GILDED CAGE by C. Lymari

 Release Date: December 10

It all started with a kiss, something docile and sweet. It all ended with blood, murder and scars. 

Once upon a time there was a girl with hair like gold. She was subjected to the cruel of this world. 

For she was no princess, but a mere pawn, her beauty something others sought. 

In this world she didn’t know who to trust, because to the cruel prince she didn’t want to belong. 

This made her callous and cold. The once nice girl turned into a monster on her own. 

So she struck a deal with an unsuspecting knight—but they spoke in riddles, deceit and lies. 

Because not everything that glitters is gold sometimes it’s something much worse… 

***Author’s Note***

This is a dark romance. If you’ve read me before you know the deal, and if you have not this book is full of triggering content.

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Meet C. Lymari 

Claudia lives in the Chicagoland suburbs, and when she’s not busy chasing after her adorable little spawn, she’s fighting with the characters in her head. 

After not being able to keep up with them, she decided enough was enough and wrote her first novel. C. Lymari writes both sweet and dark romances that will give you all the feels. 

Her other talents include binge watching shows on Netflix and eating all kinds of chips.

To learn more about C. Lymari, visit here!

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