lonely.
“What is that incredible smell?” The look of hunger on his face tells me he may eat me if I don’t feed him a cookie immediately.
Maybe he is the big bad wolf disguised as a tall, dark, and annoyingly handsome hitman.
You’d think I’d be afraid right now.
You’d be wrong.
Stupidly, I’m intrigued. George would be so disappointed.
I pull the hot tray of gooey chocolate chip cookies out of the oven and place them on the stove top to cool before turning back to Bash’s brother. “Why are you here, Sam? You don’t know me, and today’s events don’t change that.”
I amend my earlier statement.
This exquisite man smiles at me, and I realize there’s no maybe about it. He is the big bad wolf. And a lesser woman would have given anything to be his Little Red Riding Hood for the night. But I need to get him out of here.
“You’re a prickly little princess, aren’t you?”
“I’m sorry. Prickly what?” I level him with a glare. “Listen to me carefully. I’m no princess. So whatever fantasy you’re rocking on that chiseled jaw of yours has got to go.” His smile grows obnoxiously wide.
Oh no. “That panty-melting smile isn’t working on me. Not even a tiny singe. So put it away and sit down.” I point to the saucer-sized chocolate chip cookies. “You have to wait for them to cool a little. So talk. Tell me what you’re doing in my apartment on Christmas night, instead of at the hospital with Bash and Belle.”
I may not be at all interested in getting involved with any man, let alone this one, but I certainly can appreciate how scorchingly hot he is. Movie star hot. I don’t remember the last time I’ve felt a real attraction to a man, so being attracted to Sam is irritating the hell out of me. Which means instead of allowing him to study my face after that little tirade, I move across the room and grab a spatula from the drawer to take the cookies off the tray.
I may call myself a coward as I turn away, but at least I’m a coward whose emotions won’t be on display.
“Panty-melting smile, huh?” Plump lips pull back, framing bright white, perfectly straight teeth. A strong jaw and the most beautifully blue eyes I’ve ever seen that are framed by long black lashes are topped off by a head of gorgeous thick brown hair. I mean seriously . . . it’s just not fair.
“Shut up.” I push the plate of cookies in front of him. “Do you want some milk with them?”
Sam looks around my apartment again, then raises his hands. “Hold on. Time-out. Why are you feeding me cookies and milk? And how the fuck did you have time to bake anything?”
I pour us two glasses of milk and pass one to Sam before leaning against the counter and picking up a cookie. “I’m a pastry chef, Sam. It takes me less than five minutes to mix a half batch of cookies and eleven minutes to cook them. Not a biggie.”
I watch that mouth bite into the cookie and hold my breath until he moans.
Actually moans. “Oh my God. This is the best thing I’ve ever eaten.”
Not gonna lie. That reaction never gets old. “Thank you. Now would you like to tell me why you’re here?”
Cobalt blue eyes look up at me, assessing. “I think you know why I’m here, Amelia.”
“I really don’t.” I blow out a frustrated breath. “I’ve spent the last few hours at the police station, and I’ve already answered enough questions meant to throw me off my guard to last me a lifetime. I told them everything I knew. So, if you have something to ask, ask it.” I steel my spine and cross my arms, ready to be pissed off. To throw him out of my apartment, and go the hell to bed, ending an unusually awful Christmas. But an image of Belle flashes in front of me, and I soften. “Wait. Before you ask me anything, how are Belle and Bash? Are they both okay? I mean, the cops at the station said they were fine, but I still should have asked you that as soon as you barged in here.”
Sam dunks his cookie in his glass of milk, and I resist the urge to gag.
Why do people do that?
It ruins a perfectly perfect cookie.
And leaves cookie bits in an otherwise perfectly good glass of milk.
I am not a fan of cookie floaties.
Why would anyone want to drink chunky milk?
“Sebastian is fine. A few stitches. A few pain meds. He’ll have a great story to go with a good scar to use to get himself laid. Ballerina is still in the hospital, but she’s going to be fine. The babies are fine. You should call her. She was asking about you earlier.”
I give him a curt nod, appreciative of his answer, but still annoyed by his presence. “Thank you. Now what do you want?”
“Where did you learn to shoot like that?” he mumbles around a mouth full of cookie.
I scrunch my face up, disgusted. “Seriously? Chew before you speak next time.”
Sam makes a big show of chewing, and exaggeratedly swallowing. “Don’t deflect, Amelia.” Another dunk.
“I’m not deflecting, Samuel. I’m refusing to answer your question when you haven’t answered mine.” I pull the plate of cookies out of reach as punishment.
“Sebastian asked me to check on you. He wanted to know that you’re alright. He was worried.”
Huh. Of all the things he could have said, that was not what I was expecting. And it makes me strangely uneasy. “I’m fine. You did your good deed. Now it’s time for you to go.”
“Not how this is gonna work, Snow White. I answered yours, now you answer mine. Where did you learn to shoot like that?” His long arm reaches forward as his fingers pull the plate back to within an easy reach. “And don’t tell me it’s a long story ’cause I’ve got all night.” A chocolate morsel falls from his lips as he asks, “Got any more milk?”
I spin around, annoyed, and grab the jug of milk from the fridge. “A good friend of my mother’s taught me. He was a big believer in being able to protect yourself. I own the shop downstairs and sometimes have big bank deposits on me. I carry my gun everywhere I go.” I’ve learned out of necessity that the best way to lie is to cover it in a truth. A partial truth never feels as bad leaving my lips as an all-out lie.
I top off his glass of milk and slam the fridge door. “Happy?”
Sam sips the milk as he eyes me over the glass. “Okay, listen. I’m tired and not in the mood to beat around the bush. It’s been a long fucking day. So how about you tell me the real story, Anastasia?”
My gun is out of my waistband and trained on Sam before he takes his next breath.

