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Lights, Cameras, Holidays by Rachelle Paige Campbell

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Lights, Cameras, Holidays
(Finding New Hope #3)
By Rachelle Paige Campbell
Contemporary Fiction, Holiday Romance
Paperback & ebook, 234 Pages
December 14, 2021 by The Wild Rose Press, Inc.

Actress Kara Kensington flies to New Hope, Wisconsin, where she’ll spend the winter holidays filming a movie. Her entire career depends on the success of the feel-good story based on her best friend’s life. To salvage her strained friendship with Dani, Kara asks the cute guy from the flight to act as her new boyfriend. But the longer she spends with him, the less she’s acting.

For Chef Scott Neil, his holidays aren’t only about family togetherness. He wants Aunt Shirley and Uncle Ted to retire. When he’s asked to fake a relationship with Kara, he agrees. As he gets drawn into Kara’s production, he questions what is real and what’s just for show. Only a fool would fall in love with America’s sweetheart.

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About the Author

Rachelle Paige Campbell writes contemporary romance filled with heart and hope. No matter the location—big city, small town, or European kingdom—her feel-good stories always end with a happily ever after. She’s grateful for the support of her family, her robot floor cleaner, and her reluctant writing partner (her dog).

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“Let’s not dwell on the past. I’m sorry for expecting the worst. Tell me everything about the new guy.”

“I’m not sure how much there is to tell, doll.” “Kara exaggerated every syllable, dragging each to twice its length. Her best friend had a history of jumping to conclusions by leap-frogging inconvenient facts.

“I get it. Early days and all that. You don’t want to jinx anything.” Dani reached across the table and flipped up her palms.

Kara rested her hands in her best friend’s. She stared at the point of connection. A sigh built in her chest. Adding another lie was tempting. If she smoothed over the tense welcome, she had a chance at repairing the fractured relationship. Would one more deceit risk the temporary peace? When Dani learned the truth, would she permanently exile Kara? A moment’s discomfort for a lifetime’s friendship was a small price. I’d like to be on good terms now.

Dani squeezed. “I’m so happy you found someone. He seems really nice. We could double da—”

The kitchen door swung open and crashed into the wall.

With a start, Kara drew back her hands and lifted her gaze. She connected with Scott.

Lifting a hand, he waved.

The tiny gesture might as well be the flap of a butterfly’s wings sparking a tsunami. With startling clarity, she understood. For the sake of her status in town and rebuilding her dearest friendship, she had to fake a relationship. Would he agree? 

Excerpted from Lights, Cameras, Holidays by Rachelle Paige Campbell, Copyright © 2021 by Rachelle Paige Campbell. Published by The Wild Rose Press, Inc.

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