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The Connor Ranch Series by Nikki Ashton

The Connor Ranch Series by Nikki Ashton

Cover Reveal

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Box of Hearts Blurb

Devastated over the heartache she never saw coming, Millie Braithwaite is determined to make a fresh start – she just didn’t expect her new boss to make her so hot and bothered.

Broken and suffocating in his grief, Jesse Connor wants nothing more than to be left alone to work on his ranch – he just didn’t expect his daughter’s new nanny to be so damn distracting.

When Millie and Jesse meet, their connection is instant. But they’re both still suffering and know one more heartbreak could shatter them beyond repair. Can a second chance at love, and the little girl that anchors them together, help them to heal and find happiness?

Box of Hearts is the first book in the Connor Ranch series and tells the story of second chance love and the joy and sorrow it can bring.

Angels’ Kisses Blurb

The much anticipated follow up to Box of Hearts, Angels’ Kisses is the second book in the Connor’s Series and it will make your heart smile and cry in equal measure.

GARRATT~ Sometimes the love or lust of your life gets lost. I lost my girl seven years ago. I tried to get her back but to no avail she is gone. Until one wedding brought us back together and she may think she is getting away, but not in this life time….

JEMMA~ I was head over heels for Garratt Connor but we were young and life changed. I needed to be there for my sister and when things were done and over it was too late. And then running into him at the hotel well that was a beautiful thing. EXCEPT my secret will never let me be loved. He may hate me for life but I am leaving and he will be none the wiser…

Garratt is a man determined to make Jemma his, and he’ll use every trick in the book to make sure it happens – after all, Garratt’s sexy moves and dirty mouth are irresistible, and that’s just his opinion.

This is the story of the loss and tragedy we sometimes have to face on the path to happiness, but ultimately this is a story of strength, determination and love.

Secret Wishes Blurb

Secret Wishes is a story of change, a story of growth and a story of two people who were meant to fall in love.

Join the Connor family for the final instalment of the Connor Ranch Series, in this beautiful, heart-wrenching love story.

Caleb Tremaine is a quiet country boy, who leads a simple life. All he ever wanted was a family that loved him and to work with his beloved horses – the Connor family gave him all that and more.

Lorelai, Jesse Connor’s cousin, is wild, sassy and sexy with crazy ways and a great collection of slogan t-shirts. She says it how it is and is never too shy to dish out a bitchy comment – whether it’s needed or not. All she’s ever wanted is to know where the latest party is and which boy she can fool around with next. But, when her crazy goes too far, she’s shipped off to her cousin’s ranch.

Lorelai soon becomes attracted to the quiet, sexy cowboy, Caleb, and it’s more than just physical. His constant need to call her out on her attitude and reminding her she’s worth much more than that she settles for, triggers emotions she’s sure she doesn’t deserve.

Will Lorelai ever believe she is worthy of the love Caleb seems insistent on giving her or will her past choices come back to ruin her secret wishes.



Meet the Author

Nikki lives in Cheshire with her husband, two dogs, and lovely mother-in-law who supplies her with endless cups of tea. She writes contemporary and romantic comedy romances and hopes that she puts a smile on her reader’s faces and a sigh in their heart. Nikki is grateful for the wide variety of strange and wonderful people in her life, otherwise, she’d never know what to write about! She always takes a keen interest in family and friends, finding out their innermost secrets in readiness for her next book.





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Contract by Delta James

Title: Contract
Series: Masters of the Savoy #4
Author: Delta James
Genre: Supernatural Mystery/Paranormal Romance
Release Date: January 6, 2022


He is the Head Concierge at the Savoy; she’s an Irish witch haunted by a little girl in Victorian-era dress.

Saoirse Madigan, an Irish witch has seen the little girl in her visions since she was a child. Her investigation into who the child was and how she died has led her to the Savoy to seek out the answers to the mystery.

Felix Spenser, the Head Concierge at The Savoy, knows she is his soul mate from the first time he met Saoirse. He is convinced that her obsession with one of the Savoy’s famous ghostly residents could be dangerous.

When Saoirse begins to question those who have kept the secret for more than a century, she unknowingly sets off a course of events that will prove Felix right.

Who is the little girl in the Victorian-era dress who haunts the Savoy?


Welcome to the opulent world of the Masters of the Savoy, where the men and women might be a little different – more than human. The men appeared out of nowhere one day determined to grab life and they were ready for love. But watch out … you never know what darkness lurks in the shadows.