About Bella
Bella Matthews is a Jersey girl at heart. She is married to her very own Alpha Male and raising three little ones. You can typically find her running from one sporting event to another. When she is home, she is usually hiding in her home office with the only other female in her house, her rescue dog Tinker Bell by her side. She likes to write swoon-worthy heroes and sassy, smart heroines with a healthy dose of laughter thrown in.

Connect With Bella

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Break Me by Ivy Arnold

Title: Break Me
Series: Forbidden #1
Author: Ivy Arnold
Genre: Dark Age Gap Romance
Release Date: December 29, 2021


The moment she walked into my classroom I knew she was trouble.
Beautiful and mysterious, she’s the kind of girl who is used to getting what she wants.
And what she wants is me.
I never thought I would cross that line with a student.
Until she forces me.
My life is turned upside down and there’s nothing I can do to stop her.
It’s her word against mine.
I’m trapped, cornered, a pawn in her sick, twisted little game.
I have no idea why she’s doing this.
Or when she will stop.
The crazy thing is, even with everything I stand to lose,
I’m not sure I want her to.

Book one in a series of dark, age gap novels.
Each book in this series is a COMPLETE, FULL LENGTH novel.


$2.99 for pre-order only!



“Chloe,” I rasp, when class is over. “Stay back, if you would.”
This time, there are no chorus of jeers as the other students leave.
They know they know they know…
She saunters up to my desk and gives me a winning smile. I can smell her on her fingers.
“You need to stop this,” I snap.
“What?” she asks, wide-eyed and innocent, head tilting to one side. “You didn’t seem to mind too much last night.”
I flinch at the reminder. “You assaulted me,” I say.
She laughs, rolling her eyes. “You grabbed my ass to make sure I took your full load,” she scoffs. “If anything, you took advantage of my vulnerable situation. I called you for help, you put me up in a hotel, then stopped by, took photos of me while I was asleep…” My eyes widen as she ticks off my list of offenses. “Then you forced yourself on me, Mr. Reed,” she finished, her eyes widening in fake fear and horror again. “Now…who do you think the police will believe?”
God, she’s fucking crazy. I stare at her, not sure what to say.
“What do you want?” I whisper. I wish my voice was stronger, but it’s not. I feel like the Earth is falling out from under me. She’s got me firmly by the balls and she damn well knows it.
Her smile widens, and she leans in. “I think I’ve made that pretty obvious,” she purrs, trailing her fingers up my jaw, to my lips. She smells like herself, tastes like it too when she forces two fingers into my mouth. I can’t help sucking on them, helplessly, watching her shiver and bite her lower lip.
“I want you to fuck me,” she demands, pulling her fingers out. “Right here, right now.”
“What?” I laugh, bitterly, looking at the door. “I can’t…”
“Do it,” she says harshly. “Or I’ll call the police.”
“You wouldn’t.”
But I’m not so sure.
Chloe looks at me, smirking and sly. “Try me.”
I clench my jaw, rage rising in my stomach like bile. I shove myself to my feet and go to the door, slamming it shut. I’m so pissed off and so turned on, that the conflicting feelings are raging through my nerves like two fighting wolves.
“Come on, Mr. Reed,” she taunts from behind me. When I turn around, I see her sitting on the desk, legs spread and inviting. “What are you waiting for?”


Ivy writes quick, sexy, forbidden age gap romances that can be devoured in a night.

Release Blitz

My Best Friend by Taylor K. Scott

Title: My Best Friend
Author: Taylor K. Scott
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: December 10, 2021


A friends-to-lovers romantic comedy!


Life is a box of chocolates!

Well, if so, mine have gone thoroughly stale. In fact, they went on the turn over a decade ago, on the night I gave my virginity and my heart to my best friend, Henry Morgan. The very next day, the boy took everything with him to Hollywood, where he is living it up as one of the world’s most celebrated Oscar-winning actors.

I should have ditched that box ages ago.

But I can’t.