Author note: Contract is paranormal suspense romance with steamy scenes in and out of the bedroom for mature readers. Each book in the series is standalone with no cliffhanger endings.




Saoirse Madigan woke to the sound of the ocean and the smell of the sea. She shook her head, trying to dispel the last vestiges of what many would call a dream, but which she knew to be a vision from the past. She wasn’t anywhere near the ocean. She was in London, at the Savoy, and later today two of her closest friends, Rachel Moriarty and Anne Hastings, were getting married to two of the most gorgeous men she’d ever seen—Michael Holmes and Gabriel Watson.

Long before Saoirse had known she was a witch, she knew she had the Gift—she could see and feel things others could not. One of the first had been the ghost of a young girl of maybe eight or nine years old, wearing a yellow dress from the Victorian era. Saoirse had been about the same age and many years later guessed that the child had chosen her because they were of a similar age.

For the longest time, the child would simply appear, holding her bonnet in her hand and staring at Saoirse. Saoirse tried speaking to her, but the child didn’t respond. As Saoirse grew older and tried to approach the apparition, it would disappear. When she turned fifteen, the child appeared and then turned and walked away as it dissipated into nothing.

Saoirse hadn’t seen the little girl for years until the first time she visited her friend Rachel Moriarty, soon to be Holmes, at the Savoy. The first time she’d used the elevator to go up, the little girl had appeared and at the fifth floor, the elevator had stopped briefly, and the child had walked through the closed doors before the car began to rise again and stopped at Rachel’s floor.

Curious. She hadn’t seen the little girl, whom she had christened Victoria, for many years. Once she had discovered she was a witch, she had tried summoning her, but the child had never answered. Saoirse had not thought to see her again until she had appeared on the elevator with her at the Savoy.

Who is she? Why is she at the Savoy? And what does she want with me?

Saoirse sat up in the bed, swinging her legs over the side and standing up. She glanced toward the window that looked over the Thames. Victoria was standing there, staring at her.

“Hello, Victoria. I haven’t seen you in a long time. I’m sorry if that isn’t your name, but I’ve never been able to find out who you are or were,” said Saoirse gently.

“They’re all here, you know,” the little girl said, speaking for the first time in all of their encounters. Saoirse felt a shiver run up her spine.

“Who? Who are all here?”

“All the lost ones,” the ghostly girl said. “We’ve been waiting. I told them some day you would come for us. Some day you would lead us to the Light.”

Saoirse felt as though she’d been punched in the gut. Her recent involvement with Anne and her escape from the Void had left her in no doubt as to where it was ‘they’ wanted to go.

“I don’t know how to help you,” Saoirse said.

The little girl turned, cocked her head to the side and said in a sing-song voice:

“They did not search for those who died;
The chapel bell did not knell;
When the Irish witch can answer why,
Then our spirits will arise from Hell
And with the King of Kings we will abide.”


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Releasing February 10


Releasing March 10



If you’re looking for paranormal and contemporary erotic romance, you’ve found your new favorite author!

Alpha heroes find real love with feisty heroines in USA Today Best Selling Author Delta James’ sinfully sultry romances. Welcome to a world where true love conquers all and good triumphs over evil! Delta’s stories are filled with erotic encounters of romance and discipline.

Delta is always happy to hear from her readers and responds personally. Reach out today!

FREE books anyone?

Join Delta’s VIP readers group for free books, bonus scenes and to keep up on all things Delta. Copy and paste this link in your browser!


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Harry Harambee’s Kenyan Sundowner


A Novel

Literary Fiction

Publisher: LaPuerta Books and Media

Awarded So Cal Publicists Best Literary Fiction, Best Indie 100, NYC Big Book Silver, NABE Pinnacle Best Literary Fiction, FAPA President’s Bronze Adult Fiction.

Intrigue on the white sands of the Indian Ocean.

Aldo Barbieri, a slick Italian tour operator, convinces Harry to join a group of adventuresome “voluntourists.” In a resort town on the Indian Ocean, Harry doesn’t find the promised excitement with local ladies. But in the supermarket he meets Esther Mwemba, a demure widow who works as a bookkeeper. The attraction is strong and mutual, but Harry gets worried when he finds out that Esther and Aldo have a history. They introduce him to Victor Skebelsky, rumored to be the meanest man in town. Skebelsky has a plan to convert his grand colonial home and residential compound into a rehab center – as a tax dodge. The scheme calls for Harry to head up the charity. He could live like a wealthy diplomat and it won’t cost him a shilling! Harry has to come to terms with questions at the heart of his character: Is corruption a fact of life everywhere? Is all love transactional? Harry Harambee’s Kenyan Sundowner is an emotional story of expat intrigue in Africa, reminiscent of The Heart of the Matter by Graham Greene and The Constant Gardener by John le Carré.

Praise for Harry Harambee’s Kenyan Sundowner:

“Harry Harambee’s Kenyan Sundowner is a captivating, witty read that explores the sociopolitical climate in Kenya in an honest way that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. This is a clear and compelling outlook that realistically paints Kenya while exploring glaring issues that are a bane to the country. When Harry decides to stop being a bystander who lets other people decide his fate, it’s noteworthy. This can be equated to Kenyans finally deciding to take responsibility rather than just going with the flow, waiting for decisions that affect their lives to be made for them. And it can be done without selling one’s soul in the process and leave a legacy and a better country worthy of its name.” – Desmond Boi, Editorial Writer, The Standard and Citizen TV, Nairobi

“Jones writes with clarity and precision, offering a convincing study of a man taking risks and exploring new relationships with an almost childlike view on the world he’s thrown into. In relatable fashion, Harry soon gets in over his head for the attention of a woman or the thrill of the deal. Esther sums up his character best: “Mister go-along. The fellow who’s happy to ride in the back and look out the window.” Readers looking for engaging contemporary fiction with an emotionally available adult male lead–“Grand passion is fleeting, also blinding,” Harry notes — will quickly be pulled into Harry’s fast-paced adventure, a memorable (literal) vacation read.” – BookLife Reviews

“I lived in East Africa for five months. In Kenya this included Nairobi and a village on the banks of Lake Victoria. Reading this novel brought back vivid, exhilarating memories. It so accurately captures the people and the social milieu of this fascinating part of the world, no praise would be sufficient. The story is so starkly real, at times I thought I was Harry! Yes, it’s an adventure. It’s an education. It’s a literary delight!” – John Rachel, author of Live from Japan! and nine novels.

“Gerald Everett Jones’s experience-based tale of Kenya’s growth in a rapidly changing world is done with care and affection. Wonderfully entertaining, decorated with interesting facts, this tale acknowledges the hopes of past and present, along with warmth for the future. Virtual tourism which will make you long to share the experience yourself.” – Edgar Scott, author of 418: I Am a Teapot

“I was concerned that working halfway across the world, Mr. Jones’s fiction might take a hit, but from the shores of Kenya to the stores of the Santa Monica Promenade Jones does not miss a step. All is well. Buy the book.” – Morrie Ruvinsky, author of Meeting God or Something Like It and The Heart and Other Strangers


Harry Gardner, who thought his given name “Harrison” much too formal, did not consider himself an immoral man. His shrink, if he still had one, would say he was on a therapeutic quest. The more generous of his peers in the golf-club locker room would say he was taking a much-deserved breather. But he had to admit, at least to himself, that his intention in going to East Africa was to engage in illicit activities, although he had only a vague idea of what those activities might involve.


As he sat at the bar in the Tiki Lounge in Diani Beach, just a short walk from the white sand, Harry wondered whether he’d been betrayed. Aldo was supposed to meet him here, and the fellow was more than an hour overdue. Granted that appointments in Kenya are more good intentions than hard deadlines, Aldo’s client expected to get what he’d paid for. The trip package had been prepaid, as was customary, and so far all the bookings had been solid and the accommodations sumptuous. Harry doubted whether Aldo had absconded with any funds. But this was wary Harry’s first venture offshore in a lifetime, and part of the deal was supposed to be Aldo’s companionship and watchful guidance.

Harry would later learn that Aldo was in Mombasa meeting with an attorney, David Odiengo. Since Esther was in Mombasa as well, did they meet? Were they somehow working together? On what? And for whom? These became questions that nagged at him.