Not while Henry still sits in there, even if only from a distance.


If life is a box of chocolates, then mine has been an awesome collection! I’ve transformed from the nerd targeted by bullies to an Oscar-winner.

There’s just one problem – my best friend, Persephone Hill.

At seven years old, the girl saved my life by sharing a comic and a handshake. Ever since I’ve been hopelessly devoted to her.

Back when we were closer than close, I was too afraid to tell her how I really felt. So, friendship is where I’ve stayed.

Yes, life has been a box of chocolates, only the best flavour has been missing.

But that’s about to change. I’m finally going to claim Persephone as mine.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


You’d think, being a writer, I would find this an easy feat, but talking about myself always leaves me a little stumped. So, I beg for your forgiveness when I attempt to give you a little bit of waffle about me. I’m a mother, wife, and primary school teacher, who has found a passion for reading and writing. It’s become so addictive I no longer watch TV, instead, I get lost in alternative realities and frequently lie awake in the middle of the night with random ideas for what to put my characters through next. Music is often my muse, but I also love to include real life experiences in my books. I want people to be able to relate to my characters and to know that they’re not the only ones to go through certain difficulties, anxieties, or embarrassing situations. I like to think my stories are different from one another, some being romantic comedies while others are full of suspense. Hopefully, you’ll agree and will enjoy getting lost inside of my head for a while. My serving suggestion is to indulge with a side dish of something sweet, something comfy, and where possible, a golden retriever to curl up next to.


Release Blitz

Deadly Illusion by Kathy Lockheart

Title: Deadly Illusion
Series: Secrets and the City #1
Author: Kathy Lockheart
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: December 10, 2021


A sexy fighter saw her bruises. Now he’ll die to protect her. Maybe even kill…

Jenna was determined to leave her dark past behind her and build the life she’d always wanted, but just when she thought all her dreams were finally coming true, a shocking incident shattered her fairy-tale life, and now she’s hiding a terrible secret—a secret that could cost her everything.

Damian is as gorgeous as he is mysterious, keeping his own dark secrets from everyone he meets. He never thought he’d care about anything again…until he meets Jenna. He knows letting her get close to him will put her in danger, but when he suspects Jenna’s in trouble, there’s only one thing that matters: protecting her at all costs.

Thrust into a terrifying nightmare where a threat looms in every shadow, Jenna and Damian find themselves in a race for survival. Soon, everyone Jenna loves is in peril, and only the ultimate sacrifice can save them…

An emotional, tension-filled forbidden romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page…

Deadly Illusion is a full-length standalone with no cliffhanger in The Secrets and the City series: A collection of forbidden romances with page-turning suspense and gripping plot twists. This is an emotional novel that contains sensitive subject matters.


99c for a limited time!


Free in Kindle Unlimited





I pointed my stick at his chest, noticing it no longer had blood splatter on it.

“For God’s sake, Jenna! Is that really necessary?”

I clutched my weapon tighter.

Damian let out a frustrated sigh. “After what you saw, you really think a stick would stop me?”

“Yeah,” I lied.

“If I wanted to hurt you, I’d have done it by now.”


“You know I’d never hurt you.”

“No, I don’t. I don’t know anything about you.” And I didn’t trust my judgment. It’d been wrong before…

Damian rubbed his ribs. Evidently, I’d gotten in some good swings. I shouldn’t have felt a rush of triumph.

“Leave,” I insisted.

He looked at me sharply. “You can’t be serious.”

“I’m deadly serious.”

Damian pinched the bridge of his nose. “I’m trying to be patient here, Jenna, but it’s been a long night. You’re wet and cold, and you need to come back to the truck before you get hypothermia.”

“I’m not going anywhere with you.”

“Yes, you are.”

“No, I’m not,” I said, raising the stick when he reached for me.

“I’m not leaving you alone out here, Jenna, so cut it out!” He reached for me again, so I swung, but he dodged it and glowered at me.

How frustrating it must be to be so strong and yet powerless to move one small girl.

Damian looked up at the sky, then back at me. “Come back to the building, out of the rain.”


“My truck, then. Lock me out if you want, but come out of the woods. It’s not safe.”


He scanned my body with a tightened jaw, clearly contemplating just throwing me over his shoulder and carrying me out.

“Don’t even think about it,” I warned. “I’m not going anywhere with you.”

“I’m not leaving you alone out here,” Damian said, irritated. The massive chunk of muscles took another step toward me.

I raised my bat.

“You go,” Damian pointed behind him. “I’ll stay, for God’s sake.”

“You might follow me.”

“For the love of…” Damian’s chest swelled as he ran a hand through his hair. “Why do you have to make this so difficult?”

“Because I don’t know who you are!”

He held the back of his neck. “What do I have to do to get you to leave?”

Nothing. There was nothing Damian could do to convince me to leave with him. Not tonight, not ever.

This whole time he’d been hiding who he really was.

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