About the Author

Gerald Everett Jones obtained his Bachelor of Arts with Honors from the College of Letters, Wesleyan University. He is the author of ten novels, most recently the mystery-thriller series “Preacher Finds a Corpse” and “Preacher Fakes a Miracle,” as well as the psychological literary novel “Clifford’s Spiral.” He wrote a series of three satiric Rollo Hemphill misadventures, the adult melodrama “Christmas Karma,” the crime story “Choke Hold,” the father-son comedy “Mr. Ballpoint,” and the historical thriller “Bonfire of the Vanderbilts.” He coauthored the nonfiction memoir “The Light in His Soul: Lessons from My Brother’s Schizophrenia.” He has also written more than 25 nonfiction books on business and technical subjects and is an award-winning screenwriter. He is a member of the Writers Guild of America, Women’s National Book Association, Dramatists Guild, and the Independent Writers of Southern California. His business title “How to Lie with Charts” has become something of a classic on the subject of presentation design.

He is the host of the GetPublished! Radio show.

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Melissa & Kasho


YA Fantasy, YA Paranormal

Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers

Love across time and space – a coming-of-age story with a twist!

Set in 1959 Italy at a posh finishing school. Melissa, a shy teenage girl, feels lost in a transnational high society world that drives her to the depths of despair. But her attraction to the very human Kasho, who has snippets of philosophy to impart, eventually enables her to develop her own strengths. But Kasho doesn’t dwell physically on Earth. Melissa’s realistic story traverses class, gender, and power dynamics. She is expected to walk, or is bullied into walking, a certain path required of her class, including marrying a certain man. It’s only when she connects with Kasho, an Indigenous man whose values are in-line with hers, that she finds a kindred spirit who truly sees her. In an age of bullying and teen suicide, the resonating lesson throughout the story is “There is always a way of making your life better.”

About the Author

Camilla Chance has always been a writer. She was born in 1940 and lived in London, where, when she was 18, her first novel was accepted by a then-large publishing company for publication. Although her father forced her to withdraw from this contract as she was still legally his “property” until she was 21, the writing bug never left her. Her family moved to Australia and she graduated in Arts from Melbourne University. When she was 22, she became a member of the Baha’i faith, and its spiritualism and acceptance have influenced her subsequent writing as well.

Camilla has had many interesting and varied occupations. She’s been a lyricist for an international performing group The Kuban Cossacks, a high school teacher, and an editor for Faber & Faber Publishers in London. Upon returning to Australia, she wrote book reviews for two prestigious Australian newspapers – The Age and The Australian. And she also married and became a mother as well.

Camilla has also been an advocate for Australia’s indigenous peoples, in part because of her Baha’i faith’s belief in unity and also because of her extraordinary 27 year friendship with Banjo Clark. Banjo Clarke’s life and teaching were the crux of her best-selling Australian book, Wisdom Man. Camilla took the highlights of her friendship with Banjo and created a book that was an instant best seller in Australia, and in its second edition won American Award for best multicultural work. It also gained Honorable Mention at the London Book Festival. Camilla was also the first non-Aboriginal to receive the prestigious Unsung Hero Award from Aboriginal people for her dedicated friendship and work for them “behind the scenes.”

Melissa and Kasho,2018 and is a young adult novel set in the transition period of 1959. It’s a fantasy, love story, with a heavy dose of rock and roll, taking place in Florence Italy.

Currently, Camilla is at work on her autobiography, a companion piece to the Australian Bestselling Wisdom Man, called WARRUMYEA: THE LEFT-HANDED WOMAN

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Dark Revelations by Aliza Mann

Title: Aliza Mann
Series: Vampire Matchmaking Agency #2
Author: Aliza Mann
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: December 13, 2021


Dating doesn’t get easier, even when you’re dead…

Though her progeny was a hopeless romantic, the concept was lost of a forever mate on Leila. She’d gone down that path once before decades ago and was in no hurry to do it again. She’d presumed she was over the hurt and pain, that is until the male who’d destroyed her mind, her very spirit, walked back into her bar. She’d thought if she never saw him again, it would be too soon. That was until one touch set her soul ablaze with desire.

But could she trust him with her heart when he’d already destroyed once before?

Maelstrom had walked away from Leila a lifetime ago for the sake of his brethren and stayed away due to an oath he’d sworn to protect those secrets. But when they unexpectedly meet again, he finds he is no longer able to resist her. When dangerous circumstances threaten those Leila loves, he would do anything to protect her and her family.

Even if it means he must sacrifice all to keep her safe…


$2.99 for a limited time!



Leila stood there, staring at the man she didn’t think she would ever have to confront again. He’d told her she was his lily, the beautiful flower he couldn’t live without… but he’d lied, hadn’t he?
Shifting away from him, she went over the reasons for not trusting him in her mind a thousand times. But in this case, she needed him. He was a requirement to save someone she loved so desperately. Farrah was more important to her than some petty moment between her and Mael.
Of course, it hadn’t felt petty at the time. Long ago, she’d buried that part of herself. And now, with him back in the picture—for what seemed to be long-term—she would have to face the heartbreak still haunting her all these years later. It had taken half a century for her to stop turning over and reaching for him in the night. She would need a lifetime to forget him. Thankfully, as a vampire, she had many human lifetimes to practice.
“Leila, you wanna look at this?”
She wasn’t sure how long Farah had been staring at her. Nor was she sure what, exactly, she’d said moments before. “Yeah, of course.” She blinked, bringing her thoughts back to the present. There were a million things to consider. One of Farrah’s clients was still missing. Concerning, especially since she was one of the Order of Immortals members’ daughters. Tarik was a pretty scary dude, from what Leila had heard. Presumably, Eire had been kidnapped by the hunters that Mael and Anwar had ended last month. But they had no idea where the humans had taken her.
Reluctantly, Leila approached the group of them as they hovered over an iPad while reviewing the traffic cam footage provided by the Order. It was a serious situation, which was the reason Leila didn’t need to split her attention between the matter at hand and the fallen angel who’d broken her heart. “Anything so far?” She asked the question while avoiding Mael’s all-too-frequent, lustful glances.
“You recognize this car?” Anwar asked. He was apparently an Atlantean warrior, a prince from the race that had spawned vampires. Leila supposed that meant she should thank him. But could she trust him with Farrah? Farrah was all she had left in the world, and Leila didn’t want her to end up like her. With a stone for a heart. Leila was against mating but not against Farrah’s happiness.
“I don’t think so… Why?”
Anwar cast a questioning glance in Mael’s direction.
“Because this guy, whoever he is, has been going to Melody for over a month. Night after night. Like he’s searching for something. And—” Mael hit the touchscreen, bringing up another set of cameras. The building was one step away from demolition. A slim figure appeared, stalking the perimeter, aggression in every step. “This is the warehouse where they held you and Farrah the day before the shit went down. Seems to be a human, but I can’t get a good view of his distinguishing features.”
Melody was her place, and she couldn’t stand the thought that someone had possibly used her bar to do harm to Farrah. “Hmph,” Leila said, then leaned down to get a closer look. She still stopped by her club often, even if every night recently was spent at the Vintage Modernism Authority, otherwise known as the Vampire Matchmaking Agency, or the VMA by clients. Even with Anwar and Mael bird-dogging Melody, she wasn’t quite ready to trust them with something she loved. Mael had already shown her who he was once. She didn’t need a second lesson. “I haven’t seen him. But I can run him by Mike, my regular bartender.”
“I bet,” Farrah said with a chuckle. She was attempting humor.
Leila had dabbled with Mike on one long-ago night, but that wasn’t something she wanted to admit. Farrah had had some suspicions, of course. “Let it go, Elsa. I’ll let you know what he says. Can you print me out a clearer image?” While she was asking Mael, she kept her eyes trained on Anwar. She couldn’t risk the possibility of exposing herself, and her secret longing, to the bastard. Mael had her heart on a string, and any one tug might just implode the raggedy thing.




There are people who love being in love. Then there are people who love everything about love, from cute-meet to falling to failing and ultimately, the happily ever after. Those people, like Aliza Mann, grow up to be romance authors. It is no surprise that Aliza decided to write romance since she grew up reading, library card at the ready, every chance she had. The writing part just took a while since she obtained a business degree and worked her way up to a leadership role in Healthcare. Romance, though, is where her heart lies. In 2011, she decided to take those dreams seriously, launching her writing career. Since that time, she has written many books in the urban fantasy, paranormal, and contemporary subgenres of romance. In addition to her love of writing, she enjoys reading, Netflix marathons, golf, and yoga. She has three children, including her son-in-law, and recently welcomed her first grandchild. She shares a home in Michigan with her handsome knight, or in contemporary terms – engineer, and a college student who only comes home for laundry services and to eat something made on an actual stove. She wouldn’t have it any other way. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter or via email.
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The Spell of the Rose by Toni Behm

The Spell of the Rose
Toni Behm
(Fleex: Adventures Around the Worlds, #1)
Publication date: December 11th 2021
Genres: Fantasy

Magic may take many forms, but love shall rule supreme
Though wholly shorn of memories like all who dwell in the village of Fogland, Fleex knows this: his heart will always beat for Fin and Fin alone. However, when his dearest friend is hoodwinked by the Gossiper, he’ll need to venture beyond the safety of “home” to somehow save her.

Armed with but the oddities his guardians had found him with—a cryptic book and broken necklace—Fleex must find his way through countless worlds, collecting scattered clues. Accompanied by Flip and Flop, two Greenies sent by Fog Almighty, Fleex soon finds his quest means rather more than simply saving Fin. In fact, the very universe is hanging in the balance now, for music, knowledge, and all things good are slowly being swallowed by a monster made of light.
Awaiting Fleex are riddles from the Reader in the World of Word, demands from the Collector, and a slew of wicked on the path to where the High Priest lives.
Only time will tell if Fleex can mend the fractures greed has caused, but either way, he’ll reclaim Fin or meet his fate en route.

Goodreads / Amazon


‘I travelled through many lands and, you know what? People outside Fogland don’t look like us. They are taller and they don’t have…, ’she hesitated for a moment, ‘for example, your family, you have tentacles which you call hats. The Gerions, on Round Street, have three arms. The Soleys have a light on their foreheads and they shine like torches all night. Where I come from, hair is hair, people have two arms, and their heads are not like bedside lamps in the dark. This is a strange place here.’

Fleex was thinking. Fogland was definitely a land which you could enter but could not leave. Not on your own. It was a place with a purpose. But exactly what that purpose was, none of the locals knew.

He turned to Fin, ‘What’s the last thing you remember before you came here?’

‘I remember a small forest, all green. I was walking along a path leading downwards. There was no other way, only down. In the thickest part of the forest, the path just disappeared. I was tired and sat down to have a rest. I must have fallen asleep because I remember that the path had reappeared when I woke up, and I followed it to the Rose Garden.’

Bright tears filled her eyes, held on for a moment and then ran down the silky skin of her cheeks. Fleex was looking at her with a heavy heart. So heavy that his face turned pale and the tentacles in his hair hung down like the dead limbs of an octofruit. He felt sorry for Fin. It was nice that she had chosen him to share her story with, and he was not going to tell anyone. And if she kept quiet, the fog was not going to take her.

A creepy, accusing shriek jolted him out of his thoughts. ‘Gold digger! Greedy, insensitive cow! ’Somebody was screaming and the voice was coming from the vines twisting over the café. Then there was a rumble as something round and clumsy rolled down the path and sped away.

‘The Gossiper! She’s been hiding above us all the time, eavesdropping! ’Fleex whispered, as he held the hands of his loved one. ‘Fin, whatever happens, I want you to know that I love you and…’

Before he could even finish, white and grey clouds of fog suddenly descended from all sides and surrounded Fin, blackening the sky and the garden. Wet cold froze them. The fog formed into the ugly face of an unknown creature, with black holes for eyes and sharp teeth. Fin was still squeezing Fleex ’hands when strangely fleshless yet strong fingers suddenly grabbed at his, forcing them apart. A powerful pull and then the fog monster pushed him aside with its enormous paw and opened its mouth. Fin sank inside, in a flood of tears. The fog spiralled up, taking Fin with it.

Fleex was stunned. It took him hours to realise she was gone and he was never going to see her again. Without looking at it, he took the piece of paper from the table and put it into his pocket. She had merely decided to share her secret with him, but the fog had taken her. Because of the Gossiper.

Author Bio:

Born and raised in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, Toni Behm graduated MA in Bulgarian Language and Literature from the University of Plovdiv and later certified as a TEFL teacher. She worked for a time at a local radio station, newspaper, then she taught English at school and university. In 2008 she moved to the USA and started writing this story. The initial idea was that it would be a short humorous fantasy story, but later it turned into a longer fairy-tale.

Published under the pen name A.V. Osten as an e-book is her dystopian novelette The Head Employee Precedent, part of the Hemisphere series.

Toni lives in Michigan with her husband, daughter, and their two cats.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Instagram

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Rubble By Skye McNeil

Title: Rubble (Macha MC, #3) Author Name: Skye McNeil Release Date: December 4, 2021 Genre: Motorcycle Club/Contemporary Romance Subgenre: Romantic Suspense Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.

She’s sworn off relationships. He has no desire to fall at all. They can only fight their attraction for so long.

Jupiter Quinn is on the run from an abusive relationship. Finding shelter in Macha MC, her goal is to keep her head down until the divorce is finalized. What Jupiter doesn’t expect is to fall for the club’s toughest man who also happens to be a former MMA fighter.

Rubble Hardy is Macha’s sergeant at arms and enforcer for the club. He doesn’t date. Never has and never will. Women are trouble and he’s not about to let down his guard. But when Jupiter Quinn walks through the club doors, his heart shifts, and the powerful desire to protect her only outweighs his feelings.

When Jupiter’s past collides with her newfound future, she’s forced to either flee or face the danger.

Can Rubble keep her safe, or will they tap out?

Available in Kindle Unlimited


Tweet: #BlogTour Rubble (Macha,#3) By @Skye_McNeil7 The third book in the Macha series is now available to purchase @Amazon @AppleBooks ​​ #MCRomance #ContemporaryRomance #BAPpr

Award-winning author Skye McNeil began writing at the age of seventeen and has been lost in a love affair ever since. During the day, she moonlights as a paralegal at a law firm favoring criminal law.

Skye enjoys writing contemporary and suspense romance novels that leave readers craving more and falling in love over and over. She writes contemporary and historical novels ranging from sweet and sassy to steamy and sultry.

Her constant writing companions two cuddly Australian Shepherds, a purring cat, and her daughter. When she’s not writing, Skye enjoys spending time with family, photography, volleyball, traveling, and curling up with a cup of coffee and reading.

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Publisher : Aladdin (October 12, 2021)
Language : English
Hardcover : 304 pages
ISBN-10 : 1534469184
ISBN-13 : 978-1534469181


“Dee addresses with aplomb important topics such as opioid addiction, divorce, bullying, and moving. This inspired novel deftly depicts the self-doubt and loneliness that many children (and adults) feel.” —September 2021, School Library Journal

“Dee again successfully tackles tough topics, making them relatable for middle-grade readers.” —Booklist

“A touching, realistic story about a mother-daughter relationship and its ups and downs.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Weaving two very different but timely topics–makeup tutorial videos and opioid addiction–Dee’s frequently poignant middle grade novel depicts the ways that both adults and children can feel out of control. … With flawed, realistic characters and dynamics, this reconciliatory novel is a believable balm for young people at the mercy of adult choices and scenarios.” —Publishers Weekly

From the author of the acclaimed My Life in the Fish Tank and Maybe He Just Likes You comes a moving and relatable middle grade novel about secrets, family, and the power of forgiveness.

Twelve-year-old Wren loves makeup—special effect makeup, to be exact. When she is experimenting with new looks, Wren can create a different version of herself. A girl who isn’t in a sort-of-best friendship with someone who seems like she hates her. A girl whose parents aren’t divorced and doesn’t have to learn to like her new stepmom.

So, when Wren and her mom move to a new town for a fresh start, she is cautiously optimistic. And things seem to fall into place when Wren meets potential friends and gets selected as the makeup artist for her school’s upcoming production of Wicked.

Only, Wren’s mom isn’t doing so well. She’s taking a lot of naps, starts snapping at Wren for no reason, and always seems to be sick. And what’s worse, Wren keeps getting hints that things aren’t going well at her new job at the hospital, where her mom is a nurse. And after an opening night disaster leads to a heartbreaking discovery, Wren realizes that her mother has a serious problem—a problem that can’t be wiped away or covered up.

After all the progress she’s made, can Wren start over again with her devastating new normal? And will she ever be able to heal the broken trust with her mom?

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Barbara Dee is the author of eleven middle grade novels published by Simon & Schuster, including My Life in the Fish Tank, Maybe He Just Likes You, Everything I Know About You, Halfway Normal, and Star-Crossed. Her books have earned several starred reviews and have been named to many best-of lists, including the The Washington Post’s Best Children’s Books, the ALA Notable Children’s Books, the ALA Rise: A Feminist Book Project List, the NCSS-CBC Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People, and the ALA Rainbow List Top Ten. Barbara lives with her family, including a naughty cat named Luna and a sweet rescue hound named Ripley, in Westchester County, New York.

